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Chapter 363: This guy seems to be the Sea King, An Ancient freak from the Golden Unicorn family (Part 2)


“Young master, further ahead is the depths of the battlefield.

There are already many  Heavenly Extinction beings in the God King Realm in the vicinity, if we go in further, I’m afraid we will encounter beings of the Quasi-Sacred Realm, or even the Sacred realm.”

“And the Heavenly Extinction aura there is too dense, I worry that many people will not be able to bear it.”

In front of a lake that had long since withered and dried up.

A group of beings appeared here and were riding powerful beasts.

The deer, pixie, qilin, etc., the aura was amazing, with clouds under their feet, looking unusually steely and heroic.

The one who spoke at this moment was a young creature with a rhinoceros horn on his head, his strength was True God Realm, and he was also a young supreme.

“No harm, some people follow me into the front, some people stay here and wait, don’t let the people behind you to come in.”

“The Heavenly Extinction beings nearby are no longer enough for us to kill, if we can meet a Quasi-Sacred Realm being by then, it will save us a lot of trouble.”

“I heard that Gu Changge has already left the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, this is my chance to crush him in terms of points! The number one of the younger generation is not that easy to be!”

The young master he spoke of was a tall young man, very handsome, wearing a golden robe.

His golden hair was as bright and dazzling as the sun as if it was flowing with gold, and his eyes were also golden as if they were two small burning suns.

In particular, there were two golden dragon horns above his head, in the flow of some kind of Dao rhythm divine might, very extraordinary.

But he was not a dragon rather the young master from the Qilin family, or more rarely seen Golden qilin.

The Qilin son, an Ancient freak sealed to this day, his cultivation had reached the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

His father was a Qilin Demon Emperor, who was once dominant in the Demon Realm, and the cultivation world.

Although he had never ruled the Demon world, his own power had made many Ancient races afraid of him.

He inherited his father’s horrific talent, and now, at the age of just over twenty, he already had such strength.

Even if it was not sealed, he could still be proud of his strength among his peers.

Moreover, the Golden Qilin had a special talent that could tend to good fortune and avoid disasters, and in some ways, it could even reach the point of foreseeing the future.

Although many powerful existences, after reaching a certain Realm, could peer into the long river of time and notice the scales of the future.

But they would also suffer a backlash.

The Golden Qilin, however, would not have such a situation, and in a way, this was a clan beloved by heaven and earth.

At this moment, hearing him say this, a group of his followers nodded, a part of those who knew it was difficult to continue to move forward stayed behind, while most of them chose to follow.

“Who is it……”

However, just at this moment, his face suddenly changed, and a divine light burst out from his eyes, like a sharp sword, looking at the dome of the sky behind him.

His expression, too, became grave, sensing an uneasy, dangerous atmosphere that enveloped the neighborhood.

This was his intuition, a gift from the Golden Qilin clan.

It made his brow sting as if it was pierced through by a steel needle.

His head was going to explode.

The danger of this one was beyond imagination!

“What’s going on”

“What’s wrong with the young master”

The group of followers behind the Qilin, who had not yet reacted, were surprised and looked behind them in disbelief.

What was there but a miserable and gloomy sky dome

“Be careful, the one who is coming is not good!”

The Qilin said in a deep voice.

Almost instantly, he unfolded a vast star field map behind himself.


A terrifying aura, like billions of strands of starlight converging, bloomed here.

This was a sacred weapon, a bright and real star, was refined into it with great divine power, and was now flowing, emitting rumbling and turning sounds.

A star emerged and instantly solidified, draped with chaotic mist, interweaving vast runes in the high sky! It must be said that the Qilin’s reaction was too fast.

This action out, feeling himself a few security, he only slightly breathed a sigh of relief, his gaze was cold, staring closely at the distant high sky.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself” The Qilin shouted.

His words also caused a group of followers to be alert, sacrificing all kinds of divine weapons and waiting in a strict position.

“Tsk tsk……”

“The reaction is quite fast, but my Master has ordered me, so today, I will take your origin.

Everyone, including you, will not be able to escape.”

Along with a chilling cold laughing sound, three terrifying and monstrous figures emerged in the high sky.

They were clad in black robes, their bodies were covered in black fog, and their faces could not be seen.

Only their scarlet pair of eyes could be seen, and there was a cold, crazy, bloodthirsty intention in them.

The cultivation realm shown by them had made everyone below change their expression, and they even became frightened, trembling all over!

Three Great Sacred Realm cultivators!

The sky trembled, the laws and order were about to collapse, and even the nearby Heavenly Extinction aura became surging.

“Young Master… Is this… Have we offended  someone”

“How is it possible that these are three Great Sacred…”

The expressions of Qilin’s followers changed dramatically, their faces turned pale, and some people asked in disbelief.

A Great Sacred Realm cultivator was now an invincible existence.

Not to mention that there were three Great Sacred Realm existences in front of them!

With this kind of posture, whoever saw it, would be terrified, their soul would tremble, and they would feel despair.

“Are you with the inheritor of demonic art I have no enmity with him, why would he deal with me”

At this time, Qilin’s expression was also very solemn, a little pale, giving birth to a strong sense of unease and danger.

But compared to the rest, he was much calmer.

In his golden eyes, the rune disappeared and turned into a terrifying power, trying to gain insight into the origins of these three Great Sacred Realm existences.

From their words just now, he had already guessed their origins.

In addition to the inheritor of demonic art, who would take the origin of people

It was just that Qilin couldn’t figure out why the other party would be so daring to send three Great Sacred Realm existences to kill him at such a time.

As an invincible existence under the Quasi-Supreme, there were three of them all at once, which was almost a mortal situation for any younger generation.

This made Qilin give birth to a strong danger.

“You are not stupid, but no one can save you today.

If you are obedient, you will hand over your origin, and maybe you will be left with a whole body.”

“My master is very interested in your origin.”

In the sky, a black shadow said with a sneer, his eyes were extremely cruel, showing ruthlessness, overlooking everyone below.

As he spoke.


He attacked, his big black hand stretched out, covering the sky, the talisman was destroyed, and all directions seemed to become dark all at once as if a large continent was covered and pressed down.

Under the might of the Great Sacred Realm, any resistance seemed extremely insignificant.

The other two watched indifferently and didn’t make a move, just to prevent someone from escaping here.


Almost in an instant, the big black palm fell, and the sound of collapse sounded one after another from below.

Accompanied by the screams, Qilin’s followers, even if they had a powerful forbidden weapon to protect themselves, at this time, many people were still unable to resist even for a breath, and they were photographed into a cloud of blood.

Including their primordial spirit and weapons, their body and spirit were instantly destroyed.

“Young Master, help me!”

“We don’t want to die!”

Those who survived had some lingering fears, their faces were pale and desperate, and they shouted at Qilin.

“Let’s be honest, maybe I’ll die happily.”

In the shadows, such a cruel and indifferent voice came, like a goddess aloof, looking down on the ants.

“Stop! Aren’t you afraid that the forces behind me will know and take revenge”

Qilin’s expression suddenly became ugly and gloomy to the extreme.

He began to urge the star field map behind him, and the stars turned, and the terrifying divine might flowed, and they were about to be crushed down.

But he was only at a Quasi-Sacred Realm, and the gap between him and the real Great Sacred Realm was too great.

The other party just waved it casually, and the rules of the Great Sacred pressed down.

The star field map shattered and terrifying cracks appeared, and the refined stars were directly turned into powder.

“What’s there to fear All of you will die here today, and who would know that we killed you.”

The black shadow sneered again, very disdainful, with an attitude of wanting to kill them all.


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