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Chapter 439: It’s hard not to have any jealousy, Yin Mei’s so-called means (Part 1)

Half a month had passed since the start of the True Immortal Academy’s trial.

During this period of time, Gu Changge had been living deep and shallow, even his many followers seldom saw his figure.

Some people said that Gu Changge had gone to the place where the Absolute Heavenly Extinction had erupted to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings.

But some said that Gu Changge was actually in seclusion, practicing a powerful divine ability.

There were different stories and opinions.

But no one dared to visit him to verify the truth, even the King of Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, was now silent and in awe.

At this moment, in the Vermilion Bird Imperial Capital, in a splendid pavilion.

Su Qingge and Ji Qingxuan were sitting facing each other.

“Sister, do you want to leave now” Ji Qingxuan’s eyes revealed astonishment.

She didn’t expect that after coming here, the first thing Su Qingge said was to inform her that she was leaving.

Did that mean that the matter of the two exchanging identities would continue for a long time

“Well, anyway, nowadays the Hidden Royal family won’t be looking for trouble with you, so I just happen to pretend to be you and go to the Ji family to see my mother.

I haven’t seen her for many years, it’s just the right time to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Su Qingge nodded and said with a complicated expression, “During this period of time, did Master really not suspect you”

“No.” Ji Qingxuan shook her head, and then her face couldn’t help but show a happy smile, “Master has been very good to me, but I haven’t seen him for many days, he seems to have left the Vermillion Bird Imperial Capital and headed to the place where the Absolute Heavenly Extinction erupted.”

“Is that so” Su Qingge nodded, and couldn’t tell what emotion she was feeling at this moment.

Why would she be jealous of her own sister Obviously she was now pretending to be her.

“By the way… Sister, I have something that I want to tell you.” At this time, Ji Qingxuan’s cold and calm face suddenly became somewhat stammering.

It also looked a bit shy and embarrassed.

“What is it” Su Qingge said somewhat suspiciously, and for some reason, a bad feeling suddenly arose in her heart.

“It’s… It was that day… I was…” Ji Qingxuan glanced at her sister with some uneasiness, she did not intentionally intend to show off this kind of thing.

Rather, she felt that if she changed back later, there was a possibility that Gu Changge would notice something.

That was why she informed Su Qingge.

“What” Su Qingge was stunned, her head buzzed as if it was struck by lightning.

In response, her face could not help but turn a little white, and the bad feeling in her heart grew stronger and stronger.

Before, Gu Changge had never asked for her body.

But why, after changing identities with Ji Qingxuan, Gu Changge is so

“Could it be that Master actually already knows…” Su Qingge was smart enough to make the connection to this aspect almost instantly, only she still carried the last hint of fantasy and thought that it was likely a coincidence.

“Sister, I’m sorry…” Ji Qingxuan apologized.

“It’s not your fault.” After a long silence, Su Qingge waved her hand and forced herself to calm down, but she was jealous.

Suddenly, she thought of a possibility, if she let her sister take her place and stay by Gu Changge’s side.

After all, Gu Changge was the young leader of the righteous path, while she was the inheritor of demonic art, and they were destined to end up on the opposite side of him.

She could take advantage of the fact that Gu Changge did not know her true identity yet otherwise she really did not know how she would face all of this in the future.

“Qingxuan, subsequently I may not come back for a long time…” Su Qingge calmed down and said, “If in the meantime, Master realizes all this, you can tell him that Qingge is guilty of his trust…”

With these words, her figure flashed and she had already left the place.

“Sister…” Ji Qingxuan was a little confused for a moment, thinking that at the end, her sister seemed to have fallen into tears.

What exactly was she hiding Did she really have such bitterness and hatred


At the same time.

In the Holy Spirit Ancient City.

As a place where all the major ancient kingdoms converged, there were all sorts of spiritual cultivators here.

Not only could you meet young people who were new to cultivation, but you could also see ascetic cultivators who had been sitting still for hundreds of thousands of years.

The city was incomparably prosperous and could accommodate nearly ten million people.

Inside the city, a glorious, incomparably magnificent hall.

A foxy, natural white woman was standing here, directing the group of maids in front of her to go through something.

The white-clothed woman’s face could be described as heavenly, one could not find a single flaw, and her eyes were glittering as if they could charm anyone.

At this moment, she was holding her nine fluffy snow-white, shiny foxtails, her eyebrows slightly frowned, “You guys move faster, even investigating needs so much time”

“Miss, please wait a moment.” Several maids heard, and hurriedly said, “Most of the information about Chu Hao, seems to have been deliberately hidden, it can not be found…”

“Can’t find out” The white-clothed woman frowned and was somewhat unconvinced.

“There are still things in this world that I can’t find out about from the Wan Dao Business Alliance”

She could also find traces of the Gu family’s scandal, how could it be that she could not find out about a small third prince of Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom

“It’s just that there’s no need to investigate further, Yin Mei.

I’ve already guessed who is helping Chu Hao.” At that moment, the voice of a young man came from behind the curtain of the hall.

“Master already knows” Yin Mei was slightly stunned but didn’t ask more questions, then waved her hand for her group of maids to go down.

“I know, it should be someone from the Wan Dao Business Alliance.” Gu Changge sat there and was quietly drinking fragrant tea, blowing the mist to his mouth and raising his cup to drink it all.

“It’s still the tea you brewed that tastes good.” He sighed in praise, in a good mood.

When he couldn’t investigate anything in the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, he knew that the person who helped Chu Hao behind the scenes this time wouldn’t be too simple and was smart enough to hide all traces well.

That was why he rushed to the Holy Spirit Ancient City, because there was a branch of the Wan Dao Merchant Alliance here, and he could contact Yin Mei to come over.

“Since Master loves to drink it, then I will brew it for him every day.” Yin Mei walked over and smiled as she sniffed and said.

She did not choose to go to the True Immortal Academy to cultivate, knowing that it would be difficult to help Gu Changge even if her cultivation level increased.

The biggest power behind the Wan Dao Business Alliance was the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox clan, as the Ancient Royal Family, their bottom line naturally needed no further explanation.

In the past few years, although there were many forces that joined the Dao sects, the biggest power was still in their hands.

“How much do you know about this Tang Wan” Gu Changge smiled faintly, and casually picked up the jade slip in front of him, which contained many of the objects he had previously suspected, now before him after layers of elimination and screening.

He had already identified the candidate, the person who helped him behind Chu Hao, was this Tang Wan.

If he wanted to find out, in fact, it was not difficult.

First, he only had to know which people were similar in age to Chu Hao, and once spent time in the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

These were familiar routines, as long as Gu Changge casually checked it, he could quickly identify the candidate.

Tang Wan was smart and knew how to avoid suspicion and deliberately hid her tracks, but as long as she had been to the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, the traces could not be erased.

Moreover, Tang Wan did not know that Yin Mei was his person.

“Tang Wan, seems to be quite a sleight of hand, hundreds of years ago, she began to work in the business alliance.

The Tang family has quite a lot of weight in the Wan Dao Business Alliance, and her grandfather is the head of a branch alliance with many experts under him…”

Yin Mei explained the many things about Tang Wan in her mind and informed Gu Changge one by one.

“The head of a branch alliance, that seems to have quite a lot of power.” Gu Changge casually smiled.

As one of the largest business alliances in the Upper Realm, almost all over the Upper Realm, the power contained was beyond imagination.

The head of a branch alliance, even the Sect heads of some Immortal Great Sects, had to treat them with caution and they did not dare to take it lightly.

“Did Tang Wan offend the young master” Yin Mei inquired, then said, “I do know that she seems to have a younger brother, named Tang Tian, not too old, is a fop, domineering and arrogant used to, the Tang family is quite spoiled.”

“A younger brother” Gu Changge’s smile looked a little deeper, “That’s just right.”

“What’s wrong with this Tang Wan, she just had to go against me.

Should we kill her Damn.” Yin Mei nodded obediently, “People who go against my Master deserve to die.”


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