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Chapter 341: In the future, you and I will have no more ties, I will hate you for life (Part 2)

“Young Master.”

“That’s pretty much what happened during this period of time.

No one has ever doubted my identity, because there is the Ancestor Hall’s token given by the young master, but I feel that it has aroused the suspicion of many people…”

“After all, I am not a true descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall.

All my actions seem to be too aimless, and I have been busy for a while.”

Inside the hall, Yan Ji gently reported the events of this period of time.

Gu Changge smiled and listened quietly.

“It’s hard work for you.

You’ve been pretending to be someone else.”

“It’s not hard.”

Yan Ji’s glazed eyes blinked lightly, and then shook her head, “It is my honor to be able to help you out.”

“Although you say that it’s not hard, I also know that this kind of thing makes one cautious all the time, and it’s not that easy.”

“I’m also very distressed.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge smiled, “Next time, you don’t have to go anywhere, just stay with me.”

With a wave of his sleeve, many cultivation resources emerged, hundreds of thousands of years of divine medicine, a large number of divine pills, immortal spirits, etc., were all given to Yan Ji.

She had been doing things for Gu Changge.

Although she was in the Great Sacred Realm, it was difficult for her to improve again in a short period of time, but it also took time to cultivate.

During this time, Gu Changge had nothing to instruct her, so he gave her a vacation, to cultivate with peace of mind.

There was no reason to keep people doing things and not give benefits, even Yan Ji, who was so committed to him, couldn’t be so stingy.

“Thank you, young master.”

Yan Ji naturally understood what Gu Changge meant, and was a little moved.

Gu Changge treated her very naturally and had always been polite and courteous, unlike his attitude towards his servants and subordinates.

On the contrary, no matter what time it was, he maintained an atmospheric and careful demeanor.

This was also the reason why she was willing to follow Gu Changge.

Sometimes Yan Ji wondered, if she hadn’t chosen to follow Gu Changge, where would she be at this time

Afterward, Yan Ji returned the Ancestor Hall’s token and left.

Gu Changge entered the Inner Universe.

“I’m giving this back to you.”

He shook the quaint and mysterious Human Ancestor Hall’s token in his hand, looked at Jiang Chuchu with a vigilant face, and couldn’t help but smile lightly, “Am I some kind of beast To make you look at me like that”

Jiang Chuchu noticed the Human Ancestor Hall’s token in his hand.

At the beginning, Gu Changge took it away from her with despicable and shameless means.

Now he wanted to give it back to her

What was the meaning of ​​this fight, didn’t she know it already

“I don’t want this, Gu Changge, keep it for yourself.”

Jiang Chuchu stared at him coldly, not wanting this token at all.

Hearing this, Gu Changge looked a little surprised, and said to himself, “As a descendant of Human Ancestor Hall, you don’t even want Human Ancestor’s token now.”

“Chuchu, you are a big sin of deceiving your Master and destroying your Ancestors.

If you let the Ancestors in the Human Ancestor Hall know, they will definitely be angry with you.”

“Listen to me, put this thing away, after all, it was yours before.”

“Shut up, Gu Changge.

The rhetoric is just a set.”

Hearing his shameless words, Jiang Chuchu couldn’t help but get anxious, and it was difficult to keep calm like just now, “Don’t call me Chuchu, we are not that close.”

“Then what should I call you”

Gu Changge’s smile continued, “Besides, aren’t we close”

Saying that, he shook Human Ancestor’s token in front of her eyes.

Jiang Chuchu stared at him coldly, unmoved.

“I thought you had figured it out during this time and planned to let you out, but your attitude now makes it difficult for me.”

Seeing her appearance, Gu Changge sighed and said with a bit of a headache, “I don’t want to kill you, but you are disobedient.”

“You don’t even understand my good intentions…”

“Where did you get your good intentions”

Jiang Chuchu’s attitude was a little slow when she heard these words, but her tone was still cold, mainly because she was angry with Gu Changge’s shameless words just now.

“Since you don’t believe my kindness, then forget it.”

“Did you figure it out My patience is running out.”

“From today on, you are free.”

“You are still the descendant of your Human Ancestor Hall, upholding justice, clearing the world, and bringing peace to all sentient beings, continuing to search for the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, and by the way, track down the traces of the inheritor of demonic arts.”

“And I won’t care about you anymore, whether it’s life or death, it’s all up to you, and there are no longer any ties between us.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a stranger or an enemy in the future.

If you want to expose my true identity, that’s fine, as long as you can figure out what to do…”

Gu Changge smiled calmly and didn’t care about Jiang Chuchu’s increasingly pale face.

“There are no ties between us anymore”

After listening to these words, especially this sentence, Jiang Chuchu’s face turned pale, and her fingers couldn’t help grasping her dress.

There were no more ties between her and Gu Changge

This means that in the future, Gu Changge would let her go, leave her alone, and let her continue to be the successor of the Human Ancestor Hall, so that she could restore the Human Ancestor Hall and do what she should do.

And Gu Changge would no longer care about her, naturally including her life and death.

So, whether she wanted to live or begged to die, Gu Changge wouldn’t care.

Obviously, this was what she had always wanted before, but why couldn’t she be happy

What did Gu Changge’s unconcerned attitude mean

In turn, Jiang Chuchu’s expression became even colder, “Gu Changge, do you really think that after you let me go, everything that happened between you and me can be erased I am telling you, this is not possible, right”

“Nothing is impossible.

What do you still think of me I won’t kill you, but I’m letting you go.

It’s already the greatest kindness.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge was not surprised, and his expression was still indifferent.

Jiang Chuchu looked at him coldly, snatched the Human Ancestor Hall’s token from his hand, and said, “I will hate you for the rest of my life.”

“There are many people who hate me, but it’s not worse than you.”

Gu Changge smiled lightly as if he didn’t care.

He knew that Jiang Chuchu had actually made a choice.

At this time, no matter what his attitude was towards herself, it had been decided that she had embarked on the road of betraying the Human Ancestor Hall.

“Gu Changge, you are a despicable villain, an irresponsible bastard!”

Jiang Chuchu gritted her teeth and her face was very white.

“If you had made your choice earlier, it might not have been what it is today.

After all, a person’s patience… is very limited.”

“Holy Maiden Chuchu.”

The smile on Gu Changge’s face had disappeared, and after saying this, he didn’t care.

In the space in front of him, a silver door appeared, and he took the lead to walk out of it.

Jiang Chuchu was stunned when she heard this, and she was a little lost.

Why couldn’t she be happy even after she got free

Was Gu Changge talking about the events of that day It was really impossible for a person like him to have good intentions all the time.

Human Ancestor had disappeared.

The Human Ancestor Hall could not fall, so a new Human Ancestor was needed, but this completely contradicted her long-standing concept.

It was she who made it difficult for Gu Changge.

That was why he said that he ran out of patience.

Later, Jiang Chuchu didn’t know how she got into the Ancient Immortal Gu Family and came outside.

She looked back, didn’t notice Gu Changge’s figure, and she really let herself go, it really seemed like a troublesome burden to him.

Why not do it

Thinking of this, Jiang Chuchu’s face showed a little grievance.

After a while, all these emotions quietly dissipated, and her face became like immortal ice, revealing a creepy cold.

“Holy Maiden”

Seeing this, the old woman who had been following the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall was a little shocked and puzzled.

She didn’t know that the previous descendant of Human Ancestor Hall was a fake.

Seeing Jiang Chuchu’s appearance, she thought that she was being bullied just now.

“Let’s go back to the Human Ancestor Hall.”

Jiang Chuchu said calmly, without explaining anything before.

As Gu Changge said, with her current ability, she could not shake his status at all.

The only way was to find the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, right

But the Human Ancestor had already been killed by Gu Changge.

What else could she do

Gu Changge did everything he could, and couldn’t possibly do stupid things.


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