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121 — Gu Xian’er at a Loss; Ignored and Stunned!

“Changge pays respects to the Elders and the Palace Master for your graciousness!”

Gu Changge became the official Heir of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace after wearing the Heir’s robes.

After that, he politely thanked the Elders with a gentle expression, and that gesture from him almost made people wonder if they were seeing things.

They never expected such an expression from an eccentric like Gu Changge.

Disbelief covered their expressions as they watched on.

“Changge, you are the Heir of our Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace from now on, so you must guide your juniors well and set a good example for them.

Your presence here brings relief to me when I think about the Ancient Immortal Continent’s opening.”

The Palace Master of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace said to Gu Changge with a smile.

Gu Changge responded to him with a calm tone, “You can rest assured that I won’t let anyone cause trouble in the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, Palace Master!”

Although the words didn’t sound all that strong, they held an unparalleled convincing power behind them and made the Elders and the Palace Master nod in satisfaction.

By now, Gu Changge’s Cultivation Base had also broken through to the Late Stage of the Conferred King Realm, and that fact made them sigh at his unprecedented talent on par with the Immortals.

Back when they were at his age, they were crawling in the Conferred Lord Realm.

Even the Great Elder couldn’t help but nod his head at this moment.

Gu Changge’s temperament indeed made him worthy of the Heir’s position; he was calm, calculative, handsome, and elegant.

What’s more Gu Changge normally didn’t show off his might or abilities and that satisfied them even more since a calm and collected person would lead their Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace in the future.

Of course, the Great Elder and the others didn’t forget about his true face and hidden motives.

His virtuous appearance wouldn’t be able to fool them!

Before long, the Palace Master of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace bestowed various treasures upon Gu Changge in front of all the Elders and the disciples.

“Come here and give the Heir the Immortal Phoenix-Winged Golden Piercer!”

An Elder came up with a container as soon as the Palace Master made his command.

Inside the container lay a golden weapon radiating a divine brilliance and a mighty aura.

It seemed to be forged from all kinds of Immortal Gold and gave off incomparable splendor.

“This weapon once belonged to one of the ancestors of our Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace; the Immortal Phoenix-Winged Golden Piercer can easily block any ordinary Sacred Realm powerhouse from coming close to you once you refine it.”

“But you mustn’t try refining it before you reach the True God Realm.”

The Palace Master explained with a smile and then handed the Immortal Phoenix-Winged Golden Piercer to Gu Changge.

“Thank you, Palace Master.”

Gu Changge received the treasure without hesitation as there was no reason for him to refuse it.

What’s more He found the treasure to be quite attractive as well.

Of course, it wasn’t because it was great or anything, but because it’s appearance resembled that of a pair of phoenix wings quietly sitting in his palm.

Afterwards, the Palace Master bestowed several other treasures upon Gu Changge as well, and all those treasures held different kinds of divinity in them, such as: ‘Yin-Yang Sword Dao Diagram, the Dragon Seal, etc.’

The Coronation Ceremony approached its end before long.

In addition to the disciples of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, there were also people from other forces in the spectators, like Ye Langtian, the Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Ye Family.

Ye Langtian sat there shrouded in a divine light that made him look like a young god, and gave off an aura that made it impossible for anyone to look down on him.

Beside him sat a girl in purple, who was none other than Ye Liuli.

Besides them, there were also Young Supremes from other forces present on the scene.

A few prominent names among them were Peng Fei, the Young Master of the Golden-Winged Great Peng Family — the light radiating around his figure was even more dazzling than Ye Langtian’s, and his hair seemed to be made of gold — Chi Ling, the Holy Maiden of the Vermillion Bird Family who had a petite figure and a delicate face.

She looked to be around twelve or thirteen, but her real age was the same as Gu Changge’s.

There were also many Young Supremes from the Human Race.

There was a mysterious Young Supreme from the Ancient Immortal Wang Family, Wang Wushuang, who sat among the spectators.

A hazy mist shrouded his figure and covered his features, but he was clearly not someone weak.

The Heir of the Immortal Emperor’s Hall, the Heir of the Immortal Lake from the Forbidden Area, etc…

All of these Young Supremes were from areas near Immeasurable Heaven, so they reached just in time to witness the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace’s Heir’s Coronation Ceremony.

All of them were extremely powerful and believed themselves to be invincible due to their deep confidence in themselves.

Now that they had made their debut in the outside world, they would soon compete with their peers for the title of the strongest young genius.

They held great curiosity towards Gu Changge, who was famous as an extremely talented and mighty Young Supreme.

Now that they got to see him with their own eyes, they realized that not only did he have an unfathomable Cultivation Base, but just him standing there put a lot of pressure on them.

Gu Changge was a formidable foe they couldn’t dismiss no matter what!

Before long, the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace would turn livelier with the influx of Young Heavenly Geniuses from more and more places, so they reckoned that they would get to witness a battle between everyone.

Gu Changge, who stood on the high platform, received some more treasures.

After that, he swept his gaze over all the disciples in his surroundings with a faint smile.

Jin Zhou stood among the True Disciples as he had recently come out of his secluded cultivation.

There were countless golden vortexes revolving near his body to give him an extraordinary appearance.

He came out of his seclusion after breaking through to the Conferred King Realm, and realized that Gu Changge had already left him far behind.

Although he wanted to avenge his brother, he understood that revenge wasn’t possible for him anymore.

Jin Zhou’s expression changed as soon as Gu Changge’s gaze fell on him.

Cold sweat streaked down his forehead and he turned his face away to prevent himself from meeting Gu Changge’s eyes.

This scene couldn’t escape the sharp gazes of the Young Supremes sitting among the spectators.

Their eyes narrowed with complicated expressions as various thoughts flashed through their minds.

Jin Zhou, the Young Supreme who was said to be a mighty leader of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, didn’t even dare to meet Gu Changge’s gaze now…what did that represent

It represented that even as a Young Supreme, he lost the will to fight when standing before Gu Changge.

It was a scary reality.

They understood this well, so their fear for Gu Changge rose to another level as they swore to not confront Gu Changge unless they had no other choice!

The rumors about him weren’t wrong.

Gu Changge could really cover the sky of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace with one hand.

Afterwards, Gu Changge asked with an indifferent expression, “Martial Brothers and Sisters, do you desire to ask for advice”

He had to ask that question as it was a rule of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace that the rest of the disciples could challenge the newly appointed Heir on the day of their Coronation Ceremony, so Gu Changge did it to fulfill the formality.

He didn’t believe that any of them were dumb enough to come forward to challenge him at this time.

The surroundings fell silent as soon as everyone heard his words.


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