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Chapter 298: This assistance is really timely, Everyone is dumbfounded (Part 1)

Outside the mountain gate of Immortal Lun Sect.

The clouds were shrouded in mist, and it was extremely magnificent.

Gu Changge and Yaoyao traveled all the way to this location.

During this period of time, he was serious about becoming a Master, and he couldn’t say how much he cared about it, but he still did his job with diligence, so that people wouldn’t find anything wrong.

Although Yaoyao couldn’t cultivate, it didn’t matter.

As a Master, he took her to play all the way, leaving footprints in the vast mountains and rivers, and the ancient cities.

At the same time, Yaoyao understood the truth, although she couldn’t cultivate, but with a Master like him, no one could bully her.

Gu Changge also took her to the ancient restricted areas and the ancient sacred mountains.

Now, this little girl was very sticky to him, saying that her Master was the best person for her.

Even her silver haired granny who followed behind had gained a lot of enlightenment and knowledge, and was very envious of Yaoyao.

With Gu Changge’s intentional care, Yaoyao now almost regarded him as her closest person.

She even felt that her brother was not like her Master, who was meticulous to her.

However, after all, she had depended on her brother and her granny for so many years, and he still had a very important position in her heart.

This point, Gu Changge was also clear, so he was not in a hurry.

At this moment, he raised his eyes and looked at this majestic ancient place, as he was holding Yaoyao by his side, with a strange expression on his face.

To be honest, in his opinion, the Luck of the Immortal Lun Sect was changing at a strange speed.

There was an image of a Dragon, but obviously some time ago, he felt that the Luck of this location was fading.

But in a blink of an eye, it started to recover.

This change could only explain what the Immortal Lun Sect had done, and it had begun to conform to the changes in heaven.

“Could it be because of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor that caused this change It seems that the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor is not as simple as a Child of Luck, but he is also in the Heavenly Star”

Various thoughts flashed in Gu Changge’s mind.

He stood here, tall and vague, as if standing in the other world.

He was dressed in a moon-white robe, with wide sleeves, and fluttering hair.

His face was blurred, and it felt more otherworldly, which made people unable to help but feel a sense of adoration.

“Reporting… reporting to the Immortal, someone has been sent to report your arrival.”

Looking at him, the disciples of the Immortal Lun Sect in front of him were stammering and their voices were shaking.

They couldn’t even stand steadily.

None of them expected that the terrifying Immortal from the rumors would actually visit them in person today and come to the door of the Immortal Lun Sect.

This made them shocked, horrified, worried, frightened, and had all kinds of emotions, which was very complicated.

Because during this period of time, many restricted areas and ancient sacred mountains had been led away by this Immortal, asking for a lot of good things, and those who refused to obey were destroyed by his palm.

Their end was domineering and tyrannical.

There were several ancient existences in those places, who had created several dark turmoils, making countless forces and creatures jealous.

But they were also annihilated by this Immortal.

Now that he brought this little girl to Immortal Lun Sect, was he trying to beat their Ancestors

This made them terrified and felt that their own mountain gate could not stop this Immortal at all.

Unless their Ancestors were awakened.

“What’s the matter Are you a little worried about my arrival”

At this moment, Gu Changge suddenly opened his mouth and asked with a smile.

He didn’t care about the disciples of the Immortal Lun Sect in front of him.

He was asking Yaoyao next to him, feeling that her little hands were a little cold at the moment.

Of course this was a well-informed question.

On the way, in fact, under his intentional inquiry, he also caught some disciples of Immortal Lun Sect.

He did ask some news about Yaoyao’s brother.

Jiang Yang.

Today, his status in the Immortal Lun Sect was not trivial, not even the Holy Son and the Holy Maiden could compare with him.

This was different from what Yaoyao had guessed, her brother was doing very well without encountering any troubles or difficulties.

As for why he didn’t choose to return home, to visit Yaoyao and her grandma.

This reason was no longer important.

Or maybe he forgot about them and didn’t want to share his wealth.

Maybe he was too busy to find time…

During this process, Gu Changge had already sensed that some Luck was disappearing from the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, and then gathered on him.

The system’s prompt also made him feel that his guess was correct.

Under his various hints, Yaoyao was indeed a little disappointed in her elder brother.

Even Granny Yinhua, who had always known Jiang Yang, sighed, feeling that Jiang Yang had changed, and was a little disappointed in him.

“Master, do you think brother has forgotten Yaoyao and grandma” Yaoyao asked Gu Changge softly.

“How could he forget you He should be cultivating and couldn’t find time to see you.”

Gu Changge touched her head with a gentle expression and said comfortingly.

“Master, please stop comforting Yaoyao, brother would never be like this before, he has changed…”

Yaoyao’s voice was a little gloomy.

Her grandma used to tell her that people were unpredictable, and no one knew what would happen over time.

Compared with the mortal world, the world of cultivation had too many temptations.

During this time, Gu Changge brought her to see all kinds of prosperity and magnificence, which made her yearn for them at a young age.

She could understand that her brother would indulge in such bustling scenes.

However, Yaoyao still hoped to see him with her own eyes and get an answer before she could leave with her Master.

Master had been with her for a long time, and Master could no longer be bothered by her.

“It seems that the memory of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor has indeed awakened, otherwise it shouldn’t be like this.”

“I thought I needed to plan things out, but I didn’t expect it to be so simple.”

Seeing Yaoyao’s expression like this, Gu Changge couldn’t help but burst into laughter, thinking so.

But there was nothing unusual about his face.



And soon, in the mountains ahead, divine lights rose to the sky, and several tyrannical auras began to converge.

The person in the lead was the current Holy Master Xian Lun, with a sturdy figure and a tyrannical aura, with many elders behind him.

His mighty and astonishing momentum, shocked everyone, as he came to greet Gu Changge.

“Greetings, Mr.


“It’s an honor for our clan to be visited by the Immortal in person! This is a great honor for our clan!”

“I hope you will be generous and will not take offense if we have been negligent!”

“I just don’t know what is the reason for your visit to our clan”

Before people arrived, there were respectful, flattering and pleasing voices resounding from far away.

A crowd of Immortal Lun Sect outside, and many unknown cultivators stared at this scene in shock, completely unaware of what was happening.

On the contrary, silver haired granny and Yaoyao were already familiar with this sight and were not surprised in the least.

During this period of time, no matter where Gu Changge took them, it was always like this.

Those local cultivators, no matter how honorable their status was, were close to falling to their knees to greet them personally.

“Let’s go, and meet that brother of yours.”

Gu Changge held Xiaoyao’s small hand and waved his robe.

The many runic formations in front of her disappeared from under her feet, leading her towards them.

He did not care about the people of the Immortal Lun Sect in front of him.

After all, as a Superior Immortal, he was not someone a cat or dog could take care of.

A crowd of Immortal Lun Sect’s elders, looked at Gu Changge with sarcastic expressions, although it was in their territory, but no one dared to stop it.

“I don’t know if the Superior Immortal……”

Immortal Lun Saint Lord was a Sacred Realm cultivator, he reacted after several changes, and went ahead to ask.

“This lord wants to see a person named Jiang Yang.”

Gu Changge swept a glance at him and spoke indifferently.

Jiang Yang

How could it be Jiang Yang

What was so strange about him What was so strange about him that he had attracted this Immortal to personally call him by his name

At these words, a group of Immortal Lun Holy Land elders, including the Holy Master of Immortal Lun Sect, their heads exploded and they all stared in shock.

“This is the little girl we saw in that little village back then……”

It was the Green Ghost who recognized Yaoyao, completely different from the appearance of the face full of mud and dirt, but her aura did not change.

“Could it be that this Superior Immortal came to the Immortal Lun Sect because of this little girl’s matter”

“I was really blind at first! I can’t believe I didn’t see that there was something odd about this little girl.”

Thinking of this, the Green Ghost’s eyes widened and he sighed in his heart for a while.

Speaking of which, the disciple named Jiang Yang was this little girl’s brother!

How could he be so lucky, not only was he respected by a bunch of old antiques, but now his sister had met such a terrifying Immortal from the Upper Realm.

With this relationship, wouldn’t he be able to talk to this Immortal and even climb into a relationship

This made Green Ghost incomparably envious and jealous.

And noticing the Green Ghost’s expression, the Holy Master Immortal Lun Sect gave him a look with a movement in his expression.

The Green Ghost also understood and hurriedly informed the Immortal Lun Saint Lord about the origin of Jiang Yang and the Immortal in front of him through voice transmission.

“There is still this relationship”

The Immortal Saint Lord was delighted to hear that the little girl beside Gu Changge actually had this relationship with Jiang Yang and was his sister.

Was not this heaven’s help to the Immortal Lun Sect

“Jiang Yang is now cultivating in the sect, he is very much valued by a group of old ancestors, whether it is qualification or talent, both are rare to find one in a hundred million years……”

“I am afraid that in a few years, Jiang Yang will be able to succeed as the next Holy Master of the Immortal Lun Sect and lead the Immortal Lun Sect to glory.”

At that moment, the Immortal Lun Saint Lord said respectfully and gave Gu Changge the lead, heading inside the mountain gate.

At this time, he naturally had to find a way to say that Jiang Yang was doing very well in the Immortal Lun Sect, and his status was above ten thousand people.

As for the matter of throwing Jiang Yang to be a hard worker some time ago, he didn’t even dare to mention it.

“Oh, is that so”

Gu Changge nodded with a calm expression, his eyes becoming deeper and deeper, so that no one could feel his joy or anger.

But Yaoyao, who was on the side, was feeling that her Master, at this moment, seemed to be a little angry.

This made her a little sad, and her mood suddenly turned bad.

Yaoyao felt that her Master was a little angry at her brother’s actions because he heard these words from the Immortal Lun Sect.

Although her brother didn’t care about her and her grandma anymore, now, she had her Master to take care of her!

“Yes, the Superior Immortal has no idea, during this period of time Jiang Yang has invoked the shadow of our Immortal Lun Sect’s Ancestor, which means that his talent has been recognized by the Ancestor.”

“Jiang Yang is so talented, how could we not see it We will definitely use most of our resources on him……”

And at this moment, Holy Master of the Immortal Lun Sect, who was still unaware of Gu Changge’s thoughts, was still talking to himself.

Mentioning how much better Jiang Yang was living in the Immortal Lun Sect nowadays.

After all, how could he know the purpose of Gu Changge for bringing Yaoyao here, and he subconsciously thought that Yaoyao was here to visit her brother.

“It seems that Jiang Yang is living a good life.”

Gu Changge nodded and said indifferently, although his face was calm at this time.

But he was actually already laughing in his heart, he almost cast an appreciative glance at the Holy Master of Immortal Lun Sect.

He was a smart guy as he was not even aware of the backlash of his words.

However, this wave of assistance really came just in time for Gu Changge.

It also saved him the effort of sowing dissension.

The first thing he had to do was to take care of one’s family.

Her brother was doing so well in the Immortal Lun Sect, when he said that he would come back to visit her and his grandma.

But Jiang Yang didn’t, instead he seemed to have forgotten and abandoned the two of them.

This made her heart very sad.

Now Holy Master’s words were tantamount to sprinkling salt on the wound, further confirming her previous various speculations.

In addition, Gu Changge from time to time at the side with various words hint, pushing the wave.


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