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Chapter 276: The leek actually came to the door, The real inheritor of demonic art (Part 1)

The magnificent mountain gate was extremely tall, like the gate of heaven during ancient times.

There were thousands of seasons in the middle, the clouds were steaming and the streams were shining, majestic, like a paradise.

One after another, the rainbows traveled through the heavens and the earth, bringing with them all kinds of rays of light, which seemed to have a long history and profound heritage.

Jiang Chuchu appeared here, with a light veil on her face, and a layer of mist hiding her whole face.

Judging from her appearance and voice, one couldn’t tell whether she was male or female at all.

She was alone, standing alone, and had no followers, but she had a natural aura all over her body, which was not to be underestimated.

Hearing her words, the guards of the Gu family, who were patrolling in front of the mountain gate, came towards this place in shock.

“Heir from the Human Ancestor Hall”

Their expressions were a little puzzled for a while.

If they remembered correctly, wasn’t the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall the mysterious woman from the Ancient Immortal Wang Family

Why did someone suddenly appear again

Or was this person impersonating

They remembered very clearly that some time ago, during the birthday banquet of the mistress, the inheritor of the Human Ancestor Hall was assassinated by the inheritor of demonic art.

That incident caused a big stir, and there was a lot of uproar.

“Who is so bold and dares to pretend to be a descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall” At that moment, someone opened his mouth and asked, his eyes were like a sword, and he seemed to want to pierce the void and look at Jiang Chuchu.

The majestic pressure fell instantly.

If it was an ordinary person, it would have been unbearable at this time, and his legs would have fallen to the ground.

But Jiang Chuchu was not, she looked unusually calm, as if nothing in the world could attract her attention.


She just raised her hand, and among her five slender fingers, an exquisite token appeared.

Human Ancestor Hall!

The three characters appear in the void, revealing their identity.

“Human Ancestor Order!”

Seeing this rune, the immortal guards in front of the mountain changed their expressions and recognized the token.

In today’s Upper Realm, there was probably no one who did not recognize this order.

The Ancestor Order represented the identity of the Human Ancestral Hall, and sometimes it could even command many Taoist forces.

For a time, their expressions became suspicious and shocked, but they would not let this person enter just because of this token.

The Ancient Immortal Gu Family had strict rules.

So what if you were the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall

“In the Human Ancestor Hall, there is not only one descendant.”

Seeming to understand why the several people looked puzzled, Jiang Chuchu said flatly, “I hope that you will report and tell Young Master Changge that the descendant of Human Ancestor Hall have something to ask for.”

Even with her detached status, she also did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Ancient Immortal Gu Family’s mountain gate, and everything had to be done according to the rules.

“Okay, please wait.”

Several immortal guards looked at each other and turned into divine lights to leave, and it took a long time to pass from the mountain gate to the central island, and after passing through many teleportation formations.

“Gu Changge…”

Watching the group of immortal guards leave, Jiang Chuchu’s crystal clear eyes flashed with bright runes and whispered the name softly.

During this period, after Jiang Chuchu left the Heavenly Dao Ancient City, she went straight to the Ancient Ye Clan, wanting to know about Ye Ling.

Since she had a unique secret technique, she could determine the exact location of Ye Ling based on the relatively similar blood of Ye Ling’s clansmen.

With this idea in mind, Jiang Chuchu rushed to the Ancient Ye Clan.

In her capacity, the Ancient Ye Clan did not dare to neglect, and tried their best to cooperate with her.

The Ancient Ye Clan also did not want to be associated with the inheritors of demonic art.

But in the end, after Jiang Chuchu performed the secret technique, the entire Ancient Ye Clan was shocked and discovered an unexpected fact and result.

Ye Ling’s aura of life had already dissipated.

This matter shocked the entire Ancient Ye clan.

In other words, during this period of time, the inheritor of demonic art who had been making a lot of noise was actually not Ye Ling but someone else.

Although Jiang Chuchu was a little surprised by this conclusion, she already expected this… because she felt that there was something wrong with Ye Ling from the beginning, his actions were too passive, and there seemed to be someone behind him.

And the invisible hand kept pushing him.

In Jiang Chuchu’s view, Ye Ling’s death was actually inevitable, it was just a matter of the time.

Moreover, she always felt that there was a big problem with Gu Changge.

However, this was only her intuition, and there was no evidence.

Therefore, in order to confirm the truth of this guess, Jiang Chuchu came all the way to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

On the way, she also heard about Wang Ziji’s assassination.

She heard that there was a huge organization behind the inheritors of demonic art, and even Heavenly Emperor Mountain was involved.

It just so happened that the Emperor of Heavenly Emperor Mountain had appeared during this period of time.

This series of events made Jiang Chuchu a little confused, and always felt that there were many doubts in it.

But since she was not the party involved and did not know the details.

“As long as I come to the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, I will be able to know what happened at that time, so as to determine the real suspect…”

Jiang Chuchu was thinking, waiting for the report, standing quietly under the mountain gate.

Many Gu family members who passed by glanced at her and were a little curious, but no one came forward to ask.

“I just don’t know what Gu Changge’s attitude is.

After all, the rumors are unbelievable, and I have to witness it with my own eyes.”

“I just hope that my guesses are wrong…”

Jiang Chuchu felt that if Gu Changge had a ghost in his heart, he would definitely not let her in at this time.

After all, she was different from Wang Ziji, who had not been deeply involved with the outside world.

She came here so rashly, so she had some confidence in her heart.

“The young master has prepared a banquet, waiting for the arrival of the descendant of the Human Ancestor Hall.”

And just when all kinds of thoughts flashed in Jiang Chuchu’s mind.

Soon, several immortal guards came back with a reply.

“So calm”

This made Jiang Chuchu a little surprised.

It seemed that Gu Changge didn’t care at all.

“This thing is getting troublesome.”

Afterwards, Jiang Chuchu followed a few people with a calm expression through the outer and inner islands.

After many teleportation formations, she finally arrived at the mountain peak where Gu Changge was.

The tip of the iceberg revealed by Ancient Immortal Gu Family made her mood surge with waves all day long, and ripples appeared at this time, making it difficult to continue for her to stay calm.

At this time, she even understood that if Gu Changge really had a problem, it would be an extremely terrifying disaster for the entire Upper Realm.

Now Gu Changge had already grown his wings.

She needed to find a way to stop this.

“The young master is waiting for the guest in the hall, so we will leave first.”

The group of attendants and immortal guards who led the way quickly left the place.

Jiang Chuchu’s brow couldn’t help but frown, and a vague uneasiness suddenly arose in her heart.

The cloudy, fairy-like palace on the mountain peak looked like a magic cave to her at this time.

“If there is really a problem with Gu Changge, he should not dare to make a move on me at will, once I have an accident in the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, the Human Ancestor Hall will know…… At that time, the world will be alarmed…… Gu Changge will not be that stupid.”

At this time, that uneasy intuition grew thicker and thicker, causing Jiang Chuchu’s brows to furrow.

The seven-bodied immortal soul was already the most supreme talent in the world, which was rare in a thousand years.

But she had a nine-bodied immortal soul, and her talent in perception was so powerful that it was mind-boggling, and she even had the ability to foretell the future.

That was why all along, Jiang Chuchu had trusted her intuition so much.

And soon, Jiang Chuchu arrived at the mountain peak, inside the lofty and majestic hall.

As soon as she entered the hall, she noticed the young man at a glance.

Starlight drops, wisps, multicolored dense light pervaded, as if coming to the depths of the universe.

In the hall, Gu Changge was seated on top.

He was wearing a wide robe, his hair draped behind the head, and looked at ease, while showing dignity and a high temperament.

The bottom of the banquet had been set up, spiritual fruits, immortal wine, many ferocious beast meat, all kinds of food.

There were even many beautiful and powerfully gifted women, dancing in the hall.

Their bodies were exquisite, their dancing posture was moving, along with the zither and the thurible, and appeared a kind of quiet and lofty.

“I don’t know how to address you You have come all the way from a billion miles, I wonder what the reason behind this is”

When Gu Changge saw Jiang Chuchu coming, he didn’t seem to be surprised and spoke naturally, and then gestured for Jiang Chuchu to take a seat.

His face was warm with a perfect smile, letting people not find a single flaw.


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