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Chapter 350: The emergence of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, Even the people from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain do not dare to be reckless (Part 1)

“How is the investigation of the matter”

Gu Changge nodded slightly and asked in a calm manner.

“Reporting to master, Absolute Heavenly Extinction has already emerged, it’s just that we do not know its exact location.

The Absolute Heavenly aura has swept through many regions in this period of time with a decisive force, annexing the territories of many powers.”

“Now Southern Heaven has been converted into an Absolute Heavenly battlefield.

A large number of Heavenly Extinction beings have emerged from within and many cultivators have rushed there.”

“I even heard that this time the quota for the True Immortal Academy is closely related to the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield.

Only by killing a certain number of Heavenly Extinction beings will one be qualified to enter the True Immortal Academy.”

The Night Fork Clan’s living spirit, the one named Ye Han was considered Gu Changge’s confidant as he respectfully reported.

Many of Gu Changge’s important matters were entrusted to him.

Many cultivators in the outside world knew that this Night Fork clansmen was one of his people and did not dare to easily provoke.

“So many things have happened when I was in seclusion”

Gu Changge raised his eyebrows slightly and appeared somewhat puzzled.

The early appearance of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction did not affect him much.

After all, not many people dared to risk their lives and venture into the area enveloped by the Absolute Heavenly Aura.

Other than himself, it was unlikely that anyone would know why he was looking for the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

Many people would even think that he intended to stop the Absolute Heavenly Extinction from spreading.

And this was the benefit that came with fame.

The construction of the True Immortal Academy was almost complete, but no one had heard the news regarding the selection of a candidate.

It did seem to be related to the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

“When the time comes, as long as the young existences want to enter the True Immortal Academy, they will all rush to fight against the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.”

“After being a shrinking turtle for so long, there is no way that horse-feeding boy will still be sitting still at this time.”

Thinking about this, Gu Changge couldn’t help but reveal some intriguing smile.

“Let’s go to Southern Heaven.” He said, waving his sleeves.

A huge ancient warship suddenly ascended into the air, rising against the wind, with the huge word “Gu” engraved on it.

The warship looked ancient and atmospheric as it was waving in the air.

And then, with a rumbling sound, it moved, crushing the sky!


Southern Heaven was located in the extreme south of the Upper Realm.

Near the Upper Realm was an extremely prosperous and boundless realm, the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm was home to the unique Demon Race that inhabited large ancient worlds.

Its existence was very long, even tracing back to the most ancient times.

Since the beginning of time, many Demon Emperors and Demon Empresses had been born within the race.

With the many Immortal Techniques and their Supreme Dao system the demon world was also a well of water.

No one was foolish enough to offend the Demon Race.

But the most impressive thing to the cultivators of Southern Heaven was still the nine suns that hung in the sky.

Nine suns hang in the sky, burning with the most horrible True Fire from the sun, causing the extremely hot weather in Southern Heaven.

For cultivators who were a little weak, the True Fire was also likely to damage their soul if they stayed under it for a long time.

Legend had it that in ancient times, Southern Heaven was the land of the Golden Crow Clan in the Demon Realm.

But for some unknown reason, the eight most powerful existences of the Golden Crow Clan were killed by a certain unknown existence.

Then they were refined into eight suns with great divine power, hanging in the air, as an example to others.

The Golden Crow Clan had almost become history.

Barely could anyone find anyone from that clan.

Though the authenticity of this rumor could not be verified.

Southern Heaven had also become a place where fish and dragons were mixed, many Dao Sects and Clans had cultivators here.

Nowadays, this place had become even more lively, and almost every day one could see cultivators arriving from everywhere.

Either they arrived as divine lights, riding fierce beasts, or driving ancient warships and flying boats.

It was just that the largest number of them were still from the younger generation, from the major Immortal sects, the Supreme Dao sects, or some Forbidden area.

The contemporary heirs, sealed ancient young emperors, ancient freaks, and so on, had amazing strength and cultivation.

And their origins were even more terrifying.

If ordinary cultivators saw them, they would become pale and retreat, and did not dare to easily provoke them.

From the Golden Age, various young existences were present in Southern Heaven, and everyone knew their purpose.

Heavenly Extinction Battlefield!

At this moment, in the pavilion of an ancient city, Ye Langtian and his sister Ye Liuli were also there with a large number of people.

On the opposite side of them was the young supreme of the Ancient Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang.

In the other direction were the rest of the people, such as the heir of the Vermilion Bird Clan, Chi Ling, and others.

All familiar faces that were once on the Ancient Immortal Continent.

During this period of time, they all had a chance to improve their cultivation rising to the True God realm.

Now that they were gathered here, it was obvious that they were here to discuss a certain matter.

“The appearance of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction during this period of time has surpassed the expectations of many forces, and many frontiers and Dao sects have been affected.

The appearance of the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield in Southern Heaven is an excellent opportunity for us to sharpen our skills.

“Except that you all should be aware that we belong to the contemporary geniuses, and in terms of cultivation, we are naturally a chip weaker than those ancient freaks.”

“When we clash with them, we won’t be able to take advantage of them in the slightest.”

“If we miss the big event because of this, it would be even more regrettable.”

The one who opened his mouth to speak was Wang Wushuang, who had golden lines emerging from his eyes, looking extremely divine.

As he opened his mouth, the rest of the people’s faces showed different expressions and they all nodded.

After all, they were all here for the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, so they were naturally clear about its importance at this time.

What Wang Wushuang said was exactly what they were worried about, otherwise, they wouldn’t have come to this place to discuss and think of countermeasures.

“Brother Wang’s words are our concern as well.

After all, this Heavenly Extinction Battlefield involves the True Immortal Academy quota.

Even if we have a strong background behind us, the True Immortal Academy will not give any face……”

Ye Langtian said with a sigh, and everyone including him had a heartfelt yearning when he mentioned the True Immortal Academy.

A chance to become an Immortal!

That was the realm that countless cultivators could only dream of.

And the True Immortal Academy existed to cultivate a True Immortal in this world.

If the True Immortal did not come into existence, the spread of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction would be unstoppable.

At that time countless Dao sects and living beings would suffer.

“Since everyone knows this, it’s good that now the True Immortal Academy has appeared, it’s an opportunity for us.”

“Entering the True Immortal Academy is the only way for us to have a chance to catch up with that group of ancient freaks, who have been cultivating for longer than us, and whose heritage and cultivation are even deeper than ours.”

“For us, the only way to be qualified to compete with them is to get a spot to enter the True Immortal Academy.”

Wang Wushuang said slowly, he had a bearing that displayed the confidence that was bound to win the quota for the True Immortal Academy.

The way to obtain a spot in the True Immortal Academy was to enter the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield and kill Heavenly Extinction beings to obtain points.

This was also the requirement provided by the True Immortal Academy for all the young generation.

If they didn’t even have the guts to step into the Heavenly Extinction Battlefield, was there any need to compete for any True Immortal’s position

“So when the time comes for us to enter the Heavenly Extinction battlefield, we have to find a way to walk together and help each other.

I think you all already know something about the powerful and difficult nature of the Heavenly Extinction beings.”

Wang Wushuang continued, his gaze slowly sweeping over the crowd as he proposed his solution.

“If Young Lord Changge were around at this time, things might be a lot better……”

“Even those ancient freaks would be scandalized if they encountered him, right”

At this time, there were two young supreme beings, but they were speaking softly.

These words received a lot of approval and recognition for a while.

Even Wang Wushuang was nodding.

Other than his sister, only Gu Changge, as well as that inheritor of demonic art, was capable of resisting the ancient freak in this generation.

“Speaking of Brother Gu, he should be arriving soon as well……”

And at this time, Ye Langtian could not help but reveal a smile and said, “It just so happens that after Brother Gu emerged from seclusion, I sent a message to him, and by all rights he should be almost here at this time.”

Hearing him speak, the Vermilion Bird Clan heir, Chi Ling, who had not spoken, could not help but have her eyes light up slightly, revealing a sense of surprise.

“Brother Changge is also coming”

Many young supreme beings also appeared happy, and awe rose in their hearts.


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