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139 — Matters Getting More and More Interesting; The Treasure-Hunting Rat Didn’t Disappoint!

“The Successor of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation has appeared!”

An old woman with snake-eyes spoke up with a cold voice that could make the listener’s scalp tingle.

In her hand, she held a rune that shone with divine brilliance.

“That’s why I have called everyone here.”

Another tall, old man with a pair of goat-like horns on his head said with an Immortal-like tone.

His voice, however, held a tinge of coldness.

The rest of the old men nodded and said with cold expressions, “It seems that the prophecy was true! He’s here to take away the remains of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate.

I never expected it to take such a long time! I always thought that the slave seal was just an ancient rumor as no one could prove or disprove its existence.”

“I never thought it would actually manifest now! It’s unbelievable.”

Speaking of which, an old man with an eagle’s beak said with a gloomy expression as he felt the absolute suppression from the depths of its soul.

The rune on his arm burned, as if it was branded on it, and no matter what he tried, he couldn’t erase it.

It hadn’t manifested in eons, and that made them feel that the existence of the slave seal was just a rumor that they didn’t need to pay any attention to.

All of them had the same belief until today…right now, they were shocked as this was the first time they felt the existence of the rune.

The absolute power of oppression bearing down on their souls could easily dictate their life and death.

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It was the effect of the slave seal, which could be used to suppress all of them!

The slave seal was planted deep in their bloodline and was passed down through the generations until it reached them.

After knowing the truth of the matter, they were shocked, enraged, and full of disbelief!

The only thing they wanted to do now was to…slaughter the Successor of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

[TL/N: Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation, Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate, and Heavenly Venerate are all titles for the same guy in the context of the currently-translated chapters.

Heavenly Venerate is a general word used for the Ancient Heavenly Emperors.]

How mighty were their ancestors

Even the Tribe with True Dragon bloodline that now lorded over the Ancient Immortal Continent had to be polite in the face of their ancestors, yet…

Who would have thought that their ancestors would be suppressed by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation and get slave seals planted in their blood and soul! All that just to guard the opportunity the Heavenly Venerate left for his successor generation after generation!

Now that the Successor of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate appeared and was approaching them, they couldn’t help but be alert for the first time in forever.

After all, no one would want to surrender to a stranger they never met before, and dedicate everything to him.

Who would want something like that

A retard, maybe.

It was for this reason that all of them gathered in a rush to discuss the matter.

No matter what method they had to use, they had to make sure that the Successor of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate died as soon as possible.

“The Enlightenment Platform of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate is unanimously controlled by our major families now! Countless eons have passed, so who will be willing to let go of it There’s even a saying that the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate might have left a Cultivation Abode nearby, hiding countless treasures and heritage of the Venerate…”

“Perhaps, that Successor is the key to that Cultivation Abode!”

The faces of the old men brightened as they discussed the Cultivation Abode and plotted to grab the opportunities laying therein.

The relics of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate ought to belong to them, they believed.

What dog-** was a Successor who appeared out of nowhere now How dare he covet their treasures

“The Successor of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate must be from the outside world, so he shouldn’t be that old right now.

According to our agreement with the old monsters outside, the strongest who can enter from outside will, at most, be in the False God Realm.”

“That’s to say the Successor of the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate won’t be beyond the False God Realm.

As long as he dares to come here, he will surely be buried here.”

The old men plotted with sneers on their faces and envisioned the happy ending.

True, it might not be possible for them to personally take action and slaughter the ‘bastard’ because of their slave seals, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t send someone else to deal with him.

Once the time arrived, they would set up a Confinement Formation and then wait for the so-called Successor of the Heavenly Venerate to walk to his death!

After all, they had affiliated themselves with countless other races of the Ancient Immortal Continent, so it won’t be hard for them to find someone in the True God Realm, or even God King Realm, to capture their target.

“Keep an eye on all the unfamiliar faces, especially those who came from the outside world! I would rather kill the wrong person than let the correct one get away.”

The old freaks started to give orders to their subordinates and put the entire city of ruins under martial law.

Only by killing the Successor of the Heavenly Venerate would they have a chance at freedom.


Soon, Spiritual Qi surged in the sky and the atmosphere turned terrifying as all of them spread in every direction.

Astonishing auras appeared high in the sky one after another, and began to inspect all suspicious figures in their territory and surrounding areas.

At the same time, a large group of aborigines banded together near the ruins and cast a Confinement Formation under the command of their Elders to trap someone.


‘What the hell’s going on Did they discover us’

Ye Ling, who quietly sneaked the ruins with Chi Ling and Yin Mei, showed a drastic change in his expression.

He felt several powerful auras pass above them as their overwhelming Spiritual Sense swept across all directions with the intent to raze everything to the ground.

Their sudden movements shocked him.

If he wasn’t courageous enough, and hadn’t experienced countless disasters before, he wouldn’t be able to stay calm right now.

Right now, Ye Ling would have backed down if he didn’t have enough guts.

“Why are there so many powerhouses all of a sudden What are they looking for”

Chi Ling asked with a frown.

The figure that swept past them was at least in the True God Realm, so if they weren’t using special means right now, all of them would have died tragically.

“I don’t know! Could it be because of me Were our whereabouts exposed But we hid ourselves so well that it’s impossible for anyone to discover us! Could it all be a coincidence…”

Ye Ling asked with a puzzled expression.

For a moment, he forgot about his identity as the Successor of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

It was the old turtle inside his pendant who showed a cold and thoughtful expression as he realized something.

“It looks like they are going to capture someone…”

Yin Mei suddenly said with a worried expression.

Ye Ling, too, started to worry after seeing her expression, and couldn’t help but turn his face towards her with a smile and said, “We might be overthinking, Yin Mei! It might just be a coincidence, and probably has nothing to do with us.”

Yin Mei shook her head and didn’t say anything, but the worry on her face didn’t diminish.

Of course, she wasn’t worried about Ye Ling — she didn’t give one damn about what he said.

The sudden appearance of so many powerhouses, including those in the True God Realm and beyond, made her think of Gu Changge when she saw that they were looking for someone!

After all, she knew full well what Gu Changge was up to right now! It was very likely that he had sneaked into the depths of the ruins long before them.

So…could it be that Gu Changge’s actions were exposed She wondered.

Were the aborigines enraged over Gu Changge’s actions and searching for him right now

Yin Mei couldn’t help but worry about him.

Speaking of which, if Gu Changge died here, then her restraints might disappear, and that would be a matter of joy for her, but for some reason, she couldn’t help but worry about Gu Changge.

What’s more Gu Changge had instructed her to provoke the relationship between Ye Ling and Chi Ling in secret.

After Ye Ling sneaked into the ruins, she was supposed to wait for the critical moment, and then ‘accidentally’ attract the attention of the powerhouses hidden in the ruins to capture them.

Such an order was tantamount to telling her to go kill herself! If she wasn’t careful, then there would be a high chance for her to lose her life.

After all, once she attracted the powerhouses and exposed their trail, she would also fall into a dangerous situation, but since Gu Changge commanded her to do so, she had no choice but to follow through with it.

He was such an indifferent and heartless man, so why couldn’t she stop worrying about him

‘Ye Boi, listen carefully! Those guys are definitely coming for you…’

Right then, the turtle in Ye Ling’s pendant spoke up and made Ye Ling freeze on his spot.

They were coming for him

What did that mean

Ye Ling’s head buzzed and he felt lightheaded for a moment.

‘The Heavenly Venerate left a lot of good stuff for you, but he also left a test for you! There are guardians looking after the remains left behind by the Heavenly Venerate, so if you don’t pass the test, not only will you get jack-**, but there’s also a chance that you might end up six-feet underground here.’

The old turtle explained.

Ye Ling’s head almost exploded as he listened to his explanation, and he couldn’t help but curse him, ‘Why didn’t you tell me about it before Aren’t you trying to kill me by telling me about that just now What the heck was wrong with the Heavenly Venerate Couldn’t he just leave the opportunity somewhere I wouldn’t have to go through trouble to get it Aren’t you just sending me down the road to hell!’

Of course, he merely complained with words since he wasn’t shameless to the point where he would forget the fact that he had already taken the inheritance of the Heavenly Venerate and received countless opportunities because of him.

Right now, he was like a man riding a tiger, and had no choice but to keep going.

Yin Mei noticed the change in Ye Ling’s complexion, and felt relaxed in her heart.

‘It seems that those people are coming for him…’

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon, the three of them continued forward.

Compared to before, they were more careful and concealed all their tracks while avoiding the figures in the sky.

Ye Ling knew that the Enlightenment Platform left for him by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation was made of Reincarnation Stone, which was an extremely miraculous material.

The Reincarnation Stone contained the Natural Laws of Time and Reincarnation, and it was a known fact that the Power of Time was the strongest attribute in existence.

Ye Ling was naturally excited to get his hands on it.

‘Now, your only chance at conquering the Enlightenment Platform is to find the Heavenly Venerate’s Cultivation Abode that contains his inheritance…’

The old turtle in the pendant began to teach Ye Ling how he could find the Cultivation Abode and enter it.

Otherwise, with Ye Ling’s current strength, he wouldn’t be able to compete with the Guardians of the Platform — Ye Ling had to find a way to gain the approval of the Guardians first.

This was his only chance at passing the test.

What the old turtle didn’t know was the fact that the so-called Guardians were a race subdued and enslaved by the Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate, and weren’t willing to surrender no matter what!

Ye Ling gritted his teeth after listening to his words, and a burst of perseverance surged in his heart.

‘I must get there! How will I take revenge on Gu Changge if I can’t’

‘He’s the true Successor of the Taboo Inheritance!’

Endless strength and confidence surged in Ye Ling’s heart as he recalled the face of his greatest enemy, Gu Changge.

[TL/N: Ye Ling kind gae, ngl.]


Gu Changge kept himself hidden in the Void after leaving the mausoleum, and decided not to make an appearance.

Thanks to the corpses of the Heavenly Geniuses buried inside, he was able to greatly improve his Cultivation Base, and even got his hands on a lot of rare talents.

He reached the Middle Stage of the God King Realm in one fell swoop!

Gu Changge felt that he could even compete with a real Sacred Realm cultivator right now.

If he could sneak an attack on them, then it wouldn’t be hard for him to slaughter them with a single move either.

This was just Gu Changge’s preliminary estimate of his capability.

After all, the Sacred Realm masters could destroy the stars just by raising their hands, and that was because they could control the Natural Laws.

Cultivators below the Sacred Realm would be thoroughly suppressed by Sacred Realm masters, without any ability to retaliate in any way.

Even a mighty Young Supreme in the God King Realm wouldn’t be able to contend with a true Quasi-Sacred Realm master.

The reason he could slaughter a Sacred Realm master was because he gained control over power beyond his current realm in advance.

Right now, his apparent Cultivation Base put him in the Initial Stage of the False God Realm, which was something unattainable for others from the younger generation at this stage, and that’s why Gu Changge didn’t intend to make any further breakthroughs.

If he revealed an unimaginable Cultivation Base for his age, then he would definitely attract the attention of those ancient old fogies hiding in their coffins.

They had lived through countless eras, so what kind of genius had they not seen

Gu Changge reaching the Initial Stage of the False God Realm at his age, with his talent, was still reasonably acceptable, but anything beyond that…

He didn’t want to put himself in the spotlight and bring unnecessary trouble his way.

After all, he was different from the other young geniuses.

He followed the path of the ‘Immortal Devil,’ so the Cultivation Base he obtained through the [Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] was merely to confuse the public.

Even if someone probed his Origin, they wouldn’t be able to find any anomalies with him because he was indeed practicing the orthodox[1] [Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex.]

[1: Cultivation novels normally have two paths: orthodox and unorthodox.

The orthodox path is the one followed by the majority where they get a cultivation art, sit in meditation, absorb Spiritual Qi from the atmosphere around them, and raise their Realm.

The unorthodox path is the one followed by the minority that doesn’t follow the sane route, and takes the insane route for quick gains.

These are the people who indiscriminately slaughter people to increase their comprehension of the Dao, refine fetuses into pills, cannibalize whatever they can, turn people into Human Cauldrons, etc.

Unorthodox cultivators are generally considered scum of society and frowned upon by the rest of the world, and slaughtered wherever they are found.]

The [Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art] was his true foundation, but who beside him knew about that and his true strength

His enemies

All of his enemies who had witnessed his true strength were already in the netherworld.

‘Speaking of which, I won’t have any problem finding Ye Ling through the trail left behind by Yin Mei, but something seems to have disturbed the entire ruins — could it be that Ye Ling’s tracks were discovered’

Gu Changge, who was walking through the Void, couldn’t help but frown.

At the same time, he felt that he might have overestimated Ye Ling’s ability.

How come that trash was discovered so fast

If he died here, how would he continue to pin the blame on his head

‘No, these creatures seem to be searching aimlessly, and don’t appear to know what they are even looking for.’

But soon, Gu Changge noticed something different and narrowed his eyes.

Speaking of which, few knew about the fact that Ye Ling was the Successor of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

There wasn’t anyone other than him and Yue Mingkong, no

Even if Ye Ling was kicked in the head by a mule, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to expose such a secret before anyone.

‘This ruin must have something the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation left behind for Ye Ling, but according to the usual routine, there must be a test or something prepared for the successor…is this the test for Ye Ling’

Gu Changge quickly thought about this possibility, and tried to guess if he was correct.


The Void rumbled and spatial ripples spread in all directions.

At the same time, Gu Changge noticed a creature in the Heavenly God Realm searching for something near him.

The creature stepped into the Void and walked around quickly.

Alas! Even a Sacred Realm master wouldn’t be able to sense Gu Changge’s presence, let alone a weakling in the Heavenly God Realm, so Gu Changge couldn’t help but tut-tut in his heart.

Sure enough, the Void Talent was tyrannical indeed.

No wonder it was said that an Ancient Emperor of Slaughter with Void Talent almost succeeded in assassinating a True Immortal.

For those with the Void Talent, traveling through the Void was as easy as fish swimming through water, or a tiger in the forest.

Of course…this was the most basic use for the Void Talent.


Suddenly, the tall creature searching through the stone carvings in the mountains and the forests felt a chill go down its spine, and felt its soul freeze over; it could tell that someone was staring at it, and that fact frightened it.

It was about to turn its head, but found spatial ripples coming from the Void in front of it.

Soon after that, it saw a man in white walk out of the Void with a casual expression.

“Shh! Don’t make a sound, or you will die.”

Gu Changge said with a smile.

In the next moment, a crack appeared in the space in front of him, and started to expand.


The tall creature was stunned for a moment and then a terrifying rune started to take form in its eyes.

Alas! In the very next moment, it was directly swallowed by the expanding crack without time to react, and disappeared with a shocked and terrified expression.

Gu Changge also turned around and vanished into the Void.

Everything resembled an illusion, and no one noticed the sudden disappearance of a Heavenly God Realm master from the world — it was as if it evaporated into thin air.

The Heavenly God Realm creature was like a stone thrown into a sea, one that turned silent without much ripples.

“Where’s this Who are you”


[Atop a mountain in a different world.]

The tall creature was thrown on the ground in front of Gu Changge.

It looked at Gu Changge with horror and kept shouting as if it had encountered the most terrifying existence it could come across.

It was a Heavenly God that could look down on the True God ants and even slaughter an entire city with the flip of its hands, but in front of the person before it, it didn’t even have the ability to respond.

A moment ago, it was outside, and in the next moment, it appeared in a completely different dimension.

This terrified it.

What kind of terrifying ability was this Even those in the Sacred Realm might not be able to do something like this!

It was impossible to do something like this with just the power of Heaven and Earth, so it wondered if the other party controlled a Spatial Domain

It felt chills go down its spine as it reached that conclusion.

The young man in front of him, who was obviously from the outside world, terrified it!

Gu Changge was worried that the creature might produce too much noise and attract the other creatures, so he brought it into his Inner World.

After his strength increased, the Inner World’s ability to accomodate existences and stuff also rose.

Holding a Heavenly God inside it wasn’t an issue for the Inner World.

“I want to know a few things.”

Gu Changge said.

“What I will tell you if I know the answer.”

The tall creature hurriedly complied in fright.

Here, it couldn’t perceive anyone else’s aura, and felt like it was an ant under the gaze of Heaven, humble and insignificant.

“Nah! I am used to finding information myself.”

Gu Changge said that and then directly chose to search through its soul.

A jet-black light appeared in the palm of his hand, and split into thousands of fine, black threads before covering the creature’s forehead.

‘It turned out to be an order from the Family Elders! I never expected to come across such an interesting secret.’

‘Slave seal, Reincarnation Heavenly Venerate’s Cultivation Abode…the treasure-hunting rat hasn’t let me down.’

After a while, Gu Changge put an end to the suffering of the creature with a strange smile on his face.


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