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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: ii. Time

For a while there was peace, but she should have known better than to believe there can truly be.

She was at the riverbank just busy looking at her reflection in the clear water when someone pushed her from behind.

If not for luck she would have landed on her face, instead, her arms were scraped, her hair wet and her lips bruised from the contact with the rocks on the riverbed.

She heard laughs and high-fives. She turned around and saw Cinderella and her friends as well as most of the football team surrounding her.

“What You think you finally got the school princes attention, dont you Well, he doesnt even approach you now, I am sure he is well disgusted now that he is finally awakened from your flaws. Witch slut,” Cinderellas right-hand girl gripped her hair and slapped her hard.

She didnt cry, nor did she shout for help. Both will be useless in this case. So she just stared at her assaulter and didnt offer any resistance.

It irked the group more as Cinderellas right hand continued to slap her across her cheeks. She closed her eyes as the group started chanting horrible names they attributed to her.


The most that rang in her head are the words, “Slut! Whore! Witch! Fucking ugly whore witch!” to which she did not dare to respond.

“Unhand her,” Dominuss steely voice rang through the air as he walked in long strides.

The girl immediately let go of the nerd they have been bullying a minute ago. She trembled as she run away from Dominus who was looming over them.

It took every inch of his willpower not to grab the girl and strangle her, not to crush her face as he slams her on the rock where Mary was struck.

He couldnt risk making Mary more afraid of him than she already is. So he let them as they scurried like rats away from the two of them.

He carried Mary in his arms and brought her to a nearby bench. He sat her on his lap and just held her close.

He held her for God knows how long until he heard her speak up, “Thank you, for saving me once again.”

He kissed her hair and uttered, “I should have arrived earlier. They wouldnt have been able to hurt you.”

She smiled, feeling her wounds now that her mind has caught up. “You saved me despite everything I said earlier. You still came to save me. Thats more than I deserve.”

He tenderly caressed her cheek as he tip her chin towards him, “Shut up. This is your last warning.”

She pouted and continued anyway, “But Im not wrong. I dont deserve to be saved by you, not after the things I said.”

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Her eyes widened in shock as he claimed her lips, tenderly and gently so. She felt it hurt at first, her lips have been cut over some rocks just minutes ago anyway. But the more he kissed her, the more she loses her mind in the kiss.

She closed her eyes and clung to his neck, loving the way his lips gently tugged on hers, brushing softly. His tongue passed through between her lips as if wanting her to open them.

She granted the entrance he desired and opened her lips to him, to which he immediately took advantage of. His tongue invaded the soft corners of her mouth, twirling itself with hers.

“Dominus...” she moaned out his name as she gasped for breath.

“My queen,” he murmured as he took her lips again, hungrily this time. Still trying his best to be gentle and not to hurt her more.

She didnt know how and who turned her towards himself, but she found herself already straddling his hips, her shorts getting wet from the friction of his erection pressed hard against her entrance.

She blushed when she heard silly sighs from her lips. She felt her back arch as he touched the front of her shirt, feeling her breasts from on top of the cloth.

“Dominus...” her voice was almost a plea and a whisper as she felt herself getting more desirous from the way he bucked his hips to meet hers.

It was what this new millennia calldry humping, she blushed as she realized she is reacting so willingly to his every move.

She pushed him away as she blushed, “I- I want to stop,” she stuttered from anxiety as she waited for Dominus to react.

He hugged her and stopped moving, his penis still as hard as a rock underneath their clothes. “Fuck, Im sorry. Did I scare you” he asked apologetically.

She hurriedly shook her head, “No, I- Im just not ready.”

He smiled frustratedly as he lovingly kissed her forehead. “Understandably so, plus this is not a proper place for it. Our first should be perfect, which is not under these circumstances.”

She nodded as she felt her cheeks burn from his words. She wondered what he meant byour first, did he really intend to keep her after he had already taken her first time.

He held the palm of her hands and kissed each of her fingers, murmuring “you deserve the world,” over and over again.

She blushed as the muscled mountain of a hunk kissed the bruises in her arms as well. Then he hugged her close to him and breathed in her scent.

“You forgot to say you love me too,” he complained as she laughed.

“Well, you forgot to say you love me,” she pouted.

“I thought it was obvious. Everyone apparently can see how absolutely whipped I am for you. I love you with all my heart, queenie,” he said sincerely.

He smiled as he heard her laughter, it was for him the most melodious sound. He wanted to store it in his memory, the way her eyes shine as her voice filled up the air.

“Good that you do. Because I am absolutely in love with you too, my dear knight,” she caressed his cheek as she stared longingly at him.

He never realized laughter can be not annoying until now. He kissed her hair again and looked into her eyes, “From now on, I will protect you. I wont let anyone or anything hurt you. I will protect you with all of me, and with all that I have. I will keep you safe, my queen. So you better stay close to me.”

She blinked just to be sure it wasnt a dream. Meeting his bright golden eyes, she smiled and kissed his lips.

“I know you will keep me safe, Dom. I trust you with all of me. I love you, so terribly much so,” she confessed and clung to his neck as he swooped in for another kiss.



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