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Chapter 357: Girl, please respect yourself, You imposter, let’s see how you pretend at this time (Part 1)

Pretending to be a serious person, she still looked righteous and awe-inspiring.

However, she showed a thoughtful look, and then asked in a different tone,

“In ancient times, men had multiple wives and concubines.

I didn’t expect Brother Gu to be such a single-minded person.

I was abrupt.

Otherwise, Brother Gu, give me something close to you.”

“Is that so That’s fine.” Gu Changge didn’t hesitate to hear that.

He directly took off the crystal jade pendant that was tied to his waist, and the pattern in the middle that waved, which was quite extraordinary.

He handed it to Wang Zijin.

“If I have something to do in the future, can I use this jade pendant to come to Brother Gu” Wang Ziji took it with a smile, and seemed very happy.

“Of course, you can.” Gu Changge smiled and nodded.

However, he was laughing in his heart.

It was okay for you to come to me, but if you want me to help you, then you would lose more.

Afterwards, the two of them found an obscure spatial fluctuation in this desolate mountain range.

There was an extremely cold aura in it, circulating and permeating, causing the nearby vegetation to wither, and they were stained with a kind of black-brown small particles.

With nine days in the air, it was difficult to dispel this gloomy cold.

“The aura of Heavenly Extinction, although it is not very pure… but it does permeate from here.”

Looking at these substances, Gu Changge said involuntarily.

Wang Ziji also nodded and said, “From here, you can go to the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

As for the entrance in the other direction, I don’t know.”

Gu Changge’s eyes narrowed.

Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s true location was actually very difficult to judge, but it was very simple to find it according to the direction of Heavenly Extinction Aura of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

Afterward, the two of them returned along the same path.

On the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, apart from the younger generation, the cultivators of the older generation were hardly seen, unless it was the kind of righteous people who had a strong sense of justice and intended to sacrifice themselves to prevent the outbreak of Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

A lot of the younger generation cultivators had also come here with a hard scalp.

After all, if they wanted to have a place in the True Immortal Academy, they had to kill certain Heavenly Extinction beings.

They didn’t want to come here.

Therefore, Gu Changge was not worried that there would be any powerful existence in it, which would disturb his plan.

“I heard that Brother Gu has been in contact with Ying Yu of Emperor Mountain.

How do you feel about her brother”

On the way, Wang Ziji suddenly opened her mouth and asked.

When she was in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, she was suddenly attacked by the inheritor of the demonic art, and she was seriously injured.

She always remembered this hatred.

And in her opinion, no matter what the possibility was, the inheritor of demonic art was inseparable from the relationship between Emperor Mountain and Prince Ying.

“Miss Ying Yu is quite frank and honest.

I don’t know her brother, since I haven’t seen him before.”

When Gu Changge heard these words, his expression was natural and authentic.

“Is that Prince Ying really planning to be a tortoise for the rest of his life If he is not the inheritor of demonic art, why does he dare not show up…”

Wang Ziji was convinced of her judgment, and when she asked Jiang Chuchu, the answer she got was silence.

If there was no problem with Emperor Mountain, Jiang Chuchu’s fair character would definitely defend it.

But she chose to remain silent.

This meant that even she felt that there was something wrong with Emperor Mountain.

“In that case, I have a way to make Ying Shuang show up…”

When Gu Changge heard her say that, he appeared to be thinking seriously for a while, and then said, “When the time comes, whether it is true or not, everything will be known.”

Wang Ziji nodded, but she didn’t doubt it.

The inheritor of demonic art caused the Gu family to lose a lot of face at that time.

It was normal for Gu Changge to choose to do this.


In the following days, Ye Langtian, Ye Liuli, Chi Ling, and others all learned from Gu Changge about the location of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

This made them shocked, followed by joy.

During this period of time, they worked hard to search for news from all sides, but they could not find the location of the battlefield.

Now that Gu Changge had just arrived in Southern Heaven for a few days, he had already figured out everything.

Of course, they didn’t know that this news came from Wang Ziji and had nothing to do with Gu Changge.

They simply felt that there must be a few acquaintances of his in the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield so that he could have an alibi.

On the other hand, Ying Yu also received the news from Gu Changge.

Her silver eyes widened in surprise.

She had been inquiring about the news of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, but it was all in vain.

After all, it involved the quota of True Immortal Academy.

The less one person knew, the more chance they would have.

Gu Changge actually gave her one more chance now.

This made Ying Yu a little moved, but in the news, Gu Changge also made a request.

If you meet him on the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, give him a chance.

In this regard, Ying Yu naturally felt that there was no problem.

It was just a trivial matter.

From this incident, she also saw Gu Changge’s generous and confident character.

Because he knew that no one else could compete with him for the quota of True Immortal Academy.

Then, Ying Yu told the news to the rest of the younger generation of Emperor Mountain.

However, she did not say that Gu Changge told her, for fear of causing Ying Shuang’s dissatisfaction, who would choose to stay in the mansion and not go anywhere.

He would not fight for a place in the True Immortal Academy.

“It seems like god’s will, since we have found this Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, then we can go.”

Ying Shuang himself did not know the source of the news.

Hearing what Ying Yu said, he thought for a moment and decided to leave.

If he didn’t go at this time then not only his face would be lost but also the face of Emperor Mountain.

Some people would probably doubt the authenticity of his identity.

Soon, days passed.

According to the position provided by Wang Ziji, everyone finally came to the heavenly extinction battlefield.

The sky here was gray, with bleak clouds floating, and even though there was sunshine, the atmosphere was very cold.

The mountains were vast and the terrain was endless, but the only feature was that it was desolate and had no life.

The so-called Heavenly Extinction beings were actually normal cultivators and creatures infected with Heavenly Extinction aura and finally transformed into Heavenly Extinction beings.

Many would lose consciousness and become walking corpses who only know how to devour life.

Only a few were born with consciousness, but they were also incompatible with the outside world.

“Some people have already arrived here…”

Ye Langtian and the others were very surprised and found that the Heavenly Extinction beings near the entrance had been cleaned up.

The Heavenly Extinction aura here had already made them feel very uncomfortable.

If they went deeper, their life might be in danger.

“Gu Changge didn’t come with us, he should have gone in early…” Ye Liuli looked around and said so.

Then they left this place and went to the place where the beings of the Heavenly Extinction were.

After a while, fluctuations appeared again here.

The cultivators of Emperor Mountain had arrived.

Ying Shuang, Ying Yu and others were all there, and there were several ancient freaks like Agu, the man in black, all of which had been sealed up to this day and were their followers.

Ying Shuang was dressed in a long robe, standing with his hands behind his back, swept the vicinity, and said calmly, “It seems that someone came first.

Let’s see who is so daring and jumps ahead of us.”

Now was the time to consolidate his majesty as a prince.

Just in time to make a move, shocking Little Ying Yu.

“Look, he really couldn’t help coming.”

“No matter from which aspect, the current Heavenly Extinction Battlefield is the greatest breeding ground for the inheritor of demonic art.”

“There’s no reason not to come.”

In the other direction, Gu Changge, who had been staring at the entrance, couldn’t help but smile.

Wang Ziji nodded in agreement.

“But… he seems to have noticed us both.”

“What a powerful consciousness.”

Afterward, she was a little surprised and felt that Ying Shuang’s spiritual sense seemed to be very powerful, and he could sense where she was from a distance.

“As expected of prince Ying.” Gu Changge smiled slightly, “Then I will leave the next thing to Miss Ziji.”

After that, the void in front of him became blurred, and his figure disappeared into it.

Wang Zijin rolled her eyes in her heart, knowing that Gu Changge planned to stand by and watch the play.

But she didn’t care.

At this time, she must take revenge against Ying Shuang, and even if there was no evidence to prove that he was the inheritor of demonic arts, it would have no effect.


Soon, Wang Zijin’s figure disappeared like a wisp of blue smoke.

In the area where Ying Shuang and others were located, terrifying fluctuations suddenly appeared, and splendid runes erupted directly there.

Ying Shuang was the first to bear the brunt, but he didn’t react, and his face changed suddenly, “Who are you…”


But before he could finish his words, he was punched by Wang Ziji, and he suddenly let out a muffled groan, flew out backward while spurting blood, and shattered a lot of bones.

“Little Lord……”

“Elder brother……”

The entire group of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain changed their expressions, and they were extremely shocked.

“Imposter, let’s see how you pretend at this time”

Gu Changge’s figure was hidden in the void.

Looking at this scene, he couldn’t help but say with interest.


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