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Chapter 376: The teacher would dig her out to accompany you, I can’t stand seeing you like this(Part1)

Thinking like this, Gu Changge sat down and communicated with the system at the same time, intending to make a refining attempt with Destiny Point.


At this time, black light began to emerge on the top of his head and strands of black light hung down.

One after another, the runes of Dao were intertwined and then fell towards the black substance.

The Dao treasure bottle began to rise and fall, like a black hole that was terrifying to the extreme, and then swallowed it down.

It’s initiative was far better than ever.

Gu Changge underestimated its desire for this black substance, even when it devoured the Reincarnation Seal of Human Ancestor, it didn’t feel that way.

“It seems that there is no need to use Destiny points.”

Gu Changge sat quietly cross-legged in the empty space, a jade-like black light began to appear on his face, and there was a sense of solemnity.

The ancient world’s sacrificial sound seemed to be echoing here in the dark.

Behind him, the demonic energy was overwhelming, and there was an unparalleled demon lord, whose eyes were indifferent and ruthless, intimidating the heavens and the world!

At this time, in Gu Changge’s mind, something cracked like a click and began to break.

Some of the deepest memories came to his mind.

In front of the top of the mountain, the clouds and mist were rolling, and a very simple hut was located on the side.

On the bluestone, the little girl in red was dancing with a sword, her sleeves were rolled up, and the sword light was like silver, splashing across the sky and the earth.

In front of the hut, he stood with his hands behind his back, his red coat fluttering, and his silver hair flying.

Everything in this world seemed to be changing rapidly because of the sword in her hand.

After she finished dancing.

The little girl in red ran happily in front of her,

“Master, today I met the disciples of Jiutian Peak.

They robbed me of things, and they said that my talent was mediocre, and at most I will only reach the realm of true god in this life.”

“But they were all defeated by me, one by one.”

“Who told you to defeat them” His expression was calm, and his voice did not fluctuate much.

The little girl in red smiled stiffly and lowered her head, “I was wrong, Master.”

“The sword that I taught you is not for you to defeat the enemy.” His voice remained unchanged.

The little girl in red went down the mountain and came back with scars all over her body and a bunch of heads in her hands.

“Master, I’m back.”

Although injured, she was still happy.

“This is your favorite roast chicken.” He patted her head, “Jiutian Peak, together with Jiutian Continent, will no longer exist from today onwards.”

“No one can bully my apprentice.”

“Master, I made a friend at the foot of the mountain this time.”

“Oh Male or female”

“Woman, but she’s not human.”

“Then what is she”

“She is a little peach tree.”

He smiled to himself, “Then the teacher will dig her out to accompany you.”

Then, on the top of the mountain, there was another slender and clean little peach tree.

Then his memories came to an abrupt end.

Gu Changge was lost in thought.


In a blink of an eye, several days passed in the outside world.

“The Heavenly Extinction creatures and Heavenly Extinction aura are greatly reduced.

Is it possible that Gu Changge really has a way to stop this”

Wang Ziji looked at the abyss in the sky in surprise.

In her perception, the monstrous gray fog in the abyss had become much thinner as compared to the beginning.

What did this mean

It meant that Gu Changge was really certain to go there.

Gu Changge actually solved the Heavenly Extinction aura that was extremely difficult for all ancient existences.

It was simply a fantasy.

“Since time immemorial, only Human Ancestor has a way to solve the Absolute Heavenly Extinction…”

“Gu Changge, shouldn’t he be the reincarnation of Human Ancestor, right”

Wang Ziji was a little puzzled.

She looked at Jiang Chuchu next to her, but there was not the slightest abnormality on Jiang Chuchu’s face.

It was calm and composed, in addition to stillness, one could not see other emotions.

In the past few days, Jiang Chuchu’s injury had almost recovered.

In addition to her initial concerns, she noticed that Heavenly Extinction aura was decreasing, and she understood that Gu Changge was not a big problem.

So she just relaxed.

Moreover, for all sentient beings, Gu Changge was able to solve the extremely difficult aura of Heavenly Extinction.

If it wasn’t for knowing that Human Ancestor had been assassinated by Gu Changge.

Even she would suspect that Gu Changge was the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

At this time, Jiang Chuchu suddenly remembered what Gu Changge once said, that what the Human Ancestor Hall lacked was not the Human Ancestor himself, but the identity of the Human Ancestor.

Now that Human Ancestor was dead, no matter what, if the Human Ancestor Hall wanted to continue to stand, it must find the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

At this time, did she really have to find someone to pretend to be the human ancestor

Jiang Chuchu had never thought about this, after all, doing so would mean betraying her teacher sect.

But at this time, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Jiang Chuchu, tell me honestly, what happened between you and Gu Changge”

At this time, Wang Ziji suddenly opened her mouth and asked what she was most concerned about these days.

Jiang Chuchu had regained her composure at this time, and naturally, it was impossible for her to tell Wang Ziji all this.

Tell her that, in fact, Gu Changge was the inheritor of demonic arts, and the current Prince Ying was actually just a hapless bastard who was taking the blame for him

Then tell her, that Gu Changge had imprisoned him for a long time In the past, that person, the descendant of the human ancestor hall, was just a fake

Although these were facts, she would definitely not believe it in terms of Wang Ziji’s temperament.

Instead, she would think that why didn’t Gu Changge kill herself who knew these secrets

Therefore, Jiang Chuchu just said calmly, “You don’t need to worry about this, Gu Changge is not a good person, you have to stay away from him.”

“That’s it”

Hearing this, Wang Ziji rolled her eyes, “It’s a shame I treated you as a best friend, so I didn’t even tell me this.”

“I naturally know that Gu Changge is not a good person.”

She felt that Jiang Chuchu was thinking carefully now.

In the past, when she asked about men, she was always disgusted, and she almost had disdain on her face.

How could it be like this

“Gu Changge is really dangerous, you’d better not get too close to him…”

Jiang Chuchu sighed softly, her calm tone contained something that only she herself understood.

“Forget it if you don’t want to talk about it.

Originally, I had a good impression of Gu Changge, but since you have an inexplicable relationship with him, then I’ll forget it now…”

At this time, Wang Ziji also sighed, looking a little sad.

Hearing this, Jiang Chuchu froze a little.

What did it mean that she had an inexplicable relationship with Gu Changge

Moreover, Wang Ziji said that she had a crush on Gu Changge

“I don’t!”

Wang Ziji noticed her expression and smiled speciously, “That’s good.”

That was, at this moment, there was another movement from the crack, which had been calm for a long time.

Immediately afterward, Gu Changge’s figure walked out of it, and on the surface, it didn’t seem to be much unusual from before.

Jiang Chuchu and Wang Ziji simultaneously looked at it, and their expressions changed.

“Are you okay Brother Gu”

Jiang Chuchu wanted to ask, but she didn’t want Wang Ziji to speak first.

She glanced at Gu Changge, moved her lips, lowered her head, and swallowed what she was about to say.

“I’m fine.”

“The matter of Absolute Heavenly Extinction here is temporarily resolved, but with my ability, I can only do this at most…”

Gu Changge shook his head, glanced at the two of them with a slightly strange expression, and said nothing.

He had indeed refined the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction here.

Not only could he control the power of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, but even his Dao treasure bottle had undergone a mysterious change.


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