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Chapter 297: Master has the power to support you, That Immortal has come to Immortal Lun Sect (Part 2)

Well, this girl probably misses her brother a lot, so she doesn’t want to leave this place like this.

She sighed in her heart, vaguely knowing what Yaoyao was thinking.

“Master, are we going to leave this world now”

Yaoyao looked at Gu Changge.

Her thoughts were actually just as the silver haired granny had guessed.

Her little face was very confused.

On one side was her Master.

On one side was her brother.

A year ago, her brother was taken to the Immortal Lun Sect for cultivation, and now there was no news.

Some time ago, the Northern Mountain Village where she was located was attacked by bandits.

If there was no sudden arrival of the Master to rescue them, she and her grandma might not be able to survive, and they would have died at the hands of the bandits.

At that time, she had always hoped that her brother would come to rescue her and her grandma, but he did not come.

Yaoyao felt that he should be cultivating in Immortal Lun Sect, but something happened, so he couldn’t escape, and he couldn’t return to the village to visit her and grandma.

Now, there was an incomparably powerful Master behind her, and her identity was not the same as before.

She could go to Immortal Lun Sect and take the initiative to visit her brother.

If he was in a bad situation in the Immortal Lun Sect, he could help her.

Yaoyao had a good heart and was very sensible.

“Is there anything else, Yaoyao”

Hearing this, Gu Changge was stunned for a moment, then seemed to think of something, and asked with a smile, “Tell me, I can take you back to the Upper Realm after your matter is resolved.”

“Master, I want to go see my brother.” Yaoyao replied.

“Oh Your brother”

Gu Changge was slightly stunned, as if trying to recall.

Yaoyao also knew that in the eyes of her Master, her brother was probably nothing, as insignificant as dust and impossible to be remembered.

“Since it’s your brother, then we can go to see him.”

Afterwards, Gu Changge seemed to remember and said with a smile.

And agreed to her request.

“Thank you, Master.” Yaoyao’s face was filled with joy.

Seeing this, Gu Changge smiled and touched her head, but said nothing.

He was just waiting to say this.

“That brother of yours has been practicing in the Sect for more than a year, and he didn’t go back to see you As a cultivator, he can’t protect his family…”

At this moment, Gu Changge shook his head slightly, as if he was not very optimistic about Yaoyao’s elder brother.

It was almost impossible to directly say that your brother was not a good person and abandoned his relatives.

If ordinary people said that about her brother, Yaoyao would definitely refute it.

But this person was her Master, and what he said was very reasonable.

She was also a little underwhelmed for a while.

“Brother must have his own hardships…”

Gu Changge said nothing more.


At the same time, Yue Mingkong, who was struggling to find the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor in other Domains, also brought people to Heavenly Domain at this time.

“That Immortal also came here And with a little girl”

Yue Mingkong frowned.

Hearing this news, her first reaction was to feel strange.

At that time, she thought that the Immortal would leave the Heavenly Star Realm and return to the Upper Realm after resolving the matter in the Xuan Domain.

But he didn’t.

He even came to the Heavenly Domain.

Moreover, the matter of recruiting disciples in the Xuan Domain’s Taixu Sect seemed more like a matter of accepting disciples to her, as if he was looking for someone.

After no one was found in the rest of the domains.

This Immortal came to the Heavenly Domain.

“Could it be that he actually came to find the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor Or is it someone from the Human Ancestor Hall”

Various thoughts flashed in Yue Mingkong’s heart, and there was some faint worry and unease.

Before the most critical moment, she actually didn’t want to reveal her origin of the Upper Realm.

“I have to find a way to find out who that Immortal is.”

On Yue Mingkong’s beautiful immortal face, her eyes were very deep.

During this period of time, her cultivation base had been upgraded to the late stage of the God King Realm, which was not much worse than the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

“Empress, there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual about that little girl.

She came from a place called Northern Mountain Village.

She was attacked by bandits at the time, and was rescued by the Immortal who was passing by…”

Yue Mingkong’s brows furrowed even tighter when the confidant behind him reported it.

Things were beyond her control.

“If I can’t find the reincarnation, then I have to go and cut off his Nirvana Green Lotus…”

During this period of time, Yue Mingkong had already narrowed down the area where the Nirvana Green Lotus was about to appear, and finally settled on a certain peak!

Before the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor rushed there, she must snatch that Nirvana Green Lotus!

“Without the Nirvana Green Lotus body, there will be problems when the Human Ancestor returns to this one, and he will not be able to last long…”

“It seems that the Human Ancestor has already made a plan.

He even expected the birth of the Nirvana Green Lotus in this world, so he appeared here.”

“If there is no accident, Changge should be calculating a new candidate to take the blame.

All of the people on the list I left him are very suitable targets.”

Thinking of Gu Changge who was in the Upper Realm now, a softness appeared in Yue Mingkong’s eyes.

If it wasn’t for Gu Changge, she wouldn’t take such a big risk and rush to this world to stop the Human Ancestor.

“Changge shouldn’t know everything I’ve done for him now.

If he knew, would he trust me a little more…”

Yue Mingkong sighed faintly, and then began to take command.

A large number of power houses headed towards the Heavenly Peak she had identified.


Immortal Lun Sect, as the most mysterious and powerful force in the Heavenly Star Realm, had been standing for the longest time, even after a million years, it still did not fall.

In Heavenly Domain, there had never been a force like the Immortal Lun Sect.

Of course, it was also related to its patriarch who was a Supreme being.

But no matter who it was, when they came to the foot of Immortal Lun Sacred Mountain, they had to be respectful, and they did not dare to show any lack of reverence.

Today, the center of the Immortal Lun Sect was magnificent and majestic.

Inside a splendid palace.

Holy Master Xian Lun was pacing with his hands on his back, his eyes opened and closed, and the light appeared, and there was a wisp of divine light, which seemed like he was concerned.

Below him stood many powerful inner sect elders, as well as the saintess of the Xianlun Sect and others.

“Reporting to the Holy Master, what I saw that day is indeed the case.

Below many altars, there are ominous auras rushing out, and even black blood rises into the sky, and the surrounding mountains make loud noises, like dragons roaring in pain…”

“At that time, it was said that when the dragon vein was dug up…”

A creature that looked like a blue ghost was reporting in the hall, talking about things.

It was the Green Ghost who was also responsible for casting the Immortal road for the Immortal Lun Sect in the Flying Immortal Mountains.

At this moment, he was talking about the events of the day with a heart palpitating expression on his face.

During this time, Holy Master Xian Lun was in retreat and did not know about it.

It was only today that all the elders were summoned to inquire about this matter.

“All the elders saw the scene like this.

It seems that something unexpected happened at that time, and something ominous was dug up.

The act of cutting the sky was already dangerous, and the good road to immortality broke like this”

Holy Master Xian Lun frowned and said, his figure looked stalwart, vague, and his cultivation realm was extremely high.

It was unknown how much stronger he was as compared to the Holy Master of the other sects.

And he was a man of great talent.

It was also his plan to create the Road to Immortality.

Some time ago, there was an accident in the Flying Immortal Mountains, the altar collapsed, many slaves suddenly died overnight, and even black blood was dug out of the ground.

In a radius of ten thousand miles, a group of beasts crouched down, making a panicked sound.

Such a change shocked the entire Immortal Lun Sect, so everyone was called for a meeting, and the matter of forging an Immortal Road was put down first.

“Don’t worry about it beforehand.

After finding out the truth, you can decide.

It was a disciple who had a vision in his body and alarmed the patriarch.

Is it true or false”

Afterwards, Holy Master Xian Lun opened his mouth and asked about another thing.

Hearing this, Green Ghost was a little puzzled, but he said respectfully,

“Reporting to the Holy Master, this is absolutely true.”

“At that time, all the slaves died suddenly, and only one disciple survived and was safe, so the subordinates felt that there should be something special about him.”

“So I brought it back to the Holy Land.”

“I never thought that he suddenly triggered a vision, and the Immortal light reflected in the sky, causing the shadow of the patriarch to appear, shocking all the disciples and elders.

Even many very old existences appeared, and they personally investigated.”

“The curse seems to have been removed from that guy’s body…”

The disciple he was talking about was Jiang Yang who had the Desolate Holy Body.

When he brought him back to the Sect from a small village, he was very disappointed when he found out that there was something wrong with his physique, and he threw him to the Flying Immortal Mountains as a slave.

But in the end, he didn’t expect that by chance, when he returned to the Immortal Lun sect and he was valued by many old antiques.

This made Green Ghost feel a little embarrassed.

It could only be said that that guy had a really big life and was really lucky

“Is it a blessing in disguise”

Holy Master Xian Lun frowned and felt incredible, how could the curse of the Desolate Holy Body be so easy to solve Did it really collide with the ominous aura and thus eliminate it

“Impossible, the patriarch is the Supreme being, overlooking all life and death, a Desolate Holy Body, in my prime, it could grow up to be comparable to the Great Sacred at most.

How could it be possible to arouse the shadow of the patriarch This child is definitely not simple!”

“Maybe it will be the hope of flying into an Immortal in my immortal Lun Sect!”

Holy Master Xian Lun suddenly showed excitement in his expression.

The elders and others below had different expressions when they heard the words.

Now the status of that disciple named Jiang Yang was not the same, and it had long been precious, in the Immortal Lun Sect.

Even the Saint Son, Saint Daughter, and others were a little weak in front of him.

Several ancient beings in the Sects had personally thought that their status would inevitably rise, and these elders were only in the Quasi-Sacred Realm.

They couldn’t compare at all!

Especially now that even the Holy Master Xian Lun was very optimistic about him.

However, at this moment, a disciple suddenly rushed over with shock and excitement outside the hall.

His voice was trembling and stuttering.

He was obviously trembling to the extreme.

“Report to the Holy Master, on the mountain gate… Outside, the Immortal is here!”


In an instant, the entire hall of Immortal Lun Sect turned silent and one could even hear a needle falling!

Everyone’s expressions were stunned for a while, apparently not responding yet.

In the next moment, everyone’s expressions, including Holy Master Xian Lun, changed drastically.


“Could it be… Could it be the Immortal from the Upper Realm who destroyed the False God Mountain with one palm”


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