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Chapter 431: Gu Changge didn’t break it, It’s going to be a big disaster this time (Part 1)

“Not good! Ji Qingxuan is determined to kill me, it’s not good…”

Wang Xiao, who was urging this divine weapon, bore the brunt of it, groaned, and spewed blood from his mouth.

His face was pale and he couldn’t believe it.

Ji Qingxuan, who usually did not dare to even be angry with him, how did she get the confidence to attack him today

“Elder Xuan, save me!” At this time, Wang Xiao couldn’t care about it either, and shouted into the void, intending to call for help.

Relying on his own strength, he would definitely not be able to deal with Ji Qingxuan.

At this time, no one could save him except the Guardian.

“Do you still want to call for help” Ji Qingxuan frowned, her voice cold as if it had no temperature.

Her jade hand made another move, and the long sword flew out, blooming in the virtual space.

There were thousands of sword lights blooming, drowning towards the bottom! Such a scene instantly shocked many cultivators and creatures on this street.

After all, the momentum was really amazing.

Many people turned into divine lights and flew high into the sky, looking at this place from a distance, they were shocked.

Many buildings and pavilions were immediately hit by the aftermath and turned into ruins.

No one thought that someone would dare to fight in the imperial city of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

During this period of time, the Vermillion Bird King only ordered that any kind of fighting was prohibited, so that the Vermillion Bird Imperial City would have a peaceful environment.

Many people also knew that the rumored young master of the Gu family was now in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

Therefore, they also understood the behavior of the Vermillion Bird King.

“Who are these two people They actually fought here This fluctuation is so scary…”

“Looking at his age, he should be young.

Could it be that he is a genius of True Immortal Academy”

“Compared with them, we have cultivated for so many years, it’s almost like we have cultivated a dog.”

“This is the so-called genius, otherwise why would they be different from ordinary people”

Many cultivators were shocked as the situation set off a storm in their hearts, but it was bitter and they deeply felt the gap between themselves and the geniuses.

They immediately contacted the geniuses of True Immortal Academy.

Apart from such geniuses, who else had such terrifying strength at such an age.

The momentum here was terrifying, and it spread to the depths of the palace almost immediately.

Many geniuses who had not left this place, in shock, turned into divine lights and rushed over.

“This voice seems to be from Junior Brother Wang, right What happened to him”

Chu Hao, who was talking with the Vermillion Bird King, couldn’t help frowning.

After all, his cultivation had reached the Quasi-Supreme Realm, and he heard Wang Xiao’s cry for help almost immediately.

Although he was not very happy with this Junior brother who was a bit arrogant and conceited.

But if he had an accident in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, neither he nor the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom behind him could afford it.

Thinking of this, Chu Hao sighed and could only go and have a look.

“Father, I’m going to see what’s going on.” Having said that, Chu Hao had already taken one step, left here, appeared outside the palace, and rushed in the direction of the voice.

“Stop!” At this time, Wang Xiao was fighting against Ji Qingxuan.

Hearing this voice, he couldn’t help but look happy, and shouted, “Elder Xuan, save me, Ji Qingxuan is crazy, she actually wants to kill me.”

In the void, Elder Xuan appeared with a gloomy face.

His cultivation was at the peak of the Great Sacred Realm, and he was only one step away from the Quasi-Supreme Realm.

The moment it came, the terrifying pressure of the Great Sacred Realm shrouded the heavens and the earth, and the divine might was vast, as if an ancient god had descended.

The color of the world changed, the situation was reversed, and a terrifying vision suddenly appeared above the imperial capital of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

The existence of the Great Sacred Realm, in a small country like the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, was like the existence of the Ancestor.

Only when faced with the greatest crisis, would it show up.

Much less the existence of the peak of the Great Sacred Realm, how terrifying the momentum was!


“This is a Great Sacred Realm cultivator!”

“It’s terrifying to attract the Great Sacred Realm cultivator to come here…”

Many cultivators and creatures changed their expressions greatly, their souls trembled, and they felt a sense of awe.

They couldn’t help but want to bow in that direction and kneel down.

“Elder Xuan, take her down for me.

She’s crazy today.”

Seeing Elder Xuan, Wang Xiao couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Then, with a sneer and a vicious look, he stared at Ji Qingxuan, as if she was dead.

In his opinion, Ji Qingxuan went crazy today, otherwise, how could she have done such a crazy thing as attacking him But now that Elder Xuan had appeared, naturally, there was nothing to do with Ji Qingxuan.

“Miss Ji, do you know what you are doing now” However, Elder Xuan didn’t attack immediately.

Instead, he looked at Ji Qingxuan coldly, with a wave of his robe, and a burst of yellow light burst out.

Immediately afterward, a yellow gourd, wrapped in chaotic mist, floated up and down between the sleeves, with the power of opening up the world.

If Ji Qingxuan didn’t answer properly, he would definitely use this gourd to suppress her.

“Who are you Why are you bullying the weak” Ji Qingxuan’s expression was still cold, and she was not afraid at all.

Instead, she said coldly, “I don’t know where you guys got the courage to attack me.

If my master found out about this, even if you are an existence in the Great Sacred Realm, you can’t escape death.”

“Master… Ji Qingxuan, what do you mean by that” Elder Xuan frowned, and his first reaction was whether Ji Qingxuan had a problem with her head today, and she actually said such inexplicable words.

And many cultivators and geniuses who came nearby couldn’t help but feel very shocked when they heard this.

A Great Sacred Realm cultivator couldn’t escape death

Was this woman in white really such a big shot Who was she

Many people’s expressions couldn’t help but change slightly.

Some people recognized Ji Qingxuan, and their voices trembled slightly, “This girl seems to be the one next to Young Master Changge.”

The one who said this was a tall man covered in scales.

He was a genius of the True Immortal Academy.

He had not yet rushed to the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield to fight against the Heavenly Extinction beings.

He once saw Gu Changge from a distance, and at that time, there seemed to be this woman in white standing beside Gu Changge.

Because this woman in white was really amazingly beautiful, he took a few more glances, and only then did he have some impressions.

However, his words were quickly drowned out by the shocked discussions of the other cultivators nearby.

Not many people heard it.

“Not good, something big is going to happen.”

This genius’s face was a little pale.

Thinking of the possible consequences of this incident, he hurriedly moved and left here.

But on the way, he suddenly thought of something, and hurried to the direction of the palace, thinking that it would be better to report such a matter.

Otherwise, when the time comes, the young master Changge blamed him.

How would he explain it when he was at the scene

“Elder Xuan, stop talking nonsense with her, Ji Qingxuan is determined to kill me today…”

In the field, Wang Xiao said again, and his voice was extremely gloomy.

When he was fighting with Ji Qingxuan, he was seriously injured.

“You’ve got the wrong person, I’m not the Ji Qingxuan you mentioned.” When Ji Qingxuan heard this, her brows were still tightly wrinkled, and her voice was cold as if it was about to drill into his bone marrow.

“You are still pretending at this time, I think you won’t cry without seeing the coffin, Elder Xuan, attack!” Wang Xiao smiled coldly and ordered.


At the moment when his words fell, Elder Xuan nodded, and he didn’t say anymore and chose to attack.

With a wave of his sleeve, the yellow gourd was immediately sacrificed, and it swelled in the wind, entwined with chaotic mist.

The terrifying pressure of the Great Sacred Realm shrouded down, and Ji Qingxuan was like a small boat in the sea, which could be overturned at any time.

Her complexion also turned pale.

However, Ji Qingxuan’s eyes were still calm and cold.


The very next moment, a sword energy began to spew out from the mouth of the gourd turning into the size of a mountain peak as it terrified everyone while being wrapped in an endless murderous aura.

Its sheer momentum caused the sky to crack open.

“No, retreat.”

“The Great Sacred Realm attack has turned the world upside down, this is no longer something the rest of us can resist!”

All the cultivators and creatures’ expressions changed drastically, their figures turned into divine lights, and they quickly evacuated from this place.

Even if it was a ray of the aftermath, they didn’t want to be contaminated.


Ji Qingxuan’s expression changed at this time.

She didn’t expect Elder Xuan to be so ruthless and use such a terrifying killer move.

Fortunately, she had a lot of life-saving things on her body, and she shattered a piece of jade at a critical moment.

A cloud of white light appeared, blocking the sword energy for her.

But Ji Qingxuan didn’t feel any better and flew out and crashed into large buildings and pavilions.

Her internal organs were almost shattered, and the fragments of the internal organs were coughed up, and her complexion was even more pale and bloodless.


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