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Chapter 411: Calculations are done, And Prince Ying is actually an impostor (Part 1)

“Miss Xian’er, we meet again…” At this moment, just as Gu Xian’er was thinking, a figure suddenly descended from the sky and appeared in front of her.

Gu Xian’er’s expression changed in a second, her originally somewhat cold and lonely expression instantly turned as cold as frost, with some disgust.

“Zi Yang Heavenly King, I warned you not to appear in front of me again.” Her voice was very cold as she stared at the Zi Yang Heavenly King who appeared in front of her and said.

After recognizing his self-directed heroic rescue play in front of the mountain gate, Gu Xian’er was only full of disgust towards him.

But Zi Yang Heavenly King was not aware of it and would come to greet her at every opportunity.

No matter how many times Gu Xian’er said it, he didn’t care, just like a cow.

As a Candidate disciple, or once the strongest in the Upper Realm, the Zi Yang Heavenly King’s own fame was not small.

Many people felt that he was in pursuit of Gu Xian’er, the daughter of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

“Don’t you know You make me sick.” Gu Xian’er’s voice was dripping with disgust.

However, Zi Yang Heavenly King didn’t care at all, he shook his head and smiled, “A gentleman is good at pursuing ladies fairly.

I just happened to see Miss Xian’er, so I came to say hello, you’re too nervous.”

Hearing this, Gu Xian’er looked at him coldly and just said in disgust, “Next time if you dare to come near me, I will make a move.”

After saying that, her figure turned into a green haze and disappeared from this place in a flash.

The disgusting thing about the Zi Yang Heavenly King was that he didn’t do anything, and would just come by all the time to say hello.

This made Gu Xian’er also very helpless.

She was itching to punch his face but she could not find a good reason to hit him.

With her character, she couldn’t do the thing of reaching out to beat the smiling man.

At this time, she would like Gu Changge to be around, with his character, regardless of there being three or seven, he would step on Zi Yang’s face first.

“This character is the same as the junior sister.” After seeing Gu Xian’er’s figure disappear, Zi Yang Heavenly King couldn’t help but shake his head but didn’t care in the slightest.

He knew that after the last incident, which was ruined by Gu Changge, Gu Xian’er had a bad impression of him.

In his opinion, as long as he was sincere enough, Gu Xian’er was able to feel his good intentions and understand that all he did was for her good.

“I just don’t know if the man who emerged from among the strange stone…Is it…… or not” Soon, Zi Yang Heavenly King’s expression became confused.

He was not present when that strange stone cracked, but according to the images recorded by the followers afterward.

That man who emerged from among the strange stone gave him a sense of familiarity, but without seeing it in person, he couldn’t believe it.

“If it’s really the Eldest Senior… Then Heaven really helped me…” Thinking of this, Zi Yang Heavenly King’s mood couldn’t help but become surging and excited.


“The inheritor of demonic art has really mixed into the True Immortal Academy, although I don’t know why two Inheritors of demonic art exist at the same time in this world, for you and me, it is the best opportunity.”

On the other hand, in the cave, Su Qingge’s face was calm, her skin was white as porcelain, just like a beautifully carved jade.

At this moment, she was discussing with another voice in her head.

She naturally also heard the matter that a genius suffered the poisonous hand of the inheritor of demonic art.

Originally, Su Qingge was still a little worried, after all, if she secretly took action, she might attract the suspicion of others and finally reveal the secret that she was the inheritor of demonic art.

But now, there was another inheritor of demonic art who had made a move.

Next, even if she attacked the rest of the geniuses, no one would suspect her.

It was just that the whereabouts and traces of Ying Shuang would probably be tracked down.

“I just need to be secretly careful not to be noticed by the Elders, then there will be no problem… When the time comes, this pot will all just be thrown at Ying Shuang’s head.”

Su Qingge’s eyes revealed her many thoughts.

Because of the cultivation with forbidden demonic art, her cultivation and means were actually not worse than those Quasi-Candidate disciples.

She had even concealed this matter from Gu Changge.

She also did not know how long she could hide, after all, Gu Changge was really too smart, with the slightest hint, it was very likely that he would find something.

“I just hope that such a day will not come soon…” Su Qingge sighed slightly, then her figure flashed as she left the cave, she actually had her own goal.

The True Immortal Academy had gathered the most outstanding young geniuses from the Upper Realm.

Each person’s bloodline and physique were very different, many of them had special physiques, which also made Su Qingge very heartwarming.

After getting used to the Forbidden Demonic Art, it was naturally impossible for her to cultivate in a step-by-step manner.

And the moment Su Qingge left the cave, Gu Changge, who was inside the palace, sensed it.

He naturally left a secret mark on Su Qingge.

“Is Su Qingge finally going to make a move” He opened his eyes and looked a bit interested, after all, he had been waiting for Su Qingge to make her move, otherwise, he would not have been able to get Mo Lao to notice her.

Subsequently, Gu Changge took a step and followed.

But before that, he first went to a divine mountain deep in the True Immortal Academy.

In the divine mountain, inside a splendid palace, many Elders were present, seemingly discussing something.

They were all puzzled by Gu Changge’s sudden visit.

“Young master Changge, I wonder what business you have with your sudden visit in the middle of the night” They were still very polite to Gu Changge.

Gu Changge smiled and seemed a bit helpless, then spoke, “The recent matter about the inheritor of demonic art, I wonder if the Elders have any clue”

Hearing these words, the Elders all looked stiff and a bit sarcastic.

It even felt like the atmosphere had become a bit awkward, as they expected, Gu Changge had come to raise questions.

As Elders of the True Immortal Academy, they couldn’t find a trace of the inheritor of demonic art, it was more or less a bit embarrassing to say.

The old man, Mo Lao, frowned gently, feeling that things seemed a bit bad.

Could it be that Gu Changge had some way to find the whereabouts of the inheritor of demonic art He felt a little uneasiness in his heart, worried that Gu Changge had really found some traces.

“It seems that the Elders are as clueless as the later generation.” Seeing the expressions of the Elders, Gu Changge didn’t seem to be surprised.

He shook his head slightly and said with a bit of a headache, “Honestly speaking, Junior boasted in front of many disciples that he would find the trace of the inheritor of  demonic art, but now he still has nothing, which is a bit embarrassing.

That’s why I came to ask the Elders to see if there are any clues or anything.”

Hearing him say that, the crowd, including Elder Mo, breathed a sigh of relief, and smiles appeared on their faces.

Gu Changge’s sincere attitude made them appreciate it very much.

It also gave them a chance to get some relief.

“Young Master Changge doesn’t have to be embarrassed, this time, the inheritor of the demonic art is too cunning, and he didn’t leave any traces at all.

We also feel that it is difficult, and we haven’t come up with a countermeasure either.”

“Yes, Young Master Changge, you did your best.”

At this moment, several Elders spoke, and their voices seemed  helpless.

“Young Master Changge doesn’t need to blame himself, this matter is really tricky.” Mo Lao also nodded, but he was relieved.

It seemed that Ying Shuang’s methods were indeed concealed, no wonder he was so confident at that time.

Even Gu Changge felt troubled and came to ask them.

This put him at ease.

“If it weren’t for this, the Junior wouldn’t bother the Elders in the middle of the night…”

Hearing this, Gu Changge sighed and seemed even more helpless, and continued, “But there is a way for this Junior to find out the trace of the inheritor of the demonic art.

Of course, it is more troublesome and time-consuming.

I just wanted to see if the Elders have time to help the younger generation and explore together.”

“Spying on disciples” Mo Lao’s heart froze.

The thing he was most worried about happened, Gu Changge was not afraid of trouble

“Like tonight, when the moon is black and the wind is restless, if I am the inheritor of demonic arts, I will definitely take action.

There is no better time than this.” Gu Changge affirmed again.

“This… spying on disciples… It’s really troublesome, time-consuming, and it’s a test of luck, in case it doesn’t come across…” Hearing this, all the Elders fell silent, their expressions flickered, apparently feeling troublesome and not wanting to help.

“Then this Junior wouldn’t say much.” Seeing this, Gu Changge didn’t seem surprised, with a slightly mocking expression, and then planned to leave.

Hearing this, all the Elders looked embarrassed, but none of them continued to speak, and they didn’t want to waste time doing this thankless thing.

How many disciples did True Immortal Academy have Spying on disciples Who knew if the inheritor of demonic art would do it at that time

There were too many uncertain factors.

The premise of finding a needle in a haystack was that there was a needle on the seabed.

But now, they didn’t even know when the inheritor of demonic art would make a move, how could they investigate It was just a matter of luck.

However, Gu Changge’s determination and perseverance still made them admire.

It could only be said that he was worthy of being the strongest person of the younger generation.


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