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Chapter 430: I don’t believe that I’m a good person either, Ji Qingxuan’s plan (Part 2)

Hearing this, Ji Qingxuan was slightly taken aback, and the look in her eyes was a little surprised as if she didn’t expect Su Qingge to say this.

Where did she come from to dare to say that, was it because she was Gu Changge’s person

“I know, sister.” However, she still nodded and said without asking much, after all, everyone had their own secrets.

“This ancient talisman can hide your aura.

I usually rely on this to hide my aura, so you don’t have to worry about being noticed.” Then, Su Qingge took out an ancient talisman with a simple style from her arms and handed it to Ji Qingxuan.

Although the two of them had the same appearance, there was still a lot of difference in their aura.

Su Qingge usually relied on this thing to hide her aura.

After all, she was the inheritor of demonic art.

Just in case, she had made a lot of preparations in advance.

“Well, I got it, sister.” Ji Qingxuan took it, but she couldn’t figure out why Su Qingge had so many methods.

It seems that there was more than one magic weapon that could hide the aura.

As Gu Changge’s person, did she still need to hide her aura Would anyone in this world dare to bully her

Of course, Ji Qingxuan didn’t say it, but she became more and more curious about what kind of identity Su Qingge had.

It seemed that she did not rely on Gu Changge alone.

Afterward, the two of them changed their clothes and hair accessories.

In order to look no different, Su Qingge made Ji Qingxuan wear light makeup on purpose.

In this way, even the closest people couldn’t notice the difference.

“Now we are really exactly the same.” Su Qingge sighed slightly and touched Ji Qingxuan’s face in front of her.

“Yeah.” Ji Qingxuan nodded lightly, “Sister, then I’ll leave first.”

Su Qingge nodded, then watched Ji Qingxuan leave the courtyard, and gradually disappeared in the direction of returning to the  Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

Then, she sighed softly, her expression became a little complicated for a while.

“Qing Xuan, don’t play tricks.

Young Master is not something you can control…” As a sister, she actually faintly guessed Ji Qingxuan’s thoughts, but she did not stop it.

In fact, she also had ideas in her own heart, not purely wanting to help her sister.

She also felt that Ji Qingxuan seemed to have a different interest in Gu Changge.

As a sister, Su Qingge just didn’t break it, and she also wanted to know what kind of scheme Ji Qingxuan was working on.

She was not simply stupid and sweet, whether it was in the Lower Realm or after becoming the inheritor of demonic art in the Upper Realm, she had her own ideas and calculations.

Although the two of them were sisters, they had never met before.

It would be too dreamy and unrealistic to say that the two of them could open their hearts and trust each other just by virtue of that blood relationship.

Su Qingge didn’t expect Ji Qingxuan to trust her completely.

This little sister had only experienced more things than her since she was a child.

The depth of her mind was far higher than hers, and she was not as simple as she seemed.

Ji Qingxuan took the initiative to mention that she was envious of her life, it was probably because she had guessed about her relationship with Gu Changge before, so she said that.

If it weren’t for Su Qingge’s familiarity with Gu Changge, who had seen and heard about various methods, it was estimated that Ji Qingxuan’s little scheme would not be seen.

“Did you even calculate on your own sister” At this time, another soul in Su Qingge’s mind couldn’t help but burst into laughter with a touch of faint sarcasm.

Su Qingge just calmly shook her head, “This can’t be said to be a calculation, she and I each take what we need.

We just happened to be staying by the young master’s side recently, and we really can’t get away…”

She was the inheritor of demonic art, and she would not be like those ordinary geniuses, to kill the Heavenly Extinction beings and save the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom.

Su Qingge had her own things to do.

Moreover, after several times of contact with Mo Lao during this period.

She had already understood that there was an organization of the inheritor of demonic art in the dark, and the ancient existences in it were from the various powers of the Upper World, although they did not know each other’s identity.

But at the critical moment, they could help her.

Mo Lao also told her that in the True Immortal Academy, there were actually other members of the organization of the inheritors of demonic art hidden.

Therefore, Su Qingge subconsciously thought that the incident of the inheritor of demonic art had caused a lot of uproars before.

In fact, it was caused by the single-handed planning of this organization, just to confuse the public and give her a chance to develop and grow.

“This trial is a time for me to fish in troubled waters, and taking advantage of the opportunity of Ji Qingxuan pretending to be me, I can also clear my suspicions in front of the master… Zi Yang holds a grudge against the young master, so I’ll target him first.”

Thinking of this, Su Qingge couldn’t help showing a little smile on his face, but this smile seemed a little cold.


On the other side, Wang Xiao, who had been in the pavilion and stared at “Ji Qingxuan” who entered the mansion, was looking a little impatient.

After waiting for so long, no one came out of the mansion.

Who knew what would happen during this time So he planned to leave for a drink and ask to see who Ji Qingxuan was having a secret private meeting.

In his eyes, Ji Qingxuan was something that would be in his pocket sooner or later, even though she was indifferent and had disgust for him now.

But sooner or later, he would make her kneel on the ground and ask for pity.

Not to mention that Ji Qingxuan’s condition in the Hidden Ji family was not good, and sooner or later, she would become a pawn in marriage.

At that time, he only had to tell the family behind him, and the Hidden Ji family would have to obediently send Ji Qingxuan to his door.

At this time, Wang Xiao suddenly saw a familiar figure walking out of the mansion.

She was tall and slender, dressed in snow-white clothes, her face was cold and beautiful, her complexion was fair and delicate, and her pretty face was as white as it was carved from the most flawless jade.

In Wang Xiao’s opinion, it was Ji Qingxuan who had changed her dress.

“I still know that, I have to ask who Ji Qingxuan went to see.” Wang Xiao’s face was very ugly.

When his figure moved, he disappeared from the pavilion in an instant.

He took one step and appeared in front of Ji Qingxuan.

“Junior Sister Ji, who are you going to see” Wang Xiao took the initiative to speak, his voice was very gloomy, and he was dissatisfied.

However, the current Ji Qingxuan was pretending to be Su Qingge.

So when she saw Wang Xiao for the first time, although she was shocked, she frowned and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you”

“Okay, you still pretend not to know me, Ji Qingxuan…” Wang Xiao didn’t expect Ji Qingxuan to say such a thing and was a little stunned for a while.

After reacting, he couldn’t help laughing, thinking that it was Ji Qingxuan who pretended not to know him on purpose.

After all, tracking this kind of thing was really impossible.

But wasn’t her performance a ghost in her heart

“Where did this bastard come from, you have probably eaten the guts of an ambitious leopard.

Do you know who I am” Ji Qingxuan frowned even tighter, and her voice sounded like a chill that had been quenched for ten thousand years.

On weekdays, she naturally hated Wang Xiao so much that she couldn’t wait to kill him.

At this time, since there was such an opportunity, there was no way that she would let it go.

After all, she was her sister Su Qingge right now, and Gu Changge was standing behind her.

If she gave this Wang Xiao a hundred more courage, would he dare to move

“Ji Qingxuan, you are very brave, don’t forget that the Ancestor of your Ji family is…” Wang Xiao was stunned again, seeing that Ji Qingxuan was still pretending not to know him, and the more she pretended to be, who was she

The Ji family behind her had long since fallen by the wayside.

Not to mention that Ji Qingxuan was not valued at all in the Ji family.

Apart from her beauty and cultivation talent, what else did she have

Immediately, he sneered, “For the sake of Senior Brother, I called you Junior Sister Ji, but did you really take yourself seriously”

“Who is behind you Is the Ji family Can the Ji family protect you” Seeing that Wang Xiao’s true form was revealed, and he almost no longer concealed his true face, Ji Qingxuan’s eyes were even colder.

Her jade fist clenched tightly.

This was the situation she was facing now.

The Ji family didn’t pay attention to her at all, but Wang Xiao had ideas about her.

But with her character, it was impossible to compromise with Wang Xiao.

“You are courting death!” However, at this moment, she was Su Qingge, not Ji Qingxuan before, so she didn’t need to worry about the consequences.

Almost as soon as the words fell, the long sword in Ji Qingxuan’s hand was unsheathed and turned into a terrifying sword light, which was about to tear the sky apart.

“Ji Qingxuan, do you dare to attack me” This scene made Wang Xiao’s complexion suddenly change, becoming pale, a little unbelievable.

He never imagined that Ji Qingxuan would suddenly riot and attack him, and it would still be the kind that showed no mercy at all.

This made Wang Xiao panic, although he dared to be arrogant in front of Ji Qingxuan, if she really made a move, he was definitely not Ji Qingxuan’s opponent.

“Bastard, die!” Ji Qingxuan’s expression was very cold, and she was determined to kill Wang Xiao.

Such an opportunity was simply too rare.


This sword light was extremely terrifying, as if it fell from the distant sky, containing her cold murderous aura, and even the void was trembling, as if it was about to collapse, it was difficult to bear this kind of fluctuation.

At a critical moment, Wang Xiao sacrificed a golden shield, which was extremely bright and brilliant.

This shield expanded and grew in the sky, turning into a length of several feet.

There were many laws and orders on it, and the material was extraordinary.

It could be seen that its cost was high.


But under Ji Qingxuan’s sword, Wang Xiao’s shield could only resist for a moment, then cracks appeared on it with a click, and then it burst into pieces.


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