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Chapter 277: The leek actually came to the door, The real inheritor of demonic art (Part 2)

In fact, when the immortal guard arrived to inform him, Gu Changge guessed that the visitor was another heir of the Human Ancestor Hall.

In order to wait for her arrival.

Gu Changge had not moved or left the clan.

In fact, from Wang Ziji’s mouth, he had already sidetracked a lot of news about Jiang Chuchu.

He knew that she was powerfully gifted and was known in the Human Ancestor Hall as the reincarnation of the Ancient Immortal.

And when he saw her today, that huge amount of her Luck points was already about several tens of thousands, so Gu Changge couldn’t help but be a little heartbroken.

This living leek!

How dare she take the initiative and send herself to my door!

Although she was not a Daughter of Luck, but the heir of the Human Ancestor Hall was also a person with great luck, the number of such people in this world possessing such Luck were very few.

“It seems that the cultivators who are involved with the Human Ancestor should not be simple people.”

Various thoughts flashed through Gu Changge’s mind, and he could not see the slightest abnormality on her face.

In fact, he had already guessed Jiang Chuchu’s purpose for coming to him.

In this regard, he did not know what to say other than that she was really brave.

Was she too smart and confident, or too stupid

“Chuchu greets, Young Master Changge!”

At this time, in front of Gu Changge, Jiang Chuchu also dispersed the fog on her face and said in an originally calm and melodious voice, no longer concealing it.

She intended to open up to the truth.

The actual fact was that this kind of tactic was not very useful in front of Gu Changge.

Seeing him with her own eyes, she could know better how wrong the rumors really were.

Gu Changge’s strength, indeed, could not be judged based on rumors.

This made Jiang Chuchu even more convinced of the idea that there was something wrong with Gu Changge.

However, she still remained calm, not believing that Gu Changge would dare to lay a hand on her in the grounds of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.


“That’s a good name, really Chuchu, I feel sorry for her.” Hearing this, Gu Changge sighed in admiration.

At this moment, although half of Jiang Chuchu’s immortal face was hidden by the veil, her pair of eyes were as cold as a cold pool, like a lonely cultivator watching the world.

From the external appearance, it naturally went without saying.

If the Human Ancestor Hall was some kind of protagonist, then Jiang Chuchu was definitely the female protagonist associated with it.

Such boldness would not be what an ordinary woman should have.

“Young Master Changge, praises me too much.”

Jiang Chuchu said indifferently, without being condescending, and then entered the seat and sat down, slightly drooping her eyes.

In those eyes, many strange runes started to appear lightly.

This was her tracing divine ability, which could trace many signs, causes and effects between heaven and earth.

She wanted to determine whether there was a problem with Gu Changge or not, and this was a wonderful opportunity.

Other than her, no one else in the world had this kind of talent.

Jiang Chuchu did not believe that Gu Changge could detect anything at this time.

Moreover, her movements looked very stealthy.

It looked like she didn’t want to meet Gu Changge’s eyes and naturally landed her eyes on the spiritual wine and melons and fruits on the table.

“I wonder what is the reason for Holy Maiden Chuchu’s visit to the Gu family”

At this time, it was as if Gu Changge had not noticed Jiang Chuchu’s subtle movements.

He raised his cup to his mouth, looked natural and asked with a light smile.

Of course, he actually knew Jiang Chuchu’s purpose, but he didn’t care.

Jiang Chuchu was tracing Gu Changge’s aura with her own talent.

Hearing him ask this, she was also slightly stunned for a moment, and then answered calmly.

“I heard that Young Master Changge fought with the Inheritor of the Demonic Art, and Chuchu has always been curious about that battle, so I wanted to come visit Young Master Changge and ask for some details.”

“Asking for details Could it be that Holy Maiden is also planning to go after Ye Ling”

Upon hearing that, Gu Changge asked as if he was a bit surprised.

However, he did not wait for Jiang Chuchu to answer.

He continued to speak, with a tone of regret and pity, “However, I’m afraid that Holy Maiden Chuchu has come too late, Ye Ling is already dead.

Were you really unaware of this matter”

At these words, Jiang Chuchu fiercely raised her eyes to look at Gu Changge, her heart became slightly austere, a chill and alarm steeply rose at her back.

Gu Changge was that straightforward

The first time she came, he said this kind of thing so directly Could it be that Ye Ling was killed by him

“What does Young Master Changge mean by this How did Ye Ling die Chuchu can not understand.”

However, Jiang Chuchu still maintained calmness in her expression and said indifferently.

At this time, she was already eight percent sure in her heart that Gu Changge was absolutely inseperable to the inheritor of demonic art.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.”

“Holy Maiden Chuchu will understand later.”

Gu Changge shook his head, “Rather, Holy Maiden Chuchu has come from hundreds of millions of miles, so I’m sorry to miss out on welcoming you, so I’ll accompany you to a drink.”

Saying that, he took the initiative to pour the wine and drank it all in one go.

Jiang Chuchu was a little hesitant.

“What Are you afraid that this Gu will poison the wine”

Seeing her appearance, Gu Changge couldn’t help sneering, and his words touched Jiang Chuchu’s mind.

“Young Master Changge is worrying too much…”

Jiang Chuchu frowned.

Although she really thought so, she naturally couldn’t admit it at this time.

After all, this was equivalent to not giving face to Gu Changge, the host.

In any case, the faces of the two had not been torn apart yet, or they were still in false pretense.

They more or less considered the other side’s face.

However, Gu Changge waved his hand in a sullen mood and interrupted her, “Forget it, don’t drink it, it’s normal for Holy Maiden Chuchu to be so vigilant, after all, I did poison this wine.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chuchu was stunned for a moment, and when she realized the meaning of Gu Changge’s words her pupils shrank suddenly.

At this time, even with her state of mind, her face turned pale.

She traced Gu Changge’s aura with her special talent, and now she had finally succeeded.


At this moment, his aura was almost suffocating.

The whole person’s mind was instantly filled with a maddening, indescribable gray fog, among which there was an indescribable terrifying existence, ancient and majestic, as if dragging all beings into it.

This kind of aura was majestic and chaotic, as if it was composed of countless origins and laws.

Under the majesty of this, she was as small as an ant.

“He really……”

“Devoured a lot of origins…”

Jiang Chuchu’s expression under the veil turned a little pale, but she was still restraining herself with strong willpower, so as not to display any strangeness.

Now she could be sure that Gu Changge was the most hidden inheritor of demonic art!

It was terrifying to the bones!

Guessing was one thing.

Now that it was confirmed, even her state of mind was trembling slightly, and things finally turned to the worst that she didn’t want to happen.

Gu Changge looked at her with interest.

As if he didn’t know what Jiang Chuchu did.

“Is something wrong with Holy Maiden Chuchu Your face suddenly looks a little pale.

What I said just now was just a joke, you don’t have to take it seriously”

Jiang Chuchu quickly regained her composure, and nodded when she heard the words, “Thank you for your concern, Young Master Changge, but it’s better not to joke like this.”

If it was outside, she would still have the confidence to fight Gu Changge.

But in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, she didn’t even dare to let Gu Changge notice her abnormality.

The premise that Gu Changge won’t do anything to her was that she didn’t know her true identity.

Now, once Gu Changge noticed it, would he let him go

However, Jiang Chuchu was certain that Gu Changge would not easily attack her.

Once she had an accident in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, then the Ancient Immortal Gu Family would become the target of public criticism.

Unless Gu Changge was willing to risk his identity being exposed.

All kinds of thoughts flashed in her mind, and Jiang Chuchu had already given birth to the intention of retreat at this time.

Her initial instinct was right.

It was just that after determining Gu Changge’s true identity, how to expose him was a problem, because she had no evidence.

Tell the people of the Human Ancestral Hall

But with her words alone, how could it be possible to shake Gu Changge and Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

At that time, it might be thought that she deliberately framed Gu Changge.

Because she couldn’t come up with any evidence that Gu Changge was the inheritor of demonic art.

If his identity was simple, then things would be a lot easier.

However, Gu Changge’s identity and background was destined to be the highest figure in the Upper Realm.

Who dared to say such words without evidence

This matter needed to be considered in the long run.

“Oh, don’t care how”

Hearing this, Gu Changge’s smile suddenly became a little intriguing, “After all, the Holy Maiden Chuchu came all the way, this Gu will keep this kindness in my heart and take care of you, is there any problem”

Jiang Chuchu just wanted to leave this place at this time.

“Young Master Changge is overly concerned.”

“I’m in a hurry today, since Young Master Changge said that Ye Ling is dead, then I should go look for other clues.”

She replied very tactfully, stating that she wanted to say goodbye to it.

But at this time, how could Gu Changge let her leave so easily


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