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Chapter 306: Yue Mingkong’s plan to catch the turtle in the jar, You have to pay attention to your Master (Part 1)

Although Gu Changge always felt that there was something fishy between the reincarnation of the different Human Ancestors and the so-called ‘snatchers’ who took over other people’s bodies, but when all was said and done, there was definitely a big difference.

An old fried dough stick like the Human Ancestor had been reincarnated so many times, how could there be no means to help him conceal the creation of a situation leading to dual soul symbiosis from the outside world.

Even if the strongest cultivator was there to investigate, don’t even think about finding the traces of snatching, at most they would only explain that the memories of his previous life were awakened.

Gu Changge telling Yaoyao that Jiang Yang had been taken away in such a righteous manner was no different from a framed accusation.

Because he didn’t have any powerful means now, he could not directly prove that Jiang Yang was not what he used to be.

But that didn’t matter either.

After all, Yaoyao trusted him very much.

What he wanted was to make Yaoyao doubt Jiang Yang and let her give birth to vigilance.

If Jiang Yang was stupid enough to directly attack Yaoyao, then it would be exactly what Gu Changge wanted.

The fate of the Heavenly Star Realm leaning on both sides would collide, and he could take advantage being the fisherman, and make up for the Human Ancestor at the critical moment.

Wasn’t it wonderful

“According to the current methods of Human Ancestor, it is unlikely that he would retain Jiang Yang’s original consciousness and become the dominating one casually.

The so-called honesty is only an image that he maintained on the surface.”

“After all, among righteous people, who will choose Holy Maidens from generation to generation…”

“In other words, the elder brother before Yaoyao should have disappeared, so she should hate the Human Ancestor.”

“As a Master, I would help her, so there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Many thoughts flashed in Gu Changge’s mind.

There was still a warm expression on his face, no sign of abnormality.

As for taking advantage of Yaoyao’s guilt, he didn’t care about it at all.

Rather than being used by the Human Ancestor, she would not reject her Master helping in avenging her brother’s murderer.

“Yaoyao, take good care of this jade pendant.

It contains a strand of the Dao Dharma body of your Master.

When you are in danger, crush it and your Master will be able to sense it.”

Gu Changge pondered for a while, then continued to speak.

At the same time, a crystal clear jade pendant appeared in the palm of his hand, and many runes flickered, which was simple and mysterious.

There was an astonishing aura on it, and a wisp of it seemed capable of making the sky crumble.

“Thank you, Master.” Yaoyao obediently accepted it.

Gu Changge smiled slightly.

He knew that Yaoyao was unlikely to be in danger.

At a critical moment, if the Dao fruit’s power exploded, who could hurt her

But Yaoyao herself didn’t know that.

In her opinion, the reason why Gu Changge gave her this jade pendant was because he was worried that Jiang Yang would hurt her while he was away.

This moved her heart.

Of course, Gu Changge had another purpose.

What this jade pendant contained was not the so-called Dao Dharma body, but his Myriad Demonic body.

Myriad Demonic Body was similar to Divine Sense which was equivalent to a strand of his Divine Soul.

With this, he could always know Yaoyao’s movements.

He knew that Jiang Yang would definitely look for Yaoyao next, and under the guise of taking her to play, he would actually try to gain Yaoyao’s trust.

At that time, if this Master intervened, Jiang Yang would inevitably be suspicious.

Although Jiang Yang intended to deal with him.

But he also understood that now was not the time.

Gu Changge didn’t intend to startle the snake, so he planned to control all of Jiang Yang’s movements through Yaoyao.

Even if Jiang Yang had any doubt, it would be impossible to guess Gu Changge’s purpose.

“Dao Dharma body…”

Silver haired granny glanced enviously, she could feel the horror and extraordinariness of this jade pendant.

With this jade pendant to protect herself, it was estimated that even a Sacred Realm cultivator would not be able to hurt Yaoyao.

Her Master was really powerful!

Was there anything else he couldn’t bring out

But soon, thinking of Jiang Yang’s current changes, her face displayed sadness, helplessness, entanglement and other emotions.

After all, even Yaoyao’s Master said that he was not sure, and there was a need to discuss this again, so who was Jiang Yang now Was he really possessed

Just when Yaoyao and Granny Yinhua were suspicious of Jiang Yang.

Gu Changge also heard the system prompt sound.

Jiang Yang’s Luck points decreased by a lot again.

He could see with his own eyes that some illusory Luck between heaven and earth was quickly fading away.

According to this trend, when Jiang Yang’s Luck points in the Heavenly Star Realm had declined to a certain extent, he could start to consider plundering, which had a relatively high chance of success.

“When the Son of Luck’s Luck points trigger the clear drop rule, what kind of treasure chest will be dropped”

“Could it be something like the Seal of Reincarnation or the Dao Fruit”

At this time, Gu Changge was thinking about the final reward.

He would eat the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor to death.

From Jiang Chuchu’s mouth, he had already learned that the Reincarnation Seal of the Human Ancestor was the biggest trump card.

Jiang Yang had recently made an explosive breakthrough and with his body, he would soon break through to the True God Realm if he survived.

How far was it from Gu Changge’s true strength

Even if the Human Ancestor reincarnated and had the means to borrow the general trend of the world, Gu Changge didn’t need to care.

At most he would have to pay attention to the Ancestor of the Immortal Lun Sect, that was, the means left by Immortal Lun Supreme.

Supreme phantom

Or a Supreme weapon

“If the Eight Desolate Magic Halberd is revived, it should be able to compete with the weapons from the Ancestor of Immortal Lun.” Gu Changge narrowed his eyes.

As for the Supreme phantom Don’t forget that the phantom left by the Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation that belonged to the original reincarnation was also swallowed by Gu Changge with his treasure bottle.

In front of Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation, the Supreme Being was too far behind.

Only after the Quasi-Supreme Realm completed the Nine Heavens cycle could they have the opportunity to break through the Supreme Realm.

And when one reached the Supreme Realm, they would have the opportunity to become a Taoist Emperor!

The so-called Taoist Emperor were the names of beings who have proven the Tao in the ancient times, and some of them have even gone a long way on the road to enlightenment, and were already close to becoming Immortals!

In addition to being born with a demonic heart, Gu Changge was actually accompanied by the treasure bottle.

That treasure bottle was not a phantom condensed based from the Immortal Devouring Demonic Art, but a real existence that was floating somewhere in the deepest part of his spiritual sea.

It wasn’t until he started to practice that it slowly emerged.

No one knew about it except him.

For more than 20 years, Gu Changge had only used it once.

That treasure bottle was also one of Gu Changge’s most powerful cards!

And in the next few days, Gu Changge took Yaoyao and others to temporarily stay in the Immortal Lun Sect.

The news of his arrival at the Immortal Lun Sect also spread quickly from the Immortal Lun Sect.

After all, many cultivators had witnessed Gu Changge’s entry into the Immortal Lun Sect’s mountain gate that day.

For a while, news circulated in all parts of the Heavenly Domain, causing a stir and causing many cultivators to start speculating, who were very puzzled and shocked.

Many forces and Sacred Mountains sent people to visit, but they were all met with closed doors.

It was then many people discovered that the relationship between the Immortal Lun Sect and Gu Changge did not seem to be very harmonious.

Gu Changge was temporarily residing in Immortal Lun Sect.

They could only obey cautiously, not dare to show the slightest dissatisfaction.

Instead they had to treat him with awe and flattery.

This appearance and attitude shocked many forces, and then they secretly snickered.

For the usually strong and domineering habit of the Immortal Lun Sect, there was still such a day.


On the other hand, Yue Mingkong also received the news about the Immortal Lun Sect.

Her methods were very secretive, but she also secretly controlled a lot of local powerful forces, and there were several big ancient clans in the Heavenly Domain that were now under her control.

What happened in the Heavenly Domain was difficult to hide from her ears.

Immortal Lun Sect’s matter was no exception.

At this moment, she looked cold and profound, frowning at the group of people kneeling below, and there was a terrifying pressure.

“Jiang Yang……”

Yue Mingkong murmured this name to herself, and there was a shocking killing aura and cold intent diffused in her eyes.

“After hiding for so long, you have finally revealed yourself.”

This name was still something she had only just learned from the mouth of one of her men.

A disciple of the Immortal Lun Sect, bearing the Desolate Holy Body that had unlocked the curse, was beginning to rise to fame.

“No wonder there wasn’t any news before, so it was a waste body like the Desolate Holy Body, is that why there hasn’t been any news for so many years”

“It’s really not a lot of work.”

Yue Mingkong’s expression looked increasingly cold, and her killing intent was astonishing.

Her original intention was to wait for the emergence of that Nirvana Green Lotus at the Heavenly pond and pick it in advance.

This would make the Human Ancestor’s intention of returning from all the worlds to one in vain.

But now, she changed her mind.​


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