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118 — Leading the Play from Behind the Scenes; Terrifying Gu Changge!

TL: VILFIC | ED: davidebic

A cold wind blew through the dark night and creepy shadows added to the terror of the situation under the silver moonlight.

Bai Lie watched the scene in front of him in utter disbelief — reality left him dumbfounded.

He felt as if someone cracked open his skull and poured a water basin on his brain.

A moment ago, he tried to rationalize Yin Mei’s words as some kind of a joke and expected her to break out in a smile, but the appearance of his archenemy, Gu Changge, squashed his final bits of fantasy.

Bai Lie believed the wine must be prepared for him, but the one drinking it was someone else.

What’s more Yin Mei’s words and actions…

From beginning to end, Yin Mei kept him in the dark and treated him like a monkey jumping around in the palm of her hand.

This realization made Bai Lie tremble all over, and his eyes turned red in rage as an evil spirit emerged from his forehead.

A massive white tiger materialized behind him, and the word ‘King’ appeared on his forehead.

He wasn’t dumb and understood that Yin Mei deceived him, so he brought out his full might to have a go at them at any moment.

“Gu Changge, you…”

He glared daggers at the two of them as flames of rage burned in his eyes!

Only a few moments had passed since Gu Changge appeared and said the words he said to Bai Lie.

Even now, he ignored Bai Lie’s growl and glare and said, “Brother Bai, why don’t you sit for a drink Are you looking down on this Gu”

Silver moonlight illuminated Gu Changge’s handsome visage as he sat there with an indifferent expression that made him look like a cold and heartless god carved out of immortal jade.

On the other hand, Bai Lie felt his heart sink to the bottom of an abyss as he watched Gu Changge’s actions and indifference.

“Yin Mei, Brother Bai is your fiancé, so you should pour him a glass of wine.

Don’t embarrass him after he came all the way here in the middle of the night.”

Gu Changge said with a smile and took a sip of his wine.

As for Bai Lie He couldn’t give one damn about the fool.

After all, everything was under his control.

Bai Lie made his guardian and followers go after Ye Ling, so there was no way they would be returning any time soon.

After all, Ye Ling was trying to escape from Old Ming’s chase, so Gu Changge reckoned that he might not even be in the ancient city anymore.

Bai Lie’s people would need to waste a lot of time to find and capture him.

This gave Gu Changge ample time to do whatever he desired to do with Bai Lie.

After all, no one besides Bai Lie knew he led Bai Lie into his trap.

As for Ye Ling Poor Ye Ling never got to see Gu Changge’s face or figure.

By the way, Gu Changge felt satisfied after looking at his soon-to-be scapegoat.

Ye Ling wasn’t a Favored Son of Heaven for nothing — his strength and reflexes were a cut above the rest of those around his level.

Apart from that, Ye Ling also held countless life-saving means and treasures up his sleeve.

Gu Changge had felt a destructive aura from the black talisman in Ye Ling’s grasp and reckoned it to be a life-saving treasure left behind by the Ancient Heavenly Emperor of Reincarnation.

For this reason, Gu Changge commanded Old Ming not to push Ye Ling too hard; he just had to chase after him with some killing intent and make him run around like a duck.

He was well aware that Ye Ling wouldn’t waste such a precious life-saving treasure unless necessary, after all.

Using such a treasure on a mere God King would be nothing but a waste.

What’s more There was no need for Old Ming to die over such a trivial matter.

Gu Changge’s mind soon returned to reality — he hadn’t instructed Yin Mei to lead Bai Lie all the way here just for some idle chatter and showing off before him.

Although it felt good to show off, Gu Changge still needed to get some work done.

After all, how would he pin the Forbidden Inheritance on Ye Ling’s head if Bai Lie didn’t die here tonight

It was time for Bai Lie to play his role in the play.

“As you command, Master.”

After listening to Gu Changge’s command, Yin Mei stepped forward and arrived before Bai Lie, who glared at her with rage and hatred.

Without caring about his emotions and thoughts, she filled a glass of wine and said to him, “Aren’t you going to thank my Master for his generosity”

There was no gentleness in her words, and Bai Lie could only see disgust and indifference from her gaze.

The way she treated him made Bai Lie tremble, and now he only desired to slap her to death.

If he hadn’t seen all this with his two eyes tonight, then Yin Mei would have kept on playing him like a fiddle who didn’t know an iota of the truth.

“Yin Mei, you are cruel! I treated you well and always showed politeness, so why did you do this to me”

Bai Lie snarled in an almost inaudible voice.

Yin Mei looked at him without a word as she believed he didn’t need to know anything.


Soon, brilliant rays of light and layers of hazy mist rose from the ground around the inner courtyard and turned into a chaotic fog that blocked the sky.

As soon as Bai Lie stepped foot into the inner courtyard, he triggered the concealment formation set up around it.

The concealment formation covered every direction and made sure to keep any aura from leaking out!

Bai Lie’s heart turned cold when he realized that he didn’t bring anyone along — even the followers who typically followed him in the dark were sent after Ye Ling by him.

Bai Lie stood there in a hateful mood and cursed himself for his foolish actions.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but shiver in fright when he realized the reason behind Yin Mei’s words and actions back at the banquet; she did all that to drive a wedge between Ye Ling and him and succeeded at that with flying colors.

The two of them wouldn’t be brothers anymore; after all, he sent everyone around him after Ye Ling, leaving him alone and hopeless.

Not only did she drive a wedge between the two of them, but she also left him with a hint to arrive at this desolate place.

Bai Lie’s scalp went numb, and a chill ran down his spine as he figured out everything that went down.

They dug a hole for him, predicted his every move, and led him by the nose until he fell into the hole.

There were no flaws in Yin Mei’s spectacular acting!

He always believed her to be a kind and gentle woman!

After pouring a glass of wine for Bai Lie, Yin Mei turned around and stood by Gu Changge once again with an obedient and respectful expression.

She even filled his empty glass of wine for him once more.

“Brother Bai, do you want to say anything I heard that you wanted to slaughter me, so why don’t you have a try at it now that I am right in front of you”

Gu Changge said with a smile as he reached out to hold one of Yin Mei’s fluffy foxtails in his embrace with a comfortable expression.

Since ancient times, excessive nonsense led villains to their death because their plans and arrangements could never make up for their shortcomings.

Alas! Bai Lie wouldn’t be able to escape alive from this place even if Gu Changge gave him the entire night, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

After all, he wasn’t like those dead villains who weren’t meticulous enough when making plans.

The most important matter was that Gu Changge wanted to know how Bai Lie felt right now.

After all, he (Bai Lie) was someone who had wanted to murder him for a long time.

Gu Changge held countless cruel methods up his sleeve that he could use to murder his enemies.

It wasn’t that he had a distorted character and mind, but that his situation didn’t allow him to live with a kind heart.


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