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Chapter 2: Transmigration Into Fantasy, The Fated Villain

Gu Change’s eyes gazed lazily at the cup of tea in his hand.

His clothes white as snow, untouched by so much as a speck of dust.

His handsome and unblemished face was calm, as if covered by a layer of mist.

However, if one looked deeper, one would discover an indifference that cared for nothing.

High above, gazing down upon all.

His mind, unknowable.

Throughout everything that had happened within the main hall, he didn’t seem to have the slightest care.

One who is situated beyond.

Well, that’s the feeling that everyone else had.

Anyone could feel that this man in white was of an uncommon status.

Be it his aura or actions, they all carried with it a feel of one beyond this world.

He was no mere mortal!

Of course, no one knew that this indifferent expression of Gu Changge was in fact him being… Completely at a loss.

It’s not that he didn’t care about what was happening in the main hall.

Rather, he as just blanking out due to his memories merging.

He was a transmigrator.

A second ago, he was still sleeping, but the moment he woke up, he was already in this super dangerous fantasy world.

Here, the mighty could puck the very stars and moon, move mountains and seas, fly across the heaven and earth.

The weak however were simply stepped on, their lives worth little more than weeds, with no respect to speak of.

He was a true disciple of the Immortal Church from the Upper Realm, who came down to train himself.

His talents were prodigious.

His background terrifying.

However, based on Gu Changge’s experience from reading countless web novels in his previous life, no matter how one looks at it, his current self is definitely some kind of mob villain.

Or rather, one of those cannon fodders who could barely live past a couple of chapters.

Gu Changge was rather pained by this result.

Taking another look at the scene before him.

Bah, the moment he transmigrated, he ended up stuck in a situation where he gets humiliated by a Child of Fortune.

The name Ye Chen was obviously the name of a protagonist.

As for his own name of Gu Changge, it was obviously the name of some cannon fodder villain written in just to allow the protagonist to show off.

He himself had already been shown as amazing, so wouldn’t it be even better if the protagonist showed him up

“Gu Changge…”

“Gu Changge…”

By then, Ye Chen had already repeatedly shouted Gu Changge’s name several times without any response.

Gu Chengge hasn’t even bothered looking in Ye Chen’s direction.

That complete dismissal, that attitude of looking down on him made Ye Chen erupt with anger.

His fists clenched tight enough to let out sounds of crackling.

“Impudence! Is the young master’s name something that you’re allowed to yell unrestrained”

At that moment a loud shout came from the side.

It bore with it coldness and rage, as well as a certain pressure.

The one who spoke was the newly inaugurated Holy Child of the Taixuan Holy Land.

His expressions were cold.

As he walked forward, runes flashed in his balm with mystic might, as if ready to act and properly leach Ye Chen a lesson.

This was the moment for him to show off.

If not for the fact that he got a minor word of praise from Gu Changge.

He wouldn’t have been able to so easily exceeded all the other true disciples to become the new Taixuan Holy Child.

Thus, he was unbelievable grateful to Gu Changge.

After all, he wasn’t like Su Qingge, who has the Holy Master as her father and was set as the Holy Maiden from the moment she was born.

“Impudence! Ye Chen.

Today, you have challenged the sect over and over before all our guests.

I truly wonder at your sense of loyalty…”

“Guards! Arrest him and throw him into the dungeons to await judgment.”

At this moment, an elder also stood up to loudly scold him.

He won’t let go of such a nice chance to gain Gu Changge’s favor.

“Yeah! Holy Master, how about taking this opportunity to purge Ye Chen of his cultivation and expel him from the sect!”

“It would also be a way of apologizing to young master Gu.”

The rest of the elders reacted and also stood up to add their own words to the mix, loudly scolding Ye Chen for his disrespect and rudeness.

All the guests from the major factions who came were rather shocked.

Just what is the identity of this mysterious man in white

Ye Chen’s face also paled.

He realized that the situation was turning against him.

Everyone was trying to suck up to Gu Changge.

And even Su Qingge was staying silent.


This was completely different from how he thought it would turn out.

At that moment, a cool burst of will entered him from one of his fingers.

Ye Chen’s somewhat irritated mental state soon calmed down quite a bit.

Gu Changge simply sat at the head of the hall, took a sip of tea, and a spark of interest shone in his eyes.

Oh He didn’t even say anything yet, and this Child of Fortune named Ye Chen had already gotten in such a state

That was a bit unsuited for his status as a Child of Fortune.

Then Gu Changge’s gaze shifted and fell upon the ring on Ye Chen’s hand.


It’s the standard old master trope from a few years ago.

As expected of a Child of Fortune.

Can’t get away from that after all.

“Gu Changge, what else can you do besides bullying others using your authority”

Ye Chen once again opened his mouth and glared at Gu Changge with unmatched rage.

It was as if this whole situation as something that Gu Changge specifically set up to deal with him.

If not for him, then how could Su Qingge been given away by the Holy Master

As he thought that, Ye Chen felt as if packet of pure rage dwelled within his heart.

He wanted to tear Gu Changge into a million pieces right there and then.

Who knows what could happen over a night.

He had once faced a great tribulation alongside Su Qingge.

However, all that time, he had always maintained an attitude where he simply looked at her from afar.

He hasn’t even so much as touched her dress!

Gu Changge simply continued to calmly gaze into his cup of tea.

His expression didn’t change.

None could tell what he was feeling.

However, he in fact had found it rather funny.

The ** does it have to do with me.

Based on his original’s memories, before this moment, he didn’t even know that a little guy like Ye Chen existed.

As for the Holy Master of Taixuan personally giving his daughter to him.

That wasn’t because he wanted her.

Strike while the iron is hot and use this opportunity to earn his favor.

Isn’t that normal in pretty much any world

Never mind a fantasy dog eat dog world.

His background is terrifying after all.

This Ye Chen doesn’t have any real abilities, but his skills at setting blame was pretty amazing.


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