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Chapter 429: I don’t believe that I’m a good person either, Ji Qingxuan’s plan (Part 1)

“Looks like I still need to plan more.

This time, with the third prince of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, there is actually a Great Sacred Realm cultivator hidden in the dark.

It seems that it should be a guardian-like existence, but the cultivation of this third prince seems to be above the Great Sacred Realm, almost at the Quasi-Supreme Realm.”

On the eaves of a palace, Gu Changge took a step forward, and his figure appeared here.

With fluttering robes and crystal clear hair, the whole person was like an exiled immortal who was about to fly into the air.

As far as he could see, the changes in the fortunes of the entire Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom appeared in his eyes.

In some mansions, the vision was rising, dragons and tigers were leaping, and in some palaces, there was an image of the Nine-Five, which absorbed the splendor of heaven and earth, even under the scorching sun, it was very obvious.

However, he could only perceive the evolution of this world by refining the way of reincarnation in his eyes.

The rest of the cultivators, even the Origin Master who was proficient in the terrain, could not see it.

“Oh, the image of the python swallowing the dragon…” The smile at the corner of Gu Changge’s mouth was a bit intriguing.

Whether it was a python or a real dragon, at this moment, in his eyes, it was all the changes of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom because of the Son of Luck.

Before, the Luck of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom could only be regarded as a small sparrow.

Because of the birth of Chu Hao, the Luck changed and evolved, and it became a python.

Now, the  Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom even planned to swallow the dragon and transform.

This kind of change, even the Origin Master who practiced the change in terrain, probably wouldn’t be able to see it.

Gu Changge felt that the current King of the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom did not notice it.

If it was in other Immortal sects and Supreme Immortal Dynasties, special powerhouses would be responsible for watching and guarding the changes in the dragon veins of Luck, and they would always be alert to changes in the Luck of the air, so that they could predict future changes in advance.

This kind of Luck, which was related to the future plan of the Sect and Dao, was not noticed in the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, and it was allowed to develop and evolve.

“Speaking of which, if there is no birth of the Child of Luck, it should be a small sparrow, then it is naturally a small sparrow.

If it grows into a dragon, it is at least a leap from small-scale to large-scale teaching trend…”

In the next moment, Gu Changge took a step, the void became blurred, and he had already found the place where the dragon’s Luck was.

Soon, in a place that was thousands of feet deep from the ground.

Gu Changge appeared here.

In front of him, there were vast dragon veins gathering, extremely majestic and thick, like a real dragon, swimming in the darkness.

Gu Changge was a little surprised that the dragon vein already had the prototype of a dragon, with a dragon head, dragon whiskers, dragon claws, and dragon tail, but only the dragon body had not yet solidified.

If the time was a little longer, it was likely to grow into a real dragon.

One must know that the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom did not even have a Supreme being.

It was simply unimaginable to grow from a small sparrow to this step.

“This dragon vein… I almost laughed.” In Gu Changge’s hand, bursts of divine light erupted, like a terrifying wave that was about to drown forward.

His movements were quick, turning into a terrifying pitch-black void, blocking the void and preventing the dragon veins from escaping.

As for the consequences of the  Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom missing this dragon vein, this was not something he considered.


And the real dragon, who was quietly devouring dragon energy and Luck in the dark, also noticed Gu Changge at this time.

In this young man who suddenly broke in, he felt a terrible sense of danger.

It already had intelligence, and couldn’t help but let out a low roar, trying to deter Gu Changge.

The majestic and terrifying aura surged in this darkness, if Gu Changge blocked all parties with the big palm print of the void, it would inevitably be noticed by the cultivators outside.

“Don’t be nervous, I have no ill intentions.” Gu Changge smiled, stepped in the void, walked over, and approached it.

“Look what’s in my hand Do you want it or not” In the palm of his hand, a bottle of jade was opened, and a green glow suddenly appeared in it, the aura was extremely strong, and the immortal spirit was scattered in the darkness.

This was the Immortal Spirit he found in the Immortal Road, and it had not been refined yet.

This kind of thing, for the existence of dragon veins, was tantamount to a heavenly treasure and had an indescribable temptation and attraction.

“I just want to be friends with you.” Gu Changge was still smiling, seeing that the dragon’s attention was all on the jade pot in his hand, “I’m not a bad person.”

At the same time, the Dao bottle with black light appeared, floating behind Gu Changge, emitting strands of black light.

There was a vaguely terrifying devouring meaning conveyed in it.

“You don’t believe it” Seeing the expression of unbelief in the dragon’s already agile eyes, Gu Changge couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing, “Actually, I don’t believe it either.”


As he finished speaking, a terrifying and vast gray fog swept from behind him, covering the sky and the sun, instantly drowning this dark underground.

The dragon was terrified and wanted to escape from here.

But in the sky, Gu Changge had already reached down with a palm, covering it up! At this moment, the treasure bottle seemed to have turned into an endless black hole, and in an instant, the dragon vein was swallowed into it.

“It’s a pity, in the future, you were destined to become a real dragon… But it tastes good here.”

Gu Changge sat down cross-legged.

The cultivation base that had already reached the peak of the Sacred Realm, after swallowing the dragon veins at this moment, suddenly rushed away and broke through to the Great Sacred Realm!


In the courtyard, it was extremely quiet, with bamboos swaying and rustling.

What Su Qingge wanted to explain wasn’t anything particularly important.

For her, it was just the daily practice, of Gu Changge’s personality, preferences, habits, etc., of course, it involved the way she and Gu Changge got along.

For example, Gu Changge liked to use the million-year-old Immortal leaves to drink tea.

Every piece of tea had to be picked from the ancient sacred mountain, and the tea could not be brewed for too long.

It takes at least 800,000 years to eat the spiritual fruit, and those with many seeds were not eaten.

In short, Gu Changge’s requirements for these aspects were very strict, in his words, it was called enjoyment.

Ji Qingxuan listened carefully, almost without a word.

It could be seen that she was very careful about this.

“Have you remembered it” After Su Qingge finished speaking, she smiled slightly and looked at Ji Qingxuan who was a little thoughtful.

“I remember sister, don’t worry, I will not let the young master Changge notice anything unusual.” Ji Qingxuan nodded as if accepting a very serious task.

Su Qingge smiled, “That’s good.

Then let me tell my sister about the situation on my side.

Except for the big brother Chu Hao, you need to pay attention to everyone else, especially Wang Xiao, he is not a good person, sister, you have to be careful.

This time I am going down the mountain.

The guardian who came along is actually from the Royal Family, not from the Ji family.”

Ji Qingxuan said that when Wang Xiao was mentioned, there was obvious disgust in her eyes.

“Even the guardians are not from the Ji clan…” Su Qingge was stunned for a moment, and her eyes had a little pity.

What did this mean

It showed that even though Ji Qingxuan’s talent was good now, it still did not get the attention of the Ji family, and even the Guardians who went down the mountain this time were sent by the Wang family.

This kind of situation was enough to describe it as utterly terrible, not to mention from Ji Qingxuan’s words, she could also hear that the disciple named Wang Xiao should have an idea for Ji Qingxuan.

That was why he followed here on purpose, and he would probably use the background behind him to bully Ji Qingxuan.

“I see, I’ll pay attention.” Su Qingge smiled slightly and comforted, “Don’t worry, with this sister around, the so-called Wang Xiao can’t bully you.”


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