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Chapter 443: Everything is your back-end calculation, As a leek, one must have the awareness of leek (Part 1)

In the Golden Ridge Ancient City, where the Tang family was located.

As the first family of the Golden Ridge Ancient City, the Tang family had branches all over the Upper Realm.

But the actual Tang family was located in a small world in the Golden Ridge Ancient City and only a few cultivators actually knew about this.

The Tang family entered Dao through business, and their network of relationships was intricate, which was extremely famous in the Upper Realm.

There was once a prodigy in the Tang family whose talent for business was unparalleled in history.

That was to say, he had developed an inconspicuous small family to the point where many Immortal sects dare not underestimate it.

At this moment, in the Tang family’s small world.

It seemed to be extremely vast and boundless, there were many creatures and cultivators coming and going out, and a divine palace island was suspended in the air, looking extremely magnificent and ancient.

Within the most splendid palace in the center, a tall and spirited old man smashed the table in front of him without anger and prestige.

His terrifying aura was raging in the void as if it was about to break everything.

He was the current lord of the Tang family, Mr.


On the table, there was a memory stone sent by Yin Mei.

“Damn it! This Tang Tian only knows to cause trouble for me all day long! I don’t know if he can save me some trouble.

Is he trying to piss me off”

Below him, a group of big figures in the Tang family were silent and did not dare to speak.

When Grandpa Tang was angry, whoever dared to interrupt him, even the most favored descendant, would be fined three months of confinement.

“He just keeps causing trouble for me.

Could it be that my Tang family’s wealth will fall on this unworthy descendant in the future”

Afterward, Grandpa Tang gradually calmed down, the light in his eyes flickered, and he snorted coldly, “How dare you plot against my Tang family.

Is this little girl from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan really blind”

As soon as he said these words, there was an uproar among the many senior Tang family members below, and everyone was filled with righteous indignation.

Anyone with discernment could see that this was a deliberate plan of Yin Mei.

But how could it be seen

The witness at that time had already been solved by Yin Mei the moment she appeared, and the corpse was destroyed.

If the shopkeeper Zhu was not silenced, then Yin Mei must have found a silencer and hid it.

Even if they tried to trace the events back then, they couldn’t find anyone.

For this kind of thing, they could only break their teeth and swallow it in their stomach.

Everyone was a human being, and they had been in the Wan Dao Business Alliance for so many years.

How could they not see this kind of thing

It was just that Yin Mei was from the Ancient Royal Family, and they were not very reasonable, after all, there was no evidence.

“It seems that this matter should be just a small way for that little girl from Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan to fight against Tang Wan.

She only sent this memory stone to show her attitude.”

Grandpa Tang snorted coldly and quickly saw through Yin Mei’s intention.

Naturally, they won’t interfere at will, otherwise, it won’t be just a simple struggle between Yin Mei and Tang Wan.

In the face of the Ancient Royal Family, the Tang family also had to keep their heads down.

“Father, do we have to swallow our loss this time” The speaker was a middle-aged man named Tang Feng, the father of Tang Tian and Tang Wan.

Although he was helpless about what his son had done, he had nothing to do with it.

Tang Tian was stupid himself and fell into other people’s schemes.

Who was to blame If Tang Tian’s mind was cleaner at that time, why would there be so many things

“Otherwise What can you do Let Tang Wan handle this matter by herself.

As her elder sister, the other party is targeting her this time.

Could it be that you still want to intervene”

“Our Tang family can not take care of this matter.

If the old guys from the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox Clan made a move, we would still be a little troubled.”

“Recently, I feel that there has been a bit of a conspiracy towards my position.

The Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox Clan has always planned to cover the sky with one hand in the business alliance…”

Grandpa Tang said with a cold snort.

Hearing that, all the senior Tang family members were silent, and it was not unreasonable to know this.

The Heavenly Maiden from the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan had already expressed her attitude and targeted Tang Wan.

At this time, they naturally couldn’t intervene, otherwise, the situation would turn into a conflict between the Tang family and the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan, and the gains would outweigh the losses.

“Then shouldn’t we care about the message that Wan’er sent back She said that things won’t be easy this time…”

Tang Feng frowned and asked a little reluctantly.

“How simple can it be It’s nothing more than giving the other party some of the benefits from her hands.

Tang Wan is a good-hearted girl, which means that she wants the family to help her, but her own benefits are not allowed.

Hmph, did she think the old man doesn’t know her yet”

Grandpa Tang waved his hand and directly asserted, “I just want to hold more power and have more right to speak.

The old man can see her purpose over the years.

Up to now, the other party has made it clear, and as a result, she is still thinking about taking advantage of the family”

“What if there is a trap, father” Tang Feng frowned, believing Tang Wan’s intuition very much.

But because of what happened to Chu Hao back then, made Grandpa Tang and Tang Wan’s relationship awkward.

Now, the old man always felt that Tang Wan was thinking about Chu Hao and never gave her power, just because he was afraid that she would use it to help Chu Hao.

“Are you telling me what we should cheat” Grandpa Tang sneered and asked back.

Tang Feng was also at a loss for words.

Yes Could there be any trap, was it possible that Yin Mei was still planning to murder Tang Wan This kind of thing wouldn’t happen unless Yin Mei was crazy, after all, if Tang Wan had an accident, she couldn’t run away.

It was all harm and no benefit.


“The family doesn’t believe me this time Why Yin Mei actually sent a memory stone Could it be that she really has no other purpose”

On the other hand, Tang Wan was stunned for a while when she heard the news from the family, and she couldn’t believe it.

If the family sent a strong person over this time, she would have more confidence.

But they didn’t.

Yin Mei just used a memory stone to keep the Tang family out of the matter.

“Did Yin Mei figure it all out Or is it just a coincidence” Tang Wan sighed.

That feeling of uneasiness grew stronger and stronger.

She used her heavenly pen to calculate a trigram for herself, but it was gray and cloudy, and this path was undetermined.

According to common sense, she and Yin Mei had no grievances or enemies, so how could the other party suddenly plot against her

Tang Yuan couldn’t figure it out either.

After thinking about it, she thought that the biggest possibility was also that Yin Mei wanted to use this threat to get benefits from her.

“Could it be that Yin Mei has even calculated that I will ask for help from the family”

Tang Yuan’s heart became even more uneasy, although many strong people were following her, and there were many secretly hidden experts, it did not provide her much sense of security.

“That’s just it, I don’t believe Yin Mei dares to do anything to me.” Having already arrived here, Tang Wan could only accept it with a stiff upper lip.

Not long after arriving at the ancient city ahead, Tang Wan went straight to the discussed location as agreed.

This was a very famous star-gazing tower in the city, golden and glorious, with carved pillars that looked ancient and long.

As the name implied, it had the meaning of looking at the sky with one step.

The layers of steps were carved with cloud patterns, dense with spiritual energy and surging with precious light.

When one got to the highest point, they could overlook the whole city with an unobstructed view.

And if something happened there, the whole city would be alarmed as soon as possible.

The afterglow shrouded, adding a point of magnificence.

“It seems that I was overly concerned, conferring in such a place.

There should be no problem.”

Thinking of this, Tang Wan breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and quickly rushed to the top of the building under the leadership of the people under the Watchtower, wanting to know what kind of tricks Yin Mei was playing.

“Miss Wan.” On the roof of the star-gazing Tower, Yin Mei was sitting there dressed in white, quietly playing the zither, with two maids dragging her fox tails behind her, preventing them from touching the ground.

Her appearance was charmingly heavenly and stunningly beautiful.

As long as it was a man, this time they would not be able to move their eyes.

She took the initiative to open her mouth and gestured for Tang Wan to take a seat.

“I know Miss Wan is confused in her heart, and I have no choice but to make this move and invite you over.” Yin Mei smiled, looking decent and generous.

“Let’s not talk nonsense between the two of us.

I just want to ask you one thing, what exactly do you mean” Tang Wan’s face was very unpleasant, not her usual gentle and moving appearance, and she asked while coldly staring at her.

“Where is my brother”

“Miss Wan, there’s no rush, Tang Tian is fine, but before that, you have to promise me a request first.” Yin Mei smiled and said.

“What request” At that, Tang Wan’s heart more or less breathed a sigh of relief, but still asked coldly.

It seemed that Yin Mei did not have any remaining purpose, so was her previous dangerous omen not about Yin Mei

“The interests of those big ancient cities in your hands have to be conceded to me.”

Yin Mei said with a calm expression, “You also know that I have only been in power for a short time, many guys are not convinced at all, there is no way but to do this.

Please forgive me if I offended you.”

“Hmph, I knew it.

You planned well.” At these words, Tang Wan put her heart down, and the vigilance she had just now, dissipated a lot.

She was worried that Yin Mei would not make a request, and if she didn’t, then there would be a real problem.

“I can promise you this request, but if you think that this will give you sole control, I think you are thinking too much.”

“Since Miss Wan has agreed, then I am relieved.”

“Now then, my second request is…” Yin Mae said with a smile.

“The second request Aren’t you going too far” Tang Wan’s face changed and seemed to have some raw anger, “Yin Mei, don’t go too far, being too insatiable.”

“It seems Miss Wan is not going to save her brother That’s okay, I’ll keep him for a little longer, anyway, your Tang family wouldn’t dare to do anything to me.”

Yin Mei smiled, following Gu Changge’s example, picked up the wine cup on the table, brought it to her lips, and then tilted her head and drank it all in one go.


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