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Chapter 15: Fools in Love

Dominus is becoming impatient. It has been days with nothing but boring diplomatic tea parties and evening dances.

He is tired of seeing people get too close to the queen, those darn nobles getting the privilege of kissing the back of her hand.

He could have easily smacked their faces away from her precious hand. But what right does he have He is not anyone in the queens life but her knight.

He let out a frustrated growl as he looked out the carriage, he has been forced to board inside to occupy the seat next to the queen and to intimidate those pests from riding the same carriage as her.

The weather seemed to have felt his frustration as it began to rain. Soon thunder can be heard as lightning strikes near their caravan.

He noticed the queen started to look pale, her lips trembled when she heard the thunder and saw lightning flash across the road.

Even the horses started to panic as he held into the queens hands. “My queen,” he whispered worriedly.


“I- I am fine,” she lied. She has always been afraid of thunder and lightning. It was an irrational fear that makes her panic as she felt it harder for her to breathe.

“Look at me,” Dominus demanded as he caressed her cheek.

“Look only at me,” he whispered as he started to lean closer to her, his muscles pressing closer into her frail form, diverting her attention to himself.

“Dominus...” the queen said his name, unable to recall ranks and propriety.

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“Yes, call me that my queen. My name sounds sweeter coming from your lips,” his thumb caressed the corners of her lips as she gasped.

He took the opportunity to dive into her sweet little mouth as he slid his tongue inside to taste her.

He felt himself harden from desire, it has become too painful the way the constraints of his slacks strangle his manhood.

His only intention was to divert her attention and stop her from thinking about her fears. But now he doesnt even know how to stop.

The carriage was swaying as the wind blew harshly against the carriage windows, but it remained unnoticed by the two whose whole attention was on each other.

“Dominus...” she whispered again, her voice pleading for something, but what she wondered, what exactly does she want.

“Tell me to stop,” he begged her, his fingers now trembling from desire as he tried his best not to go further.

“No, Dominus... please dont stop,” she whispered, and despite the heavy pelting of the rain, he heard her loud and clear.


He cursed the gods as he kissed her deeper, his hands going through her hair, as her clip was discarded away. He kissed her hair, taking in her intoxicating scent.

“Why do the heavens punish me so” he asked her as he pulled her even closer to himself. His fingers tugged on her locks as their lips brushed hard against each other, their tongue dancing ferociously as he teaches her how to follow in his lead.

She let out a soft moan when he began to kiss her neck, he gently licked her soft skin as he left trails of fire wherever his tongue touches.

“Dominus...” he straddled her legs against his hips, still kissing her senselessly.

He began to move her body by holding her hips and pulling her in and away from him, then up and down.

She felt her cheeks burn for her dress had been lifted off her legs by their position and her underwear starts to get drenched every time he slides her to his still clothed crotch.

She felt the bulge on his pants get larger, harder... more ready for her now wet core. She closed her eyes from embarrassment when she heard a soft moan coming from her lips.

“Look at me,” he ordered her. “Look at me, my queen,” he whispered.

Like someone hypnotized, she looked at him and got lost in his golden eyes.

“You look so beautiful when you blush,” he whispered.

“Whats happening to me” she asked, pertaining to her bodys reaction.

“It means, you want me,” he caressed her cheek tenderly, enjoying the way the innocent queen turned red once again.

“And do you like me” she asked as doubt started to form in her subconscious. No one has truly liked her as herself before, they all liked her for her position, and for the throne she represents.

He let out a chuckle as he smelled the scent of her hair. “I like you, your highness.”

She buried her face in his neck as she nuzzled on him. “Really”

He caressed her hair tenderly as he whispered, “I do. Beyond reasons. Beyond whats proper and right. My queen, I like you very much.”

She felt her heart thumping loudly when she heard his words. But still... does he like her for the same reason everybody does She felt a numbing pain just thinking about such a possibility.

“What is it” he asked when she began to struggle against his grip.

“Please tell me, my queen, did I say anything that offended you” he asked as he felt a stabbing pain in his heart. Did he overstep by saying things so openly to the royal he vowed to protect

“No,” she tried to wiggle out of his lap if not for the steel-like hands that held her firmly in place.

“Tell me, please...” his voice was gentle as he worried about what he did wrong. Does she hate him for forgetting his place

“Do I have to kiss you again, my queen Do I need to seal your lips just so you can be honest” his eyes lingered on the luscious lips he already miss.

She shook her head, “I just want to rest right now.”

He let her go back to her side of the carriage as she pulled her robe closer to her body.

The knight felt a pang in his chest thinking how the queen disapproves of what just happened between them.

And the queen worried about her knight not feeling anything for her.

Indeed they are fools. Fools in love.



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