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Chapter 458: Warm-hearted Gu Changge, Don’t bully the poor girl or else I’ll bully you for the rest of your life (Part 2)

“Is this your Heavenly Bottle But do you think I need something like this”

Gu Changge took a look, smiled casually.

He didn’t care, and handed it to Qing Feng and said, “This kind of thing is actually optional for me, but for you, it should be more useful.”

Qing Feng was also stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect Gu Changge, to be dismissive of such a precious Heavenly Bottle.

Looking at this scene, not only the three Elders were stunned, but even Gu Xian’er was also very surprised.

When was Gu Changge so kind Don’t get paid for doing good deeds Would he leave the treasure alone

Qing Feng took a deep breath,

“Young Master Changge, you must accept it, otherwise I don’t know how to thank you.

When you were in front of the mountain gate last time, you helped us, siblings.

We haven’t had time to repay you for this kindness.”

“Now that Xiao Yi has been kidnapped, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid no one would save her.”

“Furthermore, many people now know that the Heavenly Bottle is in my hands.

Does Young Master Changge think I can keep this precious thing There will definitely be many cultivators who want to snatch it, maybe I will die.”

Qing Feng replied and explained.

He was very conscious and rational, and now the Heavenly Bottle was in his hands, it was a hot potato, and it would lead to killing at any time.

But for Gu Changge, it was different.

Would anyone dare to snatch it

Even if those Supreme beings knew that Gu Changge had the Heavenly Bottle on him, no one would dare to think about it.

“Oh, so I’ve saved your life again” Gu Changge smiled casually, naturally didn’t say anything more at this time, and took the Heavenly Bottle.

Early on, he had said that Qing Feng would take the initiative to hand over the Heavenly Bottle to him, and he didn’t need to think of a way to snatch it.

All of this was naturally within his expectations, and he had long expected such a day.

“This…” Qing Feng touched his nose in embarrassment.

Having said that, why did it feel weird like Gu Changge not only accepted his fetish but he also owed Gu Changge a favor

Gu Changge waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to worry about Qing Xiao Yi.

Presumably, the three Elders brought her soul lamp when they came here, isn’t that right”

Granny Yinhua nodded, waved her sleeves, and in the void in front of her, a bright and shining life lamp suddenly appeared.

The fluctuations above were very stable, indicating that now Qing Xiao Yi was safe and had not been in any danger.

Seeing this, Qing Feng was also relieved.

“With this life lamp, things are much easier to handle.

As long as I get close to where Qing Xiao Yi is, I can sense her location with a secret method.”

Gu Changge smiled.

“That’s great!” Qing Feng was very excited.

“I will have to trouble the Elders regarding the matter concerning Zi Yang Heavenly King’s actions.”

Gu Changge said this, and Granny Yinhua and others looked a little helpless.

At this time, what they actually wanted to do most was to not help any of them, and neither offend them.

But Gu Changge had already said this, and he could guarantee to find Qing Xiao Yi.

Could they still refuse

“Don’t worry, Young Master Changge, we will act impartially and will not take sides.

What we see today will be passed back to the academy.” The three Elders immediately assured him.

“Then I’m relieved.” Gu Changge smiled slightly.

Afterward, the three Elders did not say much, and left directly, using their Supreme means.

They would soon be able to pass on everything that happened here back to the academy, and it was not their concern about how the decision would be made at that time.

“Spread words about the matter of Zi Yang Heavenly King kidnapping Qing Xiao Yi.”

Gu Changge narrowed his eyes when he saw this and instructed the followers behind him.

At this time, Zi Yang Heavenly King was not in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, so he was very relieved about this.

Because Yin Mei was now in the Ancient Xuanwu Kingdom, she was closely watching the actions of many geniuses there, and helping him monitor Ying Shuang’s whereabouts and movements.

Zi Yang Heavenly King was still following Su Qingge’s trail now, but Gu Changge planned to give him a big surprise when he returned.

“Yes, Master!”

Soon, a group of his followers left, each with a memory stone in their hands.

As early as just now, they listened to Gu Changge’s instructions and recorded everything that happened here.

After all, that was a clue that several Elders personally discovered.

If Gu Changge went out without any evidence, it was very likely that people would think that he was framing Zi Yang Heavenly King… Of course, he was indeed framing Zi Yang.

Even if the Elders didn’t want to make this matter public, it was impossible.

According to the words of the three Elders, even if Heavenly King Zi Yang wanted to clear his suspicions, there would be no way.

Soon, Qing Feng also left with interest.

In the courtyard, only Gu Changge and Gu Xian’er were left.

Gu Xian’er glanced at Gu Changge with a calm expression, and suddenly became a little flustered, but her face still maintained a cold and calm look.

“Don’t pretend in front of me, you have nothing to do with the fluttering of immortal spirits at all.” Gu Changge smiled casually, breaking the silence between the two of them.

“I didn’t pretend… What are you laughing at” Gu Xian’er glared at him angrily.

Only when she was in front of Gu Changge could she not be as calm as usual, and her mood was disturbed by him every time.

“I am laughing at you because you are quite capable of causing trouble.

I expected you to be more peaceful and less troublesome for me.”

Gu Changge found a stone bench and sat down, picked up the teacup on it, and started drinking.

“I don’t want you to care…” Gu Xian’er had a look of disgust on her face, and then after seeing his actions, her small face that was as delicate and flawless as white porcelain became embarrassed, “Hurry up and put down the teacup, it’s for me to drink tea.”

“No wonder it’s so hard to drink.” Gu Changge calmly put down the teacup he took a sip from, “Have you been angry recently”

“You’re just on fire.

I think you just want to drink the tea I drank!”

Gu Xian’er snorted, her eyes were cold, and even her words were mixed with icy slag.

It was cold and pressing, but she was even more ashamed and angry.

After all, Gu Changge actually drank at the place where she drank.

And he was still disgusted with unpleasant drinking

“Unpleasant.” Gu Changge shook his head and repeated it with a calm expression.

“It’s cheap and good.” Gu Xian’er looked as cold as ice, and with a snort, she drew her sword, “Go away, don’t sit on my chair.”

Gu Changge couldn’t help laughing, “You won’t even let me sit on the chair, so you called me all the way over, are you really thinking of sending me empty-handed”

“Gu Xian’er, do you really think I’m that cheap The last time you took advantage of me, I didn’t even ask you to settle the account.”

Hearing this, Gu Xian’er finally couldn’t hold back, and she waved her jade fist angrily, “Gu Changge, why are you so shameless I’m ashamed to say, it was you who took advantage of me.”

“Oh What kind of advantage did I take to solve troubles for you every day Do you think I don’t have enough things to do” Gu Changge spoke calmly, suddenly got up, pressed step by step, and approached her.


Gu Xian’er felt a terrifying pressure swept over, like a vast and surging galaxy hanging down.

For a while, she didn’t dare to move, so she could only stare blankly at Gu Changge coming over.

“I don’t care, my trouble is your trouble anyway!”

“Wow wow… what are you doing…” Gu Changge smiled and pinched her nose, “What do you think I want to do”

“Ahhh… I’m going to fight with you!” Gu Xian’er was in a hurry and felt aggrieved in her heart.

She was being wronged.

But if she really attacked, she wouldn’t be able to beat Gu Changge, and in the end, she would have to be beaten by his palm.

“Gu Changge, I told you not to bully the poor girl…”

“Then I will bully you for the rest of my life.” Gu Changge interrupted her with a smile, seeing that she was going to run wild, holding a sword in her hand to slash him.

His figure fluttered backward, and in an instant, it appeared on the eaves in the distance, and once again, it was like a frightening leaf, and no trace could be seen.

Gu Xian’er angrily watched Gu Changge disappear, and in the end, she could only go mad at her own courtyard.

“I knew that Gu Changge must have no good intentions.

Who wants you to bully someone for their whole life…” She couldn’t help muttering, and finally hummed from her nose, “Hmph, it looks good.”


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