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Chapter 392: Everyone loves to hear beautiful words, It seems like the King was born late

Listening to Gu Changge’s words, Xi Yao’s expression was still very calm, including the old stone beside her, who seemed to be unconcerned.

Although the events of 6,000 years ago were widely circulated, until now there were still many bad rhetoric rumors in various places.

But apart from the powerhouses in the Demon Realm, who knew what actually happened

Many rumors from the outside world had more or less discredited Xi Yao, which is also normal.

They all naturally heard what Gu Changge said.

“Oh, I wonder what Young Master Changge thinks about these rumors” Empress Xi Yao’s eyes were very crystal clear and filled with divine light.

She looked at Gu Changge.

Although it was only a Dharma Dao body, it also had the temperament of being in a high position and overlooking everything.

A Queen that was ruling the Demon Realm, and no one dared to disobey.

If an ordinary young genius was seen by her like this, he would have been panicked long ago.

“The younger generation thinks that these rumors are all nonsense, and this is my opinion.” But Gu Changge still had a calm smile, staring at her as if he didn’t have to explain anything.

“Young Master Changge, what does this mean” Xi Yao was slightly taken aback.

She was a little puzzled, and then carefully recalled his words, all nonsense

If it was an ordinary young genius who said that, she would definitely take it as a flattering remark, and would not take it seriously.

But these words came from Gu Changge’s mouth, so it was different, and it was a bit unfathomable.

Did he see something Or did he understand my good intentions

To be honest, she was attracted to Gu Changge.

If others didn’t finish talking like this, she would have been impatient and slapped him to death.

How could she keep asking At this time, even the Great Elder and Lao Shi looked at Gu Changge in surprise when they heard this.

Xi Yao’s reputation in the Upper Realm was actually not good now, which had almost become common sense.

Especially, the current younger generation had definitely heard of the chaos in the Demon Realm.

The most talked about was that Queen Xi Yao’s generation was tyranny, her character was cruel, and she killed innocent people, so the people of the demon race were not living well.

The big demons from all over the Realm had united and rose up to resist.

This also had the existence of characters such as the King of Peace and Chaos in the Demon Realm today, who could be called the executioner of Queen Xi Yao, with a sharp blade that nothing could break.

There were countless rumors.

At this time, the eyes of the three people fell.

“Actually, before, the younger generation always felt that Queen Xi Yao was a tyrant who did all kinds of evil, and all the creatures in the Demon Realm were deeply affected by her.” Gu Changge smiled slightly and said again with a calm expression.

At the same time, he looked directly at Xi Yao and saw that her expression changed slightly.

He continued to smile again and said,

“But after thinking about it carefully, no matter what Dao lineage or Ancient force it is, how long it exists, how old it is, one thing will not change…”

“It won’t change” Xi Yao stared at him, trembling slightly in her heart, and said these four words carefully.

She felt a little unbelievable.

Could it be that Gu Changge’s idea coincided with her at that time

Gu Changge nodded, “Yes, one thing will not change.

That is, if they want a change, they have to pay, and this is the price that cannot be changed.”

“Six thousand years ago, the six Emperors of the Demon Realm stood on top of each other, and wars and turmoil began.

It was the common people who were struggling to survive.

It was even more common for people to sell their sons to get something to eat.”

“If the younger generation remembers it well in the Demon Realm, the territory was under the jurisdiction of the Emperors.

The words of the demon clan were not the same.

In order to survive, it was normal for the same clan to eat each other… There were all kinds of things happening in the Demon Realm.

If you want to live forever, it’s not difficult, but if you want to go further, it’s almost impossible.”

“The Great Demon Emperors rest on their laurels and cannot change.

They only care about cultivation, occupying high positions, and disregarding the common people.

If things went on like this, they would flourish and decline, and the fortunes of the Demon Realm would be exhausted.”

“And after six thousand years of turmoil, the current Demon Realm would have evaporated, and after the realization of unification, the four corners became peaceful, the Demon Realm now lives in peace, all the demon clans have the same intent, cultivate humanism, and many other changes… What’s the point It was all the credit of Empress Xi Yao from the beginning.”

“Everyone in the world is ignorant.

It is only about faults and no merits.

In the eyes of the younger generation, this is actually unfair to the Queen.”

Having said that, Gu Changge’s voice was still calm and did not change much.

It gave the impression that he was simply stating a truth, a fact.

“Everyone is ignorant The Master said this at the beginning…” After hearing this, Lao Shi was stunned, speechless for a long time.

Gu Changge’s words even echoed in his mind.

Although his cultivation base was high and his life span was infinitely long, in the chaos of the Demon Realm, he as the Master was behind her, and he actually helped Xi Yao a lot.

Even though he actually didn’t understand Xi Yao’s actions very well.

For so many years, although he had thought about the reason, he couldn’t figure it out.

And although Xi Yao often came to see him, she did not mention the reason why she did so.

This puzzled Lao Shi.

Today, Gu Changge’s remarks unceremoniously made him find the bottleneck, and he thought of his Master to solve his doubts.

The feeling of seeing the green hills when the clouds and mist spread out.

“It turned out to be that reason… I really didn’t expect that, this old man is still really blind.” For a while, Lao Shi felt extremely complicated.

Except for Gu Changge, it was estimated that no one would think this way.

“This guy’s views are always very different from ordinary people’s, but this explanation should be very close to what Xi Yao thinks…” The Elder also sighed with a complicated expression.

Looking at Xi Yao’s deeply resonated and stunned expression, he knew that Gu Changge’s remark was actually expressing Xi Yao’s heart.

“Regardless of deeds or merits, all people in the world are ignorant…” Xi Yao, who was silent for a long time, suddenly smiled at Gu Changge, and there was a different look in her eyes.

For a time, the sky seemed to be brighter, and compared to her polite gesture at the beginning, her smile now clearly had sincerity.

“Young Master Changge said this, are you scolding those people for being stupid for me”

She smiled slightly, and continued with a bit of intimacy, “After so many years, I never thought that Young Master Changge would be the first person to understand me.

Before that, I never thought that someone would think like me.”

At this moment, she actually had a feeling of meeting a confidant in a junior like Gu Changge.

For more than 6,000 years, he was the first person to understand her painstaking efforts, which touched Xi Yao’s heart a lot, it was unbelievable, like a dream.

Seeing Gu Changge today seemed to be destined.

Even the closest female official around her could hardly understand her actions and countermeasures.

Everyone in the world said that she was cruel, but they never thought about what she had done for the Demon Realm.

Now that the Demon Realm was peaceful, the whole world was peaceful and prosperous, how much thought had she spent on this And Gu Changge bluntly explained this and even scolded those ignorant people for her.

This made it difficult for Xi Yao’s heart to calm down.

The smile on Gu Changge’s face remained unchanged, and he continued, “Perhaps it is because the Queen is in a high position, and no one dares to speak rashly not to mention the judgment from the later generation.”

“A comment from later generations” Hearing this, Xi Yao was stunned again, staring at Gu Changge with a little curiosity, “Oh If I let the young master of Changge speak, how would he feel”

As soon as she said this, Xi Yao felt a little regretful.

After all, judgment on this kind of thing varies from person to person.

Why didn’t she ask her Master or the others, but she had to ask Gu Changge

After all, this was the first time the two of them had met, and it seemed that she was too rude.

As a Queen of a generation, she cared too much about gossip, and she inevitably lost her dignity.

Xi Yao didn’t know why, but she suddenly cared about Gu Changge’s opinion of her.

In fact, at this time, not only Xi Yao, but Lao Shi and the Great Elder were also curious and wanted to know how Gu Changge would comment on Xi Yao.

Judging from what he just said, Gu Changge should be able to understand Xi Yao’s intention.

“Oh Let the junior comment” Gu Changge also seemed to be a little surprised, but he did not refuse, and his expression was a little thoughtful.

Instead, his eyes fell.

Then, he said almost word by word, “In the eyes of the younger generation, what the Queen has done may give her the title of an Eternal Empress, and this is the case for the Demon Realm.”

“Eternal Empress”

At this moment, not only Xi Yao was stunned, but Lao Shi and the Great Elder were also stunned.

They were very shocked.

Eternal Empress How high was this evaluation

Because they knew that what Gu Changge said was not a real reference, but a general reference.

This ancient saying was actually not much different from this, both of which highly praised Xi Yao.

“Eternal Empress” Queen Xi Yao was also muttering these words.

These four words were like a bomb in her mind and they exploded with roars.

It even made her feel humming just now.

However, Queen Xi Yao was not a simple person either.

After more than 6,000 years of cultivation, her state of mind had already reached a very strong point.

So soon, the expression on her face returned to calm.

“The four-character evaluation of Changge Young Master is really too high.” Although she said so, she was actually smiling and was in a good mood.

Before, she had met people who were flattering, and she was almost tired of listening to all kinds of bull**.

Moreover, Queen Xi Yao knew that what they said was actually out of fear of her, not just like Gu Changge, who simply and easily explained everything.

After all, Gu Changge didn’t need to be in awe of her.

“After all, this is what the younger generation wanted to tell the Queen…” Gu Changge smiled and didn’t explain much.

Although he was a junior in front of Xi Yao, he didn’t look like a junior at all.

There was no fear and respect, it was more like talking to an acquaintance whom he had just met.

Queen Xi Yao didn’t care about Gu Changge’s tone either.

She was used to hearing all kinds of words of awe, and now she found that kind of casual and natural feeling in Gu Changge again.

Just like just now… it was like meeting a confidant.

“Eternal Empress I didn’t expect that I would have such a high level in the heart of Young Master Changge.

It’s really unexpected.” Queen Xi Yao smiled.

Gu Changge said with a calm expression, “Actually, before, the younger generation always wanted to see a strange woman like the Queen.

But it’s not too late to meet her today.”

After all, it was something that could be brushed off with a few words.

Naturally, Gu Changge would not refuse.

No matter what kind of person, in fact, they liked to hear nice words.

First give an indescribable identity, a decent and elegant conversation, and a few casual compliments, and then arouse the other party’s heart.

Even if she was a Queen of a generation, it was impossible to be untouched.

And judging from the Luck of Queen Xi Yao, she was also a person of Great Luck.

What she did 6,000 years ago made Gu Changge think of something.

With such a huge amount of Luck, he wondered if she would become the Daughter of Luck because of her relationship.

This kind of drama of poisoning a fiancé, let’s keep an eye on it first.

“Isn’t it too late” Queen Xi Yao was stunned for a moment, and there was an unspeakable emotion in the expression on Gu Changge’s face.

Anyway, Gu Changge was just a junior, she was more than 6,000 years older than him.

Although the matter of age was not important for the world of cultivation.

But Xi Yao still sighed in her heart.

After so many years, she finally met someone who could understand her, but it was a junior.

This made her feel that she was born before the King, and the King gave her the feeling that she was old.

However, this feeling disappeared soon.


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