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His Dark DesireTales of a Yandere Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Lies

Dominus cursed the gods again and went to her side, his steps as fast as he can make them.

The queen smiled when Dominus was standing in front of her again. “Now, here with me,” she ordered him as she scoot over and laid down.

Dominus took his cape off and handed it to the queen. “Wrap your body with it,” he commanded before he laid beside her still.

The queen didnt listen and instead straddled him, giggling. “Im not cold,” she complained.

“Fuck,” he openly cursed as he felt his erection become overwhelmingly painful. The gods cant test him like this, they know he is far from saintly.

“Go back to your space,” he said firmly, gripping her shoulders and pushing her away from him a bit.

“But whyyyy, I want to stay close to you. Why do you always push me away Do you hate being with me that much Do you despise me Admit it, you hate being with me, and despise having me so close,” she pouted, her eyes on the verge of crying as tears formed in the corner.


“Believe me, it is for your safety,” Dominus insisted, their eyes meeting as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Dont cry,” he hurried to wipe her tears away as she sobbed.

“No, you dont like me. Do you” her shoulders shake as she sobbed.

“I like you. Goddamn the cursed gods, I like you, more than I should,” he told her, his voice steady and true.

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The queen stopped crying and meet his eyes. She wiped her tears away and leaned closer to him, unaware of how lascivious their positions are as she straddled his hips and leaned closer towards him.

Dominuss mind clouded as the queen pressed herself closer to him. He knew she wasnt in her right mind, but even then his body is so painfully aroused.

Her fingers touched his cheek as she lowered her head to him. She feels his tensed muscles as he lay there motionless except for that thing on his pants that painfully presses on her thigh.

“What are you doing” he asked, his voice tender as he looked up at her. Seemingly forgetting the queen is under the influence of a drug.

“Im not sure what its called but Ill go ahead and try and then you tell me afterward,” she said as she lowered her head more, their lips almost touching.

Dominus knew he should push the queen away, but right now. Right now his whole being is not cooperating with him.

She can hate him tomorrow, but now... now he cant possibly be expected to think. She licked his lips and smiled innocently.

“How was it” she asked, looking at him as she felt her body heat up from licking his lips.

“Not enough,” he murmured under his breath as he gripped her hair letting the clip undone and cascades of auburn locks flow on her shoulders.

He pulled her closer and claimed her lips. It was soft, and luscious, that he cant stop himself from tasting more.

He parted her lips open with his thumb and when she gasped he darted his tongue inside as her eyes widen from surprise.

His tongue expertly wrapped itself around hers, teaching her tongue how to dance with his. He enjoyed the heat from her lips and wanted her to do the same.

He gently bucked his hips up to hers as a moan escaped her lips. She can feel his erection even when they are still fully clothed.

The bulge on his pants pressed so imposing against her still clothed entrance and the pressure from it alone is enough to make the queen rub herself more to him.

Their lips separated for air but before they can realize this, they were back again to having their tongues dance. Dominus cant even recall who initiated this time.

Dominus stopped as he pulled her close to him and laid her head on his chest. “Enough,” he begged her.

Thankfully, the queen listened and let her body enjoy the cocoon of his warmth. He sighed a breath of relief as she lay her head on his chest.

His breathing was fast and hard as he tried to calm himself. His fingers combed into her hair as he sniffed her scent as if trying to calm himself with it.

“Dom,” she pressed her cheek against his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

“Yes, my queen,” his voice was tender, the baritone of his voice filling up the cave.

“Can we sleep this way I dont want to feel alone in such a strange place,” she said almost rationally. The effects of the drugs are wearing off finally.

“Yes, my queen,” he said, whispering the words as he continued to play with her hair.

“Do you like me, Dom” she asked, as she remember the words.

“Of course, my queen. You are the queen of Selene and I have given my oath to protect you. There is no way I cant like you,” he forced himself to say the words.

Her body froze and her heart crushed, she thought that maybe... maybe he feels more than that. But of course, she was wrong, how can anyone truly like a witch queen like her

The effects of the drug have worn off before that, she just acted as if she was still under its influence. She wanted to know how he truly feels.

Still, she clings to him, enjoying his warmth. Her tears wet his shirt as she closed her eyes willing herself to sleep.

Dominus felt something wet his shirt, she was crying. He wondered when the drugs effect will last, it has tortured the queen so much.

He kissed her hair and sniffed on her hair as she nuzzled into his neck. He didnt sleep even a wink that night, he stored every precious memory as he watched over her sleep.

He wished he can capture the moment perfectly in his mind. His heart clenched knowing there might be no second opportunity to hold her close like this.



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