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Chapter 10: First Conquer the Heart.

The Heroine’s Submission

It must be said.

As the heroine well suited to be paired with the Child of Fortune.

Su Qingge’s appearance is quite flawless.

Her features are delicate and well formed.

Her eyes were like the streams in autumn, her brows beautiful as the mountains.

Her dark hair perfectly framed her face, which was pale and smooth, glistening with a light that captures the heart.

Her white dress flowed about her, giving her an otherworldly impression.

Her aura was peaceful and calm to the point where it was hard to describe with words.

She was like a divine maiden of the heavens that had accidentally fallen to the world below.

However, now she had a somewhat perturbed look.

After all, she had only been let in to see him after three full days of asking.

It really made it difficult for her to figure out what Gu Changge’s true thoughts were.

All the men she had come into contact before were like Ye Chen, who gazed up at her with admiration.

Like facing a goddess, they’re allowed to look but not touch.

It’s the first time she’s met someone like Gu Changge who could completely ignore her.

Thus, Su Qingge was somewhat nervous.

She feared rejection.

However, that wasn’t enough to shake her determination.

For the past three days, she had been consulting with her other soul.

She had already thought through what to do next to overturn the current situation.

“What business might Holy Maiden Qingge have with me”

Within the hall, Gu Changge sat in lotus position up on the dais, opened his eyes, and calmly spoke.

His expressions were cold.

Like a god looking down upon the entire world.

He obviously knew Su Qingge’s intentions.

However, he didn’t say anything.

At this point, if he wanted her to submit, he must not be too gentle.

Su Qingge’s Fortune Value is something that had to do with her status as the heroine.

But what if the heroine “willingly” submitted to him as the villain

What would happen then

Gu Changge was quite curious about that.

And contrary to Ye Chen, he already had a grasp on Su Qingge’s weakness, so it was much simpler for him to take her down.

“Qingge had come here in order to apologize to lord Gu for the matter three days ago.”

At this moment, Su Qingge spoke up to Gu Changge.

It was something that she had wanted to do all this time, but unfortunately, Gu Changge never gave her the chance.

“Oh What does Holy Maiden Qingge have to apologize for”

Gu Changge asked back without any change in expression.

“The matter with Ye Chen originally came up because of me, but I didn’t warn lord Gu ahead of time.

Thus, this was my wrong…”

It must be said, Su Qingge was quite smart.

Her current explanation was plain without a hint of reticence.

Gu Changge couldn’t be fooled when it came to most things, so she might as well just be honest.

She also took the opportunity to reveal how she ended up getting to know Ye Chen.

She didn’t even hide the matter with Ye Chen’s own admiration or her.

Before an existence like Gu Changge, the only thing she could do was to confess everything so as to show her own sincerity.

“This woman is quite interesting.”

At this moment, Gu Changge started involuntarily showing a hint of interest on his face.

Truth be told, he was a bit taken off guard.

Perhaps not even Ye Chen would have imagined that Su Qingge would tell Gu Changge everything.

A woman this smart, all he could say is as expected of the heroine.

A personality like this is completely different from those flower vases that can only look pretty.

She knew how to maneuver around danger and seek out advantages.

Right now, the sect was in trouble.

Thus, she knew full well what she should be doing, and won’t be doing anything stupid.

To the Taixuan Holy Land, Gu Changge is the greatest backing they could get.

Compared to Ye Chen, she placed not offending Gu Changge as the higher priority.

There was a saying about how the situation is greater than personal wishes that fits quite well here.

At this point, Gu Changge couldn’t help but appreciate her.

Of course that was just pure appreciation.

It’s not lust over her body.

“Ding! Su Qingge’s temperament has changed.

Ye Chen’s Fortune Value has decreased by 40.

200 Fate Points gained.”

At this moment, the system pinged.

Gu Changge narrowed his eyes.


It looks like if he changes the path of people related to the Child of Fortune, it would also damage his Fortune Value and give him Fate Points.

In that case, things have become much simpler.

“What is your intentions in telling me all this Did you think that I’m interested in you”

“Do you want to use this opportunity to get me to release Ye Chen”

However, Gu Changge didn’t go any easier on her at all.

His cold words carried with it a hint of a sneer.

Although Su Qingge had already anticipated such a response.

She still couldn’t help but turn pale and explained in a panic, “I do not dare.

Qingge knows that her lacking appearance could not possibly enter lord Gu’s eyes.

All this is simply to show my sincerity in the hopes of you overlooking the incident that day.”

“As for Ye Chen, Qingge is incapable of changing anything.

Lord Gu is overthinking it.”


Ye Chen was so infatuated with you though that he was willing to break with the Taixuan Holy Land over you.

Is this attitude of yours really suitable”

Gu Changge’s had a playful quality to his gaze.

Those words make Su Qingge visibly wince.

“It’s for the sect.

This is my father’s life’s work.

Compared to that, all that is no longer important.”

Su Qingge’s eyes dimmed.

Gu Changge’s expressions continued to be cold, and he stopped speaking.

However, in his mind, he was already laughing.

First conquer the heart.

This method really is great.

“Lord Gu, there’s actually one more thing.

Qingge’s constitution is that of the Nine Yin Mystic Concubine Body.

This is a matter known only by myself.”

At this moment, seeing Gu Changge’s expressions, she once again spoke up.

In order to show her sincerity, she revealed this secret.

Nine Yin Mystic Concubine Body

Gu Changge naturally had such information about such a constitution in his memories.

However, for Su Qingge to tell him this without prompting.

He didn’t expect that at all.

Soon though, Gu Changge somewhat understood the meaning behind her actions.

It’s basically leverage that can be used to control Su Qingge.

For her to hand said leverage to him could also be considered a proper show of her sincerity to accompany her previous apology.

Isn’t this the first step in this heroine’s submission to him

“Ding! Su Qingge started showing willingness to submit.

Ye Chen’s Fortune Value decreased by 40.

200 Fate Points gained.”

The system message pinged again at this moment.

Gu Changge didn’t expec that.

The process of getting Su Qingge to fully submit had gone unexpectedly smoothly.

With this, Ye Chen’s Fortune Value had already dropped to about 300 some points.


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