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Chapter 179: My Ancient Immortal Gu Family is Retribution Itself; Plotted Until One Can no Longer Differentiate North from South! 

Demonic Translation

[Translator – Zain]

[Proofreader – Samael] 

— — —

The instant Gu Changge’s words fell, Gu Nanshan’s figure emerged. 

The nearby cultivators were all filled with shocked and disbelieving expressions. 


With a single step, he vanished from the sky and appeared beside Gu Changge in an instant. 

Similar to before, he was hunched over, dressed in tattered clothes, had a dark face, yellow teeth, and carried a cracked cleaver on his wrist. 

The old peasant’s appearance made everyone’s eyes drop to the ground.

Was this truly the mysterious ancestor of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family 

Numerous powerful figures from the various Daoist Sects and Families were staring at Gu Nanshan, unable to believe this was real. 

This was a far cry from the image they had in their minds of a great man.

It wasn’t even close. 

“I greet the ancestor.” Even Gu Changge himself was a bit surprised.

Regardless, he quickly put on a warm smile and said. 

Judging from his aura, he was indeed the Gu Family’s ancestor, making him able to put his mind at ease.

Even if the ancestor was mad with rage at such a blatant trick, he wouldn’t dare act out right now. 

After all, the Gu Family’s personal affairs and secrets were at stake. 

The older the existence, the greater the importance they attach to such matters.

Thus, in favour of the bigger picture, this ancestor would tolerate him. 

And that’s precisely what Gu Changge was betting on. 

Initially, he wanted to draw the Tiangou Clan’s hatred, goading them to attack him and forcing this ancestor to show himself. 

Not only that, but Gu Xian’er was still confused.

At this point, revenge for having her bones dug out should be the farthest thing in her mind. 

Back then, the driving force behind her cultivation was because of her hatred for Gu Changge.

She wanted to defeat him and take back everything that was taken from her. 

However, now, the driving force behind her cultivation has become her search for the “hidden truth” regarding Gu Changge. 

Gu Changge knows this.

Furthermore, there’s hardly a “life-and-death crisis” she found herself in where Gu Changge didn’t save her. 

Either way, the old ancestor would be taken out of the picture and forced to step in, becoming Gu Changge’s tool to deter all the Major Clans. 

However, the Tiangou Clan had disappointed him too much. 

None of them dared to strike at him. 

Gu Changge had no choice but to come up with an alternative plan to force the ancestor out of hiding. 

In this way, Gu Changge’s methords could be considered ruthless and precise, firmly grasping the entirety of the Gu Family’s ancestor. 

As for offending the ancestor 

Gu Changge didn’t even bother. 

He didn’t expect the ancestor to be a benevolent figure in the first place. 


Gu Nashan put on a warm smile, as he nodded his head in reply. 

However, in reality, he couldn’t wait to slap this unworthy descendant to death. 

Gu Changge had skillfully dealt with his ancestor. 

Gu Nashan had no intentions of making a move, even if he did, it would only be at the most critical moment 

How else could he save face as an ancestor 

Going by this alone, Gu Nashan had personally confirmed Gu Changge’s bold and decisive character. 

‘To dare scheme against his own ancestor… is there anything in this world he wouldn’t dare do’ 

“Ancestor is too kind.

In the end, this Changge only did as he was told.” 

Gu Changge naturally caught on.

That phrase alone was enough to reveal the ancestor’s strong dissatisfaction. 


does he really care 

Moreover, Gu Changge put the blame for everything on Gu Nanshan’s head. 

He didn’t bat an eye as he said this, a sign of his skill and familiarity with such tactics, causing Gu Nashan’s smile to freeze. 

He was an ancestor who, at the very least, had lived for countless years. 

“As the Young Master of my Ancient Immortal Gu Family, you must naturally behave like one.

The Tiangou Clan has courted death! And from today onwards, their existence will no longer be required.” 

Gu Nanshan spoke slowly, his voice carrying a cold murderous intent.  


Without the backing of my ancestor, how could I have ever dared to do such a thing” Gu Changge smiled a bit, with a look that said ‘And what are you gonna do about it’ 

From an outsider’s point of view, it appeared as if the Gu Family’s ancestor was praising a junior he admired, and the two of them were talking freely, appearing to be in a harmonious relationship. 

It even made many people envious! 

This was what they imagined the Ancient Immortal Gu Family to be, clever yet respectful descendants, accompanied by kind and strong ancestors. 

“How strange…” high in the sky, Gu Xian’er couldn’t help but mumble, as she averted her eyes from Gu Changge’s face. 

He was smiling so warmly, and yet one look was enough to inform her that he had no good intentions. 

“I knew this was a trick! Gu Changge is cunning.

There really is a stronger figure behind him!” At the front of the Tiangou Clan Hall, Yu Wudi spoke with a sigh of relief, yet his eyes still carried their vigilance.

By just the sudden appearance of the Gu Family’s ancestor, he felt the profound vastness of the universe. 

His heart palpitated at the power his opponent held, not even daring to look him in the eye. 

“Patriarch, unless the ancestor awakens, our clan will surely perish today! The Gu Family even sent out their ancestor…” As they said this, some of the clan elders’ voices started trembling. 

They all felt a frightening aura emanating from Gu Nanshan. 

They knew it would be impossible to face even a wisp of Gu Nashan’s Qi, let alone Gu Nashan himself. 

“I shall leave it to you then, ancestor.

If Changge stays here, it will only cause you trouble.” 

“I will take my leave first.” 

With a light smile, Gu Changge left without even waiting for Gu Nashan’s reply. 

As he took a step backwards, the void blurred as he instantly disappeared. 

His purpose had already been achieved, so he naturally had to find a place to watch the show and wait to reap the benefits of the battle. 

‘Teach me a lesson’ Gu Changge couldn’t help but sneer in his heart, as he pitted this ancestor of his against the others. 

“You…” Having heard his words, Gu Nashan’s beard nearly stood in anger. 

However, in front of everyone, he had no choice but to suppress it.

Silently, he vowed to settle the score with Gu Changge after this was done. 

‘What a b*****d!’ 

Nobody had ever dared to scheme against him in such a manner before.

And for it to be done so blatantly! 

“Where is your ancestor Tell him to come out and accept his death.” 

As soon as Gu Nanshan stepped out, a terrifying aura rose up, one that could cause the heavens and earth to change as the universe crumbled 

“So strong!” 

“This aura, I’m afraid it has already surpassed the Supreme Realm…” 

At this moment, no matter whether it was the mighty beings of the Tiangou Clan or the many cultivators and creatures watching nearby, all of them turned pale. 

The vast turbulent ocean seemed to drown out the very world, as they suffocated. 

To think this was only a hint of the Gu Family’s ancestor’s might! 

‘Just how strong is he’ 

“Go and ask our ancestor for help!” Yu Wudi instantly fell to the ground, his body and soul trembling. 

He himself was also an incredibly powerful Saint[1].

However, at this moment,  he was no different than a puny ant. 


Sacred-Realm existence.] 

The rest of the clan elders were even worse.

They were now so pale that they weren’t even able to speak. 

“Hmm Finally showed up” 

Gu Nanshan had an unpleasant look on his face.

It looked like he was about to take his anger for Gu Changge out on the Tiangou Clan. 

At that moment, deep in their land, a golden sun rose, as a terrifying being awakened.

The light was so dazzling that people couldn’t open their eyes. 

From it emerged a gigantic being with two wings on its back. 

It emitted the pressure of the Quasi-Supreme Realm, before transforming into a seemingly young being. 

The light was glowing ominously as it shone brightly in front of him. 

“We greet our ancestor!” 

All the creatures of the Tiangou Clan shouted, thrilled and exhilarated. 

Their ancestor, too, had awakened! 

‘A Quasi-Supreme being, at the third stage at least.’ 

‘However, can such a being truly be a match for the ancestor who came from my family’ 

After having left the area, Gu Changge was now in a collapsed hall, casually observing the situation with his hands behind his back. 

He couldn’t help but nod, having already foreseen the outcome of the “battle”. 

If nothing else, each of the Gu Family’s ancestors was formidable, carrying ludicrous amounts of strength. 

Even the various Daoist Sects and Families acknowledge this to be a universal truth. 

“Hmph, for the Ancient Immortal Gu Family to be so overbearing, are they not afraid of retribution” 

The ancestor of the Tiangou Clan stood in the sky, his face hazy as the wisps of mist floated around. 

He knew how difficult an opponent Gu Nashan would be since he couldn’t see through his cultivation.  However, that didn’t stop him from speaking in a deep voice. 

As soon as he had awakened, he had already understood the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

He was furious at Gu Changge’s actions. 

However, the immediate task at hand was to drive away the Gu Family ancestor in front of him. 

“Retribution My Ancient Immortal Gu Family is your retribution!” Gu Nanshan revealed his yellow teeth as he spat out words that sent a chill down everyone’s spine, making them feel an imposing sense of dread. 


The ancestor of the Tiangou Clan struck out.

He carried an extremely powerful aura, his cultivation base being at the third stage of the Quasi-Supreme Realm. 

He charged forward with the intent to kill, turning the heavens and the earth upside down. 

At the same time, he opened his mouth and spat out a golden sword, no more than a foot long.

It had an overflowing brilliance that manifested into a stream of light. 

The sword was crafted from the teeth of an unknown being, its surface appearing to be golden and indestructible. 

Since its creation in the Immortal Period, it has been used to this day, and its invincibility is such that it can easily cut through entire minor worlds. 

The terrifying sight caused everyone’s expressions to go through a sudden, dramatic change as even their very souls trembled. 

In today’s day and age, who could say that they had caught sight of a Quasi-Supreme engaging in a fight 

“Ugh…” the Great Elder shook his head as if he didn’t want to watch. 

Gu Xian’er was confused, “What’s wrong, Master Isn’t the ancestor strong” 

“No, not strong.” He shook his head again, as he added. “He is exceptionally strong.” 

“Oh, I see!” 

As the Great Elder spoke, one could see Gu Nashan’s indifferent expression, as he swung his fist, striking the sword without any concern. 


The divine golden sword trembled, and runes flashed as a horrific wave echoed before it cracked, bursting into pieces! 

“The Ancient Immortal Gu Family is retribution! What don’t you understand” 

Gu Nanshan spoke with indifference as he slammed down his fist, a fist so terrible it looked as though it could break through the river of time itself! 

From all directions, one could see immortal corpses littering the ground as a sea of blood began to rise! 

The fist of light shone brightly on all, causing the entirety of heaven and earth to stir. 


The Tiangou Clan’s ancestor face changed drastically.

Shock, horror, disbelief, and perhaps even despair was written on his face. 


He shouted.

He knew that his cultivation base was inferior, but he’d never expected this unimpressive-looking ancestor of the Gu Family had surpassed him by so much. 

There was no contest here! 


Blood spurted, vapourized clean under his fist, as even his spirit was reduced to ash. 


As they watched the scene, all the cultivators in the area were horrified beyond measure, as they took in deep breaths of the cold mountain air. 

‘A single fist had slain the Tiangou Clan’s ancestor Did I see it correctly’ 

‘How could this be’ 

‘Just how powerful is this ancestor of the Gu Family’ 

The Tiangou clansmen couldn’t help but feel their scalps go numb, as their bodies trembled. 

At that moment, they froze, completely and utterly dumbfounded. 

“Humph!” [PR/N: Gu Nashan a tsundere You are welcome for this cursed mental image.] 

Gu Nanshan, somewhat satisfied with the situation he had created, snorted coldly.

His anger had faded just a little. 

It was then that he glanced at Gu Changge.

Unexpectedly, he found the youngster completely unsurprised.

Instead, he looked at him with a smirk. 

‘This b*****d, is he trying to provoke me’ 

When he saw this, the anger in Gu Nanshan’s heart rose up once more. 

Then, amidst everyone’s shock and horror, he disappeared in an instant and charged towards the depths of the Tiangou Clan. 

He needed to vent his anger. [TL/N: AMOGUS!] 

The terrifying aura that awakened there rapidly dissipated, like a wave crashing against the shore.

It was yet another ancestor of the Tiangou Clan. 

He had never expected to see such a terrifying sight as soon as he awakened.

His whole body went cold, and his mind was bursting at the seams, as he considered playing dead. 

“These descendants, they’re taking advantage of their ancestors!” 

When he saw Gu Nanshan approaching, he didn’t hesitate at all.

His soul trembled so much that it threatened to collapse.

He quickly morphed into a black shadow and tried to flee. 

A Quasi-Supreme being trying to escape 

Who could possibly catch up to him 

Gu Nanshan was already in a state of anger, but when he saw that the ungrateful b*****d had the audacity to escape instead of waiting for his death… 

He became even more furious. 

He stepped forward, his movement had reduced the distance to mere inches, as he quickly gave chase.

He emitted a domineering pressure that seemed to cover the heavens and earth. 

All the cultivators and creatures looked like they had been dragged out of the water, their bodies covered in cold sweat, and their faces completely pale with fear. 

All around the mountain peak, the Young Supremes of the various Daoist Sects and Families felt a shiver in their souls. 

A Quasi-Supreme being was considered invincible in their eyes.

Such a being was capable of sweeping the entire Ancient Immortal Continent, only to be killed with a single blow from the Gu Family’s ancestor. 

The shock of the scene was simply too great to handle. 

Even now, their heads were still buzzing with fear as they felt rooted in place. 

“How terrifying is the Ancient Immortal Gu Family…” 

“Their heritage truly is unimaginable for them to have produced an ancestor of this level.” 

“Rumour has it that the Ancient Immortal Gu Family is full of nothing but formidable ancestors.

Even they themselves don’t know how many of their ancestors are buried in their ancestral grounds.” 

Previously, many cultivators believed this to be nothing more than a joke. 

But now, they were forced to contemplate the truth of the matter. 

A powerful clan such as the Tiangou Clan, which had been around since the Immortal Period, and had survived to this day, had ancestors who were in the Quasi-Supreme Realm. 

And yet, in front of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, there was not even the slightest hope of resistance. 

“I knew I shouldn’t have let him in, the Ancient Immortal Races here aren’t the same as the one that flourished back then.

How could they possibly stand up to…” the Grand Elder watched the scene with a headache, having already seen the outcome. 

“The ancestor is that strong” Gu Xian’er’s mouth had a slight opening, as she was dumbfounded by the idea. 

She had never considered her unimpressive ancestor to be such a formidable figure! 

To kill a Quasi-Supreme being with a single blow meant he could be compared to her masters. 

“If you knew, then why did you do it anyway” 

At that moment, Gu Changge reappeared, followed by the sound of his remarks. 

He stood in front of the desperate, horrified, and devastated Tiangou Clan.

Naturally, he spoke with a smile. 

Gu Nanshan had so “kindly” helped him solve the main issue and, with this battle, had shaken up the rest of the clan. 

Naturally, it was time for him to show up and reap his share of the benefits. 

“Gu Changge, you…” Yu Wudi tried to speak, his face pale with fear, no longer having the calm and collected demeanour befitting of his previous role as a clan leader. 

The rest of the clan elders were also pale, trembling even.

Not one of them dared to open their mouths. 

In that moment, in their eyes, Gu Changge was no different from the old peasant-like Supreme Realm powerhouse from earlier. 

He could determine their life and death at will. 

Today, even their ancestors were so easily killed that they couldn’t even resist. 

So what could they, the descendants, do Besides, the True Dragon Clan had already abandoned them! 

“Do you remember what I said before” Gu Changge smiled, his robe fluttering, appearing as elegant as a jade, transcending the mundane. 

“I remember.” As if catching a glimmer of light in the darkness, Yu Wudi quickly nodded his head and said. 

The rest of the Tiangou Clansmen now also carried hope in their eyes. 

Thanks to Gu Changge’s words, their hope for survival was reignited. 

They didn’t want to die. 

Even ants want to live, let alone living beings and cultivators. 

“Remember, I said I would give you two choices, either submit or die.” Gu Changge still smiled, yet at this moment, everyone could see a frightening chill in his eyes. 

“We choose to submit, to be slaves and servants, and to be commanded by Young Master Changge, without hesitation!” 

Hearing these words, the group of Tiangou Clan elders rejoiced in their hearts.

They immediately answered, having already been scared out of their wits by what they had just seen.

They knew nothing good would come from defying Gu Changge. 

“Yes, however, before that, you must do one thing.” 

Gu Changge casually spoke, his expression unchanged as though this were a trivial matter. 

“You must submit a letter of submission to me.” 

“It’s not too much of a task, right” 

His smile grew deeper, carrying a sense of amusement. 


All of the Tiangou clansmen froze in shock, feeling a frightening chill behind Gu Changge’s deep malice. 

Naturally, this declaration of submission was meant to make them kill each other! 

What a vicious ploy.

If they did such a thing, the shame would be deeply engraved in their bloodline, never to be lifted. 

Not only them, even the other cultivators nearby shuddered, silently vowing to never provoke Gu Changge in the future. 

On the surface, he was a transcendent immortal.

However, his methods were so ruthless and cruel that it frightened them! 

’Gu Changge’s methods are as ruthless as ever, showing no mercy to his enemies.’ 

Secretly, Gu Xian’er rejoiced.

Compared to his enemies, Gu Changge had actually treated her very well.

Otherwise, she would have continued treating him with the same murderous and hateful attitude she had at the beginning. 

The thought of his offer sent shivers down their spines. 

The Tiangou Clan thought well of themselves, but now they had to admit defeat What did they do to deserve this 

Gu Changge never considered himself to be a soft-hearted person. 

He took advantage of this incident to deter the entire Ancient Immortal Races and let everyone know that from today onwards, he was in charge of the Ancient Immortal Continent! 

Immediately after Gu Changge’s words, the Tiangou Clan was plunged into chaos. 

Some of them had red eyes and fierce faces, cursing at Gu Changge and wanting to kill him, preferring to die rather than give in. 

But in the end, Gu Changge slapped them to death with one hand. 

However, many of the Tiangou Clan members chose to live, not wishing to die in such a miserable and humiliating manner. 

Under the oppression of the Primordial Divine Sect and the immortal-armoured soldiers, all the Tiangou Clan who surrendered had survived, while those who chose to resist were executed. 

The humiliation of this day would be enough to make the remaining Tiangou Clansmen unable to hold their heads up for the rest of their lives.

They will never be able to face the people again. 

Soon, the news of what had transpired on this day spread to the outside world, to all parts of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

It caused a massive wave that left no clan undisturbed. 

Many of the Ancient Immortal Races froze when they heard the news. 

The Tiangou Clan, with their vast and ancient heritage, would inevitably disintegrate and fall apart after today’s events. 

They were reduced to mere slaves of Gu Changge, serving him for eternity, to forever be at his disposal. 

Amidst this war, the mysterious ancestor from the Gu Family had become the centre of discussion for many cultivators.

His strength and the strength of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family had shocked countless cultivators. 

The strength and overwhelming dominance of the Primordial Divine Sect and the fearsome strength of the Gu Family’s immortal-armoured soldiers sparked great debate during this battle. 

The passage between the Ancient Immortal Continent and the outside world was opened by the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace under great pressure. 

At last, the curtain came down on the younger generation’s adventure.

However, the Ancient Immortal Continent was still in a state of turmoil. 

Various Daoist Sects and Families continued to descend on the land to compete for its resources. 

The Dragon Island, where the True Dragon Clan is located, was closed off.

There, one could see a divine light shining, as a defensive array was activated.

The sound of a dragon’s roar shook the world and drew the attention of many cultivators. 

No one knew what the True Dragon Clan was up to. 

And soon, several days passed. 

— — —

[Deep within the Baiheng Mountain Range] 

On that day, a bright immortal light suddenly appeared, reflecting on the dome of the sky.

Immortal melodies spread, as if to announce the arrival of an immortal. 

At once, many powerful figures were startled by the phenomenon. 

In the midst of the phenomenon, an Ancient Immortal emerged, sitting in a lotus position, chanting scriptures that contained boundless mysteries. 

Numerous older figures rushed to the place, and after examining it for a while, they discovered something astonishing. 

“A Fairy Gate has appeared! It may carry a path to immortality within!” 

When this news spread, it instantly shocked the entire Ancient Immortal Continent, even the Immeasurable Heavens outside.

A horrifying frenzy came upon them. 


The word “Immortal” had an extraordinary meaning throughout the entire Upper Realm, and anything that could be associated with an Immortal was not simple, let alone becoming immortal yourself. 

In a flash, the Ancient Immortal Continent was once again flooded with many terrifying powerhouses. 

This didn’t have the slightest effect on Gu Changge, who had already finished his plans for the Tiangou Clan.

Now, he was making plans for the entirety of the Ancient Immortal Continent. 

He couldn’t help but sneer, ‘I’ve already taken everything of value there.

Even if it’s now wide open, what else can they possibly find’ 

At that moment, Gu Changge was already leading his followers to leave the Ancient Immortal Continent and return to the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace. 

After all, the passage between the two places had been completely opened, and the Ancient Immortal Continent was now basically his backyard that he could enter at any time. 

He had to start preparing for his next move, and he had to find a way to make the most out of Gu Nanshan’s deterrence. 

At the same time, Gu Changge had to consider how to deal with Gu Nanshan’s anger. 

It’s great to be able to rely on an ancestor. 

However, said ancestor was itching to teach him a lesson. 

Soon, Gu Changge came up with a solution, targeting Gu Xian’er. 


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