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Chapter 408: The Elder Brother returns from the Nine Heavens, Even if you sit at home you are blamed by the sky (Part 2)

Compared with the expectations in their hearts, it was a complete avalanche.

As the saying goes, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

If his cultivation was high that was okay.

But whether it was the aura or temperament, were not connected with immortality, but like a do not know what the cause, he fused with this piece of strange stone.

“This……” The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, who was originally looking forward to it, as well as the Divine Emperor, had a bit of a stiff expression, not expecting things to be so reversed.

“This strange stone from the True Immortal Academy that supposedly fell from above the Nine Heavens is a bit disappointing.” The Divine Emperor could not help but gently shake his head, a bit deeply skeptical about the word supposedly.

The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden also did not say anything, but the look in her eyes still betrayed her mind.

She had thought that this would be a formidable enemy, but in the end, it turned out that it was really a little too ordinary.

Of course, this person was considered ordinary in the True Immortal Academy, if placed outside it should  be a genius.

“According to reason, it should not be that simple to…” Old Shi was still seriously measuring Qin Wuya, feeling that this man seemed to be hiding a lot of secrets.

In cultivation words, it also looked a bit odd, he was sealed for so many years, day and night with a variety of heaven and earth spiritual energy watering his body, but he should not be like this.

Could it be that this man was deliberately hiding his clumsiness At this moment, Qin Wuya finally reacted to his current state, and noticed that many people nearby were watching him.

In his heart, he quickly realized that everyone doubted and despised him.

But he didn’t care either.

Having lived in Nine Heavens for three hundred years, he had learned a lot of truth.

Being low profile was the best.

Moreover, his own strength was definitely not just as simple as the Heavenly God Realm, this was just the realm before he mistakenly fell into the Nine Heavens.

In the Nine Heavens, his Realm increased sharply, and he also brought back many Immortal objects unique to the Nine Heavens.

So he didn’t care about the opinions of the people, unless they really came forward to provoke him.

“Next, first I have to figure out where I am now, how long has it been since I strayed into the Nine Heavens, that’s the most important thing.” Qin Wuya whispered in his heart, thinking about what he would do next.

And it was extremely lively in the depths of True Immortal Academy, when many geniuses and old monsters gathered to rush.

Gu Changge’s figure was on the top of another very majestic mountain.

His majestic divine consciousness was like a galaxy, enveloping all directions, and he couldn’t feel anything nearby enough to detect his existence, so he was slightly relieved.

“This is the perfect time for me.” The smile on the corner of Gu Changge’s mouth seemed a bit profound.

Then, his eyes fell, and he quickly noticed Ying Shuang, who was sitting cross-legged and practicing with closed eyes in the cave below.

At this time, he didn’t plan to do anything to Ying Shuang, because Ying Shuang still had the purpose of staying.

But the water wasn’t muddy enough.

He needed a secret help.

Afterwards, Gu Changge set his target on the cave not very far from Ying Shuang’s cave, but there was still a secluded forest separated by caves of a few geniuses on the way.

The mountains and forests were silent, and the rays of sunshine were only a few.

There were a lot of ancient medicines growing outside, and a rich purple haze was spewing out between the stone cracks, transpiring in virtual space.

There was also a cave house here with breath fluctuations, obviously at the critical juncture of cultivation.

One of the young geniuses was seated cross-legged, cultivating.

He even had a special physique.

He didn’t even notice Gu Changge’s falling gaze.


On the top of the mountain, Gu Changge stepped forward and disappeared into the void in an instant.

“You……” In the cave, an astonishing and unbelievable voice sounded, and it soon became quiet again.

Not long after, Gu Changge’s figure appeared again, and there was no wave in his expression.

And in the cave, it had fallen into a dead silence, without any aura and fluctuations.

Naturally, there was no arrogance.

After that, Gu Changge took another look at the cave where Ying Shuang was located, with a somewhat inexplicable smile, which soon disappeared.

“Reporting to the master, the strange stone of True immortal Academy was born, but it seems a little strange that although the origin of the genius that was born was very ancient and mysterious but his cultivation base was not high.”

“It seems to be only at the Heavenly God Realm, which makes many people return in disappointment.” After returning to the palace, Gu Changge was a little surprised when he heard the report of the followers below.

“Heavenly God Realm cultivation base Attracted so many people to go, will this be the result in the end” He raised his eyebrows.

Gu Changge naturally knew the news, but he didn’t go to watch it.

After all, he had to take this opportunity to help Ying Shuang “prove” the identity of the inheritor of the demonic art.

“Yes, at that time, many old antiques and Candidate disciples rushed out, but they were very disappointed, and the mysterious genius was finally taken away by the Elders, and it seemed that they had something to ask.”

The followers below reported respectfully.

Gu Changge nodded, a little thoughtful, and then waved his hand to let him go down.

For some reason, he always felt that this genius that was sealed in the strange stone would not be too simple.

If you talk about cultivation, wasn’t Heavenly God Realm too low in True Immortal Academy And it was just these days that the strange stone was born, a piece of news came out from the mouths of many disciples of the True Immortal Academy, causing a great uproar!

A young genius with a special physique disappeared silently! When a person was cultivating in the cave, he disappeared out of thin air, leaving no aura or fluctuations in place.

Even those Elders, who went to trace the scene at that time, did not find the slightest problem and were helpless.

Once the news came out, it shocked many people and caused a lot of panic.

Combined with recent events, many people instantly contacted it with the inheritor of demonic art! After all, many previous deeds had shown that the biggest feature of the inheritor of demonic art was that his shot was to select some genius with special physique, and there was no fluctuation left in the end.

Therefore, many geniuses and Elders came to a conclusion with heavy expressions.

There was no doubt that the young genius was murdered by the evil hand of the inheritor of demonic art.

And this matter showed that the inheritor of demonic art had already mixed in, and he was hiding among the geniuses, changing their faces, and no one knew their true identity.

This incident once again caused a huge sensation and panic, and some geniuses were alerted.

Many Elders also began to inspect, trying to find the inheritor of demonic art.

“This time, you were too impulsive and reckless.

It was not long after entering the True Immortal Academy, and you started to do it.

Although you have good concealment methods, at this time, it is too bold.

What if someone bumps into it”

At this moment, in the cave dwelling intertwined with Immortal aura, the figure of Mo Lao appeared here, talking to Ying Shuang with a solemn expression, a little worried.

There was a genius who was poisoned by the inheritor of demonic art.

He immediately thought of Ying Shuang.

After all, he brought it in himself.

Although Ying Shuang had never shown the forbidden demonic art in front of him before,

But combined with the many deeds and rumors that had happened before.

Ying Shuang had the identity of the inheritor of the forbidden demonic art, and he could not escape it.

And this time, the inheritor of demonic art reappeared, so he thought that it must be Ying Shuang.

That was why he came here and asked him, a little worried that his identity would be exposed.

Hearing this, Ying Shuang said calmly, “I know in my heart, there will be no problem.”

Having said that, the fist he hid under his robe was clenched tightly, very angry and unwilling.

Although he really needed the identity of the inheritor of demonic art right now, so that Mo Lao would protect him from behind.

But inexplicably, he was once again blamed.

This still made him angry and unwilling.

When people sit at home, the blame comes from the sky.

I didn’t even leave the cave for half a step, and became the murderer of the young genius again.

And I even had to admit it.

Was there anything more frustrating than this in this world

“If that’s the case, then you should be careful and not be too arrogant.” Hearing this, Mo Lao nodded, put his mind at ease and left.

“I hate you… You framed me again!”

After seeing Mo Lao leave, Ying Shuang’s expression suddenly became twisted and ferocious, angry and aggrieved to the extreme.


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