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Chapter 25: ii. Her Knight

Mary mumbled a quick thank you as she boarded out of Dominuss car. Her eyes darted to his shoulder as she waited for him to hand her backpack.

“What are you staring at” Dominus asked her, as if he was clueless over what he obviously needed to do.

“My bag,” she pouted and widened her eyes at him.

“What about it exactly” he asked, at this rate she is unsure if he was kidding or not.

“You have to hand it back!” she stated what should have been obvious.

“And exactly why is that” he loved seeing her so red like this, her cheeks are like plump red apples that he wanted to nibble in.

“Stop that!” she felt like crying, why on earth is he bullying her again. She thought that he has some good manners in him but now she realized he indeed is hopeless.


“Stop what” he is aware she will just flare up more, but what can he do when she is so cute like that. You can say she actually deserves it for being so pretty when she blushes.

“Stop teasing me already and hand me my bag!” she raised her voice a bit but immediately regretted it as the attention of the other students shifted to her and Dominus.

Flocks of girls started whispering to each other, she wont be surprised if it is about them.

“And why should I do that when we are going to enter the same classroom anyway,” he couldnt help but grin seeing her panic over what he said.

“You beast! Do you want one of us to die! You can not do that,” she looked like at any moment now she will burst into pieces or punch him in the face, both are terrible options, he mused.

“Well, I beg to disagree. Why dont you watch me do just that” he turned his back on her and started to walk ahead.

“No... no.... no! Please dont do that!” she tugged on his arm before she can think.

Dominuss steps halted as he looked at the woman tugging on his arm. Heat spread to his cheeks as well, the warmth just spread into his entire body from the girls simple touch.

“Why should I not Shouldnt I correct my image and help with your things You know, Ill have to work on my image as a gentleman,” his eyes were focused on hers, and that made her feel even more shy as she finally realized she has touched him.

She let go of his arm, “Please dont do that. I dont want others to misinterpret.”

“Frankly as much as I want to help you, I dont understand a thing, queenie. Misinterpret what exactly” his voice was low as he fought against the urge to grip her chin and force those blue eyes on him again.

“That you like me, in a romantic way. I know it sounds crazy but I dont want others who have an interest to think like that,” she said sincerely.

He frowned at her words, “Do you really care that much”

Was he real Are you that concerned that the man who likes you will misinterpret These are the questions he can never utter as he handed her bag back.

Dominus did not bother to look back as he walked in steady steps. He is deep in thoughts and once again the school nerd is to blame.


Mary took a seat by the garden and laid her lunchbox on the table. She has always tried to avoid the canteen.

First, because everything in there is way too expensive for her budget. And second, because she feels suffocated by the crowd.

She opened her lunch box and started to eat when she felt eyes on her. It was Dominus, fast approaching in her direction.

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Damn it! She looked around, hoping he was just looking at someone behind her but alas her luck had all run out.

She could not decide whether to pack up and run or to just accept defeat and wait for him. But her hesitance caused her a miscalculation... he was there in front of her in record time.

She blushed as she became ever aware of their distance. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she looked up at his towering form.

“What do you want, Dom” her cheeks heat up as she tried to keep a brave facade.

Dominus frowned but ignored her question and sat beside her on the parks bench.

“Well what do you want” she reiterated her question, confused as to his actions.

He just sat there and opened his backpack, letting out a sandwich and bottled water. Thats when it sinks in on her, he intends to join her for lunch.

“Why” she could not believe what was happening. They have never talked since they had that accident a few days ago. So why is he here now, obviously about to have lunch beside her

“You are so stupid, queenie. Is the reason not so obvious yet” he frowned and unwrapped his sandwich.

“I would not ask if the answer is obvious to me!” she corrected him, her cheeks flaring up even more.

“Well, for one I am hungry. And second, I happen to like to eat here at the moment,” he took a large bite of his sandwich as if to demonstrate how famished he felt.

“I mean, sure you can. But why You always seat with your friends during lunch at the cafeteria,” she took a bite of her sandwich as well.

“Well, I see. So have you been stalking me the whole time” he teased her, loving the way her cheeks turned crimson automatically.

“Baka! I will never! I mean, its not like anyone can miss that detail. You are quite the schools center of attention,” she chewed her food slowly, finally adjusting to the fact that she is having a meal with him once again.

“Ahhhh... I didnt know if that is true. But I am thankful that you think so,” he grinned, not wanting to lose the coloring of her cheeks.

She looks so beautiful when she blushes, her cheeks turn so red while the rest of her face retained its pale coloring.

He loves seeing her like that, it assures him she is alive. He shook his head as he realized his thoughts were shifting back into his weird dream once again.

“Baka! Shut up and eat,” she pouted and handed him another sandwich when he finished.

He looked at the sandwich, he wanted to decline as she needs it more, physically. She looks so frail and sickly that it scares him.

But on the other side, he could not help being selfish. She has handed him her sandwich, which she probably even prepared herself.

The thought alone made him smile as he took the sandwich she handed him. He took a small bite, intending to savor it all slowly. He could not possibly waste something so precious.

She laughed looking at him, “Not up to your taste, your highness Should I take it back”

He scowled at her, “You have already given it anyway.”

“Go eat it properly then, or I wont share my sandwiches next time,” she grinned loving how he is acting like a child just now. He can be so cute too, she realized.

He ate the sandwich as fast as he can. He felt regret as he ate the last piece. This is all this nerds fault, he wanted to savor it as slowly as he can. But she had to make a threat like that!

But wait... she did say next time, right He looked at her dumbfounded.

Does she mean it Can he have some of her food again on another day

She took a bite of her own sandwich. Well, if he wanted, she can prepare as many sandwiches as he needed. Its not like the bread or the spread is that expensive.

The ingredients were all just the regular kind, so why does he look like he just won the lottery.

“Stop being weird,” she hit his arm and smiled comfortably at him. “Just tell me when you want to eat with me again, Ill be sure to prepare more food.”

“How about tomorrow then” her cheeks blushed when he leaned closer.

“Well, wont you be missed by your friends,” she teased him, not wanting the moment to stop. If she can be honest with herself, she does love the feeling of being finally visible in his eyes.

He flicked her forehead and smiled gently at her, “Who cares if they do or not. I am getting tired of all the noise. Eating here with you is preferable to being surrounded by so much havoc all the time.”

She laughed and nudged his arm, “Fine, as long as it is not a bother. Ill wait for you tomorrow.”

Hearing her say those words, he becomes unable to stop himself. He traced her lips with his thumb.

Her eyes widened as he does so, “Dominus...” she whispered.

“You have something on your lips,” he removed his fingers, stopping himself from reaching out for more. It was all an excuse, he just couldnt help but trace those pink plump petals that are her lips.

She turned red and nodded, but when their eyes met, her heart stopped... the vision of a handsome knight flashed before her eyes.



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