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Chapter 375: Brother Gu is really a true man, Maybe I should let the Great Dao Treasure Bottle evolve (Part 1)

As a transmigrator, she couldn’t understand Gu Changge’s heart for the world.

But it did not affect her admiration for Gu Changge.

Even she didn’t have such guts.

“Brother Gu is not a reckless person, since he dares to do so, then he must have the confidence……”

Although Wang Ziji was worried, at this time, she had no choice but to wait.

And contrary to Wang Ziji’s thoughts, at this time, Jiang Chuchu was stunned.

In her opinion, Gu Changge was such a cold and desperate Great Demon, who did all the bad things and lost his heart.

How could he possibly regard the safety and security of the world as a responsibility like herself

He was stopping the Heavenly Extinction beings from descending This was simply impossible.

However, now he went to do so, and even went to it in front of the two descendants of Human Ancestor Hall, to stop the descent of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

“Gu Changge why are you doing this……”

Jiang Chuchu was frozen, her eyes couldn’t help but stare, completely unable to understand.

Finally, she thought of a possibility that was most likely and that made her heart and soul tremble lightly.

Gu Changge’s purpose for doing so had a lot to do with her.

Just now, he scolded her so much, it was actually because of the worry.

After all, with Gu Changge’s temperament, he couldn’t possibly show anything, so he could only show his anger and worry through such a method.

And he was now going to stop the Absolute Heavenly Extinction from descending, in fact, he wanted to help herself, afraid that she would still stay here and end up losing her life.

Thinking like this, Jiang Chuchu could not help but bite her lips tightly.

Her face could no longer show that cold look.

Just now Gu Changge was scolding her a lot, but his behavior was not at all ambiguous either.

He was actually tough-mouthed, even though his mouth was scolding people without mercy, but there was actually warmth in his heart.

This made Jiang Chuchu look incomparably complicated, remembering the time when she was held in his small space by Gu Changge.

He was actually like this, but in the end, it was because of her own actions that were too disappointing for him, and also exhausted his last bit of patience.

That was why he said those irresponsible words that he didn’t care if she lived or died and there was no more connection between the two of them.

“Gu Changge……”

Jiang Chuchu couldn’t help but murmur.

For a while, she felt so confused in her mind, she obviously hated him so much, and she could not wait for him to die in the middle like this.

This way, the world would have one less horrible scourge.

But why couldn’t she help but feel worried

“Jiang Chuchu, as the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, how can you be in love with a Great Demon You and him are destined to go on opposite sides.”

She silently recited the Clear Heart Mantra in her heart, trying to calm herself down, but all the things she had learned after so many years of cultivation seemed to be useless at this time.

Her heart was in turmoil.

This made Jiang Chuchu couldn’t help but be bewildered.


Deep in the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, the gray mist surged.

Gu Changge looked somewhat interested.

At this time, he had actually vaguely guessed the thoughts of the two people outside, after all, it was his intention, whether it was Jiang Chuchu or Wang Ziji.

It was impossible to guess his real purpose.

Since ancient times, as soon as the Absolute Heavenly Extinction descended, the first reaction of cultivators was to pull out their legs and run away.

Who would dare to go in it

First of all, not to mention that in the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, there was no opportunity, and the degree of danger was much higher as compared to many ancient forbidden places.

Unless they wanted to die, who would come here

So no one would think about his intentions, instead, they would think that he came here to stop the descent of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

“Thinking like that, that’s good, and it will save me from going through all the trouble of pulling the big flag again.”

The corner of Gu Changge’s mouth could not help but reveal some smiles.

Then, as he raised his hand, many divine weapons emerged, bursting out with terrifying divine might, shattering all the Heavenly Extinction beings around him.

He stepped towards it.

The closer he got to it, the more powerful the creatures he encountered, who long lost their spirituality and only had the intention of killing and destroying.

The Heavenly Extinction Aura here was actually very dense.

A Sacred Realm cultivator would be corrupted even if he comes in, and if he stayed here for a long time, he was bound to be affected.

But it did not affect him much.

At this time, on the surface of Gu Changge’s body, pitch-black vortexes appeared one after another, and the terrifying and heart-pounding runes of the Great Dao circulated.

Among them, there seemed to be indescribable ancient gods sitting cross-legged, and the sounds of the world, sacrifices, and chanting reverberated.

All the Heavenly Extinction Aura was swallowed up by these vortexes as soon as it got close to him and could not affect him at all.

On the contrary, there were more and more Heavenly Extinction beings here, which made him frown.

If there was no Wang Ziji outside, it would be fine.

But if he used the forbidden demonic art, it was very likely that some aura would leak out and attract her attention.

Then, Gu Changge sacrificed something, the golden light surged, and it opened from this space in an instant, like a big seal of mountains and seas, but it was actually the Immortal Lun Seal that Gu Changge concealed.

This was a real Supreme Weapon.

With his current cultivation base, it was almost impossible to activate it with all his strength, but a single ray of divine power from the Supreme Artifact was enough to disperse the nearby Heavenly Extinction beings.

Then, there was also the Eight Desolate Demon Halberd.

The immortal seal appeared above his head, and a terrifying divine light hung down, like a galaxy, incomparably vast.

Gu Changge raised his hand and slashed down, and a creature in the Sacred Realm in front of him immediately collapsed and exploded, making it difficult to stop his pace.

Soon, this gray fog in the vast and boundless space was cleared by him to a clean road, leading directly to the deepest part!

That was the source of the Heavenly Extinction Aura!

Not long after that.

Gu Changge found the place where the gray fog was most dense in the depths of that crack.

The nearby Heavenly Extinction beings had been swept away by him, and almost no figures were seen.

At this time, it seemed a bit strangely peaceful.

“It seems that this is the source.

As long as this place is refined, I can control this part of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.”

Gu Changge whispered to himself.


In his eyes, black and white divine lights flowed, and the power of time emerged, turning into two peerless immortal swords, clanging loudly, and slashing away!

The terrifying gray fog exploded from it as if it was torn apart by a terrifying power, and the increasingly dense and startling black substance slowly flowed in it.

It was a substance like life, black as a starry sky, but it could devour the world barrier and cover everything!

At this time, if a cultivator was here, he would be so frightened that his skull would explode.

This kind of aura clearly had not approached yet, but it was enough to break everything.

Even after the death of the Supreme Being, or even the corpse of the Emperor, it was impossible to have such aura.

A single strand seemed to be enough to devour the heavens and crush all matter.

“This is an extremely rare source of Heavenly Extinction Aura in the core area of ​​Heavenly Extinction.

I didn’t expect my luck to be good.

Oh no, it should be attributed to Wang Ziji, thanks to her, I was able to find this thing.”

Gu Changge’s expression showed a little interest, at this time, there was also a sense of fear even with the Immortal Lun Seal.

The gods in it sensed the danger, and were extremely afraid of the source of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, for fear of being swallowed and covered by it.

On the contrary, the Eight Desolate Demon Halberd was very quiet.

“I just don’t know whether this source of absolute Heavenly Extinction is stronger or weaker than my Great Dao Treasure Bottle…”

“Maybe I can take this opportunity to make the it evolve again.”


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