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Chapter 12: Sowing Discord.

Agreed to the Statement of Idiocy

Within the dark and damp prison cell.

Ye Chen looked very unkempt and disheveled.

Only he knew how he managed to live for the past three days.

No one bothered him, but no one checked up on him either.

It was like he had been completely forgotten.

He seriously hated Gu Changge from the bottom of his heart, to the point of wanted to tear him to pieces with his bare hands.

However, right now, Ye Chen was unbelievably shocked.

That was because he just saw the person that he hated the most, who was also the person he least wanted to see.

“Lord Gu.

By your orders, Ye Chen had been kept imprisoned here.”

A disciple had lead the way.

Gu Changge followed behind and leisurely walked in.

“Got it.

You may leave.” Gu Changge spoke coolly and nodded.

Only after the disciple had left did he properly look Ye Chen over.

He could see that Ye Chen did not have a good time during these three days imprisoned.

In order to curry his favor, the Taixuan Holy land didn’t give Ye Chen so much as a drop of water.

For a Child of Fortune of all people to have turned to such a state.

He truly was pitiful.

Of course, Gu Changge didn’t feel a hint of actual pity.

After all, if Ye Chen had the ability required, he definitely wouldn’t have let Gu Changge off.

The first thing he’d actually do would be to disperse Gu Changge’s ashes.

“Gu Changge, what are you here for” Ye Chen loudly yelled.

He felt that Gu Changge did not come with good intentions.

He even believed that Gu Changge was here to kill him.

“The reason I came here was naturally to see you.”

“Oh, no, that’s not right.

Rather, I’m here to see your master.” Gu Changge casually smiled.

He just blurted out Ye Chen’s secret without any hesitance.

“W-what are you talking about I don’t know what you mean.”

Ye Chen’s expression changed.

His heart shook and he started to panic a little.

How does Gu Changge know that he had a master

No one else besides himself knew this secret.

At this moment, he felt a chill come over him.

Before Gu Changge, he truly was just like an ant.

He had no secrets before Gu Changge.

“Stop acting.

Who do you think that expression of yours is going to fool” Gu Changge sneered and continued on.

“Does the senior plan to keep hiding Holing yourself up like that really isn’t the kind of demeanor suitable for a senior.”

As Gu Changge spoke, his eyes were locked onto the ring on Ye Chen’s finger.

Ye Chen’s heart completely sank at that.

Not only did Gu Changge know of his master’s existence, he even knew where his master was hidden.

“Why must lord Gu trouble a mere soul remnant like me”

At this moment, a tired sigh finally rang out from Ye Chen’s ring.

The voice was heavenly, but it carried with it a certain amount of resignation.

Right after, a scarlet light flashed before their eyes.

A faded figure in red floated in midair.


Ye Chen’s expressions changed.

He never thought at his master would actually deliberately show herself.

He felt a faint restlessness in his heart.

“Oh, so that’s what the senior looks like.”

Gu Changge’s expression didn’t change.

He thought it would be an old grandpa, but who knew that it’d be a beautiful teacher instead.

Red clothes.

Scarlet eyes.

A supremely beautiful face.

He humphed in his mind.

This Ye Chen really does have some luck when it comes to the opposite sex.

You’re master really is beautiful, but she’ll be mine soon.

“Might I ask what lord Gu has come here for Yan Ji quietly asked.

Her tone was cool.

The fact that she showed herself was also due to having no other choice.

Since Gu Changge had already discovered her existence, he’d obviously have ways to force her to show herself too.

Thus, why not simply show herself of her own will.

“There wasn’t much really.

Since I knew that there was someone great backing Ye Chen, I got a bit curious.

I wanted to meet the person in question, that’s all.” Gu Changge replied naturally.

At the very least, no one could see his thoughts from his face.

Yan Ji and Ye Chen were no exceptions.

After all, Ye Chen adamantly believed that Gu Changge came with nothing good in mind.

His gaze was thick with hate and killing intent.

Yan Ji couldn’t figure out Gu Changge’s real intentions either.

All she could do was keep her guard up.

“Well the, lord Gu has now seen me right I’m just a woman, nothing particularly great.” Yan Ji coolly replied.

“You were able to teach an utter idiot like Ye Chen to this level.

Is there any reason for senior to act so humble”

“Diamonds in the rough have appeared since ancient times.

Those with the eyes can pick the wheat from the chaff.

I simply did as I wished.”

“For senior to stay by Ye Chen, isn’t it a waste of your talent” Gu Changge spoke casually with a sincere smile.

He had tested it secretly.

Just now, he put forth his intention to take the ring from Ye Chen by force, and the result was an instinctual sense of danger.

He swore in his mind at the **tiness of the Fortune.

However, he didn’t show any abnormalities on the surface.

“Gu Changge.

Who are you calling an idiot…”

Those words of his made Ye Chen mad to the point where he was turning green.

To try to so unscrupulously steal away his master right in front of him like that.

This Gu Changge truly was completely shameless!

However, from another point of view, Ye Chen had panicked.

All this time, his master had been what he relied on the most.

If she really did abandon him, just what would happen

He didn’t even dare to imagine it.

Gu Changge’s words had also startled Yan Ji.

Although Ye Chen was indeed rather dumb at times, he did have other admirable qualities.

For example, his perseverance, courage, tenaciousness, etc.

Plus, she owed him for awakening her.

There’s no way that she could abandon him for just those few words.

Just why did Gu Changge say such things

“Sowing discord”

Yan Ji twitched slightly before quickly realizing.

This could very well be Gu Changge’s real goal.

However, even if she could see through such things, it doesn’t mean Ye Chen could necessarily see it.

In the end, she really did end up agreeing with Gu Changge’s statement regarding Ye Chen’s idiocy.



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