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Chapter 436: It’s a person who knows what to do at the right time, Thank you, Master! Master is so nice (Part 2)

He never expected that Gu Changge’s previous gentle expression would be gone and that the claws and teeth revealed would be so terrifying that his heart palpitated and chilled.


At this moment, he no longer covered up, and there was a terrifying Quasi-Supreme pressure erupting from his body, instantly sweeping through the entire Vermilion Bird Imperial Captial.

This moment no matter which cultivator, all experienced this feeling, from the soul palpitations and trembling, could not help but want to crouch down towards that place.

A Supreme being’s anger could easily turn the heavens and the earth upside down, covering the moon with his hand and shattering the stars with a snap of his fingers, all with ease.

The strength of the Quasi-Supreme was difficult to describe in words.

If Chu Hao wanted to, he only needed one finger to annihilate the Vermilion Bird Imperial City in front of him.

“Quasi-Supreme Realm……”

“Oh my, the third prince is in the Quasi-Supreme Realm, it’s unbelievable, back then when he left the Imperial City, he was only at the Heavenly God realm, right, and in just a few hundred years, he reached the Quasi-Supreme Realm!”

“Hiss! This is unbelievable!”

“The third prince is really a monster, with such strength, it is difficult to describe him as a genius, a few hundred years old Quasi-Supreme, it’s too amazing……”

“Before this, no one had ever heard of anyone achieving the realm of Quasi-Supreme Realm at such an age……”

At this moment, no matter who it was, they were incomparably shocked, their eyes widened, and they could hardly believe it all.

Su Qingge, Ji Qingxuan, and the woman in the pavilion who was so graceful and elegant were also incomparably shocked.

“Brother Chu Hao is still so outstanding and radiant that no one can compare with him.” The woman with a beautiful posture had adoration in her gaze.

“Senior Brother is actually a Quasi-Supreme… That’s great… I’m saved.” Wang Xiao also couldn’t help but be surprised and feel hope.

Before this, he had never even thought that the Senior brother was actually a Quasi-Supreme Realm existence, and if something happens, Supreme Dao Cave would definitely protect his Senior brother to death.

Then he naturally would not have a problem with his life.

However, the moment Chu Hao revealed his Quasi-Supreme cultivation.

Behind Gu Changge, there was a majestic aura rising, as if a sun shining in the sky of the ages, bright and eye-catching, but heavy like a mountain river.

Divine mountains, rivers and seas, the sun, moon and stars, the heavens and the earth were turning… Many such divine scenes emerged.

The vividness seemed to be reflected in the ancient time and space, with a kind of natural Dao rhythm, as well as the terrifying supreme pressure!

It was a Great Seal transformed into mountains and seas, majestic and heavy, surging and vast! The moment it appeared, the vault of heaven was obscured, as if it could hardly withstand such power and was about to explode.

“Supreme weapon!”

Everyone’s expression, once again, changed violently, appalled to the extreme.

The fact that Chu Hao revealed his Quasi-Supreme Realm cultivation was already frightening and shocking enough, but in the next moment Gu Changge directly used a Supreme weapon, directly causing everyone’s scalp to tingle and their souls to freeze.

What kind of wealth was it Such a young existence had a Supreme weapon! This was simply an unimaginable thing.

But as it happened, and Gu Changge was able to activate it, after all, it was not just a decoration.

“Are you sure you want to fight with me” Gu Changge’s expression still permeated with a breeze of muddled carelessness.

“You…” Chu Hao’s face changed dramatically, incomparable anger appeared in his heart, which was finally suppressed to death.

He truly did not expect that Gu Changge was already prepared for this and directly used a Supreme weapon.

If he really fought with Gu Changge, then there was no doubt that the entire Vermilion Bird Imperial Capital would be destroyed and turned into dust and ruins.

Not to mention a small Imperial Capital, even the entire territory of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, could not withstand the fight of a Supreme being, the aftermath of which could easily exceed ten million miles of territory, which could be said to destroy the sky and earth.

He thought that after he showed his Quasi-Supreme Realm cultivation, he could deter Gu Changge and thus make him stop, but he really didn’t expect that Gu Changge would have so many tricks up his sleeve.

“Senior Brother, save me! If something happens to me, the clan is sure not to let go of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, you know my uncle, he…”

Seeing Chu Hao’s silent and repressed look.

Wang Xiao also reacted, his heart thud with incomparable uneasiness, just now the sense of panic again swept through his whole body.

He could not help but shout, very afraid of death, and he did not want to die here.

“Hao’er, what’s going on here…”

It was also at this time.

High in the sky, the Vermilion Bird King, whose face was white, somewhat shocked, uncomprehending and puzzled, was brought over by a group of Gu Changge’s followers.

As soon as the Vermilion Bird King saw the situation, his heart also panicked and he was very uneasy and frightened.

He still didn’t know what was happening.

But now, even the Supreme weapon was about to be used, this was going to destroy the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, right

“Father…” Chu Hao gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down at this time.

But seeing Gu Changge’s lofty, casual look as if he was overlooking, he was incomparably suffocated and resentful.

When had he, who was proud of his bones, ever been so stifled and humiliated

But the King of Vermilion Bird Kingdom was in the hands of Gu Changge, what else could he do but compromise

“Young Lord Changge, this is…” The Vermilion Bird King looked at Gu Changge with incomparable trepidation and anxiety and carefully inquired.

“I just invited the King of Vermilion Bird Kingdom to come and see the fun, it’s not a big deal, no need to worry too much.”

Gu Changge smiled faintly, and then swept over the group of followers, with an indifferent voice, “I told you to invite the Vermillion Bird King, who told you to disrespect him”

“We know that we are wrong.”

“I also hope the master will forgive us!”

A group of followers heard the words and knelt down, hastily cooperating.

Gu Changge nodded, his expression slightly eased, “I think the King of the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom doesn’t care about such trivial matters, so you guys just get up.”

“Yes, thanks a lot master.” Watching this scene, the many cultivators nearby, could not help but feel the chill going to their guts.

Even the Vermilion Bird King looked like he could be crushed to death at any time in front of Gu Changge.

They, the ordinary cultivators, were not even as good as a mole.

“Hao’er…” The Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom’s King also roughly guessed what had happened at this time, and sighed in his heart.

“Father, it’s alright.” Chu Hao shook his head, and his tightly clenched fist, couldn’t help but loosen it, choosing to give in.

And then, the terrifying Quasi-Supreme Realm mighty pressure dispersed.

Such an act already showed Chu Hao’s choice.

“Senior Brother, you can’t give up on me…” Seeing this scene, Wang Xiao could not help but despair.

“The third prince is a man who knows how to act in time.” Gu Changge smiled faintly and did not say much.

And then the Great Seal behind the floating mountains and seas dropped a ray of supreme rules with a gentle tremor, and the terrified Wang Xiao directly exploded without even the slightest resistance and his body and soul were both destroyed.

“Wang Xiao is dead…” Standing behind Gu Changge, Ji Qingxuan, who was covered in blood, looked at this scene, and her heart was unusually complicated.

There was elation, relief, and pleasure… In short, it was difficult to describe her feelings in words.

The people she once needed to be wary of and didn’t dare to easily provoke were like ants in front of Gu Changge, who could be easily crushed to death.

This huge difference still made her a bit unable to adapt for a moment.

After all, before this, she was still reminding her sister Su Qingge to watch out for Wang Xiao.

However, she didn’t expect that Wang Xiao’s body and spirit were now both destroyed.

Ji Qingxuan’s initial intention was to teach Wang Xiao a good lesson by virtue of Gu Changge’s might, not thinking at all that she would let him die here.

“So this is the life of my sister…”

Suddenly, she gave birth to a thought that she shouldn’t have, if it had been like this and her identity didn’t change back, how good would it have been

“Master…” Su Qingge in the distance also felt incomparably complicated to watch all this, and her heart had mixed feelings.

“This gas is also out, this should be comfortable now, right”

Subsequently, Gu Changge also did not pay attention to Chu Hao, Vermilion Bird Kingdom King, and others and walked toward Ji Qingxuan and casually asked.

His heart was ringing with the many prompts from the system at this time.

Regarding the Luck points and Destiny value obtained from fighting the Son of Luck, it was not a small harvest.

The matter of Chu Hao, he was not in a hurry, leeks were made to be cut slowly in order to get the maximum benefit.

“Well, thank you, Master.

Master is so kind.” Ji Qingxuan’s smile was happy and sweet, and her words were almost from the bottom of her heart.

She thought Gu Changge would pick her up like he did just now, and had a little expectation in her heart.

However, she did not expect Gu Changge to walk past her after saying this sentence and did not say anything more.

Ji Qingxuan thought for a moment that Gu Changge had found something unusual and panicked in her heart.

But remembering what her sister had explained, she knew that Gu Changge’s character was like that.

He would not do things that did not make sense.

In other words, his action just now, in fact, was not because of her.

This more or less let Ji Qingxuan breathe a sigh of relief, she found that Gu Changge was really hard to figure out, and it was not clear whether he actually found out or not.

Subsequently, Ji Qingxuan also ignored her injury and hurried toward Gu Changge to chase.

From the beginning to the end, she did not look again at her sister Su Qingge, afraid that Gu Changge would notice the abnormality.

“Qingxuan is afraid that she will be trapped, and then do not know what to do to be good…” Su Qingge’s heart slightly sighed, but she still remembered her present-day identity.

“Senior Brother, what should we do about things We have offended Gu Changge, and now even Senior Brother Wang Xiao…” She then couldn’t help but ask, looking a bit worried.

Chu Hao sniffed and squeezed out some smile, waved his hand, and said, “No harm, I will report this matter to the Sect first.”

And then, he looked at Elder Xuan, whose face was tinged with sorrow, and said, “As for the matter of Senior Brother Wang Xiao, I hope Elder Xuan will also inform the Wang family.

I have done my best in this matter, but Gu Changge is so strong… I can’t do anything about it.”

“I have seen this matter with my own eyes and know that I can’t blame Elder Xuan.

When the time comes and the Wang family implodes, I will inform them of the original reason… You don’t need to worry.”

At his words, Elder Xuan nodded his head and breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, then said, “Don’t worry, Mr.

Chu, leave this matter to the old man.

The Wang family has its own justice in place and knows how it will be handled, and will not make things difficult for Lord Chu.”

The two said so, and both breathed a sigh of relief in unison, each with their own concerns.

Wang Xiao died in the Vermilion Bird Ancient Kingdom, and they did not know what the Wang family’s reaction would be, after all, the person who killed him was Gu Changge.

“By the way, Senior sister Qingxuan, what exactly is your relationship with that woman Do you know her” At this time, Chu Hao suddenly reacted to why Ji Qingxuan would be so similar to that woman in white, simply the same as a mold carved out.

Hearing that, Su Qingge also looked a bit puzzled and wondered.

“I don’t know what’s going on.

It felt a little strange before, that’s why I left the palace and came outside to take a look.”

Chu Hao pondered for a moment, “Could it be that you have a sister, but your mother has not told you”

He had vaguely heard something about Ji Qingxuan’s life and knew that her mother had gone to the Lower Realm because she had escaped from marriage and was subsequently captured and returned.

That was why he asked this.

“Then when there is time, I will go back and ask my mother about it.” Su Qingge nodded her head.

Only then did Chu Hao give up.


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