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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Rest

Dominus was not happy about the queens insistence to return to the castle and still grace the winter ball despite the immediate threats to her safety.

To him, no amount of politics can equal to the queens well-being. But he couldnt do anything as the queen begged him to return her.

And so, against his will, he has escorted her to the cold Aurorian castle that stood proudly above snowy hills. He grunted when a noble lady yet again tried to talk to him, scaring the poor girl in the process as she hurried along away from him.

He finds the whole atmosphere suffocating and regarded every one with disinterest as he glanced around the dancing hall.

When the trumpets blew, announcing the queens arrival, he turned and had his mouth gape wide open.

His little queen looked even more beautiful in her red majestic gown that emphasized her tiny waist and matched the red lipstick that adorned her lips. Her pale skin was given its undivided attention as the bright red material clung softly to her body.

It took him a few minutes to realize he had not moved from his spot. He bowed as their eyes finally met.


She sat on her throne, her feet dangling in the air as they were unable to reach the floor. But for her loyal knight, that just added to her charm.

He shook his head, he has never been attracted to tiny ladies before the queen. For him someone so frail and easily breakable will just be a hindrance, his tribe focuses on strength as the basis of what their people find attractive.

So he doesnt understand how the queen can easily occupy his mind, and make him feel so restless. He smiled at the queen to assure her everything will be fine.

She smiled back at him even when some annoying noble started asking him for dances. He gritted his teeth as he watched her being held by different sets of hands throughout the night.

People were just avoiding him and those who has no other way but to pass by him almost run for their lives, the scowl on his face was enough to scare the living daylights out of them.

When the queen finally returned to her seat, he noticed she has gone paler than before.

He hurriedly went to her side and stood beside her throne. She looked up at him, her eyes inquiring as to the reason for his presence.

“Forgive me, my queen. It seems you have gone paler, it will be best to go inside if you feel you need to rest,” he reminded her for the queen barely notices her own state.

Dominus felt quite relieved that she nodded and said goodbye to her cousin.

She walked elegantly until they finally reached the stairs. That was when her knees gave up from under her.


He caught her fall and carried her in his arms. His long strides stopped when they reached her room.

He brought her to her chambers and laid her down in her bed gently. “Ill call for the healer,” he said, his voice serious and firm.

He was about to stand when she held onto his arm, “Please no, its a side effect. For my condition,” she added, knowing he understood.

The look he gave her was steely and cold, but his heart was torn to pieces. What was he supposed to do Just standby and watch as the queen suffers

“Why do you do it” he baritone voice filling up the night air and making her feel cold.

“For my people. Its not just healing, I have helped in my own way. Even if its just this, I wanted to help my people,” she told him, gripping his arm tightly.

“Do you have a death wish Whether there be hundreds or thousands of citizens who die, your life will always be more than that. I wondered if civilized people are so stupid, but then I looked at the queen and realized it is true,” Dominus let out vile words from his mouth before he can realize what he just said.

The queen gripped her bedsheets and started coughing, she covered her mouth with her hands and when she looked at it, it was covered with blood.

He cursed and held her hands then wiped them on his shirt as if he was more afraid than she is. He doesnt like this feeling, he has never felt this way.

A fear that eats at him as he sees the blood covering her soft pale hands overwhelmed him as she pulled him close to him.

She pushed against his chest as she continued to cough up blood, she was grossed out by it all and didnt wish to dirty anyone else from her liquids.

He didnt let go of her, he held her on his chest and caressed her back. “Stay,” he commanded her.

“Dont push me away,” his deep baritone voice begged the queen as he held her sobbing form.

For a few minutes he held her, and when it finally stopped, he kissed her hair. He kissed her hair over and over and whispered, “It is fine, my queen. It is fine.”

He took care of her that night, changing the covers and even dressing her up. It was hard but he tried to remain professional even after seeing her bare naked.

She was a blushing mess when he was finally finished helping her dress into her night robes. She thanked him as he continued to help her brush her teeth and to wipe her face with a towel.

He took the basin of water and helped her clean her legs and feet as well. Trying to fight the heat starting to form inside him.

“Thank you,” she whispered when he finished. She caressed his face gently, amazed that she cant see any traces of him being grossed out by cleaning after her.

“It is my duty to take care of you, my queen. So, dont thank me,” he assured her not knowing the words wounded her.

She nodded hearing that and pretended to be sleepy. He laid her head on a pillow and was about to leave when she pulled on his arm again.

“Can you hold me, like how you did so in the cave Just for a bit,” she begged him.

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He removed his bloodied shirt and laid on her bed, pulling her close to him. His strong muscled arms caged her and his legs pressed close against hers.

He wrapped her in blankets and pulled her close to him. He felt a searing pain in his loins as the bastardly friend of his pressed tightly against his pants.

He cursed the gods but did nothing to alleviate his suffering, just thankful that the queen never questioned his bodys reaction when this happens.

When he thought she has fallen asleep, he kissed her hair and left for his room, grunting as he took his bloodied shirt from the sofa.

He winced, knowing he would need an ice-cold shower to be able to sleep tonight. Guilt and desire wracked his being as he took one last glance at the queen sleeping soundly on her bed.



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