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Chapter 327: The unparalleled Demon revives, I have been waiting for you for a long time, Human Ancestor (Part 2)

But to her surprise, the terrifying deity did not care about her.

This made the silver haired granny breathe a sigh of relief, and could not help but smile bitterly.

Being treated as an existence that was even inferior to ants she did not know whether to be grateful or what.

For a while, the Netherland Heavenly Pond once again returned to dead silence.

In addition to the gray fog still shrouded in the high sky, there was no longer any presence, but the terrifying aura of this place was spreading towards the entire Heavenly Domain.

A more terrifying power seemed to be born in the deepest depths.

This made Yue Mingkong’s expression even more gloomy.

She led the people to appear at the outermost part of the Netherland Heavenly Pond, not daring to approach at will.

Moreover, she felt that there had been a pair of cold eyes in the gray fog, staring at her, as if warning her not to make any rash moves.

“What’s happening”

“What’s going on Why is the heaven and earth shattering and the entrance has disappeared!”

And at that moment, the sudden change in the Netherland Heavenly Pond caused all the cultivators outside to be stunned.

Countless people’s faces turned white, and they noticed it from afar, and they could not sense the slightest breath of life.

This made them incomparably frightened.

The gray fog was so huge that it obscured everything.

The sky and earth were cracking and collapsing as it then peeled down.

Fire rushed to the sky, melting everything, like a meteorite sweeping down.

The whole sky was like a mirror in pieces, the wind blew, the four sides were dark and there was nothingness.

Among them was a sea of nothingness, boiling with chaotic turbulence, rumored to be living in its many ancient ferocious beasts.

Even a cultivator at the Quasi-Supreme Realm must also be careful when crossing, there were terrifying laws to suppress, and they would die miserably.

The scene that happened at the Netherland Heavenly Pond shocked many of the most powerful cultivators from all sides of the Heavenly Domain.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, and they were horrified.

The heavens and earth ruptured, all kinds of laws filled the air, and the divine light of laws seemed like a blazing flame, scorching everything.

“Is there some kind of heavenly demon born in it”

“Even heaven and earth have been burst…… No wonder even that Immortal from the Upper Realm fell in it……”

Many powerful beings, with white faces, looked away from there, feeling that this day was a catastrophe for the whole Heavenly Domain.

if ordinary cultivators got into contact with the wind that blew from there, they would probably die instantly.

In addition, if there were all kinds of disasters from outside the realm, then the whole Heavenly Star Realm would have to suffer.

Thinking of these, countless cultivators and living beings began to despair.

And at this time, in the deepest part of the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

Along with a thick chaotic mist, a Green Lotus that entwined with Chaotic aura took root there, dropping down a thick worldly aura.

“It seems that things are not completely out of control……”

Jiang Yang, who had sacrificed the Immortal Lun Seal and resisted everything with its Supreme divine might, had finally arrived here.

The figure hidden in the monstrous gray mist high in the sky did not strike at him, which made him slightly relieved.

Although he was a little puzzled at this time, he could no longer care.

Only by fusing the Nirvana Green Lotus and borrowing the power of the Dao fruit would he be able to resist that bizarre existence.

What happened today was really beyond his imagination.

Jiang Yang even felt a great confidence that at that time if Gu Changge dared to come towards the Netherland Heavenly Pond, there would only be a dead end, but he did not expect that he would meet such a bizarre existence here.

He couldn’t see his real body.

It was even a bit like a Dao law body, but that kind of vast divine might was definitely the general Dao body that could not be compared.

Jiang Yang suspected that it was an Ancient God or a True Demon that slept here when he didn’t know.

But all in all, as long as this Nirvana Green Lotus was still there, everything was okay.

“Jiang Yang, what do we do now”

When one reached the Quasr-Supreme Realm, as long as the true spirit was complete, it was no problem to be reborn with a drop of blood.

Zhao Yi was saved by Jiang Yang at the critical moment, and now that she had reshaped her body and appeared beside him, she couldn’t help but worry and ask.

“Help me to protect the law, no matter what it costs, block this place, no one is allowed to come here.”

Jiang Yang’s expression became very heavy, permeated with cold hard majesty, not to be questioned.

This was also the main purpose for which he saved Zhao Yi.

Once someone broke in, things would probably be lost.

Although Jiang Yang was confident in his own arrangement back then and there were layers of array patterns guarding the outside, but now, he was also worried about problems.

Since the anomaly had appeared……

Hearing this, Zhao Yi’s expression also gripped up and said, “Understood.”

And at this time, Jiang Yang frowned and thought carefully before deciding to give her the Immortal Lun Seal, telling her how to activate it and awaken the artifact spirit in it.

With her Quasi-Supreme Realm strength, she could barely push it a bit.

The special thing about the Immortal Lun Seal was that the artifact spirit in it was not born on its own, but was refined with the True Soul of the living spirit when it was first refined.

This was also one of Jiang Yang’s considerations for his trick.

With the Immortal Lun Seal in hand, Zhao Yi would feel a little more secure.

And soon, Jiang Yang looked calm again, walking towards the Lotus body of the Nirvana Green Lotus, layers of Chaotic mist surging down, all scenes were incomparably blurred.

The fusion process seemed to him to be incomparably easy, he just had to spend a little more time.

As long as the Nirvana Green Lotus Body was fully fused and a trace of the power of all the worlds returning to one erupted, he would be able to have great strength.

The mysterious woman who had been chasing him outside could also be easily suppressed and killed.

However, just at the moment when Jiang Yang’s figure stepped into it.


His eyes widened abruptly, his face changed drastically, his entire scalp was almost lifted off, and he was cold from head to tail.

His soul started trembling.

“How is this possible……”

Jiang Yang’s words trembled for the first time, unlike before, he couldn’t remain calm, as if everything was under his control.

He simply could not believe that the figure that had already fallen would appear here.

And looking at his appearance, he seemed to have been waiting for him

At this moment, Jiang Yang’s whole head buzzed, like being blasted by a bell, emitting a sound that was hard to set.

He opened his mouth with difficulty, and his voice was hardly calm, “You…… How come you are here”

Gu Changge was sitting above the Nirvana Green Lotus, his figure was covered by a layer of blurred fog, the monstrous demonic aura, constantly penetrating and intertwining, filling every inch of the void.

He looked at Jiang Yang, with a gaze raked with interest, “Why can’t I be here”

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Human Ancestor.”


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