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Chapter 421: After being eaten clean, wipe your mouth and leave.

Isn’t your behavior very sincere (Part 1)

When Gu Changge held the jade sign in his hand as Candidate One, the expressions of the other Candidate disciples also changed slightly, and they all looked down at the jade sign in their hands.

Even the very mysterious six-crown king moved his eyes and looked at the jade stick in his hand, which was crystal clear like jade and had a very clear texture.

There was a slight change in his eyes, not like the calmness and silence before.

No matter who teamed up with Gu Changge, they could get a lot of advantages and this trial would also give them more chances to survive.

After all, with Gu Changge’s strength, how many young geniuses in True Immortal Academy wanted to be his followers

Several Elders had also agreed about the difficulty of this trial in advance, saying that there might be a lot of casualties.

“It’s a pity…” The six-crowned king shook his head softly, his voice carrying an inexplicable charm.

The jade sign in his hand showed that it was Candidate Three.

“It’s really a pity.” The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden on the other side also retracted her gaze and rubbed the numbers on it, with a little regretful expression.

“Fortunately, it’s Candidate Three.” The moment he saw his sequence numbers, Zi Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and the stone in his heart finally fell to the ground.

He was worried that being in the same team as Gu Changge would be his biggest nightmare.

Currently his Senior brother went to Reincarnation Lake, if there was a conflict with Gu Changge, no one could help him.

“Candidate Two.” Yue Mingkong glanced at Gu Changge and gently shook her head, but her mood didn’t fluctuate much.

Gu Changge couldn’t help laughing, “Why, don’t we have a tacit understanding”

Yue Mingkong lightly rolled her eyes at him, but said nothing.

“I’m also Candidate Two, why don’t we switch” On the other side, Wang Ziji looked at Jiang Chuchu who was pretending to be calm beside her with a smile.

“Since it is the rule of True Immortal Academy, how can it be replaced at will”

Jiang Chuchu glanced at her casually, squeezed the jade slip in her hand tightly, and said lightly, “Princess Mingkong’s strength is not as simple as you think, and you can take care of each other when you are in a team with her.

Wang Ziji couldn’t help laughing, “You didn’t see her expression, but you’re not used to me.”

Jiang Chuchu stopped talking.

At this time, she seemed calm, but she was actually very confused.

She didn’t expect that she would draw the same candidate number as Gu Changge.

Did it mean that she will be with him during this trial What would happen Would Gu Changge still be indifferent to her, or would he… bully her like before

Jiang Chuchu didn’t know what kind of mood she was in right now, apprehensive, uneasy, nervous, worrying about gains and losses, and looking forward to it.

Maybe all of them.

Then, on the high platform, a group of Elders appeared here with a flash.

A tall, red-haired elder waved his robe to signal everyone to be quiet and began to announce the content of this trial.

The eyes of all the disciples looked over.

“This trial is still related to the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

In several areas where the Absolute Heavenly Extinction has broken out, it is suspected that the Heavenly Extinction Kingdom was born.

Among them, the Heavenly Extinction Emperor has been birthed with consciousness, and he rules over many Heavenly Extinction beings under him, attacking the major ancient cities.

So far, the Vermillion Bird’s Ancient Kingdom has been invaded by the Heavenly Extinction beings, many cultivators have died tragically, and large areas of the country have fallen…”

“In addition to the Vermillion Bird Ancient Kingdom, other ancient countries such as White Tiger, Green Dragon, Xuanwu, and Chi Long were also invaded and suffered heavy casualties.”

These ancient countries were all affiliated to the ancient countries of True Immortal Academy and were closely related to the sects behind many current geniuses.

At this moment, after hearing that these ancient kingdoms were attacked by the Heavenly Extinction beings, many people’s faces were filled with righteous indignation, their fists clenched with surging killing intent.

When the Absolute Heavenly Extinction appears, it would not only devour the surrounding world and heaven and earth but would also give birth to the Absolute Heavenly Extinction beings in it, which was the biggest disaster for all races.

The cultivators might still be able to escape.

But for the average person, that was a catastrophe.

“Absolute Heavenly Extinction has broken out again, I wonder if there is any origin of Heavenly Extinction this time… The last time I found it because of Wang Ziji, is it possible that this time I have to rely on Jiang Chuchu”

Hearing this, Gu Changge looked a little thoughtful, but he never forgot about this rare origin.

The last time when he only devoured and refined a part of it, he felt that his Great Dao treasure bottle was being washed away, and the immortal essence within it was restrained, giving birth to a new vitality.

“How come Gu Changge didn’t team up with Princess Mingkong.

When did the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall pop out again Why are there so many women around Gu Changge I didn’t notice it before.”

On the other side, Gu Xian’er, who was separated by a certain distance from Gu Changge, couldn’t help muttering at this moment.

She suddenly felt that she underestimated Gu Changge’s attractiveness towards other geniuses.

Not to mention his fiancée Yue Mingkong, the rest of the celestial daughters who were born sacred like the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, also had a lot to do with him.

In addition, the little girl Qing Xiao Yi, who was said to have an Immortal body, also seemed to have a good impression of Gu Changge, and there was no lack of admiration in her eyes.

This made her feel a little unhappy for some reason.

And this time, she was in the same team as Qing Xiao Yi and Qing Feng.

Could it be that she had to take care of these two weak chickens

“If Gu Changge offered to exchange with the brother and sister Qing Xiao Yi, they might agree…” Thinking of this, Gu Xian’er stared at Gu Changge eagerly, and the look of anticipation in her eyes was almost written on her face.

Gu Changge naturally noticed her but chose to ignore her as if he hadn’t seen her.

Bringing Gu Xian’er with you, wasn’t it causing trouble for yourself

As the Daughter of Luck, she had deep blessings.

She had to learn to grow by herself and find opportunities by herself.

Gu Changge was still thinking about what surprises she would bring to him, like going out for a trial, and bringing back some kind of Heavenly Artifact, but this girl was still waiting for him to bring her back

She must be dreaming.

“Damn, this guy obviously saw me and ignored me.” Gu Xian’er angrily waved her fist at him.

Zi Yang naturally noticed this scene.

He clenched his fists tightly, and his heart was even more jealous.

How could the little junior sister, who had always been cold and arrogant, have such an expression towards a man

However, Gu Changge still seemed to ignore her.

What kind of ecstasy soup did he pour into her little sister

This made his teeth almost shatter, and he could only comfort himself in his heart.

Little Junior Sister’s memory of his previous life had not yet awakened.

It was no wonder he could only blame Gu Changge for hiding too deep.

Soon several Elders finished talking about the requirements of this trial.

In essence, it was still about fighting against the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, but it was led by the Major Candidate Disciples.

And because Qin Wuya, who was born in the strange stone, temporarily left the True Immortal Academy, many Quasi-Candidate disciples also got the chance to draw lots, such as Yue Mingkong, Gu Xian’er, and others.

Although they were all at the God-King Realm.

But in terms of real strength, even the Elders couldn’t tell.

After all, no one knew the means of each young supreme.

Until the last minute, who knew what cards they could play In the end, in this trial, the Six-Crown King, Zi Yang team, Prince Sheng, and Jin Chan team.

Yue Mingkong and Wang Ziji were on the same team.

As for Gu Xian’er, she was assigned to Qing Xiao Yi and Qing Feng.

“Holy Maiden Chuchu.

Long time no see, stay safe.” Gu Changge walked over, and Jiang Chuchu greeted him with a calm expression.

“Young Master Changge is polite.” Jiang Chuchu nodded, looking very calm.

This was the first time she and Gu Changge greeted each other since they left the Land of Heavenly Extinction last time, neither of them showed any abnormality.

Gu Changge didn’t mention the past at all.

Of course, she didn’t say much.

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the others.

But Yue Mingkong felt that Jiang Chuchu’s expression was a little unnatural, and she noticed this while listening to the Elder’s preaching that day.

Jiang Chuchu and Gu Changge did not seem to have a simple understanding.

“Is Princess Mingkong worried that her fiance will be taken away” With a smile on his face, Wang Ziji took the initiative to greet Yue Mingkong, looking very familiar.

Yue Mingkong’s expression was flat, “No, I’m just worried about Holy Maiden Chuchu’s safety.”

Wang Ziji was stunned for a moment, still smiling, “Oh, it seems that Princess Mingkong knows Brother Gu very well.”

Yue Mingkong had some different emotions about the woman in front of her whose face was not inferior to her own.

She felt that she liked to get involved in everything.

Now, she was still deliberately provoking hatred between her and Jiang Chuchu.

She was obviously a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, but she looked like a demon girl.


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