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Chapter 290: The Peach Heart is burning, Finally found it (Part 1)

In the blink of an eye, one month had passed.

From the Xuan Domain, to several major Domains outside the Hong Domain where Yue Mingkong was, all of them were searched by Gu Changge.

First of all, with the exclusion method, those cultivators who were older than thirty years old did not need to be considered, which also saved him a lot of time.

In this process, Gu Changge did find a few cultivators with quite high Luck.

Although they were not related to the Son of Luck, they were barely considered to be people with Great Luck.

At his command, the Tai Xu Sect’s reputation grew more and more, and the widespread acceptance of disciples even spread to the rest of the Domain.

So much so that a version that the Immortal from the Upper Realm wanted to accept disciples to take back to the Upper Realm, attracting countless geniuses to rush here, so much so that even some old guys had shown up.

Gu Changge also did not bother to correct anything, and did not even show up.

The more this kind of thing was described, the more confusing he would become and the more difficult it would be for people to see his true purpose.

After all, it took a bait to catch a fish.

In this way, there were rumors that the Immortal was aloof and indifferent, and those who could enter his eyes must be gifted and proud of the past and present.

After that, Gu Changge directly moved, and chose to go to the farthest Domain from the Xuan Domain, the Heavenly Domain.

That was, in his opinion, the most central area of the map of the Lower Realm, where the Dragon Veins converged.

He would not be surprised to find the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor  in the rest of the Domains, but felt that the greatest possibility would be in the Heavenly Domain.

This kind of search method was slow but victory was meticulous, there would not be any big mistake.

On the other hand, he was also paying close attention to the whereabouts of Yue Mingkong, knowing that she was actually as clueless as he was about the news of the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor .

On the contrary, she stirred up some trouble and was nearly detected by some powers who doubted her origin to the Upper Realm.

In the end, it was Gu Changge who stepped in and helped her to remove these traps.

All these things made Gu Changge sigh secretly.

This foolish fellow, Yue Mingkong, really thought her foresight was invincible

If he didn’t follow, with her little means she wouldn’t even find where the reincarnation of Human Ancestor was, so how could she deal with others

On the contrary, she would place herself in a very dangerous situation.

Gu Changge felt that after returning to the Upper Realm, he had to let Yue Mingkong understand one thing.

If there was anything, she must consult with him as a husband first, and act only after he agreed.

And soon, midway through several twists and turns, through quite a few transmission formations.

Somewhere in the Heavenly Domain of the Heavenly Star Realm, Gu Changge’s figure appeared.

He was still alone, not intending to bring a large group of people around him, who were not even as useful in the Heavenly Star Realm as a Great Sacred Realm puppet that he had taken out with his hands.

Thinking of this, the void distorted for a moment.

A puppet with a tall, waxy face that looked no different from an ordinary person appeared beside Gu Changge and respectfully shouted, “Master.”

“Acting as a slave or something, it’s completely sufficient.”

Gu Changge nodded slightly, with a servant of the Great Sacred Realm, all the cultivators and creatures in the entire Heavenly Star Realm would be scared silly if they saw that.

Then the master and a servant left this place and headed for the more populated areas.

This Domain was different from the rest of the Domains, the overall cultivation realm here was much higher, the rest of the Domains mostly had cultivators in the Sacred Realm, Heavenly Domain could only act as a first-class, while others were second-class forces.

It was not long after arriving at the Heavenly Domain, and was about to find a place to settle down.

But Gu Changge suddenly heard the prompt sound from the system again.

“Ding, you triggered the quest of finding hints about the Reincarnation of the Son of luck.”

“Do you want to accept it”

Gu Changge’s expression was a bit peculiar as he nodded, “Accept.”

It seemed that as his own Luck points increased, the range of the system’s sensing the Sons of Luck would also expand.

Of course the more likely reason was that the place where Gu Changge was now, and the characters of this quest were not very far.

And as Gu Changge choose to accept the prompt.


The scene in front of him became blurred.

A colorful and splendid peach tree opened up in the middle of the chaotic ocean, and a thick, mountain-like divine thunder struck down, shaking the heavens and earth with a terrifying sound.

In the end, this divine thunder became a vast and continuous scene like a galaxy.

Each ray of lightning seemed to split the world itself, causing the entire universe to break apart, terrifying to the extreme.

And this peach tree, after facing the divine lightning, was sinking as if to undergo a transformation.

Finally, the picture shifted.

The scene here disappeared, the peach tree was scorched and torn, as if it had lost its vitality and fell down from the universe.

And there was a cloud of hooded light wrapped in the middle of it, falling down to a vast unknown place.

“Baby girl”

Gu Changge saw clearly, that cloud of hooded light, clearly wrapped in a small baby girl.

This made him frown.

The moment he saw this peach tree, he first thought that it was that peach tree in the Peach Village where Gu Xian’er was at first.

After all, according to the template of taking care of Xian’er, that peach tree must have had an extraordinary origin, perhaps it was the ancestral sacrificial spirit of the oldest era as well.

Gu Changge had never doubted this point.

And now, seeing this image, especially seeing that mysterious baby girl, made Gu Changge couldn’t help but associate it with the rest of the things.

The reincarnation of the Son of Luck, that was obviously said to be the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor .

In that case, this mysterious baby girl, and the Human Ancestor, the Son of Luck were related

Soon, Gu Changge had a vague guess in his mind.

“Of course, it still has to be determined.”

He smiled, and his expression looked a little deeper.


Taking the puppet with him, his figure crossed this area and headed for the nearby ancient city.

At the same time, under his eyes, the many movements of this terrain were manifested.

In this way, Gu Changge could also narrow down his scope.

Since the system prompted this image, the mysterious baby girl should be in this place.

Since it was related to the reincarnation of the Human Ancestor, judging from her age, she should not be very big.


“Granny, brother didn’t come back today, it’s been a year.”

“Do you think he forgot about Yaoyao”

In the middle of a remote village called North Mountain Village.

A little girl with a goat-horn braid and a face smeared with mud was looking at the village head and asked the old woman with a stooped figure and silver hair next to her.

The little girl’s clothes were very old.

Many places were still patched, but it was very clean, her eyes were black and white, like the most flawless and purest of gems.

Her face was deliberately smeared with mud, looking at her appearance she should only be four or five years old.

But people in the village who were familiar with the little girl knew that her real age was more than four or five years old.

The little girl was very understanding, but also very poor.

She had a strange disease.

Over the years, she had not grown at all, and her appearance had always been only four or five years old.

“How is that possible Even if your brother forgets everyone, he can’t forget Yaoyao!”

“Yaoyao, don’t worry!”

“Brother was just taken away by the cultivator, and he will come back soon after learning.

At that time, he will also be a cultivator who can fly in the sky, so he can take you everywhere and eat a lot like candied fruit, okay.

Things to eat……”

Hearing the words, the old woman showed a kind smile and said to the little girl.

“Hmm, I’ll listen to grandma, then I’ll wait in the village for my brother to come back.”

“Wait for him to take me to fly like a cultivator and eat delicious food.”

The little girl named Yaoyao nodded her head wisely, but she couldn’t help but glance at the entrance of the village again, showing a look of longing.

For so many years, it was her brother who took care of her sick grandma and her.

Now that his brother had been favored by strong cultivators and taken to practice for more than a year, but no news had come back.

Although she looked young, she actually understood everything in her heart.

Every time she came to the village to take a look, apart from missing him, what did she have to worry about

The outside world was very dangerous.

Although her brother was taken away by a strong cultivator, he was not necessarily safe.

She had heard a lot of stories about the cultivation world since she was a child.

“Yaoyao, don’t worry about your brother, the cultivator said, he was from Immortal Lun Sect.”

“And your brother’s physique is very powerful in the cultivation world.

At that time, he will be vigorously cultivated by the sect.

Now he should be busy with cultivation, so he has no time to come back to see us.”

Seeing that the little girl still had the same expression, the silver-haired old woman couldn’t help but smile and comforted her.

She found the baby girl under a blooming peach tree that year.

At that time, she was shrouded in a layer of light, which looked very extraordinary.

But it was more like being thrown there.

The scene at that time was very suitable for these words, so she adopted him and named her Yaoyao.

It took so many years to raise her, but Yaoyao stayed at the age of four or five, and never grew up.

This made the silver-haired old woman helpless.

She tried many methods, but none of them had the slightest effect.

As if God made a joke for this little girl.

Yaoyao was also very sensible and never made her worry.

Another child she adopted was also doing well.

One year ago, he was valued by the cultivators from the Immortal Lun Sect who passed by here, and took him with them to cultivate, saying that he had a promising future.

Thinking of this, the old woman’s smile deepened.

Tremblingly, she led the little girl to the house.

North Mountain Village was in a remote location, and it was backed by the mountains to the north.

From time to time, monsters would come out and run into the village to cause trouble.

To the south was a desert, where bandits could often be seen running around, looting the meat and some spiritual stones of the villages.

The villages were deeply affected and miserable.

Otherwise, the old woman wouldn’t smear some dirt on Yaoyao’s face, because she was afraid that the deranged bandits would notice her.

The little girl Yaoyao followed her grandmother and greeted acquaintances in the village along the way, while walking towards the house.

The villagers liked Yaoyao, a well-behaved and obedient little girl.


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