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Chapter 320: Finally it’s time to reap benefits, The Immortal Lun Sect wouldn’t last (Part 2)

Of course this figure was naturally Gu Changge.

He closed his eyes slightly, there were black and white divine lights flowing out from his eyes.

A black rune was struck by his hand, branded in eight directions, like a small bright black sun, intending to turn the momentum of this place.

Soon, after completing these.

Gu Changge opened his eyes, looking somewhat puzzled.

“Surprisingly, I somehow received Jiang Yang’s Luck points again.

It seems that Yue Mingkong’s plan has succeeded, with her methods.

Even if Jiang Yang wants to escape, I’m afraid he will have to lose a layer of skin.”

“In that case, it is also considered a blow to Jiang Yang’s luck.”

Gu Changge also planned to have Yue Mingkong help him stall Jiang Yang for a few more days.

It was just that, from the system’s prompt, it seemed that he had underestimated Yue Mingkong’s tactics.

By this time, Jiang Yang had already been hunted by her.

Under Gu Changge’s calculation, Jiang Yang thought that the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall was looking for him, so he left the Immortal Lun Sect where he had been cowering and came outside.

As a regressor, Yue Mingkong should know a lot about Jiang Yang’s methods, and under her layers of arrangement, Jiang Yang would have to honestly admit his fate even if he was the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor.

But with the means of Yue Mingkong, if she wanted to kill Jiang Yang, it was very difficult.

“But it seems that the Human Ancestor has gone to great lengths for the things in the Heavenly Pond, to the extent that he even destroyed his Reincarnation Seal, tsk tsk ……”

“Just the outermost layer had a whole three Great Sacred Realm vicious beasts, a Great Sacred Realm headless horseman guard……”

“It’s just a pity that this little tactic can stop others, but not me.”

Gu Changge swept over the many runes nearby and did not touch them.

These days, the outside world had caused those sensations, naturally, he also noticed them.

With his current means, it was actually not difficult for him to sneak into the deepest part.

When he was within the Ancient Immortal Continent, he had snuck in front of the eyes of countless old demons and old antiquities.

He was also able to calmly venture inside the Immortal Gate and snatch the Immortal Spirit away, without anyone noticing.

The arrangement within the Netherland Heavenly Pond was actually much worse than the one inside the Immortal Gate.

After all, the environment of heaven and earth was completely different, the rules of this place would not allow too much power beyond the burden of this world.

It could be said that the difficulty instantly dropped many times.

Gu Changge himself was proficient with spatial talent and incomparably good at concealment.

So he thought about it and created the illusion that he had fallen outside, which by the way could conceal the rest of the Human Ancestor’s arrangement.

On the other hand, he could also let the outside beings and cultivators know that they should not come up and disturb his plans.

Of course, Gu Changge also took his plan into consideration.

Wasn’t Jiang Yang going to scheme against him

Then this was exactly what he wanted, he could just take advantage of this time to cut off the opportunity that Jiang Yang had worked so hard to plan for many lifetimes, wouldn’t that be wonderful

Also for the breakup between Yaoyao and Jiang Yang, he tore the dough and poured the last oil.

Gu Changge now only had to sit here and reap the benefits, waiting for Jiang Yang to come here to deliver his head and reap the last wave of his remaining points.


Afterwards, the Eight Desolate Demon Halberd appeared and took the initiative to recover.

With the monstrous demonic power, it wiped out many of the runes in front of him.

Gu Changge continued to take action, changing the general laws and making these runes for his use.

In the deepest part.

A very special Green Lotus was propping up the Lotus leaves, and strands of Chaotic energy were entangled on it, it was deeply rooted in the bottom of the lake, as if it wouldn’t sway even if the sky and the earth were dead, and the universe was dead.

Nirvana Green Lotus.

It was just that it was not mature yet.

Looking at this thing from a distance, various thoughts flashed in Gu Changge’s mind.

One last buzz!!

He chose to move forward, even if it was not mature, he had to occupy it first!

The Great Dao treasure bottle emerged actively, defending him against its terrifying pressure.

His bones rattled.

Gu Changge even heard the rumbling sounds of the ancient worlds spinning.

As if it could crush people to pieces.

But as the Great Dao treasure bottle fell, the Lotus leaves spread out one by one, and he fell into it one step at a time, and then he sat cross-legged.

The Lotus leaves closed, and all the aura fluctuations gradually disappeared.

On the open and boundless lake, soon only a Green Lotus was left standing and taking root.

It was silent.

And Gu Changge’s current state was very strange.

His demonic heart throbbed, blood spurted out, and made a terrifying sound like a giant drum.

At the same time he felt a desire to devour it!

In a trance, Gu Changge saw a thumb-sized lotus seed with mysterious ancient traces wrapped around its surface.

It seemed to be the embodiment of the Great Dao, and it was also the cohesion of the laws.

Like floating in the boundless void.

Surrounded by a Chaotic aura, at the beginning of time, it could even display the traces from the long river of time.

The prototypes of the worlds, as the lotus seeds fell, bloomed in the Chaos, and then evolved into a vast world.

But in the end, as he opened his mouth and swallowed this lotus seed, the terrifying black hole engulfed the universe.

Many pictures began to collapse and shatter.

His Inner World, at this time, began to evolve.

Level up!

His Inner World had transformed into the Inner Universe!

Gu Changge’s most direct feeling was that he could control the power of the world!

The palm of his hand contained the universe, his fist embraced the universe!

Even his cultivation base had broken through to the Great Sacred Realm!

“What’s going on What happened”

“This aura… Could it be that thing… Was it finally acquired by this devil”

“Has the plan of the Human Ancestor become a gift for someone else”

Jiang Chuchu, who was in the Inner World, saw that the Inner World was being submerged by the turbulent Chaotic energy, and only the Heavenly Court standing in the sky remained unchanged.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but be shocked and couldn’t keep calm.

In the end, her complexion turned pale and she sat down on the bluestone like a slump.

She was driven to distraction.

“Impossible, haven’t I already warned the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor Are all his tricks useless”

Jiang Chuchu couldn’t believe what she saw.

Or was it that Gu Changge had become so powerful that he could ignore Human Ancestor’s many tricks

She couldn’t stop it at all.

Everything was evolving in the direction Gu Changge said.


In the next few days, a major event that swept the entire Heavenly Domain happened again, alarming many forces and ethnic groups.

Countless cultivators and creatures were so frightened that their faces turned pale.

A terrifying secret revolt suddenly occurred.

There were no signs.

In the major Sacred Mountains and forbidden areas, there were ancient beings who said that there was a young disciple in the Immortal Lun Sect who stole their Sacred object and asked the Immortal Lun Sect to hand him over.

Many terrifying old antiques, whose cultivation base had reached the Sacred Realm, had begun to recover, and they were approaching the mountain gate of Immortal Lun Sect.

Many people speculated that this incident might just be an excuse, and that the disciple was just a small lead.

In fact, the major Sacred Mountains and forbidden areas had always wanted to attack the Immortal Lun Sect.

It was just that it hadn’t started yet.

“Now even the Immortal Lun Sect can’t last for long… Why did the phantom left by the Immortal Lun disappear”

In the hall of Immortal Lun Sect.

The atmosphere was depressing and heavy.

Jiang Yang, who used many means along the way to escape back to the Immortal Lun Sect with heavy injuries, felt a strong malice right away.

The major Sacred Mountains and forbidden areas were forced to come, they were obviously ordered by the mysterious woman who almost got rid of him that day.

Jiang Yang originally planned to arouse the phantom of the Ancestor of Immortal Lun Sect and cooperate with Immortal Lun Sect to fight against the mysterious woman, but he failed.

Because the phantom of the Ancestor Immortal Lun seemed to have disappeared, and he was not moved by him at all!

This incident made his identity in the Immortal Lun Sect suddenly reversed.

Moreover, the matter of him stealing the Immortal Lun Seal was noticed by many elders in the Immortal Lun Sect.

Under the internal and external troubles, there were almost big problems.

This made Jiang Yang’s complexion very ugly, and he was no longer as indifferent as before.

He felt that someone was secretly plotting against him!

“No, at this time, I have to go to the Netherland Heavenly Pond…”

“Immortal Lun Sect wouldn’t last…”


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