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Chapter 323: I learned to oppress others from Gu Changge, The power of the Nirvana Green Lotus Body (Part 3)

Everyone’s expression changed, frightened to the extreme, at this time, there was no other emotion except despair, resentment, regret.

“Something big has happened…… The Supreme Weapon of the Immortal Lun Sect is revived and it’s going to exterminate everyone.”

“This guy is crazy…… He won’t even spare the Immortal Lun Sect, this is to deceive the Master and destroy the Ancestor!”

All living beings and cultivators were fleeing to the distance for fear of being affected by this aura, their faces pale and horrified with fear, their hearts palpitating.


In the next moment, no matter what kind of existence, as long as they dared to block in front, they were blown into pieces, within a hundred thousand miles, everything turned into pieces, dissipated in the dust.

Even the most powerful creatures and cultivators watching the battle in the distant sky were also terrified and appalled to the extreme.

Watching with their own eyes, the Immortal Lun Seal exploded with Supreme divine might, destroying the heavens and earth, trembling and shaking the universe, wiping out all incoming enemies!

Of course, including the place where the Immortal Lun Sect was originally located, it also turned into dust under this breath.

The power that had been passed down for more than a million years, including all the disciples and Elders, could not even resist under the divine power of the Supreme Weapon, and were instantly destroyed in smoke.

Jiang Yang’s move horrified everyone and sent chills down their backs!

How many enemies had he killed Even the Immortal Lun Sect was not spared

“Jiang Yang really escaped after this……”

Runes flickered in Yue Mingkong’s eyes, and the Quasi-Supreme weapon behind her erupted with dazzling light, resisting these aftershocks and penetrating deeper into the ruins of the Immortal Lun Sect.

But Jiang Yang’s figure was actually not there.

After overwhelming the surrounding enemies, Jiang Yang had already left.

As for where he would go, Yue Mingkong had actually guessed, except that Jiang Yang’s move of destroying his own walls made her somewhat shocked.

She could only say that he was worthy of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, his means were really tough and ruthless, treating the Immortal Lun Sect was same as treating the enemy.

It was just that in this way, Jiang Yang lost his most favorable helper, equivalent to breaking his own arm.

The most advantageous help was the loss of the Immortal Lun Sect, she did not believe that Jiang Yang had any other stronger trick.

Soon, the Immortal Lun Sect was destroyed, turned into ashes, millions of years of heritage was destroyed in a single day, causing a shock to the entire Heavenly Domain.

Including the many Lords of Sacred Mountains, forbidden areas and other people who launched the secret revolt that day, were also all destroyed in the middle, shocking everyone, and causing countless people to be terrified.

Of course, those guys were the ones that Yue Mingkong found to use as cannon fodder to consume Jiang Yang’s move.

Even if they did not die here, in the end, she would find a way to solve them, so as not to leave traces of her existence.

For a while, the story of a disciple of the Immortal Lun Sect who had deceived his Master and destroyed his Ancestor, using the Immortal Lun Seal and exterminated the Immortal Lun Sect, spread all over the world, causing countless people to be appalled.

As for how he activated that Immortal Lun Seal, it had become a mystery and suspense that no one knew about!

The Supreme weapon left behind by the Immortal Lun Supreme ultimately destroyed the sect he left behind.

How ironic was this

And in the underworld, a kind of great momentum had changed, and the fortune that the Immortal Lun Sect had accumulated for millions of years was shifting because of this matter.

The change in the Luck of the Heavenly Star Realm was especially clear.

Gu Changge, who was in the depths of the Netherland Heavenly Pond, also felt this change in the underworld most profoundly.

“Ding, Jiang Yang, the Son of Luck, has broken up with the Immortal Lun Sect……”

“Ding, the Son of Luck destroyed the Immortal Lun Sect……”

With a series of system prompts, he inexplicably obtained a large amount of Luck points from Jiang Yang.

Although these were all things done by Yue Mingkong, Yue Mingkong was his person, and her changes were also closely related to Gu Changge.

The number of Luck points alone was more than 20,000, and the Destiny value even reached a huge 100,000.

Honestly, Jiang Yang was worthy of being the Reincarnation of the Son of Luck, just the Luck points he carried had reached a level that could be called unbelievable.

With the surfacing of Jiang Yang’s many tricks, his Luck points were still growing and changing.

It was just that, now, no matter how much more Jiang Yang’s Luck points grew, it had fallen to a level that could be called low!

In Gu Changge’s eyes, only the last hint of grass to collapse the camel was missing.

After all, according to the normal trajectory, the Immortal Lun Sect would definitely serve as a springboard for Jiang Yang’s development, allowing him to pass through this preliminary period peacefully.

Now that Jiang Yang destroyed his springboard with his own hands.

This would be tantamount to destroying the walls of the city itself.

“This girl Yue Mingkong has saved me some effort this time, she’s a lot smarter than before and knows how to carry a big momentum in order to press people……”

“By the way, it gave me a lot of time to delay again.”

Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile, still seated within the Lotus body of that Nirvana Green Lotus, intending to completely refine it away.

The strength of the Nirvana Green Lotus body lay in the power of the world.

Nowadays, Gu Changge was devouring this horrible talent with his demonic heart, and all the 60 trillion cells in his body were undergoing metamorphosis.

Later, a single cell would be an ancient and vast universe world, infinite power could suppress everything.

This kind of body could accommodate the power of the Human Ancestor of all worlds.

Otherwise, the Human Ancestor would not have calculated for so long, and spent so much effort.

With this kind of body, why worry about the power that he could not withstand.

Now, Gu Changge easily got this good thing without any effort.

Although his own physical strength was strong, it was not yet to the point where it couldn’t be compared with anyone.

With this Nirvana Green Lotus, his power could definitely transcend to another horrific level.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed, the area outside the Netherland Heavenly Pond, the mountains and rivers were magnificent, ancient trees were in the sky.

An old woman and a young girl, two people, came rushing here, the younger one wearing a simple dress, her face was exquisitely flawless, with a resolute look.

It was Yaoyao.

Next to her was her grandma, the two of them left the Immortal Lun Sect, and then rushed all the way here, because there was no warship, flying boat, etc., so their speed was not very fast.

It took many days to get here.

About the life and death of her own Master, Yaoyao wanted to personally determine the truth, even if her Master fell, she still wanted to find the remains of the Master in order to bury him.

With such thoughts, she now looked ahead with her own eyes at the majestic mountain range shrouded by a Chaotic mist, her face was also a bit white, and could not help but give birth to a kind of palpitation.

Within a radius of 10,000 miles, it seemed very quiet, not to mention the cultivators, even the ferocious beasts could not be seen.

With this deadly silent atmosphere, it could be seen that the Netherland Heavenly Pond was definitely a dangerous place, and this journey would not be too smooth.

“Master is inside, I should not be afraid, Master also said that I am a great person, I want to move forward to find him!”

Yaoyao was talking to herself, clenching her little hand and cheering herself up to not be afraid at this time.

“Yaoyao, you really are here, how can you come to the Netherland Heavenly Pond Brother has searched for you for a long time.”

“After I returned to the Immortal Lun Sect, you disappeared and didn’t let anyone give your brother a word, it really made me worry a lot.”

However, just at this time, Yaoyao, who was considering where to go ahead, suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Granny Yinhua beside her, who was on alert, suddenly became sweaty and felt a chill.

Behind a huge mountain rock, accompanied by the sound of footsteps.

Jiang Yang’s figure appeared, with the once Immortal Lun Sect’s Supreme Elder Zhao Yi behind him, looking at Yaoyao with surprise, concern and other emotions.

It was a surprise to him to find Yaoyao here.

He guessed that this girl would definitely not be able to sit tight and would rush to the Netherland Heavenly Pond to look for her Master.

Jiang Yang’s surprised expression was not a fake, he did not care about the destruction of Immortal Lun Sect, as for things such as power, it was completely no match for the Netherland Heavenly Pool.

The existence of Yaoyao, for him, was also like this.


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