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Chapter 413: It’s natural to enfold into a full set of dramas, Jiang Chuchu, are you in love (Part 1)

On the top of the mountain with jagged strange rocks, the ancient trees were prosperous and the moonlight was bleak and cold with the blowing mountain wind making it even more serene.

Su Qingge stared blankly at Gu Changge’s arrival, especially when she heard his words, she felt a buzzing in her head and it became blank, not knowing what to say.

The moment Gu Changge arrived, she was actually ready to confess all of this.

She was the true inheritor of demonic arts, and the meaning of her existence was to bring chaos to the world.

As the most dazzling genius of the younger generation, Gu Changge was born to stand on the opposite side of her as he was destined to take action and kill her.

But she never imagined that what Gu Changge said was to tell her not to be afraid.

At this moment, even in her sea of ​​consciousness, she had always felt that Gu Changge had an indifferent temperament and there was not another soul that he loved, so she couldn’t help trembling, unable to speak.

And when Gu Changge said this, he took a half step forward and quietly blocked Su Qingge behind him.

“Is there any misunderstanding in this… Elder Mo, you have arrested the wrong person.” He looked at Mo Lao, who looked a little puzzled in front of him, and his voice was very calm.

It looked like he wanted to protect Su Qingge.

“Master…” Seeing Gu Changge’s move, Su Qingge was even more stunned on the ground, her voice trembling and her eyes suddenly turned red.

She really didn’t expect what Gu Changge did at this time, instead of asking her why.

Instead, he subconsciously kept her behind him.

Gu Changge trusted her so much, cared for her so much that he even did not hesitate to clash with the Elder of True Immortal Academy in front of him.

This moved her heart so much that she couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Logically, when Gu Changge came here and contacted the young genius who had an accident just now, he would definitely be suspicious of her.

After all, she didn’t cultivate in her cave in the middle of the night, so what was she doing outside Gu Changge was so smart, there wasn’t anything in this world that he couldn’t see through.

Su Qingge had even thought about Gu Changge’s tone and expression, but she really didn’t expect that Gu Changge’s trust in her had reached such a level.

Perhaps in his eyes, she was just a harmless little maid who was brought by him from the Lower Realm.

“Young Master Changge, what does this mean” At this time, Mo Lao, who was slightly stunned, quickly realized what Gu Changge meant, and asked in a low voice.

He was also an old man himself, and he soon knew why Gu Changge reacted like this.

It turned out that the woman in front of him was Gu Changge’s person, and the inheritor of the demonic power he had been looking for was actually by his side.

And Gu Changge didn’t know anything about it and even took the initiative to defend the woman.

This made Mo Lao sigh in his heart that things were really wonderful, no, the word wonderful was unable to describe it all.

He was a little worried just now and broke out in a cold sweat, but he didn’t expect things to reverse like this.

People like Gu Changge had such a day when they were kept in the dark.

Sure enough, the old saying goes, heroes have been saddened by beauty since ancient times.

So now, what Mo Lao was thinking about was how to fool the matter about tonight.

Anyway, Gu Changge never doubted this aspect at all.

Hearing this, Gu Changge’s expression was still calm, but there was already a strong meaning in his words.

“Elder Mo, what does this mean Could it be that you thought Qinge would be the inheritor of demonic art, so you brought her here”

He stared at Mo Lao in front of him.

In his eyes, there were runes flashing and wisps of divine light.

He didn’t care about his Elder status at all, and his attitude was extremely tough and unquestionable.

Hearing this, Mo Lao seemed to be slightly taken aback, as if he didn’t expect Gu Changge to say such a thing.

After that, he couldn’t help shaking his head as he sighed and smiled bitterly, “Young Master Changge, you have misunderstood, no matter how stupid this old man is, he knows that there is only one inheritor of demonic art, and it’s the son of Emperor Ying, Ying Shuang.

How could it be possible How about catching anyone else”

“It’s just that I saw this girl wandering outside alone in the middle of the night, and I was very worried.

So I came here to warn her and tell her to go back to the cave.”

“Since this girl is one of the young master Changge’s people, then that’s even better.

Maybe the girl saw that you disappeared in the middle of night and it was necessarily the case that she came out to find you.”

While speaking of the end, he couldn’t help laughing, his expression seemed a little ambiguous.

Hearing that, Gu Changge’s expression softened slightly and nodded, “So that’s the case, I misunderstood Elder Mo’s kindness.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, since this girl is one of young master Changge’s people, she naturally won’t have anything to do with the inheritor of demonic art.”

“On this point, the old man still believes it.” Mo Lao quickly waved his hand and smiled.

Afterward, he glanced at Su Qingge again, smiled and said, “Little girl, you should be careful in the future, wandering around at night, but it is very easy to encounter the inheritors of demonic art, another disciple was brutally murdered tonight….”

At this time, Su Qingge also calmed down.

She nodded, “Junior understands, thank you Elder for reminding me.”

She didn’t know why Mo Lao would take the initiative to help her, but her identity as the inheritor of demonic art had now been known to him.

It was equivalent to saying that there was a handle in the hands of Mo Lao.

Therefore, it was better to follow the other party’s words first, and then look at what medicine the other party wanted to sell in the gourd.

“Since that’s the case, the old man will leave first, and I’ll take a look to see if the disciple who was brutally murdered left any clues…”

After all, Mo Lao didn’t stay much, his figure turned into divine light, disappeared from the top of this mountain and rushed to the cave of the disciple Su Qingge had just devoured.

It looked like he was going to investigate.

But if Su Qingge accidentally left any evidence, he could help her solve it without causing suspicion from the rest of the people.

After seeing Su Qingge’s methods with his own eyes tonight, Mo Lao confirmed her identity.

Even a character like Gu Changge was kept in the dark by her, Su Qingge’s scheming and shrewdness, it was simply chilling.

However, this was in line with the identity of the inheritor of demonic art that he had always recognized.

On the contrary, Ying Shuang, regardless of his character and means, seemed to him to be inconsistent with the inheritor of demonic art, and now he seemed to be a hapless person who was taking the blame.

“What happened tonight was really unexpected…” Mo Lao sighed slightly in his heart.

On the top of the mountain, the moonlight was still the same, but the colorful clouds were flowing, and the white mist filled the air, but it was more secluded.

Seeing that Mo Lao’s figure disappeared, Gu Changge’s expression became calm and he did not speak.

Inexplicably, Su Qingge felt that Gu Changge looked at her with scrutiny and reflection, more of a coldness that made her feel scared.

“Master…” Su Qingge called out softly, wanting to pull Gu Changge’s sleeve, but he quietly avoided it.

Gu Changge stared at her, still not speaking, but Su Qingge understood what he meant.

If she didn’t give a reasonable explanation that satisfied him, today’s events would probably not be revealed.

This made Su Qingge sigh in her heart.

If there was a slight mistake, Gu Changge would probably not trust her from now on.

The thought that Gu Changge would always treat her like this from then on made her even more flustered.

She would rather tell her identity as the inheritor of demonic art and be exposed rather than have things turn out like this.

What Gu Changge said in front of Mo Lao just now was to protect her, but as soon as Mo Lao left, Gu Changge naturally didn’t need to treat her like that.

In Su Qingge’s eyes, Gu Changge’s opinion of her was actually more important than the exposure of her identity as the inheritor of demonic art.

“I’m sorry, Master, I shouldn’t be hiding things from you…” She thought hard, considered her words, and spoke with some unease.

“Oh, now you know how to explain If I hadn’t come here just now, do you think Elder Mo would have let you off so easily” Hearing this, Gu Changge’s voice did not fluctuate much.


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