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140 — The Mediocre Waste; Do You Want to be Stronger, Boy

Gu Changge never thought he would learn so much information from a casually captured creature in the Heavenly God Realm.

The Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation left behind a Cultivation Abode, as well as an Enlightenment Platform!

As for the slave seal It was a guess the creature made based on the orders of the Family Elders.

After going through some old-fashioned tropes, Gu Changge understood the gist of the matter.

After the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation suppressed the ancestors of these creatures, he didn’t kill them, instead, he planted a slave seal inside them and left them with the task to protect the treasures the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate left behind for his Successor.

Over time, however, the hearts of the creatures’ descendants changed.

Now, many powerful creatures were looking for Ye Ling’s whereabouts, and that showed their true thoughts.

Although Gu Changge was also plotting to deal with Ye Ling, he had to now go and save his life since he needed him to bear the title of the Taboo Inheritance’s Successor.

He wanted to kill Ye Ling, but now wasn’t the time for that.

Gu Changge already had a careful plan for what he would do next.

It just so happened that he could use the slave seal to create an opportunity for himself.

‘Speaking of this, the Enlightenment Platform left behind by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation mustn’t be something specifically left for Ye Ling, or those creatures wouldn’t have been able to occupy it for so long, so much so that they developed the thoughts of hoarding it all to themselves.’

Gu Changge figured out most of the plot.

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After that, he dealt with the corpse in front of him and then left his Inner World.

From what he found from the soul search, there were five major Races in the vicinity of the ruins, and their ancestors were all servants of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

Now, all of them were looking for Ye Ling.

‘With Ye Ling’s current ability, he will never be able to vie for benefits in the face of those five groups! Since this is a test, there must be an opportunity for Ye Ling to turn the situation around…’

‘These ancient fogies…all of them like to engage in such old-fashioned pass the test if you want to inherit something nonsense.

Who gives a damn about a test when you can directly steal opportunities nowadays’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

‘As for Ye Ling, he must be looking for the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation’s Cultivation Abode right now.

There should be some way in there for Ye Ling to put a leash around the necks of those five groups and get their help.’

‘That Cultivation Abode…if I am not mistaken, then it must be something like a small world.

I wonder how it compares to my Inner World The Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation must have left a lot of good stuff for Ye Ling.’

‘However…I estimate that it will still all fall in my hands in the end.’

Gu Changge squinted his eyes with a smile and showed an intrigue-filled expression.

He analyzed everything from the past to the future, and knew that Ye Ling’s next move would be to find the Cultivation Abode left behind by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

Gu Changge wouldn’t stop Ye Ling, no…he will help Ye Ling and make it easier for him to find the Cultivation Abode.

Gu Changge didn’t have the leisure to go through the so-called test, after all.

He loved to pick the fruit when it ripened.

‘I don’t know how long it will take, but I don’t think I need to worry about it with Yin Mei right next to Ye Ling.’

Gu Changge felt relieved as he thought of this.

After that, the Void in front of him blurred and he traveled thousands of feet away in a single step and left the place in haste.

His figure walked through the Void and avoided a large number of creatures.

Just like that, he crossed many ancient, ruined structures, and went straight to the depths of the ruined city.

The depths of the city held structures that weren’t worse than the ones outside — in some cases, the structures inside were even better than the ones outside.

There were vast, tall pavilions that held a majesty to them that the ones outside didn’t.

He could also see a majestic monument in front of him that exuded an ancient aura, and told of their past glory.

‘According to the memory of that Heavenly God creature, the Elders of the Black Sky Eagle Family are the ones who hold the most power among the five races in this area, and their Cultivation Base has even reached beyond the Sacred Realm.’

Gu Changge’s figure floated inside the Void as he glanced down with a calm expression.

There were many creatures and guards below.

Many places even had extremely powerful Formations protecting them and releasing vast divine might.

If an intruder stepped in, the Formations would easily slaughter anyone below the True God Realm.

In addition to all these, there were many False God Realm masters patrolling the place.

‘The ancestors of the Black Sky Eagle Family should be hidden in the depths of this place, and their Cultivation Base should be beyond the Sacred Realm…it’s possible that some of them might even be in the Quasi-Supreme Realm.’

‘If I choose to infiltrate head-on, then I will only bring trouble on my head! I might even expose my identity.’

Gu Changge looked ahead with a thoughtful expression.

Of course, he still had a plan and a great deal of confidence.

Even now, he could use his terrifying background to crush these creatures, just like he used to crush people in the outside world, but although it was cool, convenient, and fast to subdue people with his background, it would take some time.

‘The Enlightenment Platform is in the hands of the Black Sky Eagle Family’s hands, so it seems that I will need to start with them to further my plan…’

Gu Changge quickly thought of his next actions.

In the next moment, the Void in front of him blurred and he walked forward with his hands behind his back.

Right now, he was heading towards a lively pavilion that had a lot of creatures mingling with each other.

Atop the pavilion were the words ‘Intoxicated Immortal Pavilion’ written in the Ancient Immortal Script.

From the memory of the Heavenly God creature, he learned that this place held the greatest weakness of the Black Sky Eagle Family’s Patriarch.


[In an elegant room filled with splendor and mist at the top floor of the Intoxicated Immortal Pavilion.]

Several non-human creatures covered in brilliant lights and dressed in extraordinary clothes conversed with each other.

The one at the center of attention was a young man holding a pretty aboriginal girl in his arms.

He was dressed in brocade clothes, and had a pale, frivolous-looking face.

Behind him were a pair of jet-black eagle wings spread out in their full glory, with black light flowing around them.

The creatures were, right now, communicating in the Ancient Immortal Language.

One of the creatures was a young woman with a beautiful, jade-like face, but with a snake’s tail.

She opened her mouth and asked with curiosity, “What happened in the city Why are so many people going around in such a hurry”

“Many Masters were dispatched, and I even saw True Gods and some Heavenly Gods! They seemed to be looking for something.

Could it be that the cultivators from the outside world are coming for us”

“That’s possible! The outside cultivators are quite bold, and even dared to trespass the station I was guarding.

It’s really unbelievable.

If not for the fact that the older generation isn’t allowed to make a move, do you think they would have been able to keep their lives until now”

Hearing that, another young creature added with disdain, “If it weren’t for abiding by the ancient agreement, would I be stuck in here instead of going to the outside world If we were able to leave, those cultivators wouldn’t even exist to come in here, no”

They were already familiar with the details of this ‘experience-gaining’ trip, and knew that it was jointly held by the ancient fogies of the Ancient Immortal Continent and the outside world.

On the bright side, although it was the younger generation competing in hindsight, who could really ensure that the older generation wouldn’t intervene in the dark

Still, since they dared to come to their gathering place, then they must be prepared to pay the price.

“All of the five major Families sent people to arrest them, so it mustn’t be a minor matter this time.”

Several people presented their opinion while looking at the man in the middle with a flattering expression.

“Brother Hei Ming is still the mightiest among us all! I heard you even have a follower in the Heavenly God Realm! Although we are called the Four Young Masters (B4s74rds)[1] together with you, and have been training hard to catch up with you all these years, we are still far inferior to you.”

[1: they are called the Four Young B4s74rds/Dandies, but the guy is using flowery language here to flatter their leader.]

The youth at the center of attention was named Hei Ming.

A bit of pride appeared on his face as he listened to those words, and said, “Commander Hei Yu isn’t by my side right now; he was also dispatched by my grandfather to find all suspicious outsiders nearby.”

[TL/N: nah boi, your Hei Yǔ (Rain) is now Hei Gù (Dead), gone, dead, finished.]

His words surprised everyone, and their curiosity surged after they thought about everything that transpired recently.

The woman with a snake’s tail couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Hei Ming, do you know what happened Why did the five major families suddenly mobilize all their forces It’s as if all the grass and trees have awakened as soldiers now.[2]”

[2: soldiers hiding in everything and everywhere.]

After all, Hei Ming was the only direct descendant from the five major families among them, from the Black Sky Eagle Family, so he had to know far more than them.

Although their identities weren’t simple either, they were still far from the direct descendants of the five major families.

It’s just that the reason Hei Ming could mingle with them was because his status in his family was probably not all that good.

In this dog-eat-dog world, the genuine direct descendants of the five major families all looked down on them, but compared to others in his Black Sky Eagle Family, Hei Ming had mediocre talent, and was kind of useless.

So much so that there were rumors that Hei Ming was the Black Sky Eagle Family’s waste!

Many creatures secretly mocked him, and even some members of the Black Sky Eagle Family disregarded his existence and treated him with indifference.

The only reason Hei Ming could reach the Transcendent Realm was because his family poured massive resources into his cultivation, but he was still far from reaching the Great-Transcendent Realm.

[TL/N: man, I thought ants under the Conferred Lord Realm won’t appear again, but here we are.

Strange world, man, strange world.

Dumbass couldn’t reach the Saint Realm even with all that Spiritual Qi around him.]

He was an embarrassment to the Black Sky Eagle Family!

It was for this reason that Hei Ming, who used to be a motivated youth and cultivated hard, gradually lost his will to grow stronger.

Afterwards, he turned to wine to relieve his worries, and spent his days in the land of smoke and seggs, and became the leader of the so-called Four Young B4s74rds!

Of course, although Hei Ming’s experience sounded tragic — so much so that Gu Changge had to wonder if he had come across another Favored Son of Heaven who would encounter an opportunity and slap everyone’s faces when he searched the Heavenly God’s soul — it actually wasn’t.

Hei Ming might have mediocre talent, but he still had another background…his sister was the most outstanding genius of the Black Sky Eagle Family, and his grandfather was their most powerful Elder.

With that background, even if he ended up as a dude who only knew how to cause trouble and didn’t make any progress in his cultivation, on one would dare say anything to him or provoke him.

After all, how much trouble could a harmless scoundrel even make

On the contrary, many people bowed their heads before him and licked his feet to get closer to the Black Sky Eagle Family.

Especially after many received the news that his elder sister’s status rose even more after she was taken in by Lord Long Teng of the True Dragon Family of the Ancient Immortal Tribe.

Hei Ming, himself, got a follower in the Heavenly God Realm at his beck and call, and that made all the other young creatures envy him.

After Hei Ming heard the question of the Snake Race’s woman, he pretended to think about the matter, and then said, “I heard something major happened for the five major families, and all the Elders gathered together to discuss the matter…”

In reality, Hei Ming had no idea about whatever the heck was going on!

His status in the Black Sky Eagle Family wasn’t all that good, and on normal days, he was treated as a non-existent descendant.

Except for his sister and his grandpa, no one else gave a damn about him.

Although Hei Ming didn’t show anything on his face, deep down, he held the ambition to become a dazzling genius just like his sister.

He wanted to be a dazzling genius admired by millions of people.


Right then, what the young creatures talking and laughing amongst them failed to notice were ripples in the Void around them — even a Sacred Realm master might not be able to perceive the ripples, let alone them with their meager Cultivation Base.

“Young Man, do you want to become strong Do you want to become an existence standing above hundreds of millions of people”

Suddenly, an ethereal voice entered Hei Ming’s ears.


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