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Chapter 322: I learned to oppress others from Gu Changge, The power of the Nirvana Green Lotus Body (Part 2)

“But that’s not enough, unless Jiang Yang uses all means, he won’t be able to escape…”

Yue Mingkong said lightly.

She knew the origin of Jiang Yang and the Ancestor of Immortal Lun Sect, so she would not despise Jiang Yang.

She also understood the power of Jiang Yang’s Reincarnation Seal.

It was unlikely that she wanted to kill Jiang Yang, but she could use her many means to get rid of Jiang Yang’s tricks.

Now, didn’t the Immortal Lun Sect have to break their relationship with Jiang Yang

This was just as she expected, Immortal Lun Sect could not be an enemy of the entire world just because of a disciple!

Her way of framing people was completely learned from Gu Changge.

Although she didn’t have the enthusiasm of Gu Changge, it was enough to oppress Jiang Yang at this time!

After receiving the order of Yue Mingkong, the group of powerhouses who were kneeling got up one after another and rushed outside the Immortal Lun Sect.

“Hand over that disciple, otherwise Immortal Lun Sect will be destroyed here today!”

A mighty voice sounded outside the Immortal Lun Sect.

Accompanied by the shocking murderous aura, many disciples of the Immortal Lun Sect below went pale and extremely frightened, as if they had encountered a disaster.


There was a Quasi-Sacred Realm cultivator, who raised his palm which was falling towards the bottom.

The runes were vast and evolved into powerful laws!

It was as if the sky was falling down, covering everything, causing the mountain protection formation of the Immortal Lun Sect to make a terrifying cracking sound.

At a critical moment, a tyrannical divine aura rose from the Immortal Lun Sect into the sky, blocking the palm, and did not let it fall, so as not to destroy the mountain protection formation.

How terrifying was the presence of the Sacred Realm

If it was outside the domain, just a breath could shatter the ancient star of life, and it was boundless.

At this moment, all the creatures felt a dazzling light, as if it contained the power of countless laws, and it exploded with a bang!

In the sky, it seemed like a dazzling sun had burst.

The light was extremely dazzling, and the void was blasted, leaving a vast expanse of white.

The forces and powerful beings that were secretly watching were now all stunned and felt a chill!

“No, the mountain protection formation is cracked…”

In the Immortal Lun Sect, countless disciples were shocked and stunned when they saw that scene from a distance.

Afterwards, everyone was terrified and desperate!

Because with the rupture of the mountain protection formation, the mighty creatures in the forbidden area of ​​the Sacred Mountain outside the Immortal Lun Sect were killed.

This was a pure land-like area.

At this moment, it was full of murderous intentions and unwilling roars, and the God Kings collapsed, turning into robbed soil and broken walls.

The runes were shining like an ocean.

The battle was fierce, blood filled the air, ruins were everywhere, and there was a sound of fighting.

At this time, everyone was cursing and resenting Jiang Yang.

Why did he cause such a disaster and cause them to suffer together with him To make them lose their life

“Jiang Yang is so damn good! Hurry up and hand him over to quell the anger of those Sacred Mountains and forbidden areas! I don’t want to get buried with this guy…”

“Jiang Yang, you deserve to die…”

“Let Jiang Yang get out of my Immortal Lun Sect, and don’t let everyone get buried with him!”

Everyone was yelling.

For a time, a strong sense of resentment began to appear in the buildings on the peaks of the Immortal Lun Sect.

“Since you insist on doing this, there is no need for the Immortal Lun Sect to exist today!”

In the hall, seeing someone shoot at him, Jiang Yang’s expression suddenly became very cold.

He had already given Immortal Lun Sect the last chance.

He had planned to drive back the enemies outside before heading to the Netherland Heavenly Pond.

But at this time, Immortal Lun Sect had become his enemy!

It was the first time such a thing had happened since he reincarnated so many times.

As the words fell, Jiang Yang started to make a move!

His methods were amazing, the dazzling brilliance emerged under the palm of his hand, like a piece of light rain, accompanied by a great aura.

The Immortal Lun Sect was trembling!

Under the ground, as if there was something that was about to wake up, the four directions were rolling in, turning into a surging and amazing power of heaven and earth, used by Jiang Yang!


“What’s going on How did Jiang Yang’s strength suddenly become so strong”

“How is this possible… How could Immortal Lun Seal be used by Jiang Yang, this…”

The expressions of the Elders of the Immortal Lun Sect, including the Holy Master, changed greatly, and they were shocked by Jiang Yang’s methods.

Then their backs froze, their souls trembled, and they felt a deep sense of danger.

Under this kind of aura, they almost fell to their knees, and their body collapsed!


It was at this moment that a terrifying aura that was about to destroy the world appeared from the depths of the Immortal Lun Sect.

One side of the incomparably crystal clear big seal was hanging down with a terrifying chaotic aura, which circulated the Supreme aura and rose there.

Under the help of many tricks, Jiang Yang once again urged Immortal Lun Seal, and this time the divine might was far more terrifying than the last time!

“This is… Immortal Lun Seal…”

“How can that be……”

“Who the hell are you Why can you easily use this thing, even for the Quasi-Sacred Realm, it is difficult to use it like this!”

The Lords of the Sacred Mountain and the forbidden area who appeared on the horizon were extremely shocked and something unexpected happened.

They didn’t know Jiang Yang’s identity, but with the existence of the Upper Realm behind them, they would naturally not dare to ask more if they wanted to kill Jiang Yang.

They didn’t expect that Jiang Yang would be able to use such means at this time.

To be honest, Jiang Yang’s move had shocked the world!

At this time, when Jiang Yang heard the words, he simply flew into the horizon, looking at the enemies from all directions, his expression was indifferent, and he was contemptuous.

“Just you You dare to take action against me.

All of those who come here today will be destroyed here.”

“You’re worthy to question me, Jiang Yang”

At this moment, he no longer explained, and just took the opportunity to let the world understand that he was not a soft persimmon, could anyone really bully him in the face

As the words fell, Jiang Yang raised his hand, and the terrifying terrain turned into a surging force, rushing into the Immortal Lun Seal.

This was the Luck of heaven and earth from the four directions accumulated by the Immortal Lun Sect for millions of years!

Now, all of them were for his use!

“Very good, at this time Jiang Yang used this means, then I do not believe that he can still have much of any tricks left ……”

“Once all his tricks are exhausted, the chances of killing him will be even greater.

Fortunately, he was not allowed to return to the Upper Realm, within the Heavenly Star Realm, there are not many means that the reincarnated body of the Human Ancestor can use.”

Far away, Yue Mingkong looked at the scene with a calm expression, and various thoughts flashed in her mind.

She wasn’t surprised at all, and even gave birth to a strange feeling.

Her plan and action to calculate Jiang Yang this time wasn’t too smooth

So much so that she had a feeling that there was someone in the dark who was helping her

Then how else would she explain the previous accident.

Jiang Yang went ahead to the appointment and mistook her for the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall, was it really a coincidence Yue Mingkong did not believe Jiang Yang would be that stupid.

And she subconsciously thought of Gu Changge.

Could it be that Gu Changge noticed her whereabouts and secretly followed her and headed to the Lower Realm

Yue Mingkong thought of the mysterious Immortal from the Upper Realm from some time ago.

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was very likely.

First, he descended to the Xuan Domain and unified all the powers there, then in the name of recruiting disciples, he was actually searching for the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor

It was just that, in that case, there was a big loophole.

If that mysterious Immortal was Gu Changge, then why didn’t he take action to solve Jiang Yang after he came to the Immortal Lun Sect, but stayed until now

So Yue Mingkong felt that either she was overthinking, or there was something else that she hadn’t considered.

Wasn’t that Immortal suspected to have fallen in the Netherland Heavenly Pond

This kind of news, not seeing it with her own eyes, she actually did not believe it.

“Not good!”

“This Jiang Yang is so ruthless, he wants to kill everyone, including us!”

“Why is he able to activate the Immortal Lun Seal……”

And in the next moment, everyone within the Immortal Lun Sect reacted and became terrified, their faces turned pale, desperate, horrified, unable to believe and so on.

Along with the blinding divine light that emerged from the Immortal Lun Seal, it appeared incomparably bright.

“You all brought this on yourselves.” Jiang Yang said with a cold and indifferent expression.

At the same time, in his hand, a corner of the supreme formation pattern revived, beams of light intertwined, as if it were turning into the only color in heaven and earth.


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