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Chapter 294: Can’t teach but it’s good to have a disciple, Someone who is more intimate than relatives (Part 1)

The menacing and terrifying Black Wind bandits, in front of this Immortal, were wiped out from the heavens and the earth just by a wave of his hand.

Such a terrifying method made the villagers of the entire Northern Mountain Village kneel on the ground in incomparable awe as if they had seen a miracle.

Their words were full of gratitude for Gu Changge.

And Gu Changge just did this casually, and didn’t care at all.

The laws of heaven and earth were under his palm, like a toy, which could be changed and twisted at any time.

“Mr Immortal is so strong…”

Yaoyao opened her eyes which were full of shock.

This was the first time she had seen such a method, and it had surpassed the concept of cultivators in her heart.

Can a cultivator be so powerful

In her eyes, the cultivator who took away her brother that day was already an extremely powerful existence.

With a roar, the mountains and rivers could be shattered, and his aura penetrated the sky.

But in front of this Immortal, it seemed that he didn’t even have the qualifications to compare.

“At this time, are you still calling me Immortal”

Gu Changge looked at her with a smile.

“Master… Master.”

Hearing this, Yaoyao’s words suddenly stuttered and trembled.

Then, she respectfully bowed to Gu Changge.

After all, she was still just a little girl, after such a big crisis of life and death was lifted.

Her mind relaxed a lot.

At first, she didn’t know why, but she had the courage to stand in front of Granny Yinhua.

And others were very afraid of the mysterious master in front of them.

Only she felt natural, without that kind of unnerving pressure.

Especially when he suddenly appeared at a time of crisis, he saved her life and said that he would accept her as a disciple.

This was like being in the dark, breaking all the light!

Such a surprise came so suddenly.

It made Yaoyao’s little head feel a little dizzy.

She even felt the envy of her granny for her!

“She’s really a well-behaved and sensible little girl.

The more I see her, the more I like it.

Fortunately, I came to Heavenly Domain on a whim.”

“Otherwise, I would have really regretted it.”

Gu Changge smiled, and with his words, he gave people a bit of happiness, as if he was afraid of missing such a good disciple.

Of course, only he himself knew how true or false these words were.


Hearing Gu Changge say this, Yaoyao’s eyes filled with joy and happiness.

Even at a young age, she could hear the truth.

In her eyes, although Gu Changge’s face was very blurred, it was hidden by a layer of Immortal mist, so it was impossible to see it clearly.

But there was a natural and gentle look in his eyes.

It was completely different from the aloof indifference she heard in the rumors.

“You have the heart of a child, pure and unblemished.”

“It’s really unfortunate that such a good Immortal jade is covered in dust in this world.”

Gu Changge smiled slightly, reached out and touched her head.

At this time, he could naturally guess what Yaoyao was thinking.

After all, she was the Daughter of Luck, young and precocious.

Even if he didn’t make a move just now, it was estimated that the leader of the Black Wind bandits would not be able to hurt Yaoyao.

Gu Changge had a very clear perception just now, and a terrifying aura suddenly emerged from Yaoyao’s gaze.

That kind of aura could be called earth-shattering and had the ability to destroy everything.

Although it was only fleeting, it would soon disappear.

But once that kind of power erupted, let alone the little Black Wind bandit, even the entire Heaven Domain would probably be overturned.

However, after his appearance, this terrifying force quickly disappeared.

According to the well-known plot and routines of taking care, this was probably the fruit of the mysterious Peach Tree!

So no matter what, he must control this fruit in his own hands.

He had never been interested in teaching people, but this time, for the sake of convenience, he intended to appear as a master.

Even arranging such a scene of the hero saving the beauty routine, had to brush the wave of goodwill.

Otherwise, this girl might not be willing to go with him.

On the other hand, Yaoyao was the younger sister of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor of this world.

To deal with the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, the best way now was to start with her.

“Master, is Yaoyao really as good as you said”

Hearing Gu Changge complimenting herself like this, Yaoyao’s face was also shy.

Although she recognized him as master, she and Gu Changge were not very familiar yet, so it was difficult for her to show a very natural look.

Gu Changge naturally knew this, so he was not in a hurry.

This drama of the hero saving the beauty, although it was very old-fashioned, even he himself felt a little embarrassed by his acting skills.

But if Yaoyao really took the bait, then it was worth it.

After all… this was just a pure and innocent little girl.

No matter how much she knew, it was impossible to know that all this was arranged by Gu Changge.

The rest of the people didn’t dare to doubt at all, they only had the mentality of respecting Gu Changge like a god!

“Yaoyao is really lucky.

I would say that she has great luck in her body, and she can turn a bad situation into a good one at any time, and turn a crisis into an opportunity.”

Even the silver haired granny, the only cultivator in this place, was full of excitement and joy in her heart.

She was even envious.

Yaoyao’s good luck was completely unmatched by ordinary people!

To be valued by this unfathomable and powerful Immortal, and accepted as a disciple.

It was far better than being taken away by the Immortal Lun Sect thousands of times.

Even Yaoyao’s elder brother could not have such a good future as her!

As for the suspicion of Gu Changge’s other purpose

She hadn’t thought about it at all.

Not to mention that with Gu Changge’s strength, it was absolutely easy to take Yaoyao away, no one could stop him, and he could it without letting someone know.

Why would he do something so exhausting

With Gu Changge’s identity and strength, I am afraid that there are absolutely too many cultivators who want to worship him as a teacher.

“Yeah, you’re actually really good.”

At this moment, listening to her question, Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile and said.

After that, he waved his sleeves.

A clear light flashed before his eyes.


The mud stains on Yaoyao’s face seemed to have been washed by a clear spring, revealing a clean and fair face.

Her facial features were exquisite and flawless, and her eyes were as beautiful as a jade.

Her skin was delicate and snow-white, shiny and beautiful, like a porcelain doll.

Although the clothes were very old, and there were many patches, she still couldn’t hide her amazing fairy-like charm.

As if she was the most perfect masterpiece of God.

Thanks to Granny Yinhua, she usually covered it up.

Otherwise, as long as one was discerning, one could perceive the extraordinariness of her.


Yaoyao’s face was flushed, and she was a little shy.

Even after growing up, it was still rare for her to show her true face in front of people like this.

Even her brother hadn’t seen her like this, and her face was always covered in mud.

This scene shocked the villagers in the entire Northern Mountain Village, and they felt that the little fairy came down to earth.

No wonder she was valued by this Immortal, she herself was not just a mortal.

This kind of temperament, pure and without ambition, with a natural beauty, could it be possessed by ordinary people

“Don’t worry.”

“In the future, in front of the teacher, you don’t need to cover up.

No one will dare to snatch you.” Gu Changge touched her head and said with a slight smile.

Although she was a little girl, she definitely loved beauty and didn’t want to put some mud on her face like this all day.

Gu Changge boasted that he had a good control over their thoughts.

“Mmmm, Yaoyao will listen to Master.” Yaoyao nodded obediently.

There was joy in her big eyes.

As Gu Changge guessed, she actually didn’t like to smear mud on her face.

How could a girl not love beauty


At this moment, Gu Changge suddenly shook his sleeves.

In the void in front of him, bursts of dazzling Immortal lights suddenly appeared, which were extremely dazzling.

Pieces of exquisite and gorgeous Immortal clothes and treasures, colorful Immortal skirts, intertwined with various magical runes and chains of laws and order.

In the void, it manifested, filled with a terrifying aura.

From the appearance alone, these things were definitely divine clothes far beyond what the world had seen.

The price was invaluable, and secondly, it was hard to find in the world.

Not to mention the gorgeous accessories of each Immortal clothes, all kinds of Immortal stones, bracelets, earrings, etc., it was really dazzling.

Granny Yinhua’s eyes widened for the first time, and she suddenly gasped in her heart.

She had never seen these things before.

The aura that circulated on each immortal’s clothes was extremely terrifying, as if it could easily crush everything.

Even on a small earring, there were many runes flickering, and there were strands of aura of laws hanging down.

This terrifying power was really shocking!

Except for this Immortal, probably no one in the Heavenly Star Realm can take it out, right


Yaoyao stared at these for a while, seeing these, was he letting her choose

She couldn’t help showing joy in her eyes.

It was the first time in her life that she saw such gorgeous and delicate clothes and accessories, which were embroidered with the brilliance of the sun, moon and stars.

Her eyes were dizzy, full of love and joy.

“It’s all for you.”

Gu Changge smiled.

When he was in the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, many clothes that Gu Xian’er liked but couldn’t wear after buying them were thrown to him.

At that time, in order to make him bleed heavily, Gu Xian’er always chose the most expensive and beautiful ones.

It just so happened that these things came in handy today.

Others usually gave treasures as a gift when they accept disciples, but Gu Changge felt that Yaoyao might like these things even more.

Moreover, there was no shortage of things like treasures, and he could give away as much as he wanted.

After all, he was rich and powerful!

He couldn’t teach his disciple, but he could raise her!

Not to mention, with Yaoyao’s naive personality, even the rest of the people, under this kind of offensive, would probably be dizzy and fall quickly.

“It’s all for Yaoyao”

Hearing this, Yaoyao was a little stunned, and there was some confusion and shock in her eyes.

She suddenly got a little overwhelmed.

She thought that the master asked her to choose one or a few of them, but she didn’t expect that all of them were for her.

She could also see that these Immortal clothes and accessories were extraordinary and invaluable.

If it was somewhere else, it would probably set off a scramble for cultivators and cause a lot of bloodshed.

“Yeah, it’s all for you.” Gu Changge smiled, waved it casually, and golden light flashed before his eyes again.

Many divine artifacts, divine weapons, divine medicines, elixirs, and engravings of classics… manifested in the void.

It was like a walking treasure house of great teachings, and the resources were too numerous to count.

Even a Quasi-Supreme Realm person would be greedy, and he wouldn’t be able to compare to Gu Changge’s wealth!


Granny Yinhua was going to be stupid, especially when she saw the ups and downs of the divine artifact, her eyes were about to pop out.

She was not mistaken, the divine artifacts among them were not one or two, but hundreds!

Hundreds of divine artifacts What the hell was this

What kind of force was behind this Immortal Her scalp was numb and her soul was trembling.

What kind of terrifying master did Yaoyao choose to worship

“Why is my master being so nice to Yaoyao…” Her eyes suddenly became a little wet.

Besides grandma and brother, there was now a third person who treated her so well.

As soon as they met, he gave her so many good things, and she was embarrassed to accept it.

“Silly girl, you have to know that in this world, sometimes, the master is someone who is more intimate than your relatives.”

Hearing this, Gu Changge’s expression seemed a little moved, then he sighed softly and touched her head.


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