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Chapter 24: Serving Justice

Zhou Qing distinctly remembered that the Commander liked a bright and airy environment.

At that time, she came to the Xie household for the first time and entered the study.

It was clear; the sun was shining outside, and there was plenty of light.

Candles were still lit in the room.

There was a faint smell of wax oil.

Although it wasn’t potent, it was impossible to ignore it for people with a keen sense of smell.

At the moment, the sky was already dark, but the room was not lit.

Even if Zhou Qing stood at the door, she couldn’t clearly see the scene inside.

She was not even sure if Xie Chong was present or not.

As her small, white hand rested on the door frame, Zhou Qing hesitated, not knowing whether she should go further in or not.

Xie Yi stood behind her – a trace of anxiety on his face – and could not help but urge, “Madam Luo, the Commander is in the study.

Please go in and prepare tranquilizing incense.”

Thinking of the great kindness from the Commander to the Zhou family, Zhou Qing reluctantly ignored the bloody aura, her face pale as she moved her feet by memory.

She protected her belly with one hand and groped around with the other for fear of bumping into the stuff inside the study; if she remembered correctly, there was a desk in front of her, and Xie Chong would usually sit behind it.

But before she could stop, her hand touched a piece of moist fabric, which was sticky and heavy.

It was not like water, but something else.

What was it However, she did not have time to think about it when she was shocked by the touch on her hand

She clearly found that the man’s muscles were solid, like molten iron.

Zhou Qing hurriedly withdrew her hand and repeatedly apologized, “I did not know that the Commander was here.

I did not mean to bump into you.

Please forgive me.”

Xie Chong gave a low hum. When people stay in the dark for a long time, their vision would gradually adapt.

Moreover, his eyesight was not poor; he could see the woman’s panicked look in addition to the slightly trembling body.

“No harm, mix the herbs.”

At this moment, the Commander’s voice was much raspier than usual, permeated with danger so thick that it could not be melted.

Zhou Qing did not go to the futon but directly knelt on the ground.

Even though her knees were in pain from the green stone slab, there was no slight change in her expression.

Today, Xie Yi suddenly came to the door.

Although she brought the herbs, she was missing the most critical step – she didn’t make droplets of blood beforehand.

Therefore, while in the carriage, Zhou Qing used a dagger to cut her fingertip and appropriately handled the ingredient for the tranquilizing incense.

She didn’t have time to bandage the wound, so a burst of stabbing pain lingered.

The woman could not help but frown.

Xie Chong took out the fire fuse from his arms and lit the candle.

Despite the dim light, it was enough to distinguish where the table and futon were located.

Zhou Qing gave him a grateful glance, found his usual position, and prepared to use the Xuande furnace to mix the herbs in a step-by-step manner.

Before she could do it, she glanced at the blood that had solidified on her palm, and her slender body instantly became stiff and motionless.

The low voice sounded in her ear; the hot breath seemed far yet intimate, “Do you know why there is so much blood Just now, this official went to the Imperial Prison and handed the 15th punishment to a family there.

They could not bear it; blood splashed from their throats and soiled this official’s flying fish suit.”

The law of the dynasty provided 18 kinds of punishment, such as clamping sticks and cane punishment.

The methods of the people of the Northern Zhenfu Division were very ruthless.

These punishments would be used on the prisoners at every turn to extract a confession.

There were even brushing, frying, and other cruel methods.

Unable to help but swallow her saliva, Zhou Qing put the crushed herbs on the stove and slowly lit it, “My lord does not indiscriminately kill.

Your reason to use torture must be necessary.”

Xie Chong sneered, a trace of irony in his dark eyes, “But the blood relatives of this official regard me as a beast, thinking I am more terrible than my uncle, a natural evil spirit, and the Northern Zhenfu Division is the Hall of Hades.”

Smoke came out of the herbal burner.

Zhou Qing’s mind calmed down a few points when she breathed in the light fragrance and peacefully said, “There must be a reason for everything.

The dynasty established the Jin Yi Guards.

Although frightening, it still shows its effectiveness.

It could deter corrupt officials and pacify the common people.

Lord Xie, as the Commander, you will certainly adhere to your duties.

Today, the prisoners who died in the Imperial Prison, I believe their deaths were justified.”

Zhou Qing was frightened at first, but later on, her tone displayed a bit of sincerity.

As a wandering lone soul in Wangxiang Terrace after her death, she somehow came across the Xie Mansion.

Xie Chong was the most loyal Minister of the Great Zhou, killing the villains and cutting off the sycophants.

Although his hands were covered with countless blood, the people were still clean; but it was a pity that people could only see his ruthless methods, regardless of the good he did.

Xie Meng Dong – Xie Chong’s uncle – was the first Commander of the Jin Yi Guards.

When he took over this position, the Xie family could no longer get rid of the word “Eagle Dog.” Xie Chong’s methods were a hundred times crueler than his uncle’s.

No one knew how many people had been interrogated, and no one dared to lie in front of him.

The little woman in front of him was naturally no exception.

“This official did not expect that Mrs.

Luo’s eloquence was so outstanding, but it is a pity that Luo Yu is only a small retainer.

The official position is a little too low.” The man took his fine silk and carefully wiped the blade.

The long and thick eyelashes trembled gently, like water ripples.

Zhou Qing’s heart tightened.

She feared that Xie Chong would promote Luo Yu like in his previous life, creating opportunities for that cold-hearted and merciless man and sending him into the cabinet step by step.

“Although he is an eighth-rank retainer, he can thoroughly investigate the people’s situation.

Every year, in time for the autumn trial, the small and large cases are handled by him.

With this, not only does he have the opportunity to practice but also do something practical.

Isn’t it hitting two birds with one stone” The woman’s voice was very light.

Even if she mentioned her husband, her expression did not have a hint of softness.

“Very well.

It is improper for this official to intervene in Mrs.

Luo’s family affairs.”

Zhou Qing clutched the handkerchief in her hand.

Because of the excessive force used, the wound that got scabbed again oozed with blood, leaving a dot of red plum on the soft fabric.

“Thank you for your concern.

It is already late.

I still have to return to the Herbal Store so that my parents and relatives will not be worried.” As she spoke, her dewy eyes frequently looked outside the window.

Her body was tensed and was obviously a bit restless.

Xie Chong waved his hand, not intending to keep her.

Even if Zhou Qing’s skin was beautiful and her temperament was different, she was someone else’s wife.

If she spent the night in the Xie residence, the woman’s reputation would be ruined without anything remaining.

The Zhou dynasty was strict in its rituals, especially for women.

There was no tolerance whatsoever.

This was something that he experienced when he was young.


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