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Chapter 30: ii. Camping [Bonus chapter]

That Dominus made those involved suffer is an understatement, they were ostracized from the students community of the school princes so-calledfriends.

Being in his circle is one, but being looked down by him is another. It means the whole school can bully you and no one will ever dare speak up on your behalf.

Mary didnt know that it has happened, she was just so occupied by him. He will always be by her side trying to assist her in however simple a thing she is doing.

“Dominus! I am just trying to wash the dishes. You dont have to be here,” she sighed frustratedly as he continued to hover above her, trying to take the plate away from her.

“Just let me do it, queenie,” he insisted. He was scowling but it doesnt even scare her anymore.

“Well, have you ever washed dishes before” She asked him as she finally let go and watch him stare at the plate with a blank look on his face.

“I havent. But I can learn, you just have to teach me. Teach me this once, queenie,” he grinned and leaned close to her.


“Ill teach you some things in return. After all, they say lovers should give and take,” he whispered, then playfully bit on her earlobe.

She blushed and pinched his arm, which earned a hearty chuckle on his part.

“What other things are you talking about” her cheeks heat up as she asked.

“Well, things that are of my expertise and you have no knowledge of. Or do I have to say what they are explicitly In that case, how about we start with kisses. You are a bit of a sloppy kisser, queenie. But that can be remedied with a few more practice,” he laughed seeing her turn red once again.

“Dominus, you are crazy! What if someone else hears your dirty mouth” She glared at him, her cheeks red as a tomato.

He laughed and kissed her cheek, “I wont control what I have to say. You asked for the things Ill teach you, didnt you Besides, it will be fine if anyone hears it. I will marry you anyway.”

“We have just turned eighteen! Dont joke around like that,” she took another plate and started demonstrating how to wash the dishes.

He followed her example and washed some dishes by himself, “Go watch me, I understand how to do it. Queens shouldnt be allowed to do the dirty work. Except when it involves their boyfriend.”

She complied and watched him finish the rest of the dish bowls. She sighed in relief as he completed the job without any broken plates and glasses.

He grinned after the ordeal, waiting for her to praise him. “Well, wont you say anything, queenie I am waiting. Go say the words I needed to hear.”

“Thank you, Dom,” she blushed as she looked up at him.

“Can you stop thanking me for every little thing,” he frowned and would have flicked her head if not for fear of hurting her.

“Then what do you want to hear” she asked, trying to think what may be appropriate given the situation.

Dominus sighed frustratedly, “Are you this slow If I make you say the words then they dont even mean a thing, right”

“But I really have no clue what you wanted to hear! Why wont you just tell me” she protested and stomped her feet.

Dominus sighed frustratedly and pulled her by her waist, then enveloped her in a hug. “It is fine, it seems silly but... I would have wanted you to praise me a bit. I did well, didnt I”

She giggled and hugged him back, “You did well, Dom. That was some excellent work you did there. Who would have thought a football jock like you can wash some dishes The whole school will be shocked to know their school prince washed some dishes for a school nerd.”

“Baka, you are more than a school nerd. You are my queen, remember that always,” he lovingly kissed her forehead.

“And you are the bully who turned out to be my knight. You have saved me countless times and I know you will again in the future,” she returned a smile and laid her head on his chest.

He shifted uncomfortably and winced, “Darling, unless you want more than kisses, we should get out of here. Spend some time with the others so that Ill have a bit of motivation to stop.”

“What do you mean” she looked up at him as she tried to understand his words.

He caressed her hair, “You are so clueless it hurts. You have no idea how much you have caused me sufferings.”

She giggled and urged him, “Tell me already! I am dying to know!”

“If I tell you what I want to do to you right now, you wont be able to look at me the same way. The gods know how someone easily scared and fragile will react to my thoughts,” he grunted and winced painfully.

“Then what should we do” she hates that he is talking in riddles. This man is driving her insane.

“The rest of them are by the bonfire. We should join them,” Dominus suggested.

She nervously fidgets with the hem of her shirt, “Dom... you do know they dont like me, right”

He frowned and just tightened his hug, she was unable to see the second where his face turned serious as anger overtook him, his jaw clenched as murderous intent flashed before his eyes.

“Dom! You are hugging me too tight, I cant breathe,” she complained, her voice bringing him back to the present.

“I am sure no one will dare to hurt you now, I promise,” he whispered and kissed her hair.

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“If you dont want to join them, it will be fine too. But I might not be able to stop myself from doing the things my dirty mind conceived. Also, I would prefer if you get the most out of this camping retreat. You never really joined school retreats before now,” he explained and gently rubbed her nape.

“Being alone like this is so difficult for me, queenie. Listen to me this once, or suffer the consequence,” he kissed her hair again and lowered his head to sniff her scent.

“What do you mean” she asked, clueless as he pressed his head into her hair.

He took her hands and placed them on top of his pants, her eyes widened as she felt his hardened erection twitch.

She can feel how enormous that other part of him is at the moment, she wasnt shocked because he was almost a giant if giants are real.

Everything about this man is massive of course as would be expected from his height and built but that thing feels more than her expectations.

What registered in her mind is unadulterated fear as she thought of how something as thick and long as that thing can enter someone.

Having something like that near her privates... will tear her apart! To say that having that inside her would be so painful is an understatement. That inhumanely massive appendage can be the death of her!

She knows her anatomy, thanks to sex education and porn. And by the size of his dxxk, she is sure she wont be able to walk for the rest of the week if they ever do it.

She hurriedly removed her hands from his pants and gripped his arm instead, dragging him towards the bonfire.

She heard him laugh at her reaction. But frankly, she doesnt even care right now.

He can laugh all he wants since she will be the one to suffer anyway. She better distract him and keeps him away from those dirty thoughts he just had earlier.

No one can blame her! This ajhumama will try to protect herself no matter what!



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