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His Guilty Posession Chapter-4

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When I woke up, I was alone in the bed and the place beside mine was cold, which means I slept alone in the bed and the sexy stranger didn join me. I sighed disappointedly at the fact, I facepalmed myself for thinking that he would join me as it was a one-night stand.

I was new to this but still, I knew how this works and it was good for both of us that we didn sleep on the same bed. Pushing back the small piece of me which got hurt by the fact that the sexy stranger didn stay back with me.

I looked at my surroundings and the room with grey-colored walls indicating that this was a guest room. So the sexy stranger doesn take his one-night stands to his bedroom. I can tell from the things he did to my body and the way his skilled hands worked that this is not new to him.

I needed to go back to my apartment and I didn even inform my best friend that I was going with a stranger. What if she had complained about me missing? I frantically searched for my phone by tumbling from the bed and wrapping the bed sheet around my naked body.

My eyes spotted my clutch which is placed on the table which is attached to the bed and I leaped toward it and unlocked it. To my surprise, there are no messages or calls from Emily. How is that possible? Is she not afraid that I was kidnapped or something as I never disappeared before without telling her?

Worry started bubbling inside me that Emily didn text me or called me. I removed the bed sheet from my body and put on the dress from last night. I searched the room if I was leaving anything behind but to my relief there was nothing.

I slowly tip-toed towards the door holding my heels in my hand to not let anyone who is in the house know my presence. What if the stranger has a wife and children? I don want to get caught by any of them or what if he is a serial killer ready to attack me?

How can I be so reckless that I didn think of any of these things last night but now every irrelevant thought is banging in my head? I groaned feeling the hangover from the shots I took last night.

The first mistake is Going to the club and the second mistake is drinking alcohol. The third one is also a mistake but I don regret sleeping with adonis.

Scolding myself for being shameful, I twisted the door knob and to my relief, the door was unlocked. I released a breath I didn know I was holding. Praying that I do not get caught by anyone or killed by anyone, dashed towards the same stairs where I was dry humping last night.

My face got heated up with shame at my behavior last night. I behaved like a bitch in heat.

I stepped down the stairs without turning around and took hurried steps toward the door. I am thanking my stars that I am lucky that I didn get caught but unfortunately luck is not on my side and I got called out by a deep masculine voice that made my panties wet last night at the club and rocked my world through the entire night.

" Where do you think you are running off to?" His voice sounded amused and he released a dark chuckle that made my stomach drop. This is the worst way to get caught and Im sure I look like a deer who was trying to run off from the lion.

I slowly turned around to see the man with whom I had a one-night stand and my eyes nearly popped out seeing him standing in the middle of the living room shirtless and all his handsome glory. Last night was all a blur, most of it as I was so aroused and needy that I didn get the time to appreciate this Greek God but now I can stop myself from checking him out.

" Did the cat get your tongue? You were so vocal last night!" He smirked at my gasp taking steps towards me and my body got stuck at the same place I was standing with my eyes and mouth wide with shock, surprise, and arousal.

" Umm, I…I…." He cut me off by standing directly in front of me and there is only the space of single hair between us and I can literally see his face clearly, smell his intoxicating smell and feel his warmth which is seeping into me.

" You look cute when you blush." He raised his hand and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear making me shudder in delight at his touch. I can feel the touch of his hands on my body from last night. How he caressed me softly and at the same time showed me the beast in him.

" T..Thanks! But I gotta go!" I took a step backward, making him frown. He looks cute and more handsome while in confusion.

"Stay for breakfast I will drop you off!" He persisted but I can stay here and have breakfast with him. From the looks of his mansion and the car he drove last night, I guarantee that he is very rich and Im just an ordinary girl and we are no match. Last night was fun but I can let myself stay here with him, his presence is affecting me so much and its not good for me. Its just one night of fun thats it.

" I am sorry but I am getting late and thanks for everything." I don know why I thanked him but from his expression, I can tell that he is pissed off. His strong jaw is clenched hard and his fists are closed and he clenches them so hard. I didn wait for his answer and practically ran away from him like a coward. I don know what his intentions were but Im not ready for anything, I was a fool to get drunk and a much bigger fool to follow him to his house and sleep with him.

I hope we will never cross paths but some wishes are too good to be true.

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