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127 — Another Treasure Hunting Rat; Countless Opportunities in the Ancient Immortal Continent!

‘Could it be that Gu Changge noticed me already’

Ye Ling’s heart tightened when he noticed Gu Changge’s gaze, and he worried that Gu Changge might have noticed him.

But the fact that Gu Changge only swept his glance around and then looked away calmed him down.

‘Fortunately, I told Chi Ling to not reveal my existence before coming here, or I might have found myself in great danger! It’s as if I am walking on a thin layer of ice…’

Ye Ling cursed Gu Changge in his heart.

Afterwards, he glanced at Chi Ling, who was chatting with Gu Changge, and felt uncomfortable.

‘It seems that I must remind Chi Ling to not be deceived by Gu Changge; that guy is very likely to be the evil successor of the Taboo Inheritance.’

Ye Ling glanced around and soon found Yin Mei, who wore a red dress and stood among the other True Disciples with a haggard appearance.

‘It seems that Yin Mei couldn’t handle the news regarding Bai Lie’s death.

She mustn’t know that all of this was done by Gu Changge, so I must find an opportunity to give her a reminder.’

Ye Ling still held some feelings for the charming Yin Mei.

What’s more He heard that Bai Lie was killed after he went to see Yin Mei that night, so he hoped that Yin Mei would be able to prove as a witness that he wasn’t the successor of the Taboo Inheritance.

There was a time when Ye Ling entertained the thought of taking care of his lovely sister-in-law once Bai Lie died in some ditch…what he never expected was that his thoughts would turn into reality one day.

[TL/N: this dumbf!ck learned nothing from his bruh’s demise and is trying to follow his steps.]


Right then, innumerable rays of radiant light erupted from the crack and spread in every direction; it was as if someone tore open a barrier in space, and the terrifying winds that resulted from it desired to tear people apart!

“The Ancient Immortal Continent is open!”

An Elder shouted, and his extremely loud voice spread in all directions.

Different thoughts crossed the minds of the various Young Supremes present on the scene as they watched the crack in front of them.

Yue Mingkong, too, watched the massive fluctuations in space from another direction as she stood on top of a mountain with an indifferent and prideful expression.

Her gorgeous hair fluttered with the wind, and her robes accentuated her beauty; behind her stood a group of people from the Supreme Immortal Dynasty.

She momentarily glanced at Gu Changge from a distance and then withdrew her gaze.

To enter the Ancient Immortal Continent, one had to join a group formed by the disciples of their Dao Heritage, so she didn’t follow Gu Changge.

Another reason she separated from Gu Changge was that she worried that if she went with Gu Changge, then she won’t be able to get her hands on any good opportunities as he would steal them all — just thinking about that enraged her.

Gu Changge also saw Yue Mingkong and smiled at her.

Yue Mingkong met his gaze with a snort and looked away.

The vigilance in the hearts of the Young Supremes rose when they noticed the minor exchange between the two of them.

After all, everyone in the outside world was on friendly terms so it was all good and well, but once they stepped foot on the Ancient Immortal Continent, no one would give face to anyone else.

Gu Changge alone gave them a headache, so if he joined forces with Yue Mingkong, then they will suffer an even greater loss, unless they joined forces against them as well.

‘It’s fine if Yue Mingkong doesn’t want to go with me; I will let her get some opportunities this time.’

Gu Changge thought with a faint smile.

Of course, he understood that Yue Mingkong avoided him because she feared that he would steal all of her opportunities.

It’s just that he only cared about the Immortal Spirit and Ye Ling’s inheritance, and the rest didn’t hold any allure to him.

After all, the inheritance of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation dealt with the Dao of Reincarnation, which was based on the supreme Dao of Time, and that filled Gu Changge’s heart with desire.

At this moment, Gu Changge sent a voice transmission to Yin Mei and gave her some commands to follow.

Just now, he saw Ye Ling secretly look at Yin Mei, so he reckoned that he would need Yin Mei’s help if he wanted to keep track of Ye Ling’s whereabouts.

After all, Ye Ling didn’t know that Yin Mei worked for him.

After that, Gu Changge looked towards the east and saw a cold and arrogant girl standing there.

The youthful girl had delicate and flawless features, but her expression appeared as frosty as the core of a glacier, and a big, red bird sat on her shoulder.

Although alone, she gave off a sense of cold that prevented anyone from approaching her.

‘Gu Xian’er’s Fortune Value has risen a lot recently! It seems that there are also some opportunities hidden for her inside the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…forget it, I will let her go this time; for now, let me cut that leek, Ye Ling, first and then I will think about the others…’

Gu Changge quickly retracted his gaze after taking one look.

After that, he started to think about his plan to follow after entering the Ancient Immortal Continent.

At that time, he must get himself away from the other disciples of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace; sure, he was the Palace’s Heir, but that didn’t mean he was their nanny.

Each of them would have their own opportunities, so Gu Changge no longer bothered about them after taking one look at their Fortune Value.

His greatest target was still Ye Ling.

As for the other opportunities Well, he might plot against someone if he encountered a genius with some special physique or talent.

What Gu Changge cared about more than geniuses were actually the mausoleums of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

As long as he could find the corpse of an immortal that still retained its essence, he would make a profit that the trash young geniuses could never compare to.

While Gu Changge was lost in thought, Gu Xian’er glanced at him with furrowed brows and a puzzled expression.

Just now, she felt as if Gu Changge was looking at her, but when she looked at him, she realized that it was nothing more than her illusion.

‘The Ancient Immortal Continent will be my opportunity to surpass Gu Changge.’

Gu Xian’er secretly thought in her heart.

She had spent the last period of time immersed in cultivation, and even achieved some breakthroughs, but none of that brought any joy to her like before.

Gu Changge seemed to have forgotten about her, too.

Therefore, she could only spend her time in cultivation, so as to calm herself down and prevent Gu Changge from haunting her thoughts.

According to her Master, Gu Changge was now a demon of her heart.

This wasn’t a good sign for Gu Xian’er, but every time the demon of her heart inflicted her, she would run to the top of the mountain to have a look…and every time, she would return in disappointment.

Yue Mingkong would visit her every now and then, but Gu Changge never bothered to see her even from afar.

Soon, many geniuses reached the entrance of the Ancient Immortal Continent.

Gu Xian’er didn’t stick with that group of people as one, she liked to act alone, and two, she could avoid bumping into Gu Changge if there were less people around her.

Just because he ignored her, it didn’t mean that she was willing to ignore him, too, yet.

Gu Xian’er held complete confidence in the fact that she could protect herself inside the Ancient Immortal Continent, and didn’t need the protection of the Palace.


Afterwards, when Gu Xian’er saw Gu Changge enter the crack with everyone from the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, she also turned into a brilliant ray of light and rushed into the crack.

A dizzy spell assaulted Gu Xian’er as she felt herself walk through a barrier between different worlds.

On her way to the other side, she witnessed and experienced various scenes.

Finally, she landed and the sight in front of her shocked her.

There were small puddles and thick mist formed by the liquefaction of incomparably rich Spiritual Qi.

She never imagined that there would exist a place in the world where Spiritual Qi would liquefy into a spring!

Except for a few poisonous insects and beasts here and there, the place resembled a pure land.

The place where she ended up turned out to be a magnificent mountain range that had no end in sight.

The Immortal energies here were so dense that their essence could be seen ascending towards the sky in the form of steam, and she could hear the roars of dragons and see extraordinary visions as well.

What’s more The Laws of Heaven and Earth made this place even better than some of the best cultivation abodes of the Upper Realm.

Gu Xian’er couldn’t help but finally show her true colors as she said in excitement, “It seems that the Ancient Immortal Continent isn’t different from what was recorded in the ancient books! It’s a great place, indeed.”

After that, she thought about all the great treasures she could obtain, and that compounded her excitement.

The red bird on her shoulder couldn’t help but roll its eyes when it saw Gu Xian’er’s wealth-obsessed attitude surface again…it made her seem like a poor girl born in some cave.


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