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Chapter 368: Bait to draw out the organization in the shadows, This is my advice but it’s also a warning (Part 1)

“It’s come to this, and even these people have appeared, brother, why don’t you admit it How would you explain this You lied to us for so long!”

Ying Yu’s voice was trembling after seeing the current scene.

Her expression was even colder, and she almost believed that Ying Shuang was the inheritor of demonic art.

After all, she had never seen these three terrifying Great Sacred Realm existences before, but they were so respectful to Ying Shuang.

The corner of Ying Shuang’s mouth was bitter, but, what could he explain Would it even be useful to explain

“Little girl, shut up! How can our young lord be someone you can ask for an explanation You are just courting death!”

Suddenly, one of the Great Sacred Realm existence’s eyes turned cold and divine light burst forth.

Hearing Ying Yu’s words, he seemed very angry and murderous.

He directly slapped her with a palm, this was a demonic technique.

The world was gathered in his palm and the laws were infused making it extremely terrifying.

Just like a world-destroying millstone, and it was necessary to kill Ying Yu and wipe her out.

The aftermath alone caused many people to explode who were still very far away, and it was completely unbearable.

This was an attack from the Great Sacred Realm, but the Quasi-Sacred Realm Ying Yu was not an opponent at all, and any resistance seemed powerless.

Moreover, her Ancient Golden Bell was fighting against Ying Shuang, and it was difficult for her to escape for a while to protect her.


“No, protect Miss!”

The expressions of everyone from the Emperor Mountain changed, and they hurriedly shot forward, trying to resist the blow.

But just touching the aftermath, they exploded directly and turned into blood fog.

The majesty of the Great Sacred Realm was boundless, and in front of it, they were no different from ants.

The other two Great Sacred Realm existences also made their move, attacking the rest of the young beings.

It was extremely ruthless.

It was like piercing the sky and destroying everyone here.

This scene made everyone despair, and they only hated why they didn’t avoid this place.

For a time, this place became more tragic than before, blood and corpses were everywhere, and many people died there.

“The sky has been pierced, and so many young existences have died, even if Emperor Ying descends, it would be impossible to protect the prince…”

Ye Langtian sacrificed a divine weapon to protect the people behind him, and his expression turned extremely pale.

“Ying Shuang, you are so mad that you even want to kill me, right”

Facing the palm of an existence at the Great Sacred Realm, Ying Yu’s complexion also became pale and desperate, her soul swayed, and she knew that it was difficult to resist.

She looked at Ying Shuang, her eyes were cold and unfamiliar.

It was more of the pain from breaking up.


Ying Shuang opened his mouth to stop the attack from the Great Sacred Realm existence.

But when this Great Sacred Realm existence heard these words, there was only a hint of teasing in his eyes, and he didn’t stop at all.

He didn’t listen to Ying Shuang’s words, and he wanted to kill Ying Yu.


Everyone from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain roared, their eyes were red, and they were so desperate that they didn’t expect that their Miss would die today at the hands of her own brother.

After becoming the inheritor of demonic art, Ying Shuang had disregarded family affection, and had become a devil who would ignore everything! Ying Yu couldn’t help closing her eyes in despair.

Her greatest life-saving means was the Ancient Golden Bell in her soul.

Other than that, there was no way for her to counter this blow.

But in the next moment, the pain she thought did not arrive, but a warm and peaceful voice sounded into her ears.

A terrifying wave broke out in front of her, and the palm of the Great Sacred Realm existence was blocked by someone with a Great Sacred weapon.

“Fortunately, I wasn’t too late.”

Hearing this, Ying Yu suddenly opened his eyes.

She widened her eyes in disbelief.

Suddenly, a young figure appeared in front of her, he was not very tall, but his figure looked unusually huge in her eyes.

The eyes were warm and peaceful, the white robe had wide sleeves, and the hair was fluttering.

With a detached bearing, even in front of such a situation, he was calm.

As if the world could be saved.

The person here was Gu Changge, who had been watching the play for a long time and then showed up.

“Master Gu…”

Ying Yu almost murmured these words.

She didn’t know when, in her silver eyes like gems, his back was etched, and it couldn’t be removed for a long time.

“Young Master Changge!”

“Young Master Changge, that’s great! We are saved!”

“Young Master Changge has come to save us!”

At this moment, the sky fell silent for a moment, followed by a terrifying sound.

Everyone stared at the figure in the sky, and they couldn’t help but be ecstatic, extremely excited, and felt like the rest of their lives.

“Brother Gu is finally here, if you were another half step late, I’m afraid all of us would have died here today…”

“But there are three Great Sacred Realm existences here today, even with Brother Gu, I’m afraid it will be very difficult.”

“I don’t know how he’ll deal with it”

Ye Langtian and the others breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but smile, they were a hundred times more relaxed than before.

They didn’t know when it started, but in their eyes, Gu Changge had become a representative of stability.

With him, all crises could be suppressed.

The inheritor of demonic art was no exception!

“Junior, who are you How dare you seek death”

Seeing that his palm was blocked, the Great Sacred Realm existence, who was hidden in the black robe, seemed extremely angry.

In its eyes, the golden light seemed to break everything.

He stared at Gu Changge, paying attention to the ancient mirror in his hand, with a murderous aura.

It was through the ancient mirror in his hand that Gu Changge resisted him just now.

Everyone looked at all this, and hope rose in their hearts.

Gu Changge had many methods.

Since he dared to come here, he must have a way, otherwise, it would be impossible to stand in front of Ying Yu and save her life.

“Gu Changge!”

Ying Shuang was also staring at Gu Changge at the moment, extremely angry, and his eyes were full of killing intent and hatred.

If it wasn’t for the difficulty in controlling the Ancient Golden Bell, he would have wanted to kill Gu Changge.

Others did not know.

But he knew that all of this was probably directed and acted by Gu Changge, including the attack just now and saving Ying Yu, which he had already planned.

However, Gu Changge didn’t care about his expression.

He didn’t care about the three Great Sacred Realm existences in front of him and said to himself.

“Brother Ying, why are you obsessed with it If you just abolish the forbidden demonic art, we might be able to sit down and have a drink and have a good talk.

Does it do you any good for you to be like this now Shouting and fighting, and making everyone in the world an enemy.”

“Forbidden demonic art is something that should have disappeared in the long river of time, why do you have such greed”

Gu Changge sighed slightly, in a very regretful tone.

“Gu Changge, you despicable villain, all of this is your fault.

If it wasn’t for you, why would I be what I am now Stop pretending to be a good person there now!”

Hearing Gu Changge’s words, Ying Shuang’s lungs were about to explode with anger, and he didn’t look as calm as before.

At this moment, he could only wish to kill Gu Changge, and he was clearly framed.

But now he still looked righteous and awe-inspiring.

Why were there such shameless people in this world

“I know you hate me, but if you don’t, there will be more cultivators who will suffer at your hands.

Unmasking your identity will indeed make you hate me to the core, but there is no other way.

Although I pride myself on not being a good person, I can’t do something like this.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge just shook his head and looked very helpless.

But soon, his expression became straight and a little cold, “But you shouldn’t do anything to kill your peers, even your own sister.

Why is there still a heartless person like you in this world”

“Gu Changge…”

“In this case, only you can say it!”

Ying Shuang was so angry that he almost vomited blood, and his head was about to explode.

There had never been a moment like today in his life when he became so angry with just a few words.

In the past, he was very tolerant and would not care about what other people said.

But how could Gu Changge be able to endure such a false accusation in front of everyone

“Don’t worry, Mr.

Inheritor, we will kill him now!”

“Including him, no one can leave alive today!”

At this time, the three Great Sacred Realm existences opened their mouths in unison, their eyes were very indifferent, they stared at Gu Changge, and began to shoot.

The terrifying might of the Great Sacred Realm was intertwined between heaven and earth.

Some people were even sitting cross-legged in the sky, their figures were blurred, but there were strands of chaotic fog hanging down, strictly preventing anyone from taking the opportunity to escape!

“Young Master Gu, be careful!”

Ying Yu couldn’t help but remind him aloud, very worried.

“No problem!”

Gu Changge smiled faintly, and his hands faintly drew a bright fairy light in the air.

This kind of fairy light was extremely amazing, and there was a terrifying atmosphere.

One by one, the order of the laws and the chains of the Great Dao seemed to be intertwined in different worlds, evolving into a furnace that could smelt the heavens and the world!

Many geniuses and creatures in the vicinity were all trembling, giving birth to a feeling of trembling.

Primordial spirits were frozen as if everything was about to usher in the end of destruction, being smelted and returning to chaos!


Seeing Gu Changge’s move, a very vague but very solid furnace began to appear, the red glow bloomed, and hundreds of millions of strands appeared, with the aura of the Dao emerging on it.

“This is the most powerful magic of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family Family, the Ten Thousand Way Furnace, smelting everything within the ten thousand ways, to the end…”

Someone recognized it, and his voice trembled.

“However, with the strength of Young Master Changge, even if he uses such a powerful technique, he cannot stop the three Great Sacred Realm cultivators!”

At this time, the three Great Sacred Realm cultivators shot together and fell in front of Gu Changge, trying to crush and obliterate him.


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