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Chapter 278: The person who pretended to be the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, Does not cry without seeing the coffin (Part 1)

“All of you can go back.”

The smile on Gu Changge’s face finally disappeared, and he waved his hands to let all the dancers retreat.

“Young Master Changge…”

Jiang Chuchu frowned, not understanding Gu Changge’s actions, and was vigilant.

What she was not sure about now was Gu Changge’s identity as the inheritor of the demonic art.

Did the Ancient Immortal Gu Family know What is their attitude

“It’s been so long, so don’t pretend to be stupid.

It’s really boring like this.”

Gu Changge spoke lightly, with a bit of mockery.

Compared to just now, his expression was completely different.

Hearing this, Jiang Chuchu was stunned, it was difficult for her to keep calm.

Listening to Gu Changge’s words, was it a showdown

Her back was cold, and she suddenly felt a sense of danger.

But before Jiang Chuchu could react, she felt Gu Changge make a move on her as he waved his sleeves.

Terrible spatial fluctuations appeared!

In the next moment, Jiang Chuchu’s eyes flashed and a space crack suddenly appeared from her side as it expanded rapidly and shrouded her in an instant.


Her figure disappeared out of thin air, being dragged into the inner world by Gu Changge.

This space crack quickly healed and disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

“It’s stupid for the prey to enter door on your own initiative.”

Gu Changge couldn’t help laughing out loud, and then in the void in front of him, a beautiful figure emerged.

It was Yan Ji.

“How is your Aura Imitating skill” Gu Changge looked at her.

Within the inheritance of the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation, there were many methods of disguise that could even help one cover up their origin.

Jiang Chuchu usually wore a veil in front of people, and even hid her true face with fog.

It was really easy to imitate her aura and body shape.

Yan Ji didn’t even need to change her appearance.

Hearing this, she nodded and said, “The secret method bestowed by the young master is really mysterious.

After observing it for a short time, I can already imitate an aura by eighty or ninety percent.”

As she spoke, a layer of radiance appeared on her body.

Yan Ji’s figure started to change, and soon it looked no different from Jiang Chuchu from just now.

Even the tone of her voice was no different.

Moreover, her own cultivation was in the Great Sacred Realm, and ordinary people couldn’t see through it at all.

Even if it was a Quasi-Supreme existence, it was impossible to see anything abnormal.

Seeing this, Gu Changge nodded with satisfaction, “In this way, the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall will now be your new identity in the future.”

The reason why he talked so much nonsense with Jiang Chuchu was to give Yan Ji a chance to watch from the sidelines, so as to reach the point where the truth could be mixed with the fake.

“But young master, can I really hide from the Human Ancestor Hall like this” Yan Ji was a little puzzled, and she firmly believed in Gu Changge’s plan.

But if she really faced any cultivator of Human Ancestor Hall, she felt that she would still be exposed.

“It’s nothing, you don’t need to return to the Human Ancestor Hall, just walk outside and let the world know.

As for the rest, leave it to me.” Gu Changge smiled calmly.

Hearing this, Yan Ji nodded.

She was not good at acting and disguising herself.

Gu Changge was a bit hard on her, but Jiang Chuchu’s character itself was easy to imitate, because she had always spoken very little and had a flat personality.

As long as she didn’t meet those familiar people from the Human Ancestor Hall, Yan Ji didn’t think that she would reveal any flaws.

Then, Gu Changge’s figure disappeared and appeared in the inner world.

Yan Ji wanted to pretend as a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall, but there was still one thing missing, and that was Jiang Chuchu’s Ancestral Order.

This was a must.

At the same time, in the inner world, Jiang Chuchu’s expression was no longer as calm as it was at the beginning.

Gu Changge suddenly attacked, using his terrifying space power, then a space crack appeared in an instant, and engulfed her.

Then he trapped her in this mysterious and unknown world.

It all happened so fast that she didn’t even have time to react.

When the scene in front of her was clear again, she was already standing in a vast ancient forest.

Looking around, it was full of majestic mountains and ancient trees, blue lakes like diamonds, and emeralds were inlaid everywhere.

Aura was like fog, green like a tide.

In the distance, there seemed to be an ancient and majestic Heavenly Palace standing on the horizon.

It looked extremely huge and sacred.

The pillars alone could hold up heaven and earth.

Like an ancient sky tower, it stood tall in the world.

“What on earth is this place How did Gu Changge get me here”

Jiang Chuchu frowned, and it was difficult for her to calm down for a while.

Here, she could not perceive a single aura from the outside world.

What was going on in the magnificent and sacred Heavenly Palace in front of her

Could it be the remains of the ancient immortal garden

Gu Changge actually had such a ruin

Jiang Chuchu knew that there were many small-world-like instruments in this world, which could be carried around, and some supreme beings could even develop and refine them, which was mysterious.

One flower, one world, one grain, one cycle.

She accidentally followed Gu Changge’s words.

Now Jiang Chuchu was very sure that she was trapped in such a space instrument by Gu Changge.

“If Gu Changge did this, it means that the Ancient Immortal Gu Family does not know his true identity, and he could not attack me in the Gu family… He is probably keeping everyone in the dark… ..”

Jiang Chuchu frowned and whispered in her heart.

Afterwards, she found a place to sit cross-legged, and dazzling runes began to appear on her body.

The brilliance was bright, simple and atmospheric, like a large area drizzling with ​​light rain.

This place seemed to have become a land of flying immortals for a while.

Thousands of immortal lights shone like runes in the sea.

There was even a terrifying sound of thunder, crackling, and it turned into a haze in it, and various shapes appeared.

Axes and forks, swords, spears, swords, halberds, real dragons probing their claws, divine phoenixes shaking their wings, basalt ground splitting, and white tigers roaring, all kinds of visions intertwined and surged.

These terrifying offensive forces, constantly deduced and evolved, trying to tear this space apart.


Jiang Chuchu’s Quasi-Sacred Realm’s aura began to surge out.

She knew that there was a limit to the power that this space could withstand, and as long as she broke that limit, this space would definitely shatter in response, and he wouldn’t be able to trap her at all.

This was obviously the same as those space barriers.

But in the next moment, when some of her attacks fell into the void, they were like mud cows entering the sea, unable to generate even a single wave.

“How is this possible” Jiang Chuchu couldn’t believe it.

Under her all-out attack, she already had the power of the Sacred Realm, and even the barriers of many lower realms would not be able to bear it and would be torn apart.

But in this space instrument of Gu Changge, it had no effect

“Could it be that his spatial divine weapon is of a high level”

Jiang Chuchu tried again, but it was still fruitless, not to mention a trace of turbulence.

She even felt that the space of the outside world was actually inferior to this world.

“I don’t believe it, am I really going to be trapped here by Gu Changge for the rest of my life”

Jiang Chuchu sacrificed a crystal clear mirror and was about to make a move.


The void in front of her suddenly became blurred, and then cracked.

“Don’t waste your time, unless I let you out, you will die of old age here.”

Gu Changge’s figure walked out of it, sensing Jiang Chuchu’s actions, he couldn’t help frowning as he said lightly.

“Gu Changge…”

Jiang Chuchu stared at him, with infinite vigilance and fear in his eyes.


In the next moment, she suffered a big loss and took the lead in taking action against Gu Changge!

Since the barrier of this space could not be broken, as long as Gu Changge was killed, she would naturally be able to leave.

At this time, a mighty purple aura appeared behind Jiang Chuchu, and there was a faintly dazzling priest who shone with immortal light.

Holding the whisk in hand, sweeping it forward, the world seemed to be split open!

The strength of the Quasi-Sacred Realm was undoubtedly revealed!

“Who gave you the confidence to attack me”

Gu Changge let out a sneer and didn’t care.

He waved his sleeves, and a clear light shone down, turning into a surging moon wheel and crashed down.

At the same time, the cultivation of the Sacred Realm was impressively displayed, so powerful that Jiang Chuchu’s complexion changed suddenly, and it was difficult for her to maintain the calm just now.

The moment Gu Changge smashed the moon wheel, the power of the whisk was shattered and the moon wheel remained unchanged, falling towards her!

“You have already broken through to the Sacred Realm…”

“You hid it!”

Jiang Chuchu’s back was full of cold air, and it was a terrifying movement technique to use extreme speed.

Cultivation to the extreme could travel through countless spaces in one step, intending to quickly avoid Gu Changge’s random blow.

Her talent was already so powerful that it was unknowable, and she thought she could stabilize Gu Changge.

But she didn’t expect that the gap between the two people’s cultivation would be so big!


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