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Chapter 340: In the future, you and I will have no more ties, I will hate you for life (Part 1)

“Brother Gu should also attend the True Immortal Academy with his talent.

I should be able to see Brother Gu again soon, just so I can ask him for advice on these matters.”

In the Ancient Ye Clan.

Ye Langtian, who was pacing with his hands behind his back inside the main hall, had a somewhat thoughtful look.

“Brother, if this matter is true, then it is really terrifying, one inheritor of demonic art is already terrifying enough……”

Next to him, Ye Liuli’s expression was also cautious along with a sad expression on her face, she was shocked by the matter.

“Yes, this matter is simply too shocking, otherwise why would I be so cautious.”

“For this matter, at least, we have to discuss it with Brother Gu.

It might also be related to the inheritor of demonic art that had appeared before.”

Hearing this, Ye Langtian sighed and said, with an unusually heavy face, rubbing his brow.

“But this possibility is too small, in addition, Emperor Ying’s son has not left the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, and the location where that happened, is also very far from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain……”

Hearing this, even Ye Liuli couldn’t help but shiver, then asked, “Brother, do you think it’s possible that this matter is related to that organization behind the inheritor of demonic art”

Ye Langtian shook his head and said, “No, there is only one person who had been the inheritor of the demonic art for generations, and the people in the organization behind him would at most have some means to assist himself.

It is impossible for the sudden appearance of another inheritor of demonic art.”

His mood was even heavier.

The appearance of one inheritor of demonic art was already terrifying enough to set off shocking waves in the Upper Realm, enough to make all beings tremble and shudder.

Now he had discovered the trace of another inheritor of demonic art, and it was likely to involve an existence that existed within the ancient books, which was terrifyingly big.

This matter made Ye Langtian’s back shiver and he didn’t know what to do.

Some time ago, he and Ye Luli went to the auction house of an ancient city and heard that a certain ancient weapon had appeared and was being auctioned there.

But they did not expect to be half a step slower, and when they went, that ancient weapon had already been auctioned off to someone.

Two of them did not want to give up that ancient weapon, because the origin of that ancient weapon was very deep, so they followed it all the way up.

But unexpectedly they bumped into something that horrified both of them.

In the middle of a wild mountain, the mysterious person who auctioned off that ancient weapon was seen cultivating the essence of the ancient corpse nearby, gulping down the aura of heaven and earth.

Seemingly sensing the approach of the two, that mysterious person went alert and quickly disappeared, and there was no trace of him left.

This incident made Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli chilled to the bone, and they froze in place.

With such a method, if it was not the rumored forbidden demonic art, what was it

But the good thing was that the mysterious person did not strike at them, and quickly fled far away.

Otherwise, they were not sure if they could survive in the hands of the inheritor of demonic art.

Apart from Ye Langtian, the only person who knew about this matter was Ye Luli, and even the Clan Elders in his clan had not been informed yet.

Because of the importance of this matter, he could not decide, and now the only person he thought of was Gu Changge.

After all, Gu Changge had dealt with the Inheritor of demonic art for quite some time, he should know it well and understand what to do.

“The Upper Realm is getting more and more chaotic, demons and devils are really coming out……”

Ye Langtian sighed, “At this time, we still need brother Gu as the backbone, presiding over the big picture.”

Ye Luli nodded in agreement.


“Fellow brothers just send it here, I’m going to visit Young Master Changge at the Ancient Immortal Gu family next, I heard he’s out of the seclusion.”

“That’s good, there are some things that I need to discuss with him.”

At this time, on an immense divine boat, Yan Ji, whose face was blurred and hidden by a layer of mist, stood as if she was standing in another world.

Her voice was calm and bland, like heavenly music, extremely melodious, and she was speaking to the group of young geniuses behind her.

Among that group of young geniuses, there were both men and women, there were also many young supremes from various sects, whose body was shrouded in light, powerful, and were considered as the current top sects of the Upper Realm.

Hearing that the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall had come out of the world, walking the world, looking for traces of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor in various places, and investigating the news about the inheritor of demonic art.

So they all came uninvited to protect the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall and escorted her, lest she get sneakily attacked and killed by the heartless inheritor of demonic art.

So during this period of time, Yan Ji could often see the young supreme of various clans and Dao sects.

For her, there was incomparable reverence, even admirers, but they also did not dare to make the slightest act of overstepping.

They could only watch from afar and not get close.

As the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, her strength naturally needed no explanation, many young supremes were clear, anyway, no one could see through the strength of Yan Ji.

Even if there was a challenger in the same generation, it would also go flying thousands of miles away by a wave of her hand.

This kind of strength also made everyone have great reverence!

At this moment, hearing the words of Yan Ji, many young supreme beings had mixed feelings in their hearts and were very envious and jealous.

In their eyes, the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall was a fairy who was high above, only existed above the nine heavens, with superb identity and terrifying strength.

Even with their background, and the support of their Ancient Dao sect that could control the terrifying power, they could only watch from afar, and hold a reverential attitude not daring to get close.

But with this in their eyes, usually, if she said a word, would make them feel flattered by the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, but to a young man so revered.

Even to the point that when they heard that he had just come out of seclusion, they planned to visit him at home.

This made them so envious and jealous that their eyes turned red.

What virtue and ability could an ordinary man have to deserve such treatment from such a fairy

But that young man was Gu Changge, now recognized as the strongest person of the younger generation, while mentioning him, everyone had to pay respect like a god!

It all made sense and was totally deserved!

So this made them very reluctant, but they could not do anything, and could only put this emotion deep in their heart.

On the surface, they still had to squeeze out a smile.

“Since that’s the case, then we won’t disturb Your Highness the Holy Maiden, ahead is the frontier of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.”

“If Young Lord Changge is out of seclusion, then the matter about the inheritor of the demonic art should be much easier, right”

“Yes, after all, that is Young Master Changge, after he came out this time, I wonder what kind of terrifying level has his strength reached, I’m afraid that we will not be able to catch up.”

A group of young supremes opened their mouths, for Gu Changge there was only incomparable awe, and they did not dare to say the slightest disrespectful words.

“It seems that Dao Brother Changge has now reached this point in your hearts, it seems that when I see him, I will have to talk to him.”

Hearing these words, Yan Ji faintly smiled and showed a rare smile.

At these words, many people’s hearts moved, feeling a sense of closeness.

It seemed that the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall and the young master of Changge were getting quite close, right

But it was also right, in order to crusade against the inheritor of demonic art, Gu Changge spent a lot of time and energy.

The descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, shouldered the heavy responsibility of the world, and also had to deal with the inheritor of demonic art, and it was normal to walk very close to him.

However, when more people heard these words, their eyes lit up, and they spoke again, and all kinds of flattering and awe-inspiring words emerged one after another.

Hoping to be mentioned by Yan Ji in front of Gu Changge.

This scene made Yan Ji’s eyes flash with a strange color, and the smile on the corner of her mouth deepened.

It seemed that the majesty of her young master, during this period of time, had penetrated into the hearts of many young people in the outside world.

Soon, the news that the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall was visiting Gu Changge again spread around everywhere, because whether it was Gu Changge or the descendants of the Human Ancestor Hall, they all attracted special attention.

The meeting and discussion between the two of them was of great significance to the current younger generation of the Upper Realm.

In the Ancient Immortal Wang Family, in an extremely magnificent and quaint hall.

Wang Ziji was sitting by the window, looking a little bored.

She was hugging her legs, her chin resting on her knees, and her silky hair were softly falling down.

“With Jiang Chuchu’s temperament, she would take the initiative to visit Gu Changge again”

She was a little surprised when she heard the news.

So it didn’t make sense.

In Jiang Chuchu’s eyes, in addition to cultivation, there was only the responsibility of shouldering the great responsibility of the world and the responsibility of being a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall.

That was why she often said that she would find a man to marry Jiang Chuchu off.

The two of them had cultivated together for more than ten years, and they still knew each other very well.

“It’s a little weird.”

Wang Ziji frowned.

Or was it because after Jiang Chuchu visited Gu Changge last time, she actually learned a lot of news about the inheritor of the demonic art, so she planned to find Gu Changge again to discuss some things again

As a traveler, Wang Ziji found that her speculation was not enough.

Or that cold-faced icebergs like Jiang Chuchu would really melt one day

Thinking like this, Wang Ziji moved and left the palace, intending to go to Jiang Chuchu to ask about the situation.

Since she left the Human Ancestor Hall without authorization, the two of them had not seen each other until now.


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