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Chapter 172: She really is My Lucky Star; the Ancient Immortal Clans are pitiful!

In the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, the Great Elder’s white robe fluttered as his eyes flashed with scenes of the Ancient Immortal Continent, like how an immortal observed the world.

At this moment, he was standing atop the Supreme Peak.

His gaze pierced through the thick layers of gray fog, observing the entirety of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

He already knew the current situation of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

After understanding Gu Changge’s plan, a shiver ran down his back.

“Gu Changge is digging graves for all of the Ancient Immortal Races, a double-edged sword.

It seems this Old Man has underestimated him.”

The Great Elder spoke with a complicated expression.

An old man of medium stature stood beside him.

He wore dirty clothes, his face quite plain, his skin dark, and his teeth yellow.

He looked like an ordinary farmer.

Tied to his waist was a rusty kitchen knife with a few scratches.

He was an ordinary man in every respect.

The surprising part is that this old peasant stood beside the dignified Great Elder of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, speaking as though they were well acquainted.

Upon hearing the Great Elder’s words, the old man couldn’t help but grin as he replied. “He is the Scion of my Immortal Gu Family, after all.

No surprises here.”

“This junior, Gu Changge… though I have not seen him personally, time and time again, I have heard many things about him in the family.”

“For him to do such a thing is no surprise.”

As he said this, it was clear from the look on his face that he was intrigued.

“Brother Daoist, have you made your decision” After a moment, the Great Elder looked into the old peasant’s eyes and asked.

“There is no point in being indecisive.

Now that my Young Master had almost been killed.

This old man will definitely go in… unless you wish to try and stop me”

The Old Man grinned, showing his big yellow teeth, his arrogance in full display, ‘Even if you try to stop me, I’ll do it anyway.’

The strength of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family is known throughout the Upper Realm.

The Great Elder smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Daoist can’t you see it Or perhaps you’re doing it deliberately Either way, this matter is obviously all part of Gu Changge’s plans for the Ancient Immortal Races.”

“I don’t care.

During our Young Master’s training in the Ancient Immortal Continent, he encountered a member of the Ancient Immortal Races who tried to kill him with a Divine Artifact.

You can rest assured, however, that though it has incurred my clan’s wrath, it hasn’t gotten to the point where we would wipe out the entire Ancient Immortal Continent.” 

The old peasant smiled and asked, “At any rate, the other forces are bringing in their powerhouses as well.

Why stop me Could it be that you have a problem with my Gu family”

The Great Elder remained silent, he could not answer these words carelessly.

Have a problem with the Ancient Immortal Gu family

Who knows what types of ghosts and deities would emerge from the Ancient Immortal Gu Family if someone did

“Are you still going to stop me” The old peasant smiled and asked again.

The Great Elder frowned.

If he said yes, this old peasant, an ancestor of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family would definitely attack him.

He was sure of it.

Although he was not afraid of him, many of the Daoist Sects wanted a piece of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

If he fights against this old peasant, the other factions would have a chance at getting just that.

Back then, he made a deal with the natives of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

If the natives stayed within the continent, he would provide them with some degree of protection against the outside world.

The agreement stood until this day.

But now, Gu Changge’s actions have given outsiders a chance to intervene in the situation, giving the Great Elder a great headache.

To allow Gu Changge’s entry into the Ancient Immortal Continent was a complete and utter disaster.

“Brother Daoist, do you plan to wipe out the Ancient Immortal Continent’s Clans with your strength”

The Great Elder asked in a deep yet cautious voice.

And after a while, he added…

“And if I remember correctly you are not the ancestor of Gu Changge’s branch.

You’re the ancestor of Gu Xian’er’s branch ancestor.”

As he said this, a light flashed in his eyes.

Even he knew about the Gu Changge’s bone digging incident, so it was only natural that he, as the Gu Family’s ancestor, would know.

This ancestor had only woken up in recent years.

He must’ve noticed how his branch of the family lost their status in the Gu Family when he walked out of seclusion.

It was only natural that a matter like this would attract his attention.

And if he asked, there would be none who would dare conceal it from him.

Thus, it was reasonable to assume his arrival at the Ancient Immortal Continent was not to help Gu Changge by seeking justice for him.

In the Great Elder’s opinion, it would make more sense if he were here to help Gu Xian’er, ensuring that she doesn’t suffer from Gu Changge’s poisonous hands.


With Gu Changge now being the Heir of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, he also currently represents the face of the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace within the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Even if he didn’t care about Gu Changge, he still has to buy him some time.

“Gu Changge is the Young Master of the Gu Family, so how could this old man kill him The Ancient Immortal Gu Family has rules that forbid us from killing members of the same family.”

The old man laughed, as if he didn’t care about the incident.

However, there was a faint glimmer in his eyes.

The Great Elder’s expression remained unchanged, understanding the old peasant’s meaning.

‘Isn’t that the same as what Gu Changge did’

Although this ancestor of the Gu Family showed that he didn’t pay much mind to the matter, it was clear that he was still quite upset.

Only after having his assurance did the Great Elder relax.

‘Gu Changge shouldn’t be in any danger.’

‘However, he wouldn’t get away without losing at least a layer of skin.’

At this point, the Great Elder’s eyes seemed to narrow a bit as he resolved himself to make a small compromise.

“Then this old man shall accompany Brother Daoist to the Ancient Immortal Continent”

He wasn’t surprised to hear the Great Elder’s response, as he meaningfully smiled and said, “It seems Brother Daoist cares more about Gu Changge then our Ancient Immortal Gu Family.”

The Great Elder let out a cold snort as he replied, “No matter what, he is still the Heir of my Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, as well as the next Palace Master of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace.”

For an upright person such as himself, he had always followed through with his principles.

He disliked Gu Changge, for he was an annoying junior who enjoyed playing tricks on others.

But besides that, in truth, he held Gu Changge in high regard.


The old peasant gave a smile that said he wouldn’t make any promises as he shrugged, his tattered sleeves waving

The Great Elder’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Behind the old peasant, a powerful pressure suddenly made itself known, as a vast portal appeared, joining the Upper Realm and the Ancient Immortal Continent. 


An incomparably brilliant light pierced through the passage.

Immediately after, came an outburst of divine chants, strong Immortal mists filled the air as though they had just entered an Immortal Realm.

A divine soldier in full immortal armor appeared, riding an ancient beast, its bloodlust shook the sky, filling it with a cold aura.

More and more soldiers covered in armor illuminated by divine lights, veterans who have fought countless battles with eyes like heavenly swords, all causing the void to stir.

This was without a doubt the Invincible Army of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

It was as though thousands of smaller armies rushed here from all over the world, their marching filling the realm like a thunderstorm.

The rest of the Daoist Sects were startled by this.

“To send out such a force, it seems that the Gu Family is serious about this matter…” The Great Elder couldn’t help but be stunned.

Everyone in the group was at the God King Realm.

It was clear that this group was made of veterans, indestructible and ready to kill everybody in sight.

“They are not here because of this old man, but because Gu Changge ordered them as the Young Master.”

“As of this moment, they are not under this old man’s command.”

‘Gu Changge called them’

‘What is he planning to do’

At that moment the Great Elder was baffled, unable to comprehend Gu Changge’s intentions.

“Brother Daoist, let’s go.” The old peasant took the lead, and in one step, the fog enveloping the Ancient Immortal Continent was gone.

‘With such a terrifying and tyrannical team…’

With a sigh, the Great Elder followed suit.

‘I’m afraid it would be impossible for me to protect the natives of the Ancient Immortal Continent.’

Similar scenes could be seen all over the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace.


Countless warships could be seen descending from the sky.   

The many Daoist Sects of the Immeasurable Heavens had rushed here, descending in unison.

The piece of pie called the “Ancient Immortal Continent” had attracted the attention of many forces.

Earlier, they had relied on their younger generations to get a slice of this pie for them.

But now that they had good reason to do so, they had come bearing their full strength, tearing up the façade.

[Ancient Immortal Continent, Black Heavenly Eagle Clan]

After a complete search of this place, Gu Changge was left somewhat satisfied.

He did not let the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan spread word of him.

This matter was very important.

Until his plan was complete, he must be publicly unrelated with the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan.

This small matter will soon have a fatal effect that will echo throughout the Ancient Immortal Continent.

After all, the Black Heavenly Eagle Clan was still among the top clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

‘Even then, they were effortlessly controlled by me…’

An unexpected counterattack at the just the right moment would deliver a great deal of harm to the Ancient Immortal Races.

‘Now that Ye Ling’s matter has been settled, the Fairy Spirit set to appear in a few days should take priority.

I need to find out where Mingkong is hiding.’

Gu Changge returned to his palace, immediately ordering his followers to find Yue Mingkong’s whereabouts.

He didn’t know the exact time and place where the Fairy Spirit would be born.

But to him, finding Yue Mingkong was enough.

‘As a regressor, Yue Mingkong definitely knows my ultimate goal.

And knowing her personality, she’ll definitely try to snatch it, keeping it from falling into my hands.’    

During this period, Yue Mingkong vanished into thin air.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, ‘Where could she go other than the location of the Fairy Spirit’

Gu Changge didn’t feel the least bit guilty using his fiancée as a treasure hunting tool.

If Yue Mingkong knew of his intentions, she would probably be so angry that she wouldn’t be able to help but kill somebody.

She was already keeping a low profile in order to avoid Gu Changge’s attention.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that this was all part of Gu Changge’s plans.

And soon, his followers returned with news of Yue Mingkong.

It probably didn’t even occur to Yue Mingkong that she was surrounded by Gu Changge’s people.

Gu Changge was so adept at scheming that one step forward for him was ten steps for others.

Furthermore, Gu Changge already knew that Yue Mingkong was a regressor, so how could he leave her alone

‘It would be idiotic to let go of such an opportunity.’

He had already made preparations when he knew that Yue Mingkong would come to the Ancient Immortal Continent.

“The Baiheng Mountain Range”

In the middle of the palace, he was pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back, as information about the mountain flashed through his mind.

Since Yue Mingkong was there, then the Fairy Spirit was most likely to be there as well.

And at last, he’d finally pinpointed the location of the Fairy Spirit.

‘If it wasn’t for Yue Mingkong, I am afraid I would’ve to wait for Fairy Spirit to appear before getting it.

She truly is my lucky star to have saved me so much trouble….’

As he thought of this, Gu Changge couldn’t help but let out a playful smile.

To scheme against Mingkong had practically become second-nature to him, he didn’t even need to go out of his way to do so.

Gu Changge then narrowed his eyes.

To avoid suspicion, he needed to create a situation where he would “accidentally” meet up with Yue Mingkong at the Baiheng Mountain Range.

“Let’s go!”

He ordered his followers.

The puppets he obtained from the Ancient Deity of Reincarnation were about to become useful.

Soon, several divine rainbows shot up to the sky from the ruins.

[In a vast mountain range]

“Martial uncle!”

A group of Young Supremes, led by Ye Langtian and Ye Liuli, were waiting here with respectful expressions.

The void rumbled as carriages and warships pierced the heavens.   

On it stood a middle-aged man with radiant eyes, his cultivation at the Half-Step Sacred Realm.

Behind him were the Immortal Ye Family’s clansmen, all of whom had similarly powerful cultivation bases..

His name was Ye Miao, Ye Liangtian’s martial uncle.

They were reinforcements sent by the Upper Realm to seek ‘justice’. 

Such support clearly showed the Ancient Immortal Families’ stance on the matter.

“The clan already knows of the current situation.

The Ancient Immortal Continent will soon become a playground for the Upper Realm.

None will be spared….”

Ye Miao said this with a smile, as his glance swept through the Ye Family’s Young Supremes.

“So the rest of the training is over, right”

“Yes, you will now be directly protected by us.

The clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent did not give us face, daring to push our people around.

It is time we let  them know the might of the Upper Realm.”

Many Daoist factions of the Upper Realm showed similar attitudes, prioritizing the safety of the younger generation.

They didn’t mind the death that came from the training experience, but to intentionally slaughter them with unfair means was simply unacceptable.

“Martial uncle, the clans of the Ancient Immortal Continent still target the Gu Family’s Young Master.

However, the rest of us are fine.”

Ye Liuli took this moment to speak up, her pretty white face steaming with anger.

Gu Changge fought with the Inheritor of the Forbidden Demonic Arts for the sake of all living beings.

The Tiangou Clan’s actions were so shameless that they sparked public outrage.

In her opinion, Gu Changge did this for the betterment of the world.

Even if Gu Changge had pushed her around in the past, she couldn’t help but admire him.

She didn’t have such sympathies for the Tiangou Clan.

When Ye Miao heard her, a strange light flashed in his eyes, as he shook his head and replied, “Gu Changge planned out this entire scenario so that the Upper Realm would find an excuse to directly intervene in this matter.

All of you have severely underestimated Gu Changge’s ruthlessness.”

“And don’t you worry about his safety.

The Immortal Gu Family was very quick to act on this matter.

They’re furious, and they’ve sent a powerful army to support Gu Changge.

I’m afraid it will be the Tiangou Clan who suffers this time…”

Ye Miao words shocked Ye Langtian and others.

They thought of Gu Changge as helpless; they never imagined his schemes would run so deep.

“Brother Gu’s methods are breathtaking.”

A strong sense of frustration arose in Ye Langtian after hearing Ye Miao words.

Not only did Gu Changge exceed him in cultivation, but even his schemes were far beyond his own.

If his martial uncle didn’t inform him, he probably wouldn’t have noticed it.

“Thanks to Gu Changge, even our Ye family can take a piece of this pie.” Ye Miao said coldly.

He looked into the depths of the Ancient Immortal Continent, where all the powerful clans had gathered.

A terrifying battle will erupt soon.

The waters of the Ancient Immortal Continent have been muddied.

The Golden-Winged Peng Clan, the Immortal Lake, the Ancient Immortal Families, and all the other Daoist Sects were discussing this matter.

Outside the Ancient Immortal Continent, an ancient warship of purple and bronze flew, accompanied by boats as a mountain of demonic pressure descended.

A dark figure stood, emitting demonic energy as his divine sense spread out like a vast ocean that spread across thousands of miles.

“The Primordial Demon Sect…”

“Why did such cruel and stubborn people come here…” Many cultivators paled as they fearfully and quickly retreated from the path.

Most cultivators and Daoist factions referred to them as the “Primordial Demon Sect.”

Though they refer to themselves as the “Primordial Divine Sect”, they have always acted ruthlessly and forcefully.

More importantly, they were quite protective of their shortcomings.

They believed that if someone killed a member of their sect, it was justified to slaughter their whole family.

Such a reputation made it difficult for anyone to provoke the “Primordial Demon Sect”.

They were a stubborn group of powerful lunatics.

“The Gu Family’s Young Master… his mother is in the Primordial Demon Sect.”

A cultivator from outside the Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace spoke with a trembling voice.

There were various means by which one could learn about the situation inside the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Naturally, the events that took place in the Ancient Immortal Continent became known to all.

Everybody was quite vocal when it came to the “atrocities” committed by the Ancient Immortal Clans.

“When you think about it, the Ancient Immortal Races are pitiful.”

“They could’ve easily offended anyone else, so what were the odds that they offended Young Master Gu”

The many cultivators shivered for a moment as they thought about the fates of the Ancient Immortal Races, suddenly gaining a bit of sympathy for them.

If the Primordial Demon Sect’s record was anything to go by, then the entire Ancient Immortal Continent is soon going to be turned upside down…


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